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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Nurarihyon no Mago 118

Satori and Oni Hitokuchi

+ posted by niphredil as translation on Aug 8, 2010 20:55 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

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Starred text top [advert]: Anime now airing on Yomiuri TV, BS11, and more!!
Starred, right: We've seen these two somewhere before…!!
Text bottom right: Shiibashi Hiroshi
Text below title: Act 118
Text below title: Satori and Oni Hitokuchi

Rikuo: He read my movements…?

Satori: I can see. Ohhh yes, I can see!
Satori: I can see the future!

Satori: Oh?
SFX: stops

Satori: Be careful, Oni Hitokuchi.
Satori: I've confirmed that his will is one of taking decisive measures!

Satori: He'll come at you
Satori: Like a hurricane!!

SFX: turns

Rikuo: !!

SFX: spinning
Oni: Whenever you're ready~~~

Rikuo: He really is reading my mind...
Rikuo: He moved right before I attacked!!

Satori: Fufufu......
Satori: I see... Ohh, I seeee!

Rikuo: .........

Text: Well then...
SFX: waver...

Satori: "Kyouka Suigetsu"
Satori: He's going for a win.

Satori: Don't let him fool you, Oni Hitokuchi!
Satori: It's an illusion... He's just using his Fear to make you think he's still there!!
Oni Hitokuchi: Ooh

SFX: twitch
SFX: spin

Satori: I can sense him...!! "Circle around the back, and slash like lightning!"
Satori: He's on the beams of bridge!!

Rikuo: !!
Rikuo: He even saw through that?!

SFX: smash

SFX: crunch
SFX: whomphhh

Rikuo: Shit—

Oni: Eat you up
Oni: In a single bite
Box title: Oni Hitokuchi
[TN: One-Mouthful Demon]
Box text: A youkai who lives in storehouses. Women who have been placed in the storehouses to hide will disappear by dawn. Oni Hitokuchi sticks his tongue out and eats his food.
SFX: gaping

Oni: Don't be a coward~~
Oni: It's very naughty~~

Satori: He's not a coward, Oni Hitokuchi.
Satori: That's the special characteristic of Nurarihyon... An ayakashi technique, just like "Satori", understanding.

Satori: His great-grandfather, on the other hand...
Satori: He was a greedy, cowardly man...
Box title: Satori
[TN: understanding, comprehension]
Box text: A youkai who reads people's hearts and minds.
If given the chance, he will snatch up humans and eat them.

Rikuo: What...?

Satori: Youhime... Now that was a fine-looking woman...
Satori: I can see a faint resemblance in you too.

Satori: Why are you so surprised?
Satori: I'm talking about your grandmother.

Satori: Now that I think about it, we offered up many beautiful princesses to Hagoromo Gitsune-sama, 400 years ago.
Satori: And now, at last...

Satori: The time has come
Satori: For our efforts to bear fruit...

Rikuo: ...You mean...
Rikuo: You've been killing innocent people, ever since then...?

Satori: So what if we have?

Rikuo: ...What I'm saying, is I'm fed up with you...
Rikuo: But how can I fight them?!

SFX: thump thump thump

Yura: Nura-kun!!

Rikuo: Yura!

Oni: !
Satori: Wait.

Satori: I sense an impulsive will.
Satori: She will, without thinking
Satori: Let loose the humanoid summon. Make sure to avoid it.

Yura: Bukyoku!!
SFX: rumble
SFX: sssaaaaa
Yura: Cut them down!

Bukyoku: Yura-sama...?
Bukyoku: There is... no enemy here!

Yura: Eh...?
Satori: That was nothing.
Satori: These idiot-types are the easiest to deal with, that's all!

SFX: guaaah

SFX: chomp

Yura: Gaahh!
Hidemoto: Yura-chan!!

Rikuo: Be careful, Yura!! That youkai reads minds!

Yura: ?!
Hidemoto: Oh, so that's Satori!
Hidemoto: He'll spot an opening even if you attack recklessly...
Hidemoto: You have to go carefully!

Yura: Huh?

Yura: Carefully...? I can't attack him recklessly?!
Yura: Then...
Yura: What am I supposed to do...?

Satori: Don't let that confuse you.
Satori: That's all part of the "will" too.
Oni: That won't do at all~
Hidemoto: Yura-chan!!

Satori: Hahahaha! Now you're so confused, you can't move?
Satori: You really are stupid.

Yura: Sorry, Tanrou!

Satori: Tch...
Satori: Hmm, so you're Keikain Yura...
Satori: I see, an onmyouji at such a young age...

Satori: ......
Satori: Ohh?
Satori: I see, I see!
SFX: twitch twitch

Satori: You're filled with rage because your Grandpa was killed by our allies.
Satori: Oh well... He was so old, it's no wonder he got killed.

SFX: ba-dump

Satori: "One who has ability"?
Satori: You look a little underfed, but I wonder if we should offer you to Hagoromo Gitsune-sama anyway...

Hidemoto: Calm down, Yura-chan.
Hidemoto: You losing your cool is exactly what he wants.

SFX: ssssshk
Hidemoto: Owow!

Hidemoto: Yura-chan...?

Y: ......
Oni: Hm...?

SFX: ssshuo...
Yura: How dare you speak so freely...

Yura: Now I'll
Yura: Never forgive you

Yura: Go
Yura: To Hell

Satori: Hm!...
Satori: What is she planning!!

Satori: ...Hmph. "Sudden attack with all Shikigami!!"

Satori: "Exterminate them completely."
Satori: "Do not leave a single trace..."

Satori: Huh?


Satori: Eeee!
Oni: !!

Oni: Th... This won't do at all!
Satori: This isn't the time for reading her!

Awashima: W... What's all that?
Y: Fire pillars?! What the...

Nattou: It's the wolf!
Y: What's going on?!
Tsurara: Is that where Rikuo-sama is?!

Satori: Hiiie
Satori: Hiiie!
Satori: W... What is she...

Rikuo: Wow... She's scary.

Satori: !!

Rikuo: If I hadn't been paying attention
Rikuo: I bet it would've been the end of me too...

Satori: P...
Satori: Please, wait!!

Rikuo: You can read my mind, can't you?
Rikuo: So you should be ready for this...right?


Oni/Satori: Guh—
Oni/Satori: Hyah...


Rikuo: You figured it out!
Rikuo: If you did all that, it wouldn't matter if he could read your mind.
Yura: .........
Yura: Eh?
SFX: clap clap
Hidemoto: Wooow, you two were amaaazing~

Yura: O-Of course! It was all part of the plan!
Y: Rikuo-sama!
Y: What were all those explosions?

Amezou: Th... This is incredible...
Y: Was there a youkai who could make things explode or something...?
Y2: Rikuo-sama, I am glad you are unharmed.

Rikuo: Alright! Let's go!
Rikuo: We're heading for Nuega-ike, Hagoromo Gitsune's waiting!!
Text bottom right: ...Act 118 / End
Text bottom right: Next time with centre colour, invading Nijou Castle!!
Starred text left: At last, onwards to Hagoromo Gitsune!!

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Aug 10, 2010
Thanks niph~!

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