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Nurarihyon no Mago 123

Sword Fight

+ posted by niphredil as translation on Sep 26, 2010 02:41 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

-> RTS Page for Nurarihyon no Mago 123

Scanlators / International Translators: You're welcome to use this, but please do not edit the translation or formatting, and please include a credit for Niphredil.

Line break: New speech bubble / text box within the same panel
Blank line: New panel
Blue text: Edits
Corrections, comments, and advice always appreciated!

Starred: Centre colour celebrating the upcoming Anime DVD release day!!
Blue circle, white text: Shiibashi Hiroshi
White text: Act 123
White text: Sword Fight
Blue white text, bottom: Girt with his "blade"

[anime info page; if you want particular parts of this translated let me know... but otherwise it's standard info that's been out for a while now.]

Starred: Blades howling!!

[Bottom panel]
SFX: kashink

Kidoumaru: ?!

SFX: clang

Text: Thi...
SFX: slshhh
SFX: wham
Text: This many attacks...?!

Text: Even my sword attacks
Text: Can't stop this many—

Rikuo: ...Huh!

Rikuo: It's like a thousand blades come flying out with just a wave of my hand.
Rikuo: So this is... the second Matoi my father used...

Kidoumaru: Not yet...
Kidoumaru: I... cannot fall here... not yet...

[middle right panel]
SFX: crunch

Rikuo: !
Rikuo: Rajoumon...?

[bottom left]
SFX: smash

Kidoumaru: After a thousand years of training...
Kidoumaru: It became impossible for me to increase my speed any further!

Kidoumaru: And so I changed my blade.
Kidoumaru: Now whatever happens when I approach godlike speed...

Text left: Kengeki
Text left: Muryou
[Swordplay – Immeasurable]

Rikuo: I can't dodge it!!
Rikuo: And the countless swords of his "Muryou"... This is insane!!

Kidoumaru: Return to dust...!!

SFX bubble: clink

Rikuo: This...
Rikuo: Isn't just Kuro's Fear alone.

Rikuo: Our two Fears have been placed one on top of the other.
Rikuo: Matoi – "Kasane"
[Demon-Clad – Fear Layering]

Rikuo: Did you forget
Rikuo: About my Fear, which I showed you in Toono?

Ibaraki: Kidoumaru!!
Kubinashi: That's our current commander.

Kubinashi: And a fine one he has become too...
Kubinashi: Our Hyakki won't lose now! Nor will I lose to you!

Ibaraki: ......
Ibaraki: Oh? What are you getting at?

Kidoumaru: ......It has been... a long wait...

SFX: crumble...

Kidoumaru: Too much time has passed...
SFX: shudder...
Kidoumaru: And although compared to those thousand long years... This time was but the blink of an eye...

Kidoumaru: Being able to guard this "time"
SFX: rumbling
Kidoumaru: Was my true wish.


Text: ?!

Text: !!

SFX: snap
SFX: crash
Awashima: Whoa... Watch out!!


SFX: roaring

SFX: roaring

SFX: ba-dum.. ba-dum
Starred, right: At last, Hagoromo Gitsune appears before Rikuo! What next..?!
Kitsune: I can feel you
Kitsune: Seimei
Text: Act 123 / End

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