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Ame Nochi Hare 1

A spring storm

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Feb 9, 2010 09:59 | Go to Ame Nochi Hare

-> RTS Page for Ame Nochi Hare 1

Note for scanlators:
Hello.Before you use this for scanlation purposes,I'd like it/prefer if you ask my permission first because I'd like to know what group is doing this because if you're planning to do a speed(crap) scan....I'd rather not let that happen.

You are more than welcome to point out mistakes and suggest improvements.Bolded parts are the ones I'm unsure of.

Lines are read from right to left,top to bottom unless stated otherwise.
1 line per bubble.
// -- means that the bubbles are connected.
No SFX because I'm lazy.

Page 5

The three days in spring during which the weather wouldn't clear up

They resembled the hearts of the students who met with the new school term

It clears up,and then rains down.

And with that,one's hopes towards the new season begin to grow.

Page 6-7

Title:A spring storm.

Page 8

Thank God.The weather is great.

Page 9

Good morning,mom.

Morning, Hazuki.Could you look after the frying pan for a while for me...

Oh my// Your new school uniform really suits you!


Is it okay if I eat these fried eggs?

Ah..it's okay,I'll do it.You'll get your new uniform dirty.

Just serving fried eggs on a plate isn't going to get my clothes dirty.

What if! // What if!

Page 10

Oh yeah,is it okay for Natsuki to still be sleeping? //Doesn't he also have school starting today?

He's still asleep !?


Natsuki ! // Natsuki ! Wake up this instant !!

Well,I'll be on my way !

Sorry I won't be able to go to the entrance ceremony,Hazuki

It's fine

It looks like it's going to rain around noon,so take this umbrella along.

Page 11

No way~ // In such good weather?

Aren't we a little later than usual to school?

It's the entrance ceremony,so it's okay if we're a little late.

Black box: Houjou Asumi

Page 12

You're already a high schooler now,Miss Asumi.Time sure flies.

To be honest,I wanted to be able to go to school with big brother. //But I ended
up going first.Ahh you can drop me off here.

You don't need me to see you off until the school gate?

It's okay,since it's sort of embarrassing~

Thank you Kiriyama-san,I'll be on my way.

Page 13

Today is Amagai Private Acedemy's Entrance Ceremony.After this day,I,Yamonoi Hazuki, shall be a high school freshman.

I've been here many times already for the entrance exams but the school sure is a long way up this hill.//Don't think I can dash up here.Since it doesn't look like I'll be late,I'd better watch my step.

Excuse me


You're going to the Amagai boys school right?This path leads to the girls school.



Please excuse me.Thank you very much!

Page 14

How embarrassing // I took the wrong path while I was spacing out...!

Amagai Academy's middle to high school section building lies on top of the hill

And Amagai's middle to high school section for girls building was built next to it.

The male and female students all get off at the same station and climb the same hill.That's how the geography of the area facing the school is like,but the path that the male and female students take diverges in the middle.

For the map: Read from top to bottom,left to right

Amagai Academy Building
Amagai Girls Academy Building
Grove of trees.
Hill path
Hill path
Path to the boys school
Fork in the road
Path to the girls school
Amagai station

At the top of the map,it seems that the 2 schools share the same site.
In the space between the boys school and the girl school lies a thick grove of trees which makes going to and fro between the two almost impossible.
School regulations state that,without permission,going to the school next door is prohibited.

Page 15

This is where the girls go their separate ways.

All the boys head towards the path leading towards the school building.

Ah,but perhaps while we're going up here or on our way back from school,there might be a chance to talk to the girls from the girls school and I could get to
know them....


I doubt it'll be so convenient.

At that time,I

Never had the slightest inkling,from that point on, that this girls school was going to have such a profound impact on me.

Page 16


The weather during Amagai's entrance ceremonies has always been good but

For the weather to be changing for the worst like this is rare...

....And with that,during the 3 year period that all of you will be at Amagai Academy,I hope that all of the teaching staff will cooperate to devote all their energy towards your educational enrichment.

I believe that,once again,the current students and the seniors who are graduating will be your support.At this school which is so richly green....

Page 17

Whoa-It's gotten really cloudy.I wonder if it's going to rain.//If I get my new uniform soaked,mom is probably going to make a fuss over it.I'd better get home fast.

M-My cellphone!

It's gone!


I might have dropped it...!

Argh-- I have to go up this hill again !? What a pain~!

Page 18

A cellphone huh.

This got turned in.Is this it?

Ah-- Yes! This is it ! Thank God someone turned it in....

You're a new student right?Awfully careless of you right after being admitted.It seems you left it on the wash basin in the washroom in the hall.

Alright,please write your name and class here.

Oh my,it's raining.


You don't have an umbrella?You wouldn't want to get your new uniform soaked right?Shall I lend you one?

Oh--It's okay.It seems like it's going to stop soon.I'll go explore the school building until then before going home.Thanks for everything.

Page 19

Black box:Amagai Academy Student Dorm.

Sorry,but you can't.

With all the new students moving in and welcome events,we have a lot of stuff going on,so outsiders are prohibited for 1 week starting from the entrance ceremony.

Is that so?

That's the way it is

We can't.

Sorry,Goromaru for bringing you all the way out here with me.I'm entering the dorms starting today,so I thought we could have a look around
together,but it seems they're pretty strict.

I see,but whatever.

So how about we go get a bite to eat?

Page 20

I got really hungry in the middle of the ceremony.What if my stomach started growling during the ceremony,I thought!


For bringing you all the way to the dorms with me.

What? It's almost 12 o'clock //You're not hungry?

Oh,I was just thinking that you're so full of energy//Or should I say,you're not timid at all.

Even back then, at the entrance ceremony, with that guy who was insulting you.I've never seen anything like that before.

Black box: 2 hours ago

Class A goes first.Line up in the order of your attendance number.//How much longer are you all going to be chattering over there!

The 2 tiny speech bubbles:
And yesterday he-

Ah, my bad

Page 21

He's just such a pip-squeak that I didn't see 'em
**Supposed to sound like a jerk here.

That's mean.

Ooi ! What's up with that attitude?


A fight right after being admitted into school?

I'm saying that if you looked properly,there's no way you'd bump into me!

But I really couldn't see,so I couldn't help it.

Page 22

Why you..

Hold on there!! //Both of you calm down or this might get on TV.

Uwaa he's really strong despite how he looks.

Hey you guys

Fighting already?

Announcement bubble: Now will the guardians...//of the new students please gather in the hall.

No it's nothing at all

It's going to be just guys here for three years ,so don't get too hot-headed now.

....Thanks for stopping me.

Page 23

No prob

You're in class C?What a shame,I'm in class B.

Black box:Sakonji Madoka

I'm Sakaonji Madoka,nice to meet you.

I'm Goromaru Junta,nice to meet you!

Black box:Goromaru Junta

Ah,sorry about that.I somehow got you involved // It's a bad habit but I lose my temper really easily you see.I didn't want to stir up a sensation right after entering high school.

Page 24

Whatever,it was fun.

What the heck man

For now,about the food....

It's raining.

Lets see-- // New student,Maki-kun


Black box:Maki Yuusuke

Page 25

Right right...// Go look inside that multipurpose room over there for your luggage and get it.

Hey dorm head,there's another new student here.

Ahh // I'm over here

Go help out Saiki-san too,all the luggage is practically everywhere.It's chaos in here.

No way.Leave the physical labor to the youngsters!//What the hell is Haru doin'

Who knows?Isn't he out in the garden again?

Page 26

I found my stuff

Check twice,make sure you're not mistaken.

Yes.There are still more things coming within the next few days//I'll be relying on you again when the time comes.

Let's see,your room number is...oh

How lucky.Not many new students have this.You get a whole room to yourself.

Understood....please excuse me.

Haa..I'm beat...

Page 27


The cellphone screen:
Today's the entrance ceremony, right?How's things over there?Things went well?

She's so fussy...

Since I'm free//I guess I should take a look around the school building.

Page 28

Since today is the entrance ceremony,the already enrolled students have the day off.// I heard that the middle school section's entrance ceremony is tomorrow.No wonder there's no one around.

And also,this building has a sort of,..dignified atmosphere to it.

Page 29

.....Did I just pass through the door-to-anywhere?

TN:*I recall it's a reference to one of Doraemon's toys/gadgets...

This is Japan right?This isn't some English public school or anything, right?

Are you a new student too?You are, right?

Hey--,what's up?

You're speaking Japanese...


Page 30

Ah..sorry! It's because you looked like a foreigner.

Oh,I'm half Japanese.But I'm fluent in Japanese,you see?//I have a name just like a Japanese person.Kisaragi Touma.

Black box:Kisaragi Touma




And then you write, "ma".Touma.

I'm Yamanoi Hazuki,nice to meet you...// Uwaaa

Page 31

Uwaa--Crap.If I don't hurry up,I won't be able to go home...

Come over here and see.You can see the lightning really clearly.

...Looks like a spring storm

Amazing.It's the start of a new life.

It's raining cats and dogs.

Ueeh my uniform is all soaked~

Page 32

The rain should stop soon.Our classroom is supposed to be on the top floor,right?Wanna have a look?

I'm hungry~~

Here,lets borrow some slippers.

Darn it,I had planned to wait-and-see but, in this rain, even if I run to the dorms,I'll get soaked.

The library.... is closing.

The freshman classrooms are on the top floor.

I guess I'll have a look.

Page 34-35

Uwa....A power outage?

Hey Toma...

Huh...my voice seems...

Are you okay,Hazuki?// That lightning sure was something....


Page 37

Screams: Gwaa---h!

Wai- // Wha--

What the heck is this...M-My body is...

M-My body...Is a girl's !

I have breasts

My hair grew out!

Page 38

Please wait!!

A girl's voice!?

...Are you both...

The same as us...too?

Page 39
Close the door// If someone comes in,it'll cause trouble.

Since we look like this....

Page 42

On the day we entered high school with hopes of a new life dancing in our hearts.

A spring storm has brought us into an outrageous ordeal

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#1. by sapphire-pyro ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2010
Thanks so much for this! Yay! I hope you continue with the rest~

*just read it*

*super quick proofreading mode* What I noticed so far:
page 19:
- the line in the black box didn't seem to be translated. it had something to do about rain?
- "Sorry,Goromaru for bring you all the out here with me." ("Sorry Goromaru for bringing you all the way here with me" or something like that, sounds better to me . . . )
-"So how about we go get a bite to eat?" (I think something like "So how about we go out and eat" or "So how about we go grab/get a bite" will already do. Or maybe it's just me)

page 21
"He's just such a pip-squeak that I didn't see 'em" (How about "He was such a pip-squeak that I didn't see him"?)

page 23
"all the luggage is are practically everywhere,it's a mess." ("all the luggage is practically everywhere" . . . if my grammar is still correct)

page 26
- "There's still more things" ("There are still more things")
- "you're room number " ("your room numer")

page 30
- It's Toma, right? I saw a "Touma"

I don't think I have spotted everything, but I hope this had been helpful somehow.
#2. by noob3d ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2010
Thanks for the help.Dunno if I have the time or willpower to type out another chapter though.Real life strikes again.
#3. by Alice_Papilon ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2010
Please continue to do this manga :D i would love to typeset it when i have time if no one grabs it using your translations.... watashi onegai :D

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