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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Nurarihyon no Mago 109

Opposing Forces

+ posted by niphredil as translation on Jun 11, 2010 00:47 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

-> RTS Page for Nurarihyon no Mago 109

I tried translating more SFX this time around but feel free to leave them out if you want. Also the first page talks about a results page for the youkai submissions which wasn't in the raw I had.

Scanlators / International Translators: You're welcome to use this, but please do not edit the translation or formatting, and please include a credit for Niphredil.

Line break: New speech bubble / text box within the same panel
Blank line: New panel
Blue text: Edits
Corrections, comments, and advice always appreciated!

White text: There are still many as of yet unknown youkai in Japan!
Tsurara: To all youkai throughout the country, and all those around them! This is the Nura clan's Yuki Onna!
Tsurara: Thank you very much for so many submissions to the WSJ #15 call for original youkai!

Red: Rikuo, on his way to becoming a true Hyakki leader!
Yellow: Nurarihyon no Mago

Tsurara: Rikuo-sama! Other than the Nura clan and the youkai of the capital, there are many clans throughout Japan, aren't there?
Ao: Whoa! Who the heck are they?!
Y at gate: We're new Nura clan members~
Rikuo: Uwah~ You're right! I had no idea!
Karasu Tengu: We shall have to start our night studies straight away.
Zen: Hey, this time around it feels like the healer group's gotten way bigger~! [small text]Huh, there are even some girls!

Mezu: Gyuuki-sama!! It's not just us three in the Gyuuki Clan~!
Gyuuki: ......
Gozu: Of course not, moron!
Kitsune: We'll introduce everyone's original youkai on page 36.
Kitsune: Now then, I wonder which prefecture had the most youkai after the capital?
Text: Fufu
Kyokotsu: The capital wasn't number one, Hagoromo Gitsune-sama.
Red starred: Thank you for so many entries! Results on page 36!

[Okay, I know we don't have a results page. But there you go.]

Text right: "Strength" is found in trust
Bottom right advert: [starred:] Urgent Announcement! [white text] Both the official Nurarihyon no Mago Data Book and Volume 11 both go on sale 2nd July!! Details next issue!!
Text centre: Never turning from your path, moving forward!!
Text white: Shiibashi Hiroshi
Text yellow: Act 109: Opposing Forces

SFX: flutter
Starred: With dark clouds looming over the capital, who is there, gazing out over it...?

Awashima: Where are they?

Itaku: Yukari should be with the two of them... I'm sure they can manage.
Awashima: Yeah... I guess you're right.

Itaku: Rikuo

Itaku: This is your fight... That's why we've done as Gyuuki said, and waited for three days.
Itaku: But Toono can wait no longer.
Text: Nurarihyon no Mago

Itaku: If you aren't here by midnight
Itaku: We will kill Tsuchigumo!

Tsurara: Look, Ao... Rikuo-sama has gone and finished elementary school
Tsurara: Without ever noticing!

Ao: Hm? Oh, yeah... We've completed our task as his guards.
Tsurara: What are you talking about?

Tsurara: It all starts now.
Tsurara: We'll protect him for his entire life.

Tsurara: Rikuo-sama
Tsurara: I'm sorry... that I couldn't protect you...

SFX: rustle

SFX: snap

SFX: thump
Tsurara: Kyaa!

Tsurara: Nn...

Tsurara: Ah—!

Tsurara: Wh... What...?

SFX: scuttle

Tsurara: Stop!! Stop it!!
SFX: crackle

SFX: throbbing pain
Tsurara: *cough*

SFX: crack
SFX: scuttle

Tsurara: AHHHH
Tsurara: What?! What's happening?!
SFX: chattering

SFX: grab

Youkai: Gah...

Tsuchigumo: I take my eyes off you for minute and this is what happens.
SFX: scuttle

SFX: glug

Tsuchigumo: Don't touch her.
Tsuchigumo: She's the bait.

Tsurara: Tsu..
Tsurara: I've... been captured?
Tsurara: Tsuchigumo...!

SFX: whomp

SFX: glug

Tsuchigumo: Still not here, huh
Tsuchigumo: I've been waiting this whole time, you know...

Tsuchigumo: [small text]kukuku... [regular]I want to meet up with that interesting guy.
Tsuchigumo: This time for sure, I'll crush you to pieces.

Tsurara: What?

Tsurara: Rikuo-sama...?
Tsurara: He's... alive?

Tsurara: He's...
Thought: He's alive
Tsurara: Coming here...?
Thought: I can still... protect him.

Tsuchigumo: ...That's what the bait's for.
Tsuchigumo: So sit quietly.

Tsurara: I'm...
Tsurara: The bait?

Tsurara: He's using me... to draw out Rikuo-sama?
Tsurara: ...Will he come here?
Tsurara: Knowing him... he might just do it...

Tsurara: So he'd be heading for Tsuchigumo
Tsurara: Because of me...?
SFX: shiver

SFX: spin

Tsurara: ......As his guard
Tsurara: I must... protect him.

Tsurara: I can't lead him here.
Tsurara: And so... I have to escape from this place.

SFX: heart beating

MJ: kukuku

MJ: Hmm, which child should I pick?
MJ: When Hagoromo Gitsune-sama wakes up, she is rather partial to a girl of slender build.

MJ: Fufufu
MJ: Apparently she finds their taste most refreshing!
SFX: sssuu...
Y: Minagoroshi Jizou-sama...

MJ: What is it?
MJ: Approximately one hour ago, the ayakashi at Seiei-ji were eliminated by an unknown force.

MJ: Hmph, come back later.

MJ: —Huh?

SFX: fire roaring

MJ: That's impossible!!
SFX: running
MJ: Who the hell could break through that?!

MJ: Give me that!
SFX: snatch
Y: Y-Yes, sir!

MJ: Hnn?
MJ: There's the 5th seal, Seiei-ji... He was right!
MJ: Who could have done it...?

Y: Reporting in... Half an hour ago, the ayakashi at the 4th seal Nishihougan-ji were eliminated by an unknown force from the East.
Y: Additionally, there are forces advancing towards both the West and the North.

MJ: .........What?

SFX: boom

MJ: Ahh!
SFX: zushaa

Dragon youkai: Re... porting in...

Dragon: Just now, the ayakashi at the 3rd seal Rokukin-ji were eliminated...
Dragon: Unknown forces became an even larger body...

Itaku: It's time... Let's go.

Awashima: Hey, wait a sec.

Itaku: ......
Awashima: I'm getting the craziest feeling...

Tsurara: Now!

Tsuchigumo: Give it up.
Tsuchigumo: There's nothing you can do.

Tsurara: .........
Text: I can't escape...

Tsurara: If...
Tsurara: If that's the case...

Tsurara: If I'm just going to be a burden to Rikuo-sama, then...

SFX: smash
SFX: thump

Tsurara: Eh?


[f yeah]

Tsurara: Rikuo...
Tsurara: ...sama...?

Tsuchigumo: Fuuhaaaa~~~
Tsuchigumo: So you're finally here!

SFX: tremble
Tsurara: I'm too late!

Tsuchigumo: Hm?

Tsurara: Why...
Thought: I can
Thought: No longer protect you!! So why?!
Tsurara: Why did you come here?!

Rikuo: I came here to save you
Rikuo: Tsurara

Rikuo: I'm sorry... I sure kept you waiting.

Tsuchigumo: Hmph
Tsuchigumo: You flitting and sneaking around like that is a pain in the ass.
Tsuchigumo: I'm gonna grind you down so small there'll be nothing left to find!

Rikuo: Yo, Tsuchigumo... This time
Rikuo: I'll slice right through you!
Starred: They finally clash!!
Text: Act 109 / END

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2010
Thanks niph~!
#2. by Einishi ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
thx a lot, excelent chapter >.<
#3. by rukiah ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
not translated pag -10-? T^T

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