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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 195

Gintama Lesson 195

+ posted by ninefly as translation on Jan 16, 2008 17:25 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 195

chapter 195
so many random references X__x


Shinpachi: Eh? “Dondake~” wasn’t first place? I thought for sure it’d make it to this year’s Universe’s Most Popular Phrases though
(T/N: dondake is a catch phrase in Japan popularized among homosexuals and the younger generation by male transvestite IKKO, it basically means “what the!?” or “are you serious?” and was even once used in a Japanese McDonalds commercial)
Kagura: It seems to be the top in Edo, but if you compile all the rankings, it doesn’t even make it into the top 50! The Universe is very vast you know.
 Umm, what was 4th place again...Prince Chinkasu? Ah, no that’s number 8.
(T/N: chinkasu = penis scum; basically one of the worst insults in the Japanese language XDD; )
Kagu: 4th place was actually “Where did I put my EXILE CD?”...
(T/N: EXILE = popular Japanese pop band)
Shin: What's with that...is that seriously what's popular these days?
Kagu: 3rd place was “I came because my grandson asked me to”
Shin: Why are 3rd and 4th place so closely linked? It's basically a grandmother being asked by her grandson to come and buy an EXILE CD for him isn't it?
Shin: You should go and buy it yourself dammit, or the grandson should. There's no way an old lady will know what EXILE is.
Kagu: Ah, what you just said, that's 13th place.
Shin: Why are my comments even entered in the ranking!!?
Kagu: 2nd place is...eh...I can't remember
Kagu: First place is actually "Or B'z's CD is fine too"
(T/N: B'z = very popular Japanese rock band/duo)
Shin: Don't give uppppp!! Why are you giving up and buying something else!? What happened during 2nd place!!?

Kagu: A~ah, Shinpachi, it's all 'cause you were too loud
Shin: Why's it my fault...hn?
Kagu: What is it? Is it an EXILE CD?
Shin: There were pictures behind the frame...
Shin: It looks like a pretty old picture though...
Kagu: !!
Shin: Who...
Shin: ...is she?
lesson 195 - why don't we talk about the past sometimes too?

Shin: ...can this be-
Kagu: It's his woman from long ago
Shin: Eh!? You think so too? You really think so too?
Kagu: There's no mistaking it. This unpleasant feeling they're giving off, it can only come from those who are in a tender relationship.
 To treasure this kind of thing, it's kind of like he's got a girly side to him too, that man.
Shin: Wai- hurry and put it back!! Hurry and put it back!!
Shin: Hurry and return it to the way it was before Gin-san comes back!! If he sees that we've found this, he won't be happy. So hurry!!
Gintoki: Hey~ I'm back from buying the detergent
Shin: !!
Shin: Gin-san's here!! Hurry up!! Kagura-chan hurry it up!!
Kagu: You're annoying! I'm putting it back already...
Shin+Kagu: Ugaaaaah!!

Gintoki's hand: *picks up*
Gin: Hn?
Shin: Gin-san!! It's not what you think!! Um...we didn't see anything at all, we don't know anything either!!
Kagu: Don't drag me in with you. I'm telling you though, that woman won't remember you at all.
Shin: Kagura-chan!!
Gin: Oi oi, some really nostalgic stuff has turned up hasn't it.
Shin: !
Gin: Where did you find this?
Shin: Well, we were doing some cleaning...and then it appeared
 from behind the frame
Gin: Ah, really.
Gin: That's where it was.
Shin: ...eh? Somehow...so easily...wait, eh? Wha...what exactly is this...who exactly is this?
Gin: ...what this is?
Gin: This is the Yorozuya.

Shin: ...huh? Wait, aren't we the Yorozuya?
Gin: Right now you guys are what can be called the New Yorozuya.
 This was the Prototype Yorozuya.
Shin: Prototype!? Wait...I've never heard about it before, this kind of character setup!?
Gin: Huh? I hadn't mentioned it before?
Gin: ...basically, this was before you guys came to my place
 when I had just started the Yorozuya
Gin: There had been a time when there had been people other than you guys who were my partners at the Yorozuya.
Shin: Wait, hadn't you said before that you had always been working alone?
Gin: I was technically working alone. But for a short while it had been different.
 There were many things that happen, as adults.
Shin: Oh~? I never knew we had senpais (T/N: senpai = someone who has more experience in what you were doing)
 It's kind of a refreshing feeling.
Gin: Senpai? You know, they're not that great at all!
 It was only for a short while, 'cause we disbanded really quickly

Shin: Eh? Then this sexy and pretty lady was also a Yorozuya member?
 Kagu: What do you mean by sexy? You're gross Shinpachi
(T/N: Shinpachi uses the word "nikukanteki" - literally, "meaty feeling" - which turned up a lot of pron magazines when I Googled it, so I guess it's some form of "sexy"?)
Gin: She was well, rather than a member, more of a semi-regular? If you compare to now, she was in Katharine's position.
Shinpachi: Katharine!? This was Katharine!?
Gin: Well, she normally serves as a hostess down at the old lady's place
 Sometimes she comes by to clean the place or help with Yorozuya jobs.
Gin: She was a considerate person, a good woman. Different from Katharine
Gin: Well~ It's really nostalgic.
Shin: Oh~? Katharine's position was so different from now, the quality had been pretty high back then huh?
Gin: Well, she was from the good old days.
Shin: Please tell us more! What about us? Who were in our positions?
Kagu: Yeah, I wanna know too. But either way they can't be better than us.
Gin (bottom-right): It hasn't changed, Yorozuya had revolved around a trio back then too.
Gin (top-left): They were useless guys just like you
Shin: Ahahahaha
Gin: Ah, here, there's a photo even.
Gin: This, this was Shinpachi's position, the Loser with Glasses and Master Tsukkomi, Kanemaru-kun.
(T/N: tsukkomi = when someone retorts to something that doesn't make sense with something logical, bascially what Shinpachi does 24/7)

Shin: Kanemaru-kun's really high quality!!
Shin: What's with this!!? This can't be Kanemaru-kun can it!!? Isn't he black!!?
(T/N: Shinpachi means an African man can't have a Japanese name XD; )
Gin: Well, he was really lame. Even though his right hand is a PsychoGun, it was absolutely useless
Shin: He's useful!! No matter how you think about it, Kanemaru-kun's really useful isn't he!!?
Gin: Well, it's true he was very outstanding in terms of battling skills.
Kanemaru: Fuck You-!!
Gin: It's true he did earn himself the name of "Black Dragon" in the Underworld, a very terrifying man
Shin: This character setting's getting way too exagerrated isn't it!?
Gin: Anyways, he was still the one who did the tsukkomi
Shin: R...right, I see
Gin: Yorozuya can't be complete without tsukkomi
Shin: Well, since he's a foreigner, it's impossible isn't it, with the language barrier?
Gin: I had been really surprised this one time. When I had went out to eat with Kanemaru-kun at a family restaurant

Gin: We want one lasagna and one chadzuke please
(T/N: chadzuke = Japanese dish of ocha/tea poured on rice)
Gin: And then, that waitress
 put the lasagna in front of me
Gin: and then gave him the chadzuke!
Shin: Ah-! He won't tsukkomu, that Kanemaru-kun
 Read the atmosphere! It's like "do I look like I eat chadzuke?"
Kanemaru: (small text: Oh Shit!! Oh My God!)
Kagu: It's no use. He can't say anything but katakana. A foreigner can't do it after all huh. Since he's not Shinpachi.
(T/N: katakana = the secondary set of the Japanese "alphabet" that are used for spelling out words from foreign languages)
Kane: Miss, I asked for sakechadzuke (T/N: salmon powder chadzuke), not umechadzuke (T/N: plum chadzuke)
Shin: He can speak Japanese!!?
Shin: Plus Kanemaru-kun was the one who ordered the chadzuke!!
Shin: Why are you the one eating the lasagna!!?
Kane: Ah, chadzuke's the most popular for the Japanese after all...
 but who the hell do you think is a Japanese!!?
Shin: Such high quality!! Going along with a joke and then finishing with a tsukkomu!! A true Kansai tsukkomi!!
(T/N: Kansai = south-western half of Japan; Kanemaru has a Kansai accent)

Gin: Because Kanemaru-kun was from Kansai
Shin: Doesn't that mean he's Japanese!!?
Gin: "I'm not from Japan, I'm from Kansai" was Kanemaru-kun's favorite phrase
Shin: There's nobody from Kansai like that!
Shin: I've somewhat lost my confidence now...I'm inferior in every way
Kagu: Well, for Shinpachi's position, if anyone really wants to do it, they can
 There's no one who can replace me, right Gin-chan?
Gin: Here it is, here it is. There was also someone with Kagura's position
Kagu: What?
Gin: This is the only woman in our group, Ikezawa-san
Shin: Isn't it practically the same as Kanemaru!?
Shin: And how the hell is this the only woman!!?
Kagu: You bastard, what exactly do you see my position as you natural perm!!?
Shin: And by the way, why does everyone have that obstinate PsychoGun attached to them!?

Gin: Ah, sorry, I got it wrong. This was the guy in Sadaharu's position, Furuhashi-san.
 Shin: That's a bunch of unnecessary information!!
Gin: Furuhashi-san was like the mascot for Yorozuya
Shin: Who wants that kind of mascot!? He hasn't changed at all from Kanemaru-kun!!
Gin: Sorry, sorry
Gin: I got it wrong, this was Kagura's
Gin: The only woman, Ikezawa-san
Shin: ...ah, she's really cute isn't she. That's great isn't it Kagura-chan?
 Kagu: Don't exaggerate, she's just female, that's all
Gin: No, that's not her
Kagu: Eh?

Shin: Didn't I say already, they're all the same!!
Shin: Wasn't the PsychoGun just changed into a sake bottle!? (T/N: sake = Japanese wine)
Kagu: That's enough already!! How the hell is this like me!!?
Gin: Calm down. Ikezawa-san used to be a housewife
Gin: But because her husband had an affair at his workplace and didn't come back, she became an alcoholic
Gin: After that, just like Kagura, she began to say "aruaruaruaru" too (T/N: Kagura ends her sentences with "aru" often, which is phrase that marks assurance in what she says)
Ikezawa: Alcohol!
Ikezawa: Please give me alcohol!! Hey!!
(T/N: in Japanese, alcohol is pronounced ARUKOORU, thus kinda sorta like Kagura's "aru"...at least Gin-chan thinks so)
Shin: What kind of way for using "aru" is that!? Does it even exist!!?
(T/N: Shinpachi thinks not)
Shin: By the way what kind of Yorozuya is this!!?
Shin: It's filled with Kanemarus!!
 This definitely won't sell. And this definitely won't be made into an anime!

Gin: Don't say it like that, they're your senpai!
Gin: To me, they've been with me through many adventures, and are my very important friends
Gin: Look at this
Gin: This was when we caught the phantom thief who had been causing trouble in Edo. It had been a very big case.
Gin: And this was when we exterminated the man who was killing bystanders to test his new sword. The morning sun had been dazzling then.
Gin: This was when we caught the purse snatcher. When we returned the furoshiki, the old woman even cried.
(T/N: furoshiki = a wrapping cloth used to carry things around/wrap gifts/etc., for example the ones used to wrap bento boxes)
Gin: And then this...what was this again...when we beat that guy up probably...
Gin: This was......I kinda forgot
Gin: ...

Shin: You definitely didn't fit in at all did you!!?
Shin: It's already so loose! None of you have gotten close at all have you!!?
Gin: That's not it. Maybe you kids don't understand, but adults interact with approximately this sense of distance.
 We aren't really clingy
Shin: But those two in the back seem to be extremely clingy right there!!
Kagu: This is pretty evident, Kanemaru and Ikezawa...
 In the Yorozuya Trio, the two of them are with each other, leaving Gin-chan behind
Kagu: He kinda became like Mark Panther from globe. Because he looked the most Japanese, he became like Mark.
Gin: Shut up!! I'm not Mark!! Me, who leads Yorozuya, should be more like Komuro!!
(T/N: wikipedia article on the Japanese band globe; of the 3 members, Mark the rapper is the most foreign-looking and speaks 3 languages, while Komuro the producer/keyboardist later married the lead vocalist)
Shin: No, I've never seen such a lonely-looking Komuro before
Gin: It's because I'm Komuro that I haven't felt absolutely pitiful. In fact, I had been encouraging their relationship you know

Gin: But, as Komura the producer of Yorozuya
 I wanted them to be aware of one thing, that it is wrong to engross themselves in their relationship and neglect their work
Gin: Well, them being like the youngsters nowadays, they'll fall apart after just a little pressure
 They disappeared sometime after
Shin: That's not "sometime after"! There seems to be a pretty terrifying photo left behind isn't there!!?
Gin: Well, after that, the mascot character Furuhashi-san and I decided to work together from then on as a duo
Shin: What part of him seems like a mascot!? He's making a terribly evil face!
Gin: It seems a trio is an incomplete number after all, since disputes arise all the time
Gin: Well, since then, what has our duo been doing?
Gin (right frame): Even City Hunter pales in comparison to the greatness of our accomplishments
(T/N: ]City Hunter is a manga series about an underground group fighting crime)
Gin (overlapping frames): Getting busy all over the place. Now that I think about it, that time had been our busiest time
Shin: You basically haven't been doing anything but going to goukon right!!?
(T/N: goukon = popular activity where groups of boys and girls have a collective blind date)

Gin: Work is something where, even if you tried your hardest, you won't necessarily always succeed
Shin: If you just keep doing things like that then of course it's no use, all of it!!
Gin: Even if we're hurt and fall down, if we stand back up despite it all
 of course, it's because of that good friend by your side
Shin: By the way, who was the one who took these photos?
Shin: Isn't it unbelievable? Who would chose these losers to be models for their photographs?

Gin: Now I remember
Gin: the stars were beautiful that night
Shin: What the hell did you do!!?

Shin: Even if I thought you would end it just a bit nicely, it was absolutely filthy until the very end!!?
Kagu: Don't you have even one or two good stories from the past to tell you bastard!!?
Shin: Now I've fully understood why there's not even one satisfactory history in the Yorozuya
Kagu: If we leave it up to him, we're definitely headed on the path to downfall
Shin: From now on, let's go accomplish something for the Yorozuya
Kagu: We're going to go and make history

Gin: Ow ow ow
Gin: Those guys kicked without mercy at all
 don't they know any limits?
Sadaharu: Wan (T/N: wan = what dogs say; woof/bark/etc.)
Gin: ?
Gin: What is it?

Gin: Let next year
Gin: be a great year too

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2008
Yay! Nice work And you're working on requests too? Sweet. XD And your taste in manga is similar to mine. Thanks for reading over my script and improving it! Do you think we should backtrack and do a few past chapters together?
#2. by ninefly ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2008
Quote by Bomber D Rufi;687592:
Yay! Nice work And you're working on requests too? Sweet. XD And your taste in manga is similar to mine. Thanks for reading over my script and improving it! Do you think we should backtrack and do a few past chapters together?

sure, I'm always up for more Gintama =Dv
as long as you don't mind my slow-ness ^^;
just email me with the chapter numbers >3
hmm, and should we make a post here requesting scanlator-people? as I said, I can always scanlate them myself, but I need someone to provide good raws...
#3. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2008
Um I'll look around for chapter numbers. For the most part it would be like the more recent ones right after the Kyuubei arc, excluding Mitsuba. Since i've seen scantlations running around for that one. Android Arc, Itou, Summer Vacation, and the one shots imbetween. I know it sounds like a lot, but we're in no real hurry as Gintama fans have to be the most patient people i've ever met. O_o

Anyway I suppose we should have this conversation over Gmail e-mail (Since it seems you can't chat) So we don't plug up the MH fourm. I sent you a mail there so you're probably replying to It as I type this.

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