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Ame Nochi Hare 3

Stars of a rainy night

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Mar 21, 2010 09:47 | Go to Ame Nochi Hare

-> RTS Page for Ame Nochi Hare 3

Please help me with proofreading and TL check for the parts in bold + any other mistakes you can spot T.T

On a side note,I just bought volume 2 of this while I was ramen hunting in littletokyo (*u*) last week.All I can say is....another cliffhanger !?

I'll try to start working on chapter 4 soon...

Read from left to right,top to bottom unless stated otherwise.
// means the bubbles are connected.

Title: Stars of a rainy night.

Ack...//it's raining tonight huh...
His phone says(from top to bottom):
Weather forecast
Today's weather
4/11 FRI
9 am
12 pm
etc...you get the idea
Tomorrow's weather(bottom most text on his phone)

From my experiences of turning into a girl,I figured out that

No. 1 - Within an hour of feeling sick,if it's just a light drizzle then,we won't change.

No. 2- Consequently,the times when we do change occurs about 1 hour after it starts to rain.The time varies for each person.

No. 3- After 12 hours from whenever the rain clears up we return to normal.The time when it occurs also varies for each person.

It might be a good idea to get Haru-chan to let me stay over at his place again tonight to be on the safe side....

SFX:Munch munch

What're you looking at Hazuki?The weather forecast?

Yup,it seems the weather is going to go bad from the evening onwards.

I wonder if it'll get chilly again.I guess I'm going to have my hands full with lots of warm drinks going around.

The customers at the store are all just a bunch of old ladies so of course all the orders are going to be for hot drinks.

Hey,don't be so rude!The youngsters,the old ladies,everyone in fact, would want warm drinks.//And besides,the store's recently been getting more young customers.//And the other day,a magazine covered the store in a story about "The Hidden Typical Family Cafe"....

But you know,you like hot drinks even if its summer.I just don't get that--

No,I'm still young after all.How obnoxious!It's just that the cold is the enemy of women!//Try to understand a girl's feelings,please.

A girl's feelings huh....

Mom,I might be staying over at my friend's place again today.

Again!?//It hasn't been a week since you got into high school,how many times has it been now?

Sorry,I'll study hard,promise.

Sigh!You never rode the train or buses much when you were in middle school.And yet,suddenly you've gone all 360 on me.

Well, I'm off !

Right now,I've been able to scrape through by nothing more than just skipping classes.

But I don't know how long this mysterious phenomenon is going to continue.

It's a fact that we'll get exposed one day....!

Ehh!It's raining tonight again!?

It drizzled a little in the morning,but thank God it cleared up.

That's the way it is,we'd better stay over at Haru-chan's place today to be safe.

If I just randomly go off staying over at someone's place everytime,I can't face my parents you know.

Me too but the chance of rain tonight is 70%, you know.

This is the first time in my life that I've been so worked up about the weather forecast before.

Ah- The probability just went up to 80%.This is bad.

If it rains in the middle of the night...I guess we have no choice but to sneak out of the dorms to Haru-chan's place.

I think no one would would notice if we sneaked out from the toilet on the first floor.

Sigh...Why the heck do we have to go through so much trouble.


At least if I was in the same room as Madoka,it'll be easier to move about.

If you want to change rooms within a month of moving in,I think it's possible but if you don't have good reasons to do so,I don't think they'll let you.

Is staying in the dorms a pain?

Ahh,they have curfews.Breakfast,dinner,bath times.Everything is planned out for you.It's such a hassle.

We should get going now Hazuki.We change classes for 5th period, remember.The teacher is gonna tell us off if we're late.

See you after school!

SFX in bubble: Pitter patter
SFX cellphone:Bruu Bruu

The sound of raindrops....sigh....I guess its raining after all.//Got mail....is it Madoka?

Are you awake?It felt like it was going to rain since a while ago.We might change into girls pretty soon. from Sakonji Madoka


Let's meet at the toilet on the first floor as planned. Send!


2 a.m. huh... // Everyone's probably fast asleep by now.

Rain...//From the many transformations I've experienced,they always happen when it rains.I've learned that it takes about half a day before I change back....

Before that happens

I guess I'd better head to the toilet.


The truth is,I'm really lucky to have a room all to myself

Ahh crap...


A person!?//What's he up to at this hour!?

I haven't changed yet, right.

Hey....what's the matter....Are you okay?

Thank God it's dark,so he didn't find out that I'm a girl.But if I talk, then my voice will give myself away....!

Are you feeling unwell?

If I remember correctly,he's the same year as me,Kisaragi something.....What the heck is he doing,walking about at this hour. (Stay away!!)

A girl!?

What the hell was that!?Did someone bring in their girlfriend!?

Ku- // Haa--

Damn it!


There's someone here too even when it's this late!?

Eh...a girl?



I'm not a girl!

I'm...//I'm a student here!

Hey Touma this girl....!


..Oh right,....it's the middle of the night right now.


Don't touch me!!

Take a close look at me

You...//but you're that guy just now...

What's wrong...?

That means you're the same as us too, right?


You turn into a girl when it rains

....am I wrong?

What a predicament,looks like we somehow discovered 5 of us.

Five of us!?



We met by coincidence at the dorms.

You've been getting by all alone up till now?Uwaa,that must have been hard on you.

We're also students here,even though we look like this now.

He's in the same class as me,Goro-chan

I'm Maki Yuusuke//Nice to meet you

So there's 4 others like me huh


The 5 of them are a sight to behold...//but it seems like I have no other choice but to go look for help "next door".

The good weather makes it seem as if the storm last night never happened.

The cherry blossom petals have already begun to scatter about.The fresh foliage has turned this season into a beautiful one hasn't it.

It's been a while Haruto-kun.

Yes it has.

Didn't you pass 30 quite a while back ?You haven't changed much I see.

And I see that you've gotten an increasingly dignified air about you,Kaoruko-san

Thank you and by the way,what is the meaning of calling me out here all of a sudden.

Anyway,I'd would've preferred to have afternoon tea in the garden you take so much pride in while you entertained me.But standing around to talk?


I'd like to,I have tons to talk about.But currently,there's 5 high school girls staying over at my house // Oh but since it's in the afternoon now,I guess they've already changed back into high school boys.

What do you mean...?

As the headmistress of Amagai Academy Girl's High School your assistance is essential,Kaoruko-san.


So as you can see,it's not good for them to just waste their time away when they turn into girls.//I need someone to help look after them.

....Sigh...what a bother.If it was anyone else other than me,no one would buy a story like that.

I don't have anyone else to turn to other than you, Kaoruko-san.So please.

I understand.

But before they come over to my school // I should meet them and get to know them proper.

Don't worry about it.They're all nice kids.

Ah,and I'd like you to help me borrow a few sets of Amagai girl uniforms.....if it's just 1 then I think I can manage.But I guess asking for 5 is a little too much for me.

Alright,alright.I get the picture.Just tell me their sizes.


But you'd better be 100% sure to return them afterwards, got it?I won't stand by and let them be sold off on some sort of net auction site.//Do you have any idea how much my school's uniforms are selling for?A hundred thousand yen!What a load of non-sense!//They say if you leave the name tag on the price goes up too.Unbelievable!

Like I said,these kids aren't like that.

They'll be spending some time over there //And I want them to be able to have many personal experiences and meet many people.

Teacher I
Have something to talk to you about

...Having reached puberty,those kids will discover new things when left on their own//Like meeting someone and falling in love.

Oh my,it really is dazzling out here isn't it.

You really do act like an old man despite your age you know.It wouldn't hurt to have a little more life in you.

Not at all.I'm always full of life you see.

It rained over the weekend.

Haru-chan! // Good morning


Good morning


You wake up pretty early I see.It's still just 6 a.m.

I'm usually already awake around this time.It's like a routine.

My parents run a shop,so I do a lot of the morning chores.//Goromaru also looks like he wakes up early everyday but because of the number of times we've changed into girls this week,he looks worn out.So he's still sleeping with the rest.

Is coffee okay with you?

Thanks but you can do that later//More importantly,could you try these on for me please.// Among the 5 of you,I think it'll probably fit you best

.....What is it?

The Amagai girl's school uniform.

Sc-school uniform!?

Yup.From now on,when it rains and the 5 of you turn into girls,you'll be having your classes over at the girls high school next door.

B-But,it's so sudden...

There's a teacher who understands the situation,so no worries! // I asked her to look after all of you as a favor.

Well,if the 5 of us are always at Haru-chan's place whenever it rains,it'll be troublesome for him I guess....

But to go to the girls high school....

I'm sorry but....

I don't really get how I'm supposed to wear this....

Ahh//I guess it's a little difficult.I'll teach you.

SFX: Okay...

I'll turn around,then in the meantime, please put on your skirt and T-shirt.

He sure is a mysterious guy.....

Hey,you awake yet, Haru?

The sound of it raining woke me up.Gimme some coffee.

He's not here?Is he in the garden?


Nah...not in this weather.He's probably still asleep.

For now,I only have one set of the uniform,so I'll teach you first Yamanoi-kun.// Afterwards, when you can do it well yourself, then teach the others how to wear it too alright.**


Be sure to wear a T-shirt or something underneath your school uniform's top.//It's because of your chest.And the buttons are detachable,if you so wish to.This is how you put them on.The collar comes off so you can do your laundry.

So I wear this then....

The fastener for your top is at the side.

Oh,and next don't forget to pull up the fastener on your skirt.After that,be careful not to forget your ribbon too okay.//You're all first years so your ribbon color is white.


I can't really tie it that good.

Oh,would you like me to show you how to do it?



Ow.. Ouch...


I-I'm sorry!

Are you alright!?

Yeah,I'm fine.//More importantly,that was some fall you had,are you okay?



What the hell....

Are you doing.....!!

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