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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128
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Ame Nochi Hare 6

Impressions of a spring evening

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Jul 25, 2010 08:31 | Go to Ame Nochi Hare

-> RTS Page for Ame Nochi Hare 6

Please help me TLC T.T

Things with * are things that I have some doubts about in some parts.I'll have to look at them again eventually.

Chapter note:
Apparently the Japanese have a separate "mobile mail address" thing in addition to their mobile phone number.It's mentioned in this chapter.That's why they're separate apparently.Anyway,I'm not too familiar with this since my own phone is ancient.

Page 4

(Chapter titles - 6,7,8,9 + Omake)
Impressions of a spring evening
Spring's heart
Rain flower
Dorm advisers' dairy.

Page 5

Impressions of a spring evening
Probably a reference to the expression 春宵一刻,something like a picture is worth a thousand words.

Page 6

(Moblie phone text)
Write new mail
To: Houjou Asumi
Sorry about not being able to go see the movie at the private screening.Did you just miss it then?

So,I think it would be a good idea to do this year's welcoming party like how we did it with last year's.We held it in the dining hall.//As for the matter of setting up the tables and creating the setting, we had a meeting the day before,and it was decided that the second and third years will be in charge of it....

What about the games?

It's an annual tradition,so of course it's going to be that!

Ahaha!Setting them up and watching it unfold is so much fun!When I was a first year I ended up cleaning the bathrooms from the envelope I drew.**

I was lucky.I hit the jackpot with my envelope.A big fat box of cheap candy.

Seriously!?And you ate them all?

Page 7

I want to hide the envelopes this year though//I did it last year and it stirred up quite some trouble,eh?

SFX phone: Bubububu

I went with a friend,but it seems like we got separated.She said she was going to the restroom so I'll wait a little more and see.I'd feel bad if I went home first.I wonder what I should do.

It's almost 9pm...I can't believe she's out in the shopping district alone at this hour.

Sorry,but the meeting is almost over, right?Could you please excuse me then?


Can you talk on the phone yet?

Page 8

Quick send


Still no good.Just a little longer.I think everyone will be gone soon.

Excuse me,I forgot something and left it in the restroom.Is it okay to go get it?

Ah,yes.Go ahead~

I just went into the meet-up spot.

Page 9



It seems that the last person just left.

I'm in front of the restroom now.//There's no staff or guests around now.Make a dash for it.


Page 10

Thank you! You saved me!


If you're gonna hug me then do it when you're Tsukiko!

Haha,I guess that's true

Asumi-chan is still waiting for you at the entrance.

I see...She just waited there for me instead of going home.But if I just suddenly waltz up to her and start talking to her, she might get alarmed.

I guess you have no choice but to pose as Tsukiko's cousin or relative....?

Yeah...seems like it.I got no other way.

Page 11

(Mobile phone text)
Received mail
from:Houjou Takuma
It's dangerous because it's late.I'll send you home.Just wait for me there to pick you up.

Ehh!You're going to come all the way here from school!?I'm doing just fine anyway....


You're Asumi-san....,right?


It is but...how do you know my name...

Erm,my cousin...Tsukiko told me.She felt unwell while watching a movie and contacted me....//She's still not very familiar with this place so I got worried and came to pick her up.

Page 12

Tsuki-chan's cousin!? Is Tsuki-chan okay?

Yeah,she took a taxi and left for home already.//We live in the Amagai dorms so we can't keep her company all the way home....

I see....Could it be that I caused her to push herself too much...?//What do I do.I never asked her for her mobile address or phone number so I can't get in touch with her.

She told me to tell you that's she's sorry.
Yeah!I don't mind,please send my regards to her!

Excuse me but could you hold on for a minute....?

Here//I wrote my mobile mail address here.Could you pass it to Tsuki-chan for me?

Page 13


You're also heading for the train station, right?


Then,let's go together

We didn't say a word to each other on the way back

It felt like we just wanted the whole walk to end as quickly as possible.

Even though it didn't seem that way.

When she was with Tsukiko, she was talking way more then this....


Page 14

Well,we'll be heading towards Amagai....

We're boarding different trains, so I guess this is goodbye.



Big brother!

Big brother?//Hu-...Dorm Head Houjou!?

Page 15

I told you to stay put at the meeting spot...

What are you two doing here....


We've notified the dorms about it already.

Even if you did,the 10.30pm curfew time cannot be extended.//Hurry on back now.The next train comes in 3 minutes.If you miss that train,you're not going to make it back in time.


Let's go, Hazuki.

Come,let's go Asumi.

But big brother,is it okay for us to not ride the train?

I'm going home by taxi so don't worry.

Page 16

I called home and asked them to bring a car over.Kiriyama-san is coming over to escort you home very soon.

You didn't have to.I could've gone back myself on the train anyway.

No way.After he comes to pick you up,then I'll head back to the dorms.

Ah....Tsuki-chan's cousin!

You might not remember it but I've already met you once before.//On the day of the entrance ceremony!

Page 17

It's already late so don't get lost on your way back,okay!//Be careful!

Oh...She remembered...!


It's//My name!

See you later//Hazuki-kun

Page 18

SFX: Glance

Hurry up Asumi.Kiriyama-san might already be waiting for you.

The train to Amagai will be departing from track no. 1.


If we miss that train we won't make in back before our curfew!Hurry up!

Attention,the doors are about to close.

Page 19

Please do not rush when boarding the train.Departing now.

Oh God,when the dorm head showed up back there,we were looking from behind.Man that was scary.

Your bag


For real.It might've been bad if we ended up having to stagger back late into the night.Who knows what might happen to us.

But having to stick close to you guys was fun! It felt like being a detective!


What's the matter?

It happened just like you said, Touma.

What did?

Page 20

Well,it was fun but// I guess it turned out to be "girls talk" after all.

Somehow when I was Tsukiko,Asumi-san got really friendly and we talked about so much//When she was with Hazuki,it was the total opposite.

Maybe you're were just overly conscious about it.It's not really a bad thing you know.

And besides,you got her to remember your name too,Hazuki.

And you got her mobile email too,no?

Page 21

N-No way! That's not for me,it's for Tsukiko!

Who cares.Just say that Tsukiko is still worn out and you mail her instead

It's not right....

What's this!?You got that girl to give you her mobile email,Hazuki !?

Ehh, that's amazing.Good job.

It is isn't it?No way he's gonna pass up on sending her a message.**

You guys~~~

Ahh,but won't it be strange that both Hazuki and Tsukiko has that same mobile email?//But you're just a student,so you don't have the luxury of owning 2 mobile phones.

Asumi-chan sure is a nice girl

Finding out that she was the dorm head's sister was a surprise

Page 22

That's true...


The dorm head was over at the theater with the two of you too?

It turns out that Hazuki's partner on his first date is senior Houjou's sister.It feels like he came over to send her back

She's his sister!? That must be hard on you Hazuki

Anyway,he didn't look too happy

I wonder what's going to happen...

Page 23

You guys just barely made it back before your curfew.

It's okay since you've informed us about it,but try not to come back too late.

Well then,hurry on back into your rooms and get some rest.But don't sleep in late tomorrow.

Make sure you contact Haru later.He's worried after all.

Oh yeah.I've only been concerned about myself

And yet, Haru-chan's been helping us out so much already.


Page 24

Sending mail?

Yea,to Haru-chan

I'm also sending one.

Ah- What do I do with this...

SFX in tiny bubbles: Type // type

Hey,if you're bothered about what to do about Asumi-chan//I think it'd be fine if you just mailed her anyway

Page 25

He- Hey don't sleep on my bed!//Get back to your own bed!

Ah man,he's not waking up


I never intended to peek but

Since I saw it anyway,I guess there's no helping it

What this?Looks like you're all set with the message here.

*And you just needed to press the send button.You were planning on writing this all night?


Page 26

Don't sleep without a blanket on like that.

Now then,it's time for me to go to bed too.I'm using your bed,okay.

You got mail [text with the music note]

Ah mail.//It's from Sakurako-chan....

Was the movie fun?I'm also interested in the movie since it seems kinda intriguing.I wonder if I should go see it.

I got another mail.

Page 27


Sorry for sending this so late into the night

I passed on the mail address you gave me to Tsukiko

Yamanoi Hazuki

Was sending her a mail to her address a good idea?This wasn't for me after all.

It was for Tsukiko...

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