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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Sumire 17-sai!! 9

Sumire, Success at the Sports Festival!

+ posted by niiica as translation on Jan 15, 2011 22:02 | Go to Sumire 17-sai!!

-> RTS Page for Sumire 17-sai!! 9

Reserved for Kurosaki

Sumire 17-sai
Vol 1 Chapter 9


[Box] Sumire 17-sai



Sumire 17-sai
Chapter 9: Sumire, Success at the Sports Festival!

I'll take this!
Ah, Sumire...
[Float] The sports festival is definitely something to look forward to!


Wheeze wheeze
I'll give that to you. (Drink it now!)

What happened? You're all sweaty.
(You drink it!)

I ran from my house to here!
Wh... why?

isn't the sports festival coming up soon? (I've got to practice!)

The sports festival, huh? Ah~ that's too troublesome!
Sumire, you like school activities like that, huh?
(Morning~) (Mornin)
(So stupid...)
Eh? You're not going to practice for it?

Not at all! (I don't want to do those radio exercises)

Sports festivals are "fun"?


Don't you dare belittle sports festivals!!
[Box] Nonoyama High 3rd year // Hiba Shouzou (18)

Wh... who the heck is he?
The sports festival is an event where you put your soul into!
Uwah, he started talking about it!!

Racing, arts, and cheering... you go all out with everything!
The Sports Festival is the best event in human history!

Don't act like it's a festival for fun!
Shut up!!

Let's go, I don't want to get involved with someone hot-headed like him...

What's wrong with thinking that sports festivals are fun?!
We've got a hot-headed one over here too!


What you're saying is true,
but having fun is more important!!

HUH?! For someone as pointless of an existence as you...
what do you know about sports festivals?!

What?! (What the heck are you trying to say?!)
Hey! You went too far!
(Though what you're saying was true...)

Hmph! Since an idiot like that is in the white team, it'll be the read team's victory this year too!
(We're white, right?)

If you're gonna do it in a half-ass way, then it's a problem!
If you're only gonna play with dolls, then you better do it at home, you useless women!


Huh? For some reason I'm suddenly looking forward to the sports festival...
Ufufu. Me too...

Really?! Then let's start practicing!


Racing group
(Hey! Work on the relay)
(as if your life depends on it!!)
(What's up with her?!)

Arts group
(Yuri-senpai has been here a lot lately)
(I wonder what she's painting...)

Cheering group
(Sumire, one more time!)
(Ran-chan, let's go home~)

We've got a fight we can't afford to lose!
(I'm so touched)


Nonoyama High Sports Festival

Red Team

White Team

Wow, this year's red team's banner is wonderful.
(Right, Principal?)
It's obvious that the art point goes to the Red Team.
[Sign] Red Victory

As for the white team... are those clouds?
Well, they are the white team...

Hmph! What the heck? They're belittling their group's soul, the cheer banner!
H...hey... that's!!


It- it's a dragon!
Amazing! Who on earth did that?!

That's suuuper amazing, Yuri-chan!
I kinda regret doing it, though...

That's one point for us.


The third program is the obstacle race.

Sumire, you can do it!
Don't end up in last place!
Leave it to me!

You better go out there with your life depending on it! Show them what we got!
Ye- ye- yes!!


What the heck are you doing?!

Okay! I'll take the next point!
(Go, go, Sakura!)

The borrowing race has started!

This is it!

[Paper] Doll

Why am I the doll?!
(No way~)
Just come with me!!)


We're definitely not gonna lose!!


[75] White
[85] Red

Hmm... that's quite the difference. (Crap)
(Here, here)
Don't worry, Sakura.
(Ah, that's the spot)

We're definitely going to win the cheering competition!
(For those participating in the cheering competition, please get ready now)

Hahaha. Those idiots... the cheering competition is my sacred ground!
Like I'd lose to them!


White team!

Ohh! The white team chose sexy cheerleaders as their theme!
Woo! That's great! Go white team!
(Move, old man!)

They're making fun of the sacred art of cheering...

Sumire, let's go with that!

White team...




Hooray, hooray, red team! (As if we'd lose!)


Shit. I'm losing to those brats...
This is unforgivable! Definitely unforgivable!


The eighteenth program is the three-legged race.
Whoever wins this will determine the champion!

Ready, set... go!

Good luck, you two!

I'll show you what a real battle is!

Anything is possible in the battlefield!

Oh! The White team fell!!


Sakura, Ran, are you okay?!

Ran?! (Is it sprained?!)

I'm fine! I can still run! (That guy...!)
Stupid! Don't push yourself!

Can't be helped. Let's just give up...


Everyone practiced so much!
We can't just give up!

Even if you say that, it's not like we can catch up...
Besides, with you... rather than a three-legged race, it's a five-legged race...


Huh? Wait a minute.

We're invicible!!!
Ohh! The white group is catching up quickly! (Is that even okay?!)


Wait up!
Tha- that's cheating!!
Who the heck is cheating?!

It's the white team! The white team wins! (They evened out the difference)
The champion has been decided!


Hmph. It's my loss.
Sorry for making fun if you.

Serves you right!
(Don't you dare make fun of women!)


The Sports Festival was fun, right?



After that...
You... don't belittle cultural festivals!!
Doesn't he like festivals too much?


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