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Translations: Bleach 645 by cnet128

Initial Experience 1

First time, with a video camera.

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Jul 8, 2009 03:37 | Go to Initial Experience

-> RTS Page for Initial Experience 1

First off,this translation is for public viewing but NOT for any scanlation purposes other than the groups I approve of.

The following translation is reserved for JcScans. Do not reproduce, distribute or use it without prior consent.

Page 1

Vertical text at the left side: A long awaited appearance!! A 3 part short story!!

Page 2

Text at top: The Ultimate First “H” love comic

Chapter name: First time, with a video camera.

Text below the title:
A real "uwaaaawwwWWOkkKwwW" moment!!

Text at the bottom left above boxed characters:

The eternal lust for a virgin!!

Page 3

Erm...Uhh so...Here we go.

YE- // ...Yeah

Yes,PL- // ...ease. // Ogi...hiko-k-..un

Page 4

We're both nervous, eh...?

Ahh damn it...Of course we are, doing this sorta thing.

R-..Right now, I....

With Seriko.....!!!

With Seriko....!!!

Page 5


It's.... only natural I'm all nervous like this....

Page 6

It's....bothersome isn't you'd expect.

Yea...that's right...definitely.

Is that the thing that's bothering you...?

To be honest, I....

Even with or without the camera...

Doing something like that---

From this moment on,...doing it with Seriko, in front of this....!

Even if it was just barely taping something..., it should be okay right?

Page 7

Why... is the position off?

Ha...hahiee!! I'm...I'm sorry!!

Page 8

.....I guess there's no choice but to just do it like this.


Seems that way...I guess...



Page 9


Page 10




Ehh...What was with that voice just now...?

I-It'’s as if I touched her in some kinda perverted manner!?

Page 11

Her shoulder...? It’s because I touched her shoulder?

Was I wrong for touching her shoulder!?

.....!! I've never held her shoulder, even during the times we went on dates....

I see...Putting my hand so firmly at that place for the first time, then...!!

Small squiggly text : That’s right...



Page 12



I’ll have to be ultra-super vigilant with this---!?


Page 13

She's hurt?When did my right hand....with just this I..?

It's impossible..----I'm

Anything more than this is....



Page 14

I'm counting on you....Kuzuhara-san

Gah--!! // Oyaagah!?



Page 15

You get it don't you..? It's no good for this thing here, to not be videotaping

If you two don't do anything then, it won't have anything worth videotaping...

I'm seriously counting on you for this // The young lady's father's life is depending on this.

In other words, our fate depends on this one very important matter!


It seems that you really can't do something like this...

If someone else took your place, no matter how much they prepare themselves, they’ll be able to do it---

Please’s of the utmost importance.

For the boss' sake...


Page 16

The video of Milady losing her virginity....!!


I understand....

I understand completely!!


I said I understand, so just get out!!

Page 17

I can ....

do it properly

I'll leave her...

in your hands. I’m counting on you.

I'm sorry.


It's because family that it turned out like this...

and caused trouble for you, Kuzuhara-kun.

I guess.... we should just stop?

Doing it like this, it’s just strange

Page 18

I wonder..

if it’s going well...

Text at the bottom right: Will their first sexual experience go well...?

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Spiritovod, witchhunter, Doragon, Inf3r1, bobrianto, mr_ark

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#1. by Doragon (Scanlator)
Posted on Jul 8, 2009
I can't believe someone translated this so quickly. Thanks. :D
#2. by mr_ark (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 26, 2009
Wow... The Ultimate First “H” love comic. Thanks for the translation.

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