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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Nurarihyon no Mago 106

The Green Demon Who Wept

+ posted by niphredil as translation on May 26, 2010 17:30 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

-> RTS Page for Nurarihyon no Mago 106

Sorry for the delay. Ch107 coming up asap.

Scanlators / International Translators: You're welcome to use this, but please do not edit the translation, and please include a credit for Niphredil.

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Monk: You're immature, you know? Still a greenhorn.
Monk: You really are a 'green monk.'
Monk: Or no… You're a bit of a country bumpkin, so I guess that'd make you "Aotabou"
[TN: lit. novice/green country monk]

Monk: Those fists of yours can crush rock
Starred: Ao's hidden past…!
Monk: Your palms are broad
Monk: They can easily fit around a person's entire head
Text: Nurarihyon no Mago

Text: You who have killed a thousand warriors
Text: You, oh fearsome depraved monk!!

Shoukera: Something you have to… protect?

S: It… does not seem like the type of cause we would get behind…
S: So you must be another fool who transgresses against God.

Ao: Hey.
Ao: I told you

Ao: Not to go running your mouth all over again.
Ao: Now scram.

S: ……
S: You have no semblance of manners. [small text]Reminds me of Ibaraki Douji…
S: Foolish creature… Repent, and be cleansed of your sins…

Ao: Repent?
Ao: What's that?

Ao: You got me stumped there.

Ao: Sorry, man…

Ao: You see…
Ao: I'm a Buddhist.

Ao: Mind putting it in words I can understand?

S: …How awful.
S: Such a pitiful man you are…

Ao: Hngh!

Text: Let there
Text: Be light!!

Ao: !!

S: …Then I shall educate you.

Ao: Guh…
S: This is the thorn that pierces a sinner.

S: Move, and you choose death, after being driven mad by unimaginable pain.

Ao: Wh…at…
Ao: …are you…

S: I shall grant you this knowledge, you ignorant wretch.
S: I shall teach you of this body, granted to me by God…

S: Set your gaze upon these beautiful wings.
S: They are the mark of a true angel…

S: These all-seeing eyes are the compound eyes of a heavenly being…
S: A sacred body which glows with its own light…

S: In all respects, I am
S: A Chosen Ayakashi…

S: Hark, ignorant wretch… I am God's appointed official, handing down judgment in His name.
Starred text: This hideous appearance…!
S: I must judge all the sins of those who hinder us in achieving our dearest wish, of protecting Our Mary of Darkness and taking back the world of Our God, the Nue…
[bottom right: ads]
Text left: Act 106
Text left: The Green Demon Who Wept
Text bottom left: Shiibashi Hiroshi

Akifusa: ……
Akifusa: Shoukera…!!
Akifusa: According to the Keikain Hidden Records…

Text: He is a youkai who reports "the sins of humans" to "Heaven!!"

Text: Legends say that Shoukera comes forth once every 60 days on "Koushin," the 57th day.
Text: He is an insect youkai who ascends to Heaven while people are sleeping and reports all of their crimes.
Text: "Heaven" then takes the lives of those who have sinned…

Text: This is why one "must not sleep on the day of Koushin."
Text: In order to avoid this, on Koushin one must spend the entire night praying to a statue of the raging god Shoumen Kongou.

Akifusa: This man is the legend come to life.
Akifusa: An ayakashi who announces people's sins and takes their lives!!

S: However… There are still those here who transgress against Heaven.
S: Those lowlifes who have been interfering with our dearest wish for the past thousand years…

Akifusa: …

Y: Shoukera-sama!!
Y: We found these ones inside!!

Ao: ?!

S: ……
S: No… These are not the ones we want.

S: Allow me to ask you
S: Oh 27th…

S: Where is the girl
S: Who summoned the Hagun?

Akifusa: ?!
Text: Yura?!

27: If you're looking for Yura… She has gone out to join the fight…

S: I find that
S: Hard to believe.

27: Heh… You can look for her all you like…
27: But while you're doing that, Yura will be moving onwards.

27: If you're going to kill me, then go right ahead.
27: Our future has already been written…

27: That child will, without a doubt, take my place—

S: You are correct… If you are not going to talk, I have no need of you.

Ao: HEY!!
Ao: Those kids have got nothing to do with this!! Let them go!!

S: Don't tell me that these children
S: Are what you have to protect…?

S: They most certainly are involved in this, for all humans are offerings to God.
S: Let us seek answers from God.

S: Lord.
S: Will you receive… the sins of these children?

S: Ohhh
S: My God… My Master…

S: I understand. I shall kill these children immediately
S: And deliver

S: Their hearts

S: To Hagoromo Gitsune-sama!!

Text: Listen, Aotabou

Text: If you continue to kill people, you'll become a monster.

Text: That's why you resemble "Shoumen Kongou," you know…

Text: Shoumen Kongou…
Text: A villainous, fierce, rampaging god who spreads disease.
Text: Though there are times when he's worshipped as a saviour of humans, but still.

Text: Starting today, you must save one person for each of the sins you have committed.
Text: It's up to you whether you can return to being human, or transform into a kishin, a raging god.

Box: Having committed the ultimate transgression as a warrior monk, I was arrested.
Box: But on the verge of being executed, my eyes were opened by a holy man.

Box: And so… I decided to live for the sake of other people.

Box: Before I knew it

Box: Children who had lost their parents or homes to war, had gathered around me.

Box: However…

Box: If I had just…

Box: Held on a little longer…
Box: I would have been able to become human again…

Ao: I'm sorry, holy man.
Ao: I broke my promise.

Ao: But
Ao: I guess it couldn't be helped… right?

Ao: Because it was all
Ao: To protect these guys…
Box: And so, I…

Ao: I said, get your hands
Ao: Off of them!

S: Let there be li—

Text right: And so, I became
Text left: A raging god!!
Starred text: An attack from a god!!
Text bottom right: …Act 106 / END

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on May 26, 2010

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