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Nurarihyon no Mago 98

Day and Night

+ posted by niphredil as translation on Mar 17, 2010 03:02 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

-> RTS Page for Nurarihyon no Mago 98

Again putting out a call this week to anyone with Jump Issue 15 to possibly give a HQ version of the anime info page? It should be p6 or 7? (possibly both) I know a lot of people would really appreciate it :) /loves on all scan providers

Also I apologise for that first line. There is no way to make it not sound outrageous.

Scanlators / International Translators: You're welcome to use this, but please include a credit for Niphredil.

Line break: New speech bubble / text box within the same panel
Blank line: New panel
Blue text: Edits
Corrections, comments, and advice always appreciated!

Sign, pink text: 2 Year Anniversary
Sign, small text: Celebrating all youkai appearing
Tsurara: Hello to youkai nation-wide and all those around them! We're here at the site of the NuraMago 2 Year anniversary celebration.
Tsurara: Are you getting this, Kurotabou-chan? We're going to put it on Blu-ray and give it to the bosses!

Awashima: Huh, what's all this?
Awashima: 2 year anniversary? Have we really been here that long?

Kubinashi: Oi.
Kubinashi: Now see here... You've only just started showing up!
Kubinashi: Newcomers sit in the back.
Awashima: Huh?
Awashima: Newcomers~~~?!

Awashima: Who do you think you are?! Why do we have to sit at the end of the table?! Don't look down on Toono!!
Text: Don't touch me, Erotabou
Tamazukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Going by that, we from Shikoku should be right near the front.
Tamazukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Come on, dog.
Text above Ao: Whoa, it's Tamazuki!

Kitsune: Heh, then it would be strange if we weren't even closer to the front than you.
Kitsune: We're from the past arc... So if you think of it that way, we actually showed up in Act 17.
MJ text: kihihi
Tsurara: Wahh!
Tsurara: Even the capital youkai are here!! There's so many of them, they won't fit!!
Kejourou text: Who invited them?

Yura: For some reason, there's a strong smell of youkai (and food)!! Let's go round them all up, Ryuuji!!
Ryuuji: Add "Nii-chan" to the end of that, Yura.
Tsurara: A-Anyway~
Tsurara: Let's celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Please continue supporting us from now on!! [small text]Did you get all that?

Text: Like the endless cycle of life and death, the spiral of battle continues!
Text bottom right: Shiibashi Hiroshi

Text top left (if you really want to put text over it): Celebrating 2 Years Running
Text by title: Act 98: Day and Night

Text: It...
Text: It's huge

Text: This is... completely different... to that illusion from before...
Text: This is...
Text: This is......

Text: Gyuuki's Fear
Text: The true power of the youkai Gyuuki

Text: Gyuuki...
Text: Is this you trying to make me stronger?!

Gyuuki: Yes, that's it.
Gyuuki: Now keep that look about you, and try to repel my Fear.

Gyuuki: There is first
Gyuuki: One thing you must do.

Gyuuki: Strengthen your Fear.

Gyuuki: Listen carefully, Rikuo.

Gyuuki: The strength of a Hyakki Yakou is proportional to the strength of its commander.

Gyuuki: Do you know why youkai bring along a Hyakki to fight?

Text right: It is because a Hyakki Yakou is a group, one large force.
Text left: And the greater the strength of the one who leads that Hyakki, the stronger the group becomes as a whole.

Text right: Conversely, if the Fear worn by a commander is weak, they are reduced to a ragtag crowd
Text left: And their strength will not be great.

Gyuuki: In other words, Rikuo... If you are strong
Gyuuki: You can create a powerful Hyakki Yakou which cannot be broken!!

Gyuuki: And in turn, the strength of that Hyakki Yakou
Gyuuki: Will come back to you as well.

Gyuuki: When you become a true warrior
Gyuuki: And form a strong bond with someone, having gained their trust...

Text right: That strength which will then be returned to you –
Text left: That is the second "capability" you must obtain.

Rikuo: Ngh...
Gyuuki: Each time she revives
Gyuuki: Hagoromo Gitsune becomes stronger.

Gyuuki: And that is why
Gyuuki: You must surpass both your grandfather and your father.

Rikuo: ......Su... Surpass them?...

Rikuo: But I'm...
Rikuo: Three quarters human...
Rikuo: How am I supposed to surpass Grandpa..?!

Gyuuki: Rid yourself of this idea that being human makes you weak.

Gyuuki: The Nura Clan boasts the time of your father as its most powerful era.
Gyuuki: Regardless of the fact that the blood flowing through his veins was half human.

Gyuuki: You once rejected that part of yourself which is youkai.

Gyuuki: On Mount Nejireme, I told you to cast away your human side
Gyuuki: Because I was pressing upon you the resolve of a commander of ayakashi.

Gyuuki: And then, when you had acknowledged your ayakashi side, you became stronger.

Gyuuki: Now you must accept that part of yourself which is human.
Gyuuki: Humans possess a supple strength which at times resembles the flexibility of trees, unbroken beneath the snow.

Gyuuki: Your father was strong because he acknowledged both his ayakashi side and his human side.

Gyuuki: Don't reject
Gyuuki: Who you are!

Gyuuki: Acknowledge yourself, and you will become strong.

Tengu: Gyuuki is not your only opponent.

Tengu: Try with that body of yours
Tengu: To withstand our Fear...!!

Rikuo: Uuh...

Rikuo: Zen-kun...?
Zen: Don't move.

Zen: Your body sure is amazing.
Zen: How it endure so much?!

Box: Zen Sect
Box: Kusuritsubo
[TN: Medicine Pot]

Zen: .........You know, now that I think about it...
Zen: I haven't show up nearly as much~ [small text:]Hey, you!

Box: Zen Sect
Box: Taketsubo-kun
[TN: Bamboo Pot]

Rikuo: Zen-kun... Why are you here?
Zen: Huh?

Zen: I exchanged sakazuki with you as your sworn brother, you know~
Zen: But even in training, if I don't heal you, where would that leave you?

Rikuo: I'm sorry...
Rikuo: Because I'm so weak...
Rikuo: I'm just a hindrance to Zen-kun and everyone else...


Rikuo: AAGH... What was that for, Zen-kun?!
Zen: What the hell are you talking about, you moron!
Zen: You're the damn commander, act like it!

Zen: Look, whether you're showing mercy or exacting revenge
Zen: You're the commander, so as long as you go all out, that's all that matters.

Rikuo: Zen-kun...

Zen: Besides, if they gain control, we're all dead meat. [small text]Don't sweat it.
Zen: Oh, and Gyuuki should be here as soon as the sun rises.
Zen: You know, I think there could be some merit to making you train in human form too!
Rikuo: Y... You think so...?

Rikuo: I wonder what Gyuuki meant by "capability?"
Rikuo: I thought the only things youkai could do were Hatsu and Hyoui.

Zen: ...Generation after generation, my clan has followed your father.
Zen: So the stories of battle for each of those expeditions have been passed down.

Zen: They say... that despite being weak youkai, we "became his strength"
Zen: We spread our wings of poison

Zen: Though it could just be a metaphor, or nothing at all.

Text: Gyuuki said that the strength of the Hyakki Yakou would come back to me.
Text: If my Fear becomes stronger...

Text: Would it become a "capability"...?
Zen: Rikuo, look at this.

Zen: Don't touch them
Zen: They may be pretty, but they're still poisonous feathers.

Zen: This is the ability of the youkai Zen.
Zen: You could probably call it my "Fear" too.

Zen: I too want to spread my wings.

Zen: I want to try fighting for you.
Zen: Oh, right!
Zen: I'm the only one in your Hyakki Yakou right now.

Zen: That's why I want to become your strength
Zen: So wouldn't that fulfill all the crazy stuff Gyuuki was going on about?
Text: Don't worry about the ones who aren't here

Rikuo: Zen-kun...
Rikuo: Thank you
Text: You've encouraged me, worried about me

Text: But
Text: You've become such a great strength to me.

Text: I can gain so much strength just from people believing in me.
Text: If that's what a Hyakki Yakou is, then... that's it!

Text right: I want to become stronger
Text left: For everyone else's sake

Rikuo: Gyuuki
Rikuo: Please, let us continue!

Gyuuki: Good.
Gyuuki: Let's begin.

Box: Nijou Castle

Shoukera: Th...
Shoukera: This place is...
Shoukera: Hagoromo Gitsune-sama...?

Kitsune: Yes... This is where
Kitsune: I will soon give birth.

Starred: The final seal is a mysterious lake... What sleeps beneath these depths?

Kitsune: It has been a long time.
Kitsune: Just five more days...
Text: ...Act 98 / END
Text: Next time, Hagoromo Gitsune's ambitions revealed!! And what will the results of Rikuo's training be...?!

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Mar 17, 2010
<3 I love you Niph~!
#2. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Mar 17, 2010
*unok checks how long he's been offline since the raw was released and how few his underlings have cleaned...... -_-" *
#3. by .::Joker::. ()
Posted on Mar 17, 2010
Thanks =)

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