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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Oni Dere 101


+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 29, 2010 00:43 | Go to Oni Dere

-> RTS Page for Oni Dere 101

Reserved for CXC Scans and Sexyboi Scanlations.
Do not use without my permission.

Page 1

Chapter 101: Stronger... // Crystal na Yousuke
[M!DDLE] "Father-in-law" // When will it be when he is called that...
[R!GHT] We're going over 100 chapters! Volumes 1-6 on sale now!

Page 2

[1] Com~plete!

[2] Hm?
[Float] Hm?
[3] Why did I make this again?

[4] If you want Saya...
[5] then you'll have to defeat me!
[6] I'll practice making a karate uniform!
[7] Several minutes later...
[Float] Marvelous!
[SIDE] For Saya's dad to acknowledge Tadashi, he needs to condition his crafting skills firsts! Though it's not really like that...

Page 3

[1] That's a cute cushion~ Is the theme "love"?
[Sign] Home Economics Room
[2] No... the theme is actually "seiken."
*a karate move

[3] Since I've never done any one-on-one before...
[4] I don't know what to do to become stronger...
[5] I can't really ask Saya-san...
[6] how to get stronger...
[7] since she's still a girl no matter what.

[8] Tadashi!
[9] No, I'll ask her!
[10] Saya-san,
[11] this might be sudden, but...
[12] what's the secret to you being strong?
[13] ......
[14] ?

Page 4

[1] That's right...
[2] Hick- a weak girl is better, huh?
[3] Eh?!
[4] N- no...
[5] S- sorry... Tadashi...
[6] It's- it's not like I wanted to be strong...
[7] Saya-san, Saya-san! I'm sorry! That's not it!

[8] 1
[9] 2
[10] 3
[11] 4
[12] 5
[13] 6

[14] 7 seconds!
[15] .......
[16] Good! She's not crying and she's not fainting!
[17] I just wanted to ask you how to get stronger
[18] to beat your dad...
[19] O- oh, I see! So that's it!
[20] To get stronger, you just need to engage in combat!
[21] Combat?

Page 5

[1] O- o- okay...
[2] I- I'm ready, Saya-san.

[3] He he he.
[4] Here I come.
[5] Karate uniform angel!
[6] Eeek!

[Float] Nya~

[7] A punch isn't working! (Monotone)
[8] Emergency meeting.

Page 6

[1] C...
[2] cos...
[3] I don't want to hurt my angel...
[4] I appreciate your feelings, but if we don't fight, I won't get stronger.
[5] But! Buuut~!

[6] Yeah, this is a problem.
[7] Well, since Saya-san is a girl, I really shouldn't fight her.
[8] More importantly, I could really die since I suck at this.
[9] I have to
[10] get stronger...

[Sign] Library
[11] I want to...
[12] get stronger...
[Box] Tatsumi Amane - 2nd year // (Gynophobic)

Page 7

[Box] Toraya Akihito - 2nd year
[1] So the top of the Haou-sou who gets brought down by disgust
[2] still wants to get stronger, huh.
[3] Haou-sou...

[4] I'm disbanding the Haou-sou.
[5] Amane?!

[6] For us who are weak with the opposite sex, our goal was to eliminate co-education between girls and boys.
[Float] We do not support co-education!
[7] For that to happen, we needed to break up Saya-kun and Tadashi-kun, but...
[8] Aoi overcame her fear of the opposite sex and...
[9] Momo betrayed us.
[10] Everything's messed up now.
[Float] I'm not going to attend the meetings anymore.
[11] The only one left is you. Hahaha...

Page 8

[1] Toraya, this book was interesting.
[2] Ah.

[3] I'm leaving!
[4] Amane!!!

[5] God, please let a meteorite hit me.
[6] Please put me at ease.
[7] Tadashi-san.
[8] Are you sure?
[9] Yeah!
[10] I'll be okay!
[11] !

Page 9

[1] Suddenly saying you wanted to
[2] get stronger...
[3] Well, I don't really mind helping you out, but...
[Box] 1st Year // Hanamura Souta
[4] I won't go easy on you.
[5] That's Tadashi-kun and... the younger brother of the "Wicked Leg," huh...
[6] Anyway...
[7] He said "You want to get stronger"?

[8] Then here I come, Tadashi-san!
[9] Ah?! Already?! Uh...
[10] Please be on guard!

[11] Ei!*
[12] 0.1 second

Page 10

[1] 0.2 second
[2] 0.3 second

[3] After 1 second

[4] Tadashi, you're amazing!
[5] Demon... head...
[6] I'll crush you!
[7] Ah! Hanamura-kun, pull yourself together!
[8] ......

Page 11

[1] Saya-san! Didn't I tell you? If I don't get stronger, then it's no good!
[2] B... b... but...
[3] I have to get stronger so your dad can acknowledge me!
[4] !

[5] Saya-san's fath...er? You mean that legendary person who conquered the whole nation through fear, the "Demon Head Jin"?!
[6] D... don't be stupid! Tadashi-kun! It's impossible for that guy to acknowledge your skills!

[7] That's what I thought, but I heard that his fangs are already gone...
[8] I wonder if it's hard to be a son-in-law.
[Float] Yes, it is.
[9] Haha... what am I thinking?
[10] I'm worrying about Tadashi-kun when he doesn't even meet the requirements. How ridiculous.
[11] We were only "temporary" friends for a short time,
[12] but it was fun.
[13] There's no reason for me to be here anymore.
[14] Goodbye...

Page 12

[1] Hello, Mito-san? Do you think you can come over right now?
[2] Eh? You're on your way?
[3] Ah... then... thanks.

[4] Saya-san!
[5] Mito-san is coming right now. Don't you dare interfere with our fight!
[6] You can't move your feet either!
[7] O... okay....
[Float] Mito-san

[8] Tadashi-kid.*
*I don't know what he actually calls him, sorry.
[9] Eh?! Already?!
[10] Long time no see...
[11] Casually...
[12] Hey!!!

[Float] I did it~
[13] Sa-ya-sa...
[14] Be... because... if I don't defeat them, you'll get hurt...
[15] Ah! That's it! That's it!
[16] ?!

Page 13

[1] I just have to defeat my old man myself!
[2] Eh?!
[3] Y- yeah,
[4] but...
[5] If I don't get stronger,
[6] then that's like cheating.
[7] Ah, that's right...

[8] Yeah! You can do it! You can do it!
[9] That's definitely a lie.

[10] Okay! Let's go!
[11] O- okay...
[12] Tadashi-kun...

Page 14

[1] That's no good. The "strength" you should have chosen is...
[2] the "strength" of your feelings!

[3] I can't acknowledge your body's "strength,"
[4] Tadashi-kun.

[Float] Meteorite
[5] God granted Amane's wish, but
[6] what about Tadashi's wish?
[7] There was a falling star moments ago, huh.
[8] Yeah.
[9] To be continued
[BOTTOM] To be continued in the 24th issue, to be published on May 12!
[SIDE] A sudden gust of wind... the deep blue sky... a friend watching over... A meteorite collision... A possible enemy meets impossible misfortune... You can do it, Amane!!!
[BOTTOM RIGHT] Next time! What is strength? Amane makes a heroic decision. He will show that "strength"!!!

------------------CHAPTER 101------------------

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