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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kyou Kara Onnanoko!? Oneshot : Kyou Kara Onnanoko!?

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Aug 23, 2009 00:05 | Go to Kyou Kara Onnanoko!?

Page 1
Red text:Shouldn’t such a cute kid be a girl?

Page 2
From today onwards I'll be in your care.

I'm Kashiwagi Yuzu. Pleased to meet you

It's been a while, but you don't have to act so stiff. We're happy to have you, Yuzu.

My cousin Yuzu is living at my house.

Because her father had a job transfer.

Scribbly text 1: Mommy is coming with daddy.
Scribbly text 2: Mommy
Scribbly text at bottom: Yuzu's mother Yuzu's father
Scribbly text beside Yuzu: Sorry for the intrusion

It’s been decided that Yuzu was going to commute to school from my house.

Page 3
It's all girls here so we'll surely get along well.

Scribbly text: Our dad also had a job transfer

Senkawa Haruka (big sis)

Right Kanata?

Senkawa Kanata

Being able to have 2 big sisters who are about my age makes me really happy [heart symbol]

By the way, Yuzu, you hate men...?

Scribbly text from right to left: But you're cute— // Seems like a waste--- // Oh it’s not like that--


When I was small, I came over to play here, at that time...

SFX below frog: Frog noises/croak

Page 4

I got frogs and snakes forced upon me against my will by a boy...

SFX: Nooooo

And then, Haruka-chan...and men...the trauma...

For something like that to happen....

It must have been Take-chan from the neighborhood !!

...yea...that's right...

But from now on, me and Kanata will protect you, rest assured, Yuzu.

Page 5

Thanks Haruka-chan,Kanata-chan

SFX: Brush
SFX: poof (blew a fuse)
SFX: blush

She ran for it.

SFX: Zip/Zoom


Oh---don't worry about it, since Kanata is a shy person after all.

Let’s get along well from now on.


Page 6


Yuzu has gotten super cute...!!

SFX: Bang bang


You understand right...?

Ha....Haruka, don't just come in to a person's room however you like....

That if this gets found out by Yuzu...


Page 7

I'll send you off to Morocco and turn you into a REAL woman.

SFX: Stamp

This barbaric sister of mine...!!

The truth is, I'm a guy

---1 week ago


SFX: Bam
Squiggly text:Trying to run away again to your room...

Haruka, when you’re coming in, knock...


SFX with Haruka's falcon punch: Glare

Page 8


Shut up and put on this skirt now!!

Haruka acts like a queen, ever since she was a kid.

Wait a minute--

I've never won against my big sis in anything.

Text: Woman who surpasses the heavens.

Kanata, do you remember Yuzu?

Ehh...by Yuzu you mean my cousin?

Don't cover your pants with your hand--!

Squiggly text: You'll see it

Yuzu is going to be living here in spring you know.

Page 9

This is Yuzu-chan .Get along with her,okay?


SFX: Shy...

When it came to girls

I thought they were all like Haruka

SFX: Heart skips a beat



I took a liking to her at first sight. I wanted to do something for her.

Since it’s you Yuzu, I'm okay with giving you my treasures.

SFX: Ehehe

Page 10

SFX: Paaaaa

Squiggly text: Slither // Croak

Once I gave her my treasures, she was overcome with tears of joy....

I remember it.....

What're you talking about? That's impossible

SFX: Drag
Squiggly text: Its showing!


There's no way a girl would be happy about that, right?

It's your fault that Yuzu completely hates men!!

In order to let Yuzu be at ease when she's living here

You have no choice but to dress as a woman and live as a woman.

Page 11

Ehh..Huh? She was seriously crying back then? She hates me?

SFX: Ga--h? Ga--h?

Be happy. Yuzu won't remember you as the kid who bullied her

We'll act as if "We're both sisters [heart]", it’ll turn out just fine.

That's impossible

Oh c'mon~ If you cross-dress, you'll be able to live together with Yuzu.


Living together with Yuzu...

Kanata-chan, could you wash my back?

I'll do it!

Squiggly text: AH. So that means..the skirt..?

SFX: Grin~~

And with that

Page 12

Haruka's cross-dressing training had started.

Hair removal--


Shut up

For your wig, this auburn one matches you closest.

Put this on too okay.

A bra---!?

You're getting too happy about it

NO!! I got no breasts, so there's no need for it right?!

Because you have no breasts, as long as we stuff pads in, it’ll work right?!

Text: Fake breasts creation


Page 13

Of course, MY little sister wouldn't be a C-cup.

SFX: uhu-[heart]

Squiggly text: Pads jutting out

I can't be anyone's son-in-law anymore...

Okay, next would be these stockings

Couldn't I just wear trousers!!!!!!

What're you saying!! Such incompleteness is unforgivable!

Without stockings and a skirt it won't be moe, would it?

Isn't it just because it’s fun for you....

The blood in my legs feels like it's stopped when I p-pull up my stockings...

Text: It’s support for beautiful legs.

In order for you to have beautiful legs, we need something strong .

Lastly, the makeup will complete things.

Page 14

We'll hide you Adam's apple with a high-necked collar


Squiggly text: Who's that--

And that's how I ended up living as a girl.

Hey Kanata-chan, look at this

Women act all clingy to people.

Squiggly text: It's this movie here

Too close, too close. But this smells good somehow.

Page 15




Squiggly text: Somebody gimme some coffee~

Fwaa~~Kanata~~hyan, morning (TN: Yes she said hyan~~)

SFX:Huh !?
SFX: fwaaaaaaa

Wai-!Yuzu your panties! Your panties are showing!



Low blood pressure

Yuzu's ability to wake up from sleep sucks...!

I figured that being in a female household, Yuzu has become totally defenseless.


That's Yuzu's voice

Page 16

Yuzu what's the matte-...!?

A centipede came out from the bathroom!!


Save me--!!

SFX: Uwaaaa

Squiggly text: Save me---

Page 17

SFX: Blown a fuse

Don't get distracted Kanata

But, getting to see you in the nude, I feel a little lucky

We're all girls so don't worry about it

I didn't see anything!!

After all that trouble not to get found out, I couldn't help but avoid situations
with her--


Yuzu is confident that I'm not a man.

If she finds out that I'm a man what will happen? Will she avoid me?

Will she hate me?

Ah-- always having to hide like this is really getting in the way....

Yuzu is going out tomorrow---

Page 18

SFX: Haa

It's suffocating--...

Haruka-chan....I wonder if I did something by accident to Kanata-chan...

What's the matter Yuzu?

Have you said anything to Kanata?


It feels like she's trying to avoid me.

Page 19
If I did something bad to her, I want to apologize properly

I .....want to get along well with Kana-chan


You're so cuuuute

Leave this to me

So that's how it is. This is an order as your sister!!

You're going shopping together with Yuzu tomorrow!!

Could this possibly be

what society generally refers to as a date!?


Wait a...going outside looking like this!?

Page 20

I'm a superb coordinator, even if I do say so myself.

All the men in town's eyes will be on the two of you.

SFX on top of Haruka: Hohoho

No matter what, as a man this is just...

You'd best dump that manly spirit of yours down the drain.

Page 21

Now then Kanata-chan, please escort Yuzu.

As a woman!!

Squiggly text: We're leaving

Should I secretly follow them...?

Kanata-chan, let’s have a look over there.

Page 22

If it was the boy Kanata


We wouldn't be able to hold hands

so easily like this....

Hey- How about going to have a look at some clothes first?

Uhh sure

Alright!! I've made up my mind—

Page 23

Today we're going to have fun right till the end.

Squiggly text: Bear--

Text next to boob lady: Summer,valley,pretty

Waa--!What amazing panties .It's almost all made of strings land lace!

Page 24

Squiggly text: Lookie

Th-..This is what they call your "game" panties huh?

Put those panties back on the rack!

Squiggly text: Hurry!

You already have them, Kanata-chan?

No I don't-!!

As I thought, when you've become an adult, you wear things like this?

Squiggly text: Serious

Yuzu, in those kind of panties....

Squiggly text: Please stop....looking at me from the back...like that

Squiggly text: My delusions are gonna kill me

Yuzu...enough with the underwear. Let’s look at something different, like those
skirts over there

Yeah! That one-piece looks like it'll fit you well Kanata-chan~~

Page 25

Ehh...I think it'll look better on you instead of me.

Really!? Then let’s try it on together--

Something the matter?


If she finds out I'm a man...I'll get arrested

Yuzu is also going to change next door huh....?

Begone my lustful desires !!

SFX on Kanata’s head: Haa...

Page 26

It looks great on me!!

Kanji character: Man

Squiggly text under the can: Garbage can

Gya-- I haven't thrown it away yet!!


Text: Store employee

My my~~It fits you well-!!

You have great style. How about this one-piece here that really emphasizes the

I'm fine, thanks!!

Hey Kanata-chan...

What's up?

Page 27

Could you do the zipper at the back for me...?

It's not good to come out looking like that

But I can't get it up-!!

Ehehe I finally bought it—[heart]

I'm...kinda tired...

But--- Yuzu totally thinks that I'm a girl

With this, will I end up deceiving her...?

Page 28

Walking around sure makes you tired

SFX: RIght?

Yeah but it was fun

My heels are making my legs hurt....

You know,I...


I thought you hated me Kanata-chan

But it was all a misunderstanding

I really like you, Kanata-chan

And of course, Haruka-chan too!


Page 29

Is it really okay to continue on like this? Deceiving her like this.No matter how much time passes, nothing is ever going to happen, will it?

Because I want to date her like this as a man!!

If I reveal myself as a man here, rather than later...

That was fun, let’s go play like this some other time, okay?

Destroying this smiling face of hers’ seems...


---I don't have a reason to tell her that I'm a man.

SFX: Haa..

Page 30

It’s crowded here—

Next stop OO—

Looks like we got caught up in the going home rush hour. Small text: We
messed up....

Yuzu...come over here...


SFX: Haa Haa


What’re ya doin old man!!

Squiggly text: Even I haven’t touched her like that yet.


The doors on the left are opening, please be careful.

Page 31

Ahh, he’s getting away.

As if I’d let you escape. Let’s go Yuzu.


I’ll never forgive that jerk who did such a horrible thing to Yuzu.

Kanata-chan, use this!!

Right !!

Page 32

Eat this-!!

I got him....

Page 33


Railway police!

Where’s the pervert !?

Over there..!! Hurry up....save Kanata-chan!!


Page 34

It’s all right now Yuzu, because I caught the guy!

Bold squiggly text: Fell apart~

Squiggly text: Bra came off

Squiggly text: Fell off

Cross-dresser? A man?

Would you, please come with us to the office for a while?

SFX: Drag

Squiggly text: Ka-...Kanata-chan...


Page 35

Squiggly text: Ahhhhhh you got the wrong person~~~

Geez man...please don’t dress like that, it’s confusing.

We’ve handed over the real criminal to the police, so rest assured.

Squiggly text: I’m sorry I’m sorry

Yuzu...I’m sorry...I’m actually a man.

Yea...It gave me a shock...

But,it’s not like I had any intention of deceiving you or anything...

The truth is that I, you...


Page 36

It’s all right, Kanata-chan

I.....even if you’re a guy, as long as your heart is a woman’s, I don’t mind at all.

Thank you for “coming out” for me Kanata-chan!


It’s spot on, right Kanata?

Squiggly text: Face-to-face

Please take care of me from now on too // My big sisters

Just give up already, Kanata...

Squiggly text next to Haruka: Don’t cry

Text: How wonderful !?

Please look forward to Okazaki Takeru sensei’s next work!!


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#1. by WorldCon ()
Posted on Aug 23, 2009
thanks, we'll be using this...
#2. by aelmiger ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2009
Thanks man.
Hey friend use your translation for my scalation of Spanish.
Still you dare credits translation.
#3. by noob3d ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2009
Just be sure to not make mistakes when inserting the SFX and squiggly text.I know my script is a little confusing.
#4. by futari ()
Posted on Aug 27, 2009
Thanks for this translation, it was put to good use ^^

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