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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 194

Gintama Lesson 194

+ posted by ninefly as translation on Jan 7, 2008 23:07 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 194

I'm filling in for Bomber for chapter 194 ^^
second part of the prison break 'arc' XD;


Katsura: What's wrong Suekichi-dono?
(T/N: -dono = suffix more polite/old-fashioned than -san)
Katsura: Have you not slept at all yesterday?
lesson 194 - everyone is an escaped convict from the prison called 'self'
Katsura: That's no good. You can't withstand the heavy workload here that way.
 As a samurai, before your battles, you must make sure to sleep.
Katsura: Hasn't this place always been like that?
box/Suekichi: Da...damn
box/Suekichi: Just little more...even though it was just a little more
box/Suekichi: After this, I could've broken through that hole and left this island behind, I could've gotten freedom
box/Suekichi: Why can't I accomplish something so simple

text/Suekichi: The one responsible for it all is...this man...
text/Suekichi: At first sight, he seems without weaknesses, but if you look again he's full of weaknesses
text/Suekichi: Yet he's always alternating between having and lacking weaknesses, revealing his fangs, but that is also a weakness. He is a man like the Hell of Eternal Suffering.
text/Suekichi: As long as this man remains in the cell across from me, my escape is impossible.
text/Suekichi: I've already given up the naive attempt at finding his weak points.
text/Suekichi: Eliminate him.
text/Suekichi: If I don't eliminate him, I won't be able to obtain freedom.
text/Suekichi: But, what should I do to...
Shachi: Oi, are you the new recruit who just arrived?
Suekichi: ?

Shachi: It's another one of those guys who's got a face with pride written all over it.
Shachi: Oh young master, what exactly have you done for them to lock you up in here?
text/Suekichi: That's...
text/Suekichi: Shachi!! (T/N: Shachi's kanji name means 'killer whale')
text/Suekichi: Robbery, murder, kidnapping. With countless crimes under his belt, the King of Crime, and the boss of the criminals here.
text/Suekichi: The killer Shachi!!
Katsura: ...
Shachi: Oi, what's with that look?
Shachi: What're you lookin' at? Ya wanna fight?
text/Suekichi: Oi, stop it!! Don't get me involved in such a troublesome situation!!
Katsura: It's nothing...I apologize, have I caused you dissatisfaction?
Katsura: My bad, there is just one thing I'm curious about though.
text/Suekichi: That's right! Be sincere and don't go against him

Katsura: Your clothes are torn.
text/Suekichi: It's fashion!!
Katsura: And, there are scribbles on your face.
Katsura: Could it have been that someone played a prank on you when you were asleep?
text/Suekichi: That's fashion!! Fashion for the sake of giving off a wild vibe!!
guy1: Are you makin' fun of us!!?
guy1: There's no way Shachi-san would wear torn clothes! They were made to be this way you moron!!
Katsura: Eh? They were made with this style on purpose?
 You purposely cut it up in the shape of shark teeth?
text/Suekichi: Stop it!! Don't keep asking! Just let it go without asking any more!
Shachi: N...not really, just...I thought the sleeves were in the way so I went and cut them off, and it turned out like this.
text/Suekichi: Shachiiiii!! Shachi's definitely getting shy!! He's gonna lose his reputation!!

guard: Oi what are you people doing!!?
guard: Eat quietly!
gang: Tch
gang: We'll remember this you bastards!!
text/Suekichi: Bastards? Whats with the "s"!?
text/Suekichi: They've definitely counted me in as well!!
text/Suekichi: What should I do!!?
Katsura/small text above head: What's with that?
text/Suekichi: This is the worst!! Even though up until now, in order to make sure there's nothing in my way to break out of here, I've been keeping a low profile and living quietly
text/Suekichi: It's over. If I've got those guys keeping an eye on me...
text/Suekichi: !!
text/Suekichi: No, wait!
text/Suekichi: This threat...it can be useful!!
text/Suekichi: I can use this threat
text/Suekichi: to turn that man into a corpse

text/Suekichi: I'll help along and hand that man over to Shachi!!
text/Suekichi: On top of selling Shachi a favour, I can turn that man into a corpse!! Two birds with one stone!!
text/Suekichi: First, I have to get close with Shachi's gang
text/Suekichi: Uwah!! They're completely hostile
text/Suekichi: There's no other way
text/Suekichi: I'll have to show them I'm their comrade
guy1: What?
guy1: You wanna meet with Shachi?
Suekichi: Yeah
Suekichi: I want him to know I have no hostilities against any of you guys.
Suekichi: That foolish man isn't my friend or anything
Suekichi: Lately he's been hanging around me a lot, it's giving me quite the headache
guy2: Is that so...come to think of it you had only been sitting there and watching at the time hadn't you
 Shachi-san, this Suekichi guy says he wants to meet with you
text/Suekichi: Alright, perfect. It seems this sleeve-less getup was affective after all...

Shachi: What is it?
Shachi: What do you want?
Shachi: Leave me alone
Shachi: Just leave me alone already
text/Suekichi: Sha...Shachiiiiiii!!
text/Suekichi: He's cutting off all the jagged parts from his jagged sleeveless vests!!
guy1: After that incident, he's been like this the entire time
guy1: He's begun to cut off all the jagged parts from his clothes
Suekichi: Please stop Shachi!! It's cool!! You don't need to worry, those jags are really cool!!
Shachi: It's not about whether it's cool or not!!
 It's not like I wore these so that I can look cool either
Shachi: I'm not gonna wear anymore clothes with jags on them!!
text/Suekichi: That's just redundant!! Shachi, you're really redundant!!
text/Suekichi: Just how sensitive are you!!?
Shachi: And for your information, I didn't cut my bangs to look jagged on purpose either! Don't get me wrong!
Shachi: Should I cut this too!?
Suekichi: Stop it Shachi!! Just this one set of jags...

Shachi: Oi, you, what're you wearin'?
Suekichi: !
text/Suekichi: Ah...!!
text/Suekichi: Oh no!! Under these circumstances, this getup would be seen as mockery!
Shachi: I see more jags!!
Katsura: Are you hurt Suekichi-dono?
Suekichi: Eh? Uh, I'm fine.
Katsura: You bastards, going as far as to make Suekichi-dono's sleeves jagged, do you not know the meaning of shame!!?

guy1: That's not it, this guy had those since the beginning!! It wasn't us!!
Katsura: Be silent. Then what are these triangular pieces!!? Aren't they proof of you guys making the jags?
guy1: That's not it! Those are Shachi's...
Katsura: ...what's wrong Suekichi-dono?
Katsura: Have you not slept at all again yesterday?
Katsura: That's no good. As a samurai, before your battles...
guy1: Katsura-san, it's definitely because we were playing UNO 'til morning in the next cell and making too much noise so he couldn't sleep
guy2: Sorry Suekichi-san, we were too excited with UNO
Shachi(?): But that's cuz Katsura-san was too strong
Katsura: No Shachi, you were too weak
guy1: That's right Shachi, you were too weak~~~
text/Suekichi: Why!!?
text/Suekichi: Why did it turn out like this!!?

text/Suekichi: Forget turning him into a corpse, hadn't I just increased his sphere of influence instead!!?
Katsura: Alright everyone, it's about time we head to work
criminals: Yessir!!
text/Suekichi: Did he not just become the head of the entire prison!!?
guard: Take care, Katsura-dono!!
Katsura: Un-hn
text/Suekichi: Why does even the guard salute him!!?
text/Suekichi: Wha...what kind of person is he, this man...
text/Suekichi: In just a few days, he's gained control of this Hellish prison
text/Suekichi: I...I have...perhaps
text/Suekichi: I've challenged an unbelievable man!!
text/Suekichi: Even though it hurts to realize the enormity of this wall in front of my eyes
text/Suekichi: Yet, what's unbelievable is, my heart did not feel hopeless

box/Suekichi: This island that's been called Hell, Gokumontou
box/Suekichi: has changed after the appearance of that man
box/Suekichi: The cruel work that's been designed to torment the criminals
box/Suekichi: has changed into something from which we can experience the joy of hard work, something worth doing
box/Suekichi: The empty, lifeless eyes of the criminals,
box/Suekichi: in order to repent for their past crimes and to make up for their past and sins by correcting their ways, their eyes have started looking towards tomorrow
box/Suekichi: In interaction with these kind of criminals, the guards
box/Suekichi: start to understand the joy in not abandoning people and to give forgiveness
box/Suekichi: And then
box/Suekichi: he who, for 15 years
box/Suekichi: refused to face his crimes,
box/Suekichi: and concentrated solely on escape from the hardships he's faced with, the man who had continued to dig that tunnel to escape

box/Suekichi: Closed off
box/Suekichi: the tunnel
guy1: Ahh~ I've worked pretty hard today too!!
guy2: I've slept really well recently!! Sleeping has become something I look forward to
guy1: By the way, that gross prison food's starting to taste pretty good
Katsura: Humans are living beings that need eat, work and sleep
Katsura: If any one of those are satisfied, the other two will naturally become satisfying
 And then, once all three are satisfied, humans will see the true meaning of life
Shachi: Katsura-san, recently I've been feeling immensely expectant of the arrival of the next day
Shachi: We who are like insects...are feeling more and more human every day
Shachi: For the first time...I feel like I'm alive
Shachi: The one who taught us this feeling is Katsura-san...it's you
Shachi: Thank you
Shachi: Treating us...as humans

Katsura: Oi, it's time for lights out, who's the one crying?
Katsura: The guard's coming, stop crying before you get scolded
Suekichi: Sorry
Katsura: Hmph
Shachi/vertical sfx: Ahahaha
Katsura: Alright, let's sleep for the sake of tomorrow
Katsura: Eating, working, and sleeping, that's what's human.
guys: Goodnight Katsura-san
Katsura: !

Katsura: What's wrong Suekichi-dono?
Katsura: Still can't sleep?
Suekichi: ...
Suekichi: Katsura-san
Suekichi: you said that you were a revolutionist
 What had you done to be locked up in here? I want to know what crime you committed
Katsura: I had not committed any crimes
Katsura: I came here out of my own will
Suekichi: !
Suekichi: To do what?
Katsura: That goes without saying, I'm a revolutionist
Katsura: I came to revolutionize Hell

Suekichi: Ahahaha, you really are something aren't you!!
Katsura: So? Suekichi-dono, have I managed to change anything?
Suekichi: Who knows...I'm not sure but
Suekichi: at least I've changed
Suekichi: I've been cured of my insomnia
text/Suekichi: I've...decided to dig out a new tunnel
box/Suekichi: Harder than any rock,
box/Suekichi: a long tunnel I'm not sure when I'll dig through
box/Suekichi: A tunnel leading to tomorrow
box/Suekichi: I don't need an escape route anymore
box/Suekichi: I'll fight for the sake of tomorrow

box/Suekichi: If it's with those guys,
box/Suekichi: if it's with that man,
box/Suekichi: we'll definitely reach it.
box/Suekichi: That's what I...
box/Suekichi: believe.
text/Katsura: He's finally asleep?
text/Katsura: That was way too troublesome
Katsura: Sorry to make you wait

text/Katsura: He really was an opponent without weaknesses
text/Katsura: Though I had already prepared an escape route, I hadn't counted on having an insomniac living in the other cell
text/Katsura: But he's just small fry for me,
text/Katsura: absolutely convinced by my acting and letting down his guard
text/Katsura: I'm tempted to stay and see their looks of dumbfoundedness when they find out I've escaped from prison, how unfortunate.
text/Katsura: Farewell, you bastards can just stay here with your chains forever!!
Katsura: !!

text/Katsura: So...someone's looking!? No...no way...this is...
text/Katsura: No...someone is watching!! Someone is looking this way!! How can this be...unless
text/Shachi: Alright!!
text/Shachi: He's finally asleep? That was way too troublesome.
text/Shachi: He really was an opponent without weaknesses
text/Shachi: Though I had already prepared an escape route, but it took pretty long to make him drop his guard
Shachi: !!

text/Shachi: So...someone's looking!? No...no way...this is...
text/Shachi: No...someone is watching!! Someone is looking this way!! How can this be...unless
guy1: Alright!! He's finally asleep? That was way too troubleso...
guy1: !!
guy2: Alright!! He's finally asleep? That was way too troub...
guy3: Alright...
guy4: Alri...
boatguy1: Senpai
boatguy1: The island seems to have many holes drilled in it
boatguy2: Oh? Fill 'em in, fill 'em in.

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#1. by niphredil ()
Posted on Jan 8, 2008
thank you so much, ninefly :D
#2. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Jan 8, 2008
Woo...you're back! Thanks a lot! And check out the new Gintama icon ;)
#3. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 8, 2008
Yeah! Nice work Ninefly. XD I wonder If i did something wrong as no one commented on the 196 I did..
#4. by Dragon04 ()
Posted on Jan 8, 2008
thanks nine

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