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Karakuri Circus Volume 26

Volume 26

+ posted by Nintakun as translation on Nov 11, 2018 20:45 | Go to Karakuri Circus

Karakuri Circus Volume 26


Circus - Final Act - Act 35: 200 Destroyers

- Hey, Maman...

- I'm really a bad child

- I made you suffer because a lot of horrible things.

- But...

- For the sake of another good child...

- I will...




- Maman...

- I'll bring her back!!


sfx: whooooo

- Is.... Is Angelina...?

- ...


- I won't...
- I won't stay like that...

- Hey, you need help!

- Go ahead.
- What are you saying!? Look at how wounded you are!

- I trust Eléonore...
- To you!

- I'll just... slow you down. You can go ahead.
- Got it!

- Guy, go!


- This...
- Take my sword with you...
- You'll know how to use it.

- I got it, Shouji.

- Please, take care of Eléonore.

- I understand, Maman.
- I'll be a good child.


- Over there!? She ran away with the soft stone!
- Non, Candy-stamp, you have to find it! (?)


- We have 208 in pursuit!
- Wait, there are less of us?! And the other 310?

- The woman, her husband and that young lad took some hundreds of our comrades!

- I thought it was 31...
- Until now I've only heard that a shirogane could destroy about 10 of us.

- FOOLS! The woman and the man are both dead, only the child is left!!

- Hurry up and let's find the woman who ran away!
- We have to bring the soft stone back with us!

- Argh!
- What is going on?
- He fell, that idiot.

PAGE 8-9

- Ah, you finally caught up with us!
- Heheheh, you fell, huh!

- ?
- Wait, you're not an automaton...

- HUH!?






- You others stay here!
- Candy Stamp!!

- WHAT!?


- It can't be...

PAGE 12-13

- Maman...
- I won't let not even one of the automata approach get close to Eléonore!

- Ahh!

- And...
- That's why...




- Haha!


- Hahahaha! Who do you think you are, lad?! You're just like that bitch!

- You'll soon join your dead friends!!

- ...
- I can't...

- I can't join them... no...



- Yeah, humans...
- I am a Shirogane... and this woman was... human...

- She was...
- absolutely...
- Kind.

- That's why...
- I can't surrender...



- WHAT!?

- Ah, when did he regain control of the puppet?!



- Now I know it...
- Angelina.

- But, I'm not alone...

- Eléonore is at my side.
- Eléonore won't be alone.

PAGE 19 (New chapter)

ACT 36 - In the Well.

- There are 200 of us...

- We still are 200...

- Then...
- Then a lone shirogane will be destroyed...
- Reduced to dust!

- This... This cannot be...

PAGE 20-21

- Guy!
- Christopher...
- Rech...

- I see, Francine Doll is not familliar with this place...

- Over there.


- Keheheh.
- We finally found her.

- The automaton woman!
- We looked everywhere but this is the only place left.

- The well!


- Huh?
- Are you hearing something?
- I'm hearing it!

- The automaton woman with the baby fell here.

- Quickly, let's destroy it and bring it back to the village.
- Hehehe, sure thing!




- That bastards...
- Where were they?

- The well!

- Huh...
- Is Francine...
- Down there?

- It's me, Guy!
- Is Eléonore alright!?

- Eléonore!
- I won't allow her die!!



sfx: Waaaah waaaah

- This voice...
- It's a baby crying!!





sfx: Waaaaah

- There's a rose-colored shine in the water...
- Aqua Vitae...

- It was probably because Eléonore changed it that way.
- For some reason, the Soft Stone in her body reacted...
- And it changed the the water into Aqua Vitae.


- But, where did Francine escape to?

- Francine's clothes...

- I want to see this child grow up.
- Eléonore grabbed my finger...
- I changed her diapers...
- Ohh, I can see...

- I will...
- You didn't run away lefting Eléanore behind.


- You dissolved into Aqua Vitae.
- You protected Eléonore until the very end!

- I feel that I'm lacking a very important part insde of me.
- That's why there are things I don't understand.

- If that's the case, I'd like to know.


- The bottom of the well is deep...
- The Aqua Vitae has spilled there, that's why Elonore didn't dissolve.

- After knocking several times against the wall...
- with her weak arms... all that for Eléonore ...

- ....
- Did you find...
- your missing piece?


- Then...
- you found it
- That missing piece!

- Hey, tell me...

- Francine


- And that's how Eléonore was saved.

- However...

- Her mother had not gone out of bed and had crumbled.


- I won't allow this child to have the same fate as me.

- What does this mean...
- Even this child...

- She drank it...
- Eléonore Drank it!


- Once the Aqua Vitae is dissolved into the body, it carries the memories.
- And it cures all the diseases.

- Its effects change the human body into the one of a shirogane, an immortal being

- In 1910, Year 43 of the Meiji Era....
- A Shirogane was born.

- She didn't have Zonapha Syndrome, but she still took this medicine.

- Once she drank the Aqua Vitae,
- Just like the automaton Francine...

- Her hair...


- The doll's hair was the same as the one in the original human version.

- And then as soon as she drank the Aqua Vitae, a Shirogane was born.

- Her name is Eléonore.
- The one-year old baby!


ACT 37 - Then, history to modernity

- This child drank the Aqua Vitae.
- And then, she became a shirogane.

- Shouji, Eléonore. She's dead...

- What are you saying, Guy?

- At the time of her birth, Eléanor did not support the trip ...
- That's why Angelina was suffering because she gave her the soft stone.


- She disappeared...

- Is it a lie?
- Yes, a very bad lie.

- But more important than that, there is no way to save Eleanor from this cursed fate.

- I won't allow this child...
- to have the same fate as me.

- Angelina's fate...
- She had to live having drunk the Aqua Vitae and bearing the Soft Stone.
- All in order to continue fighting those damned automata.


- And now Angelina passed the Soft Stone into the body of her baby, Eléonore.

- It will be very useful for the shiroganes...
- but it'll also be a prey for the automata, so we must protect her.

- Eléonore must not live in this world

- I am Masaru Saiga.
- And I'm back to the modern times.

- In the memories of my grampa, Shouji Saiga.


- That's why I'm looking after Eléonore shirogane's life.
- It was something I could not even imagine.

- In this old building in the Village of Kuroga, it was Eleanor's house.

- I know it's a village where there is only the chief and some inhabitants.

- Shouji and Guy came to visit him every month.

- Ah, here you are, Guy.


- What's up, Hana?
- Is Eléonore crying?
- Yes...
- Hana was the one who took care of Eleonore. She was a trusted person since she was introduced to her birth.

- Ellie had a scary nightmare!

- A nightmare?
- I see...

- In 1930 (Year 5 of the Showa Era), 20 years after that day...
- Eléonore was 4 years old.


- So, what's going on, Eleanor? Did you have a bad dream?
- Ah... Maître...

- A Shirogane ages a year every five years.
- At 20, Eleanor was supposed to have the mentality that goes with this age.

- However her mental age had not advanced.
- She hadn't set foot outside yet, because it wasn't safe for her yet.

- What kind of nightmare was it?

- Shouji, I did not show up in front of Eleonore ... I could only watch her from a distance.

- Eléonore was dead.
- It was another girl who lived in her place. She didn't need to see the face of her father.


- Well, I was in a little dark room and...

- Like this one?
- Yes, it was wet and dirty.

- There was only a window from which came a light.
- And then someone nice came. I didn't know her...

- A nice person, like Mrs. Hana?
- Yes...

- Someone I didn't know, But...
- A very nice person...

- And then, at that moment, there was a hole behind me.
- And then, in this hole...


- A puppet being controlled.
- coming to kill me.

- To kill you? Are you sure of that?
- Yes. it was scary...

- Then I turned to the window and...
- And I saw a garden of yellow flowers waiting for me

- and...
- and then, I ...


- A big man in black, he...
- grabbed my neck.

- And then...


- Strange...

- In Eléonore's heart there are memories of another person.
- Memories of another person? You mean that...

- What this child drank was the Aqua Vitae from the Francine doll that melted in that well.
- So, she has the memories of a doll?!


- It's hard to imagine, but the puppet being controlled and the man grabbing her neck are Francine's memories.

- The "heart" of this doll wasn't in peace, even until the very last moment.

- Yes, but who are the other memories from?

- In the little room she was locked up...
- But it should be only the memories of the doll, so where did it come from?

- !

- Now I remember. Her creator implanted in her head the hair of the human woman who served as his model.
- I see, Francine carried on her memories then.

- I'm the reencarnation of that woman.
- And now we have no way to find out who this person was.


- Maybe Eléonore's young spirit...
- Receives all those memories being a heavy burden for her.
- Other memories have been replaced by these.

- She doesn't know who she is anymore.
- Her mind will certainly collapse.

- Shouji, can you leave it to me?
- Guy?

- Maman... Angelina, in her last moments begged me to make her happy.

- And I promised her.

- This child...
- She must know happiness!!


- But, this child hair and eyes have changed into money.
- Even if they are dyed or lenses, she can not hide from other shiroganes.

- So, this child who spent all that time in the village of Kuroga.
- Like Angelina, she is related to shiroganes and the automata.

- Who is it for...

- I'm going to take her to see the world!

- I'm going to make Eléonore
- as a shirogane.


- But she won't touch the automata.

- I'll do whatever it takes to protect her.

- She is not the child of the japanese Shouji and the shirogane Angelina.
- I will take her to different countries, find children with Zonapha syndrome and make them drink Aqua Vitae.

- I will continue to tell the other shiroganes.
- Eléonore lived in Japan but she musn't return.

- So, Eléonore

- I'll teach her numerous ways to fight.
- But she won't fight any automata.


- To find happiness, you will have to fight.
- You'll become a Shirogane.

- You must feel.

- You must see everything.

- All you'll experience is the reality.

- You have to think about existence.
- And cut off any connection with this other person's memories

- I'll teach you...
- To become yourself!


- Guy parted on a jorney with Eléonore, who was 4 years old.
- 15 years later, when she was 7, they arrived at Quiberon, in France. There she had all the education and training necessary for a shirogane.

- There, Eléonore trained for 15 years, until she turned 10.
- In 1960 (year 35 of the Showa Era), with Guy...
- She turned to be the youngest shirogane in the world.

- 22 years later, in 1982 (year 57 of the Showa Era).
- In Quiberon, France.

- In the old days, you helped us by providing us with excellent puppets that you had made.
- We would like to be able to return the favor for your work.


- Monsieur Shouji Saiga.

- For what reason you came to pay us a visit?
- You said you wanted to "Send the youngest shirogane to Japan".

- My wife, Angelina, parted from this world in 1910.

- Now she's gone. In her body there was the Soft Stone.

- I already reported this.


- But recently, I remembered...
- What my wife said before parting.

- "The Soft Stone is in the person who smiles."

- The person who smiles...
- And who would that person be?

- I think it's someone in Japan, but I do not know who yet.
- That's why, to look for it, I absolutely need a shirogane.

- The soft stone is not only hidden in the body of a child.
- The child we are looking for is a girl.
- For that, if possible it would be nice to have someone of about the same age as this child.


- No matter the lie, this is the primordial reason.
- When Eléonore comes to Japan as a shirogane, she can be here safely.

- I will give her safe tasks and she'll be able to live in happiness.
- Yes
- We must keep this a secret from all shiroganes and the automata in order for this plan to work.

- In 1910, two people had a plan.
- At least until 1982.

- But in a totally unpredictable way...
- This plan began to crumble!


Act 38 - Shadows

- 1982, at the Shirogane HQ...
- Quiberon, France.

- The soft stone has been found in Japan.

- I'd like to send a shirogane girl of the same age as her.


- When Angelina died, the soft stone wasn't in her body.
- This stone can only be in the body of a child to prevent rejection.
- To look for this child, the best would be having a girl the same age as her?

- Yes, when my wife disappeared...
- It has been 70 years. I've searching for the soft stone for a long time.
- In the end, I believe I lost track of it.
- Please, give me an opportunity to redeem myself from this shame

- We have a shirogane candidate for you.


- This girl was born 72 years ago...
- Which means she is 14 years old in shirogane years

- She is a acquaintance of Guy Christophe Rech
- He found her on a trip to Scandinavia

- She had Zonapha Syndrome, so Guy gave her the Aqua Vitae...
- And we gave her shirogane education.

- Yes! I already know it all!
- This is the lie Guy and me have invented!

- The is there.
- Right in front of me!!

- I haven't seen her in 70 years!

- My and Angelina's beloved daughter...


- Eléonore...

- Oh...

- Damn, this is the first time I see her!
- I must behave myself properly!


- This is nothing, i have to behave myself and offer her a job...
- Ahh, well, you must be Miss Eléonore, I think...

- Greetings, I came from Japan, I am Mr. Saiga...

- Long time no see...

- Grandpa Shouji.

- H-
- How...


- How do you know me?

- You're funny, Grandpa.

- We have already met several times.

- Now, moving to Japan, 5 days before that.
- This is the spring of 1982, in Tokyo.


- Heheh! Look at that foreigner there, he looks cool, huh?!
- Absolutely!

- That's it...


- Ah, the president?
- I'm sorry, he's at a meeting.
- He's pretty busy right now.

- Sorry, Mr.client...
- It must be hard for a foreigner to understand...

- It's okay. I just wanted an excuse to exchange a few words with both of you.
- but, if you continue like this indefinitely, you will attract the resentment of other men. Maybe I'll have to report that to the president ....

- Oh, Good morning, Mr. Chairman...
- Good morning.

- Good morning...
- You have a meeting between other Chairmen. And then after, you have a meeting with the whole non-profit sector


- Hello there! It's a beautiful day outside, right!

- Huh?

- ?

- Hey, if it isn't my little friend Guy!!


- You finally came! Are you alright?
- Y-yes, Dean...

- Just a sec! Don't call me by my shirogane name here! In Japan I am Sadayoshi Saiga since the meiji era!
- I know, now get off me...

- Hey you! Lead my friend here to the President's office, ok?

- Hahahahahaha!!

- There is nothing to laugh, Shouji.
- That is so like him.
- Heheh, as you say, Guy. Since the that incident at Kuroga Village, Dean has been present and helped us in so many ways.


- Tell me, he got you a good mental support and for work, right?
- It seems to be a long-standing relationship.

- Yes, it's been more than 100 years ...
- He's like a brother to me.

- More importantly, you're here. It must've been 10 years, huh?
- Yes, and you, you are always with this great company, eh. The head office is even bigger than before.

- Here, shirogane's puppets are studied, we have more than 100 years of experience.

- How is Eleanor going?

- She's alright. She's been learning in Quiberon for 20 years after she traveled around the world with me. I'm back to make my report.

- Eléonore was used as a vessel for the Soft stone. I hope she will be able to touch the happiness of normal human beings.
- Our plan is to our advantage.


- In the end, she must be a shirogane able to fight the automata.
- She won't... but she is a child with silver hair and eyes...
- But she was hidden from the other shirogane.

- But i did not enter in combat when she was with me.

- Me neither, but you have always protected her against any danger.

- So, I do not worry. It's been 70 years since I restrained myself from not meeting her.
- Shouji...

- It's only during this year that I'll be able to call her by name when she's in Japan?
- Yes ... after so many years. You will be able to get in touch with Eleonore ...
- She's a teenager shirogane you have to bring to Japan with you. No matter who she is, you should not consider her as your daughter this time.


- The excuse to bring Eléonore to Japan is because of the search for the Soft Stone and he must believe it.

- That's correct.
- And there will be no soft stone ... obviously as she is in her body

- And while we protect her on this mission quietly...
- I'm going to be able to make up for the lost time of 70 years between father and daughter with Eléonore.

- As Angelina wished, I want her to know happiness like the others.
- .....

- Shouji ...
- Yes, Guy?

- But you...
- Is it possible that you already met her?


- What are you saying, Guy?!
- Of course not! I wouldn't lie to you!

- I lived my life all for this moment, the day I will finally see Eléonore.
- I'm not stupid enough to spoil it!

- I obviously wanted to see her before but I didn't go to Quibéron!
- !

- Did something happen? Tell me, Guy!

- Sorry, Shouji...
- I didn't doubt your word, I just wanted to confirm that...

- What do you mean?
- Eléonore is in a bizarre state!
- Huh?!


- She's just like...
- A puppet.

- I don't know how to smile...
- I'm a pretty doll.

- And I already saw you before, Grandpa... I remember the last time...


- and the time befor that...
- and the another one before...

- No...
- This cannot be!

- Until today, I never saw you...
- Never!!

- It's as if I told her "be a doll"!!

- Grandpa, I must be a puppet...
- Because I was hated...

- What?!
- Oh... Oh...
- Who pretend to be me and told her such things?!


- All that so I could protect this child.
- Shouji, hurry, bring Eléonore back to Japan!

- According to the plan, it should take more time, but right now, we must quickly protect Eleonore and bring her to a safe place!

- I know it's hard to believe, but...
- I feel like there is a third shadow here!

- This shadow is trying to conspire against Eléonore!

- We are going to Japan...
- Eléonore.

- Elé... onore?
- That's wrong, Grandpa.


- My name is "Shirogane".
- I'm unable to smile. I'm a pretty doll...


- My name is "Shirogane".
- I'm unable to smile. I'm a pretty doll...

- This isn't the tuth, Eléonore...
- Your name is Eléonore.
- Who the hell said such things to this child?!

ACT 39 - The Identity of the Shadow

- I know that her education was severe.

- But she's only a child...
- Her eyes are devoid of expression, just like her face!

- I know the shirogane, but I never met one like that...


- What have they said to this child?!

- Eléonore, come to Japan...
- Come with me!

- I must keep her away from this person.
- I'll protect my daughter in Japan!

- Yes.
- In Japan I'll protect a little boy...

- A little boy?
- what is she saying? [small text]
- Ok, that's fine, Let's go together!

- Eléonore!

- Elénore, come here please.

- The Automata are starting to activate around the world.


- Because of this, we need to send all the shirogane to various parts of the world to destroy them.
- Eléonore, you're going to Eastern Europe.

- Alright.
- But me and Eléonore must...

- I'm sorry, Mr. Shouji.
- "Shirogane" is an automata destroyer.

- That's how it is, Grandpa.
- Ah...
- Don't do that, Eléonore!

- We have to go to Japan to live at peace.



- Grandpa, we have met several times before this.

- How can she say that? This is the first time I'm seeing this child...

- Yes, you've been here a few times already.
- What? Me?

- Are you sure?
- You said some pretty mysterious things.
- And each time, you were given explanations on the mechanism of the puppets.


- No, I wouldn't be so cold...

- What is she saying?!
- It's like what Guy told me!
- Shouji, Is it possible that you already met her?

- Who came here in my place...
- Who came to Quiberon?!

- Who misled Lucille and the others...
- And who went on to brainwash Eléonore saying she was a doll?!


- Shouji, it's hard to believe, but I think there is an evil shadow out there.
- And that shadow is planning something with Eléonore.

- This shadow...
- We are the only ones in the world that know...

- Shouji, do you remember the incident that night, at the Kuroga Village, 72 years ago?
- Yes, at the time of the attack of the automata, the villagers weren't at the village.

- Yes, at that moment they said that.
- "Mr. Shouji organized a party with lots of good things to eat."
- "and all the villagers are invited to it!"

- But I don't remember doing that...
- If you think about it, at that time, this shadow had already begun to pretend to be you ...
- But who? Automata?

- Do not tell me this idea did not come through, Shouji!
- ...


- Some shirogane aren't able to feel the presence of the automata.
- and our puppets weren't near us at that time.

- Since that day, until now, someone is at this for 72 years.

- Except for automata, this can only be someone who has know both of us for a long time.

- A shirogane?

- Probably. So someone who is likely to pass for you without rising suspicion.
- Someone who can explain the mechanism and the description of the puppets...

- Don't tell me that...


- Sadayoshi Saiga.
- Also known for his Shirogane name, Dean Maistre.


- It's him... It's him...
- I know it sounds crazy but It would be possible because it's been a long time since we know each other.

- I don't see who else could it be.
- So suddenly...

- What does he want by pretending to be me?!
- For now, we don't know yet... But I'm going to investigate it.

- I never thought that Sadayoshi...
- ... killed Angelina!

- And made Eléonore like that


- And then, the months passed by.
- Shirogane (Eléonore) went to battle in Hungary and Romania.
- Guy and Shouji went to investigate information on Sadayoshi (Dean).

- Dean? Ah, the captain of the inner forces, right?
- Well, what's going on, Guy?

- I would like to know how he became a shirogane.
- Lucille already explained a little, but the person who recruited him is the same who recruited you too, right? Rockenfield?

- Ah, Valentin? Valentun Sharkov. He's dead.
- I heard about it. It was in Caribbean.

- Did you hear anything from him about Dean?

- A little, he was recruited before me by Valentin.
- Yes, around 1820, a city that seems to be Irkutsk.


- Irkutsk, In Mongolia, near Soviet territory, to the east.
- It is written only in the shiroganes' archives.

- It's strange, Guy.
- Huh?

- Valentin lived in a village on Lake Baikal.
- There, he found him suffering from zonapha syndrome

- That's all he told me while he was alive. He wasn't near the lake.
- He also found that the disease wasn't spreaded around there.

- But ...
- Dean would have been a Shirogane when Valentin recruited him ...
- But on that, I have no information.

- But, where did Dean was when he caught zonapha syndrome?
- Who gave him the Aqua Vitae to turn him into a shirogane?!


- 7 years have passed since Shouji saw Eléonore for the first time in Quiberon.

- 1989, Tokyo.
- Ah, I see, Guy.

- Me too, I used all in my reach to seek information on Sadayoshi's past, but in vain.

- That one night at the Kuroga Village, maybe he was there...

- Who, even the members of the troop he leaded didn't know him before.

- But Guy, I'm still not Convinced that's him.

- Shouji, it's still dangerous to trust him...

- Sorry, I'm busy.
- Come in!


- Am I a nuisance, father?

- No, no!
- What's up, Sadayoshi?

- ...Nothing.

- I arrived a little suddenly...
- Well?

- My lover will have a child.

- WHAT?!
- But we never talked about that, not even once!


- So, get married!
- Impossible, it's too soon!

- Sadayoshi...

- Money should do to take care of his education, right?
- His name will be Masaru.

- I...
- I really like how this name can be written with the kanji of "victory".

- Ah... wait, Sadayoshi!
- At that moment, Sadayoshi showed me a face that I had never seen in him before.


- I am Masaru Saiga.
- I'm an 5th grader.

- I came here to understand where I came from and started this trip ...
- And I saw the memories of Shouji, my grandfather.

- At first, I thought it had nothing to do with the mysteries around me, but now, Shouji's memories show me my father.

- Why did my father leave me all his inheritance? What does he want from me?

- My father's past is related to my present.


- Father...
- I forgot how your face was like.

- But finally...
- I remember it.

- SADAYOSHI! (Father)


- WOW! Look at how many puppets, grandpa!
- Are you surprised? Masaru, the Saiga has a long tradition with these.

- I didn't really understand what father told me.
- I didn't know it was yours at all.

- I see...
- You had never seen it before.

- What do you mean, Grandpa?
- Masaru, listen carefully what your grandpa is about to tell you.

- if your father disappears before you become and adult...

- if anything bad happens...
- you will take this suitcase and run away immediately!


- And then I continued to see the memories of my grandfather.

- We are in 1997, the year of the fight between my grandfather and my father.

- Puppet: Sadayoshi Saiga [paper]

- Sadayoshi, what is your plan...
- What the hell are you plotting?!

- What was the starting point that led to this scene?

PAGE 91 (new chapter)

ACT 40 - 3 years later

- January 2nd, 1997.
- At the Saiga Residence, in Tokyo.
- Hahaha, grandpa, you are so slow!

- What are you saying, Masaru? I'm gonna win!
- Whoa! You're fast now, Grandpa!

- I won!

- Incredible, grandpa! You passed me easily!


- Heheh, you were very good too!
- Masaru, how old are you?
- This year I'm turning 8.

- I see, so it's been a year and a half since you moved to live here, huh?
- Yes. Last year, the my father's lover, my mother, died.

- Remember, Masaru, when I found you weeping.
- But in this big house, I did not have anyone to confide to me ...

- Come on...
- A little boy crying ...
- It's a shame, huh.
- Who is it?


- Shouji Saiga
- Your grandpa!

- Yes, I felt lonely, that's right...
- But, that's not true. My grandfather is there for me.

- Ohhh! How kind of you!
- Haha! That hurts, Grandpa!

- Masaru! What are you doing with Grandpa?

- Oh...
- Big brothers and big sisters...


- Kotaro (29), Oldest son.
- Kayo (28 years), oldest daughter.
- Takako (25 years), youngest daughter.
- Tokuomi (23 years), youngest son.

- Uh, I wish a happy new year to all of you ...
- Why do you bother and tire your grandfather on his day off?!
- That's right, you're hurting grandfather!

- I'm .. I'm sorry ...
- Do you think this is enough, poor kid?
- Heck, this is the son of the dad's misstress...

- Happy New Year to you too, who dares to take on someone smaller than you!


- Grandpa...
- Happy new year for you too!
- No, well, I thought that you would be tired and..
- Y-yes, that's what we thought!

- Oh!

- D-dad!


- Oh, Happy new year for you, Father.
- Yes, yes...

- Now, let us pass.

- Father, let's go to Karuizawa tonight.
- Yes, you already told us about your mansion!

- That night, at the Karuizawa mansion, in the Nagano region.
- Sadayoshi's Villa, a mechanical manor.


- Sadayoshi wants to talk with me?
- What does he want to talk about...

- Maybe he wants to talk to me about what happened there!

- When he passed as me at Quiberon. What did you tell Eleonore?

- And 87 years ago, when Angelina died in the hands of the automata, were you involved in this?


- Guy and I did some research, but your Shirogane origins are still a mystery.
- And then, what I want to know above all else is what you're planning.

- But...

- Maybe it's something I don't want to hear.
- What is Sadayoshi's objective!?

- The secret "parent-child" bond between Eléonore and me, and why Sadayoshi took my appearance several times... I would like to understand why.

- Sorry for the wait, Shouji.

- It's okay, I understand. At home, all your children might listen to your flattery at me.
- Hahaha! Don't scare me!


- If the original leader of the Saiga Company dies,
- All positions of the other Saiga would be at stake.
- I imagine that as the current president, it would be favorable to you.

- No, I don't want to kill you.

- I see, I think I must scare you in some way.

- It's a good joke, huh, Shouji?

- What did you want to talk about today?
- Yes, it's about the problem "missing Kuroga".

- The Kuroga puppeteers?

- The puppets that Shouji created have been used recently by the puppeteers of Kuroga.
- Some people have used these dolls to make money, which has become Shouji's main problem.

PAGE 100

- These people work in a kind of community where they are killers.
- The Saiga ... No, shiroganes don't have to know.
- If I recall correctly, I heard that there was a rebellion that amounted to a little less than twenty people in the village...
- That's what the villagers told me.

- It won't work ... it will only be a stimulant for them.
- And there will be many others who will follow them after, right?
- Hmm, but, what to do?

- The village of Kuroga, huh ...

- We don't need it.

- W-What?

- Since 1982, the automata have quickly spread their activities in the world, isn't it?
- Among the Shiroganes, there were conflicts over their "last rent"...

PAGE 101

- But 10 years later, the activity of shiroganes has decreased.
- And until today, for five years, shiroganes have still paid attention to the presence of automata.
- but apparently, no trace of their activity was found...

- And so?

- So that means the business between the Saiga family and the Shiroganes will surely end.
- And that...

- The mission of the Saiga family...
- which is to create puppets, would go bankrupt.

- But what are we going to do about the village of Kuroga?
- Read this.

- What is this?
- My notes.
- Look at section 16 and 17.

PAGE 102

- 17, Masaru. Masaru is the bait.

- Like two dogs biting each other and losing.
- After the shirogane have destroyed all the automata,
- The dolls will no longer be needed, and so the puppeteers, the people of Kuroga, will be pushed to suicide.

- We can say that they will be replaced.
- What... Masaru? What is it?!
- Look again at 16

- 16, Shirogane.

- Shiroganes will destroy all automata.
- And then, with the Shirogane tool, the Saiga will continue to make dolls.
- And then, even after a hundred years, these two enemy clans will continue to fight.

PAGE 103

- But the mission of the Saiga has come to an end
- Dolls will eventually be destroyed by shiroganes.

- The head of the Saiga family must give the Kuroga village something to be able to improve in this art, to use these puppets.

- Oh yes, Grimaldi is...
- Yes, the threads are not tight enough, so...
- OK, we take care of it. And the next?
- Yes, it's Pentagon Knocker.

- What's left is the people of Kuroga.
- Just get rid of it so that the mission of the Saiga persists.

- That's why I thought of another method.

PAGE 104

- I made a child to my mistress. His name is Masaru.

- If I die, it is Masaru who will inherit the entirety of my fortune.
- The other brothers and sisters of Masaru will surely try to attack him.

- To do so, they will ask those who have held a link with the Saiga...
- The people of Kuroga.

- And then, if Masaru gets adopted...
- It will surely be Zenji who will want to have a hand on all the fortune.

- My brother Zenji, with the people of kuroga...
- will secure Masaru.

- Then, having Masaru between these two clans, they will destroy each other with the puppets.

- This will be the end of Kuroga people.

PAGE 105



- Relax, Shouji.
- Je m'excuse si tu dois trouver une personne responsable.

- I'm sorry if you have to find a responsible person.

- We are shiroganes, who have to endure a long and painful life, and who have constantly camouflaged us...
- Since we did not create 27 family members?

PAGE 106

- You and I are father and son, am I right?
- And my wife, who is dead ... It was not supposed to have these children.

- We can say that these people who are my "real" children were just collected by me.

- And then the one who became my brother, Zenji, and who is supposed to be your son too...
- It was only recovered from a body, huh.

- The fertility rate of shiroganes is very low.
- But you are an exception, isn't that right, Shouji?

- .....
- They aren't my children... They are not!

- I see... So listen to what I'm going to tell you.

- To reach the right goal, you have to use these 27 members of the family.
- All resistance is futile and it's too late... the plan is already done.

PAGE 107

- Sadayoshi, what are you saying?!


- Hahaha! It's a joke!!

- Forget all that. The plan too, I was kidding.
- Who will worry about Kuroga's killers?

- Shouji was horrified.
- Contrary to what Sadayoshi said, he took it very seriously.

- Yes...
- Lucille.

- Fifteen years ago, we had this discussion.
- But now, looking for soft stone in Japan, can Eleonore, also known as "Shirogane", be sent to Japan?

PAGE 108

- Masaru!
- I treasure you just like my real daughter...
- I'm worried about you! I must protect you from Sadayoshi.

- Masaru, if something serious should happen...
- You will take this suitcase and you will run away immediately.
- The clockworks of time began to get in its places.

- My daughter who is a shirogane will be easily able to protect Masaru.
- Like that instead of having to fight against automata, she will also be safer.

- Shirogane will protect you.
- Just as Sadayoshi had predicted.

PAGE 109 (new chapter)

ACT 41 - Kuroga Village, 1997

- 1997, Tokyo. Saiga Residence.

- Is it time to use puppets that I built and sent from Japan for shirogane?

PAGE 110

- Good morning!

- Monsieur Shouji!
- My name is Dean!

PAGE 111

- Shouji, let's make a company! Ce sera beaucoup plus pratique.
- It could be called "Saiga Mecanichs", it'll be good!

- But, sir, it's raining outside...
- Even if we can't predict it every year, climbing the mountains is not recommended.

- Ah, but I'll only go to the villa, if it is not possible, I will return.
- Don't worry.

- Grandpa...

- I'll be back soon, Masaru.

PAGE 112

- Sir!
- Yes, you can go, it's okay.
- I'm going to drive alone today

- It's Quiberon instructions. Become the new leader of a shirogane group.

- It's been 40 years since we are together, Shouji and Angelina.
- Goodbye.

- Angelina
- gives birth to a healthy child, ok?

PAGE 113

- Since milady died, our sire is like that.
- It's no surprise. They had such a strong bond.

- Excuse me, can I pass?

- ...

PAGE 114

- Sadayoshi...
- Why did you come here...

- Shouji...
- Shouji, keep strong... I couldn't fullfill my mission.

- Hold it!
- I'm with you.

- What a story...
- Until you're feeling better, I'll do your job for you.

- I'm sorry, Sadayoshi.
- I have at least a thousand collaborators...

PAGE 115

- Me and my lover will be having a kid.

- His name will be Masaru.

- Masaru is the bait. The puppeteers of Kuroga will come biting themselves like two dogs for him.
- What the hell are you saying?!
- Are you using Masaru for such a thing?!

- PFFF..
- Anyway...
- Resistance is futile now.

- What Sadayoshi told me was more than just a joke.
- I have to hurry, there's no time to lose!

- How could he plan such a thing?

PAGE 116

- And then, what did you do to my daughter Eléonore...

- That's what you told me, Grandpa.
- "Forget your emotions, you're a pretty doll"

- And the incident at Kuroga Village in 1910...
- Was Sadayoshi Behind all that?!

- Despite the suspicions I had...
- I always had the benefit of the doubt.

- But...
- It was until now....

PAGE 117

- Hello?

- HELP MEEEEEEEEEE! [brush text]

- .....!?

- Hello? Can you hear me? This is the hotline of hell!

- Sadayoshi!

- Sadayoshi, what was that voice I heard?!

PAGE 118

- Ooh, looks like you have good hearing!

- I'll give you a hint. This is an old village that you have known in the past.
- In that village, a rare disease had been spread!

- This is the Zonapha Syndrome.
- You must come to the village, otherwise it will spread even more.

- The Kuroga Village...

- Come.
- And of course, don't even try to contact the Shirogane HQ or Guy.

PAGE 119


- He did it!
- He revealed his true colors!!

- I didn't thought that!
- Guy, your suspicions were right...
- I didn't thought it!

- But it's still shocking!
- I'm coming!

- Before... Before you ...
- Before you do what I think you will!

PAGE 120-121

- You came, Shouji.
- About time!

PAGE 122

- ....
- Sadayoshi, you...

- Why are you...

- So this is your doing.
- Shouji.

- What?
- It's been a long time...
- I can finally tell you what I ressent...

PAGE 123

- Ressent?!
- Sadayoshi, I...

- Shhhh!

- You always do the talk...
- I've been waiting for this moment for more than 100 years.

- I've waited for this...
- Since you took Angelina.

- An...
- Angelina?

PAGE 124

- Yes.
- Angelina was wonderful.

- She remembers me a bit my first love...

- When she smiled, my heart was illuminated like the shining sun.

Each of hes movements burned the flame of my heart.

- We were both in Quiberon destroying automata...
- But it did not make me alive anymore to be with her.

PAGE 125

- Sadayoshi...
- But then you...

- Yes, Shouji.
- I already had my eyes on Angelina...
- Way before you.

- ...
- And she suddenly disappeared from Quiberon.
- And at that time, the communications were different ...

PAGE 126

- Went to Japan in a place like Kojima
- Who is completely uncilized!

- I'll die of laughter!

PAGE 127 (new chapter)

- Sadayoshi, have you always been...
- In love with Angelina?

ACT 42 - Sadayoshi vs Shouji


PAGE 128

- But would someone as nice as you have pay attention to that?!

- Before you saw her during the Edo period...
- She had lived in France!

- And I was attracted to her since that moment!

- During her absence, it broke my heart!

- But it wasn't the biggest shock!

PAGE 129

- The biggest shock was that after 28 years staying in Japan, she married a primitive monkey!
- And that's you, Shouji!!

- Why did you hide that from me?
- We'll help you right now, in Japan...

- I thought Angelina would have hesitated a little before getting married to you!
- So I thought she was probably going to open her eyes and I could wait patiently!

PAGE 130

- But...
- I'm going to have a baby.
- This is wonderful, Angelina!

- Congratulations, Shouji. You were the one Angelina loved.

PAGE 131

A partir de lá, je n'étais plus une petite lumiére pour Angelina.

- From there on, I was no longer a light for Angelina.

- I had chosen...
- a bad woman!

- So to steal the soft stone, you attacked the village of Kuroga...
- Just after the birth... the soft stone... in my wife's body

- I was stubborn enough to do that!

PAGE 132

- What?!

- So...
- You pissed me off now, Sadayoshi.

PAGE 133



PAGE 134

- WHY?!



PAGE 135

- What are you saying?!
- You fool, I won't repeat it anymore!


- Eternal life?

- Before you die, let me explain, Shouji.

PAGE 136

- When we drank the Aqua Vitae...
- the one created from the Soft Stone.
- More than 200 years ago...
- A man created it!

- A wandering alchemist who wanted to put an end to Zonapha Syndrome once for all and gave Aqua Vitae to the survivors of the Village of Krogh.
- That was when the shiroganes began.

- By doctor Bai-Yin...

- But the Aqua Vitae he had himself created melted...
- That's how our knowledge of automata and our destiny to fight them began.

PAGE 137

- But it's been a long time since I say...
- that this first man...

- Was a real fool!

- What do you mean?

- Cure all diseases, strengthen vitality, keep memories in a liquid that must be in a body to be able to be recreated...
- To die for others...

- HAHAHA! How ridiculous! There is nothing more stupid than that!

PAGE 138

- Alors, tu te consideres un meilleur homme que le docteur Bai-Yin, c'est ça?

- Comme un...
- Shirogane.

- Every five years, we age one year. Look, how old are both of us?
- This is unbearable for me.

- There is no rejuvenation effect.
- Shiroganes age, even if it's slower.

- but it's different.

PAGE 139

- Don't worry...
- always stay strong...
- Don't forget things.
- That's having an ideal and unchangeable body.

- ...
- Automata.

- That's it!
- I immensely envy our enemies!

- Even if we replace the pieces of an automaton, its presence continues to exist forever!

- So with the aqua vitae, I think I could also replace my "pieces".

- These pieces of my flesh body.

PAGE 140

- And your conscience? Sadayoshi ...
- Yes, of course, shouji.

- What this first man did, did it on a small scale

- if a person can blend into the Aqua Vitae...
- Another person can limp too.

- If I do so, my memories and my personality will be able to find refuge in a new body and live through as a "reincarnation".

- And more than that the body will continue to reincarnate and will remain a body of Shirogane

- That's it... the eternal life you say.

PAGE 141

- With soft stone, you can create Aqua Vitae.
- The body must not be old to contain it, otherwise it will melt.
- If it is a young body that drinks it then it is possible to have the eternal victim.

- So everything you wanted...
- It was soft stone!
- Enforced with such a plan, Angelina would have ...

- It was a failure... using your face, I was able to chase these villagers.

- Like automata, I launched the attack myself with my dolls ...
- All that so that in the end, the soft stone is not in Angelina's body.

- So, Shouji, before you die, tell me.

PAGE 142-143


PAGE 144

- Bastards like you...

PAGE 145 (new chapter)


- Ah! A Fire Grenade!


PAGE 146

- It's the same with a magnum...
- !?

- Yeah, that's right, that's why...

PAGE 147

- Blinding me you could cut the threads!
- Not bad, Shouji!

- "Father"!

- Now I understand why you caused that incident 87 years ago to find the Soft Stone.

- But there is something else I would like to know!

- Why did you involve young Eléonore pretending to be me?!
- And tell her "you're a doll"?!

PAGE 148

- My beloved Eléonore...
- My biological daughter!!

- Sadayoshi... no, Dean!
- Damn it, what are you plotting!?

- Shouji...
- Have you ever heard of the "Download" theory?

- Answer my question, Dean!
- Wait and listen to me, Shouji, you're too impatient.

- There was no soft stone in Angelina's body ...

PAGE 149

- I was waiting on the next opportunity....
- And I was surprised to learn it!

- Just one doll came back...
- A fully destroyed doll who came to report that the soft stone was not there.

- And, in a way, I did not believe it

- I thought you and Guy understood, but you didn't think of me...

- The soft stone was vital to my plan, but it wasn't there anymore.

- So...
- I started to study.

PAGE 150

- Theory of the Human Download...
- That's the theory saying that there is a way to transfer information contained in electrical signals from one person's brain to another's, right?

- That's right, Shouji.
- I started studying that.

- The approach is, from a soft stone, I merge into the Aqua Vitae ...
- And when a second person drinks this Aqua Vitae, it becomes "me"... So how to find another way to get there without the Soft Stone?

- The donwload is a completely perfect method.
- With the Aqua Vitae method, the memories are not completely transferred, they are incomplete.

- In fact, we shiroganes don't know the identity of the person who created the first soft stone.
- We only know that it was Bai-Yin who made us drink the Aqua Vitae.

PAGE 151

- And what does that have to do with my question?
- It was a long time.
- It took me decades to study it!

- Shouji, you and Guy did not report this village to Quiberon, did you?

- That's what I told myself. I changed plans.
- For fear that you speak about it, I changed my method and I studied the Download theory.

- and what did you say to Eléonore?

- Over there...
- I was Dean in Quiberon... I went back there to make an ordinary report when it happened.

PAGE 152

- It was...
- It was as if I saw Angelina once again.

PAGE 153

- this Shirogane was just a child, but...

- She was 100% identical to my first love.

- Who would be at her side?
- Who would protect her!?

- Hahaha. No, no, impossible...
- Because that's how I got in touch with Angelina.

- Like an older brother or a father...
- I'll protect her!

PAGE 154

- And what was the result of that?

- She ran away from Quiberon without saying anything to me.

- She ran away and married a stranger...

- So what?
- I'm thinking.

- How to create links ...
- ... Between this girl and me?

- I realized it quickly enough.

- Indeed, I cann't use now the download experiment!

PAGE 155

- Instead of protecting her...
- it'll be she who will protect me!
- In order to become human...
- You'll have to protect a little boy called Masaru.

- I have to make sure that she wants to protect me and that she does it at all costs!
- She must not run away!
- You forgot to smile, you're like a pretty doll.
- But I'm sure that someday, will smile again

- Being a doll is not good.

PAGE 156

- In order to become human again and to be able to live your life, you will have to protect a boy named Masaru.
- After that, you will not be a doll anymore!
- Shirogane!

- And I, I will become...
- "Masaru"!

[T.N: This is a wordplay with Masaru's name kanji, which happens to be the same Kanji as "victory". He meant it like "Victory will be mine" or "I will be Victorious". Whenever they write his name quoted they are doing that]

PAGE 157

- This "Masaru" which will have, thanks to the download, my memories and my personality and Eléonore...
- By then, this bond will be absolute and indestructible!

- That way, I would have the two things I wanted, right?

- The first thing, the one I wanted for a long time, that is to say, to have eternal life: I WILL HAVE A NEW BODY.
- And the second thing, I'll be able to keep the links that I wanted to preserve with A MAGNIFICENT PROTECTOR.

- So?
- That's well thought, no?
- What are you saying... What you thought, Dean ...

PAGE 158

- Manipulating Eléonore's life like this...
- Why did you need to do that, why did you had to pretend to be me?

- Sorry, Shouji! Do you think I didn't love you?

- I teased you quite enough, I just wanted to make a joke e taking your face!

- What stole Angelina, it's that cool face... your face!
- I adopted this change for my next love!

PAGE 159


- My plan is pretty disturbing, huh ...

- When I finished plotting my download plan...
- I had planned this "Masaru" in Japan... And of course, it was necessary that Shirogane (Eleanor) was also called there!

- And you're the one who could bring Shirogane to Japan!
- With your face, if I asked Lucile and the others to send her to Japan, it must have been able to work...

- But...
- It was not necessary!

- HAHAHAHA! Obviously, Shouji, It's been 100 years we know each other! If you wanted, you could know what I wanted to do !!

PAGE 160

- You already asked Eleanor to come to Japan !!
- AH!

- To be able to search for the soft stone ...
- I need a young shirogane with me, in Japan please.

- Isn't that a good joke?! I didn't even need to bring her myself!

- You...
- Yes, in 1982, Eleanor could not be called to come to Japan because of the fight with the automata around the world.

- For me, it suited me.
- At that time I was looking for the good "Masaru", and wasn't done studying the donwload yet!

- And today it's been 15 years since all preparations are ready!

PAGE 161

- That's why I showed you those documents!

- That documents?
- AH!

- Masaru is the bait and he'll inherit all my fortune.
- And this will be the beginning of the gear for puppeteers.

- Do not tell me, Dean...
- What did you predict... That's what you showed me?

- Do you understand? Seeing these documents ...
- You thought you wanted to protect your "grandson", Masaru, huh?

- Is it now possible to bring Eleanor to Japan?

PAGE 162

- And I believe you said the following to Masaru...
- "Shirogane will protect you", huh?

- What if I made the download on Masaru? What do you think about it?!

- You ...
- You used him for this ?!

- Yes, and now.

PAGE 163 (new chapter)

- I see ... you created "false links" with Eleonore.
- And you told her "to become human again, you'll have to protect a boy".

- Not only that, if you become this child ...
- Eléonore will never be able to escape you!


- So, by bringing Eléonore to Japan and talking to her about Masaru, you are no longer useful to me!

- You broke the trust that Angelina and I had for you, Dean!

PAGE 164



- PAGE 165

- Heh!
- Did you see the inventory of choices I have?
- But...
- Captain Nemo was a good man, right?

- Answer me, Dean!
- Have you finished downloading your conscience on Masaru?

- Today, when you left, was there anything different about Masaru?
- After I killed you, I'll gently take care of his brain and insert my mind into it.

- I see...

- Hey, but you allow yourself to smile... Do not tell me you think you can fight, Shouji?
- I see...

PAGE 166

- Is it an original car or not?
- Is there a powerful weapon hidden inside?

- No, no such kind of weapons.
- No, you would not have gone out that way...

- Anyway, you're going to die here and...

- Ah, do you want to run away?! How cute!

- I won't lose!

- I can't die here, I have to save the villagers from the disease and save Masaru!

PAGE 167


PAGE 168

[only sfx]

PAGE 169

- Ohhh, such a beautiful thing.

- Well, well...

- Shouji! I know this isn't enough to kill you.

PAGE 170

- Where are you? Show your face, Shouji!
- The weapons in your car are all burning!

- Oh, there you are...

- There were no weapons in the car!

- Ah ok, I'm sorry... It's you who held captive Angelina like a child, huh.
- With just a sword.

PAGE 171

- You didn't even noticed that I despised you.

- It was you who kept me from being a good person...
- And you left me like that...

- And you became a poor looser.

- It will be Golermes who will destroy you ...

PAGE 172

- Until now, you have never seen anything like this before.
- You understood? That's what will kill you.

- If his fists touch you, I'll win because it'll smash your head.

- It looks a lot...
- For me too, the time has come...

- It was true what Angelina said at that moment...

- But, Dean, can you just answer a question?
- What a presence! Yes, what is it?

PAGE 173

- You asked me in the beginning where the Soft Stone was.

- But, isn't it funny?
- To have eternal life without the soft stone, you had to find another alternative to get there, did you develop this?

- Why are you no longer worried about not finding soft stone after all these years?

- Pff
- Indeed, Shouji.
- You are a good observer!

- I'll donwload my mind into Masaru's body.
- And Eleanor will protect me.

- But didn't you think that ...
- The download is done in the body of a normal child. And this normal body will age normally?

PAGE 174

- But Eléonore only ages a year every five years.
- So suddenly, Masaru will become more quickly an old gentleman, right?

- The download is done each time in the body of a child.
- This would be a problem because it will be necessary each time to start over again and recreate the links between the two.

- That does not make sense.
- To have eternal life...
- I have to follow the same path as Eléonore that I follow her steps.

- So, in the end, I need the soft rock!

- With the soft rock I'll get Aqua Vitae and live Eternally!

PAGE 175

- Shouji, do you know where the soft stone is?
- Tell me before you die.

- At best, I'll be able to find a registry that will tell me...
- I think that after having downloaded my mind on Masaru, I'll have time to look for it.

- This fire...
- It burns pretty well...

- What are you talking about, turn around!

- What are you talking about?

- Once you have made the download on Masaru, can you look for it quietly?
- That's impossible...

- What do you mean?

PAGE 176

- For the download, you have registered all your memories, your personality and your knowledge via the electrical signals.
- Is all this huge data and this complex equipment necessary?

- ...
- Why are you asking me that?

- Do you think I didn't watch you?

- Do not you think I'm an idiot who didn't suspect you once and did not know a thing?

- You know nothing!
- Shouji !!

- Did I really arrive late here?
- Why do you think I came late?

- No...
- Shouji, do not tell me that ...

PAGE 177

- It's burning wildly, right?
- That's your precious little data burning.


- You lost.

PAGE 178

[only sfx]

PAGE 179


- I'm sure it's a bluff!
- But I'll make sure!

PAGE 180

- I didn't put weapons in the car, but ...

- But I put a doll that looks like me.

- Dean.

- I can't allow myself to die here!


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