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Ame Nochi Hare 2

Spring Day Madness

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Feb 21, 2010 20:57 | Go to Ame Nochi Hare

-> RTS Page for Ame Nochi Hare 2

Please help with the parts in bold + any other mistakes I made(I'm always looking to learn) and of course proofreading (T.T)

Don't know when I'll do chapter 3,probably next month during spring break.And thank you Chakran for helping me out with one of the pages.

Ps. Maki speaks Kansai-ben...I've only ever studied standard jp.So if anybody can give me pointers on how to make him sound better.....

Read from left to right,top to bottom unless stated otherwise

Page 43
Title:Spring Day Madness

Page 44

For now, this is the situation...//the 4 of us, who took shelter from the rain in the school building, got hit by a thunderclap and, at the very next moment, turned into girls.

This is unbelievable.

Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Unbelievable! What sort of magic is this?

My hair grew out. My breasts are jutting out. My hands are small. Even my fingers have become all slender. This is really me?!

Well, I just can't bring myself to believe it. It's too sudden!

My trousers look like they're going to fall down.

The sleeves on my blazer is way too long.

On the bright side, our statures and hair styles are all girlified.

My field of vision has changed, too... I'm guessing I got roughly 10 centimeters shorter.

We will change back...


Page 45

We have to, or else it's going to be a problem! I'll be living in the dorms from today onwards!

Me, too...

I commute to school from home. This is a big problem. I can't go home like this!

You don't suppose that all the other people in this building also changed?

Doesn't look like it

It's raining-- Let's go home now--

Hey. If we just keep staying here looking like this, won't it be bad when someone sees us?

No matter how you look at it, we're just a bunch of high school girls who snuck into the school building wearing Amagai Academy uniforms.

Text above heads: That's true... (centered)

For now, let's head out to the back.

The trees there have grown thick and it seems like no one will come by.

Page 46

It's a lie!

It's a lie!

It's a lie!!

Page 47

What the hell is this! // it's a dream, right!?

It has to be a nightmare

Won't someone tell me that it's all just a dream?!

Page 48

If we've made it this far, we don't have to worry about someone finding us anymore, right?

My body feels totally different~ ( I can't run very well !!)


Don't take it off--!!

What? Besides you guys, there's no one else here.

Plus, I'm wearing a T-shirt under this so you can't see through-...



Page 49


Th- Th- This is seriously bad! could he be one of the school staff members?!

I guess saying "I'm sorry for being here, I came to meet my boyfriend ♥" is out of the question!

Oh crap! no matter how you look at it, he'll see that we have breasts, get the wrong idea and say we're crossdressers!

That rice ball looks tasty...

Um... You're all... not students of this school, are you?//Since it seems to me that... you're all girls...

Page 50

I guess we have no choice.

Umm, I don't think you'll believe us, but what we're about to say is the truth.//...Will you listen to us?

Alright, lets hear it.

...And that's how it is. Once we realized it, we'd already become girls.


It's true. We really are new students from this school... My name's Sakonji Madoka. I can tell you my class and even my attendance number!

I've moved into the dorms, but I can't go back looking like this.

Not to mention that I can't possibly go home anytime soon like this.

Page 51

Are you full now?

You're still growing, so I guess that alone isn't enough, huh.

To be able to eat in a situation like this... that isn't normal...

How about this. Why don't you all stay over at my place for today?


It's inside the academy grounds. It's really close by.

For now, I'll believe what you're all telling me.

Oh, my name is Haruto.//You can just call me Haru-chan.

Page 52

It really is inside the academy grounds...

Over here. We're going in from the back, so no one will see you.

Wow, it's right next to the dorms.

You're right...

I'm also working as a dorm supervisor.


Because of that, I recall that both Sakonji-kun's and Kisaragi-kun's names were definitely on the list of boys who were moving in.//That's one of the reasons why I think all of you weren't lying to me.

Page 53

Hey, let's take a bath.

Then, change into these jerseys from Haru-chan

...I'll pass on the bath

Yeah, me too

That's a little...

What's up with that? How lame.

Not taking a bath for a day is not a big deal!

Once you change back, you may regret it. At that time, you'll be glad you got to see it all to your heart's content.

You have nothing against that at all!?

Not really...

It's not something that unusual.

Page 54

Well, I'm going in.

Text above heads: This person...!

Sigh // just changing clothes took everything I had...


Cellphone: A stay-over right after getting into school? What's going on-!

I got too caught up talking to some new friends, so...//...They let me stay over. // Send


Oh... my little brother is being annoying~

I'm turning the lights off. What time are you waking up?

I always wake up at 5:30 a.m

That's way too early! Why!?

Because I go running~

Page 55
You're not running tomorrow, right? so, 7 should be okay.

Alarm set.

...Who on earth is Haru-chan, I wonder.

He's a dorm supervisor//That's it, I guess.

More importantly, will we turn back to normal tomorrow?...

Beats me... I wonder, too....

We changed baaaaaaack!!

Page 56

Thank God--

My own body...

Aww man...

Oh, good morning! Sorry for not telling you about using the kitchen.

Ah... I was wondering who it was. Looks like you've returned to normal.

Page 57
Yes, thanks to you.

Because you let us spend the night here, it really saved us. Thank you very much!

It's great that you returned to normal.

You have some pretty nice skills there.

Sfx: Oho--

It's because I always do this at home...

The hiragana across the dining table: (Itadakimasu): Let's dig in

When I first met you all as girls

Page 58

Looking at all of you now, it seems that your real selves are all pretty handsome lads.

I've already informed them that because of circumstances at home, Kisaragi-kun and Sakonji-kun are moving in late into the dorms.//Today is the middle school section's entrance ceremony, so the High school section gets the day off. It's alright if you want to take it easy. If anything happens again, don't hesitate to come and talk to me about it, alright?

Having this sort of misfortune happen once in your life is enough.

You said it

Why don't we exchange contacts, at least? Everyone has cell phones, right?

Eh, mine is....

Mess with your phone after eating!

Page 59

Come to think of it, we still haven't introduced ourselves to each other. I'm Sakonji Madoka. Class B.

I'm Goromaru Junta! Class C!

Kisaragi Touma. Class A.

Oh, I'm in Class A too! Yamanoi Hazuki.

The same class, huh.

Pleased to meet you.

What're you guys going to do for the rest of the day?

I'd best get home... I still have to prepare for school tomorrow.

You're riding the train at Amagai Station? Then I'll go with you, too. I need to buy some things I'm running short of.

I'm going too, then!

Sorry for imposing on you!

See you again, Haru-chan!

Page 60

I don't have enough socks and T-shirts

I know a shop that sells cheap! // Where do you transfer to after Amagai station?


I changed back! ...Thank God!

I guess it really was a dream...

Squiggly text: I went to sleep with my glasses on

Page 61

Yeah, that was just a dream.

Today, I'll arrange my luggage and buy some more necessities.

I also have to finish up what I couldn't get done yesterday.

Moor-ning, Hazuki!



Page 62 (20)

Oh- You can just call me Goro-chan, since you seem to have a hard time calling me that. People called me Goro-chan back in middle school, too.

I was thinking about what in the world we would do if we were still girls when we woke up in the morning.//Thank goodness everything's fine!

That's for sure

See ya, I'll be in class C!

See ya


Page 63

Yup, I shouldn't forget about enjoying my high school life!


We didn't do anything important for the first day during any of the lessons.//
Just taking notes and the teachers' self-introductions...

10 more minutes until lunch break.

Squiggly text: Man, I'm hungry...

Page 64

Are you okay?


You don't look too well.

Ah... Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.


Black box:Class C

Goromaru's humming: Food Food~

I wonder if I should drop by to see Madoka. I wonder if he's already started eating, too.

Page 65


Black box: Buying things

What're you buying?

I have a lunch box, so I'm just getting a drink.

Oh, you brought a lunch box from home?

Your mother made it?

Eh, um, I made it myself...


Page 66


My body feels a little...

...Let's leave!

What should I eat for lunch...

Could it be that this feeling is...

Page 67

Big text: Meet in the woods behind the school building!


What the hell is this?! We turned back into girls again!

I have no idea why... I just can't see the cause.
Self-note**I modified this a little because the literal meaning is awkward in english.

We can't go to class in the afternoon like this...

I forgot to bring my lunch box...

If we continue to cut across the woods like this, we'll end up at Haru-chan's place again, because you can see the garden really clearly from the school building.

We can't go back inside. If a teacher spots us, he'll think we ditched class.

Page 68

What in the world happened to us...

I wonder if it'll stop raining

Yes yes


Page 69

Please help us!

We turned into girls again!

I'm sorry! We're going to be a bother to you again!

We have no one else to turn to!

You all...


I have no idea why!

For this to happen again...


For now, come inside everyone.

Page 70

Since when did it start happening this time?

Right about when fourth period ended...?

Yeah, my body felt weird during lunch break!

Did anything change?

There might be some kind of condition for you to change.

Beats me... nothing in particular, it seems.

You said it. We just had classes and ate food like normal.

Maybe we change when we get hungry!

You were starving last night, but nothing happened to you! // As if I could stand turning into a girl every single day

Hmm, could it be sleep?

I can't sleep on an empty stomach.

Maybe it's holding back from going to the toilet.

I did go...

Page 71

Wait, it may not be an internal factor! // What then? You're saying that if you get kicked, you transform!?

Didn't it happen right when it started to rain?...

Page 72

I don't get it...

What the hell is this!?

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