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Ame Nochi Hare 7


+ posted by noob3d as translation on Aug 23, 2010 03:24 | Go to Ame Nochi Hare

-> RTS Page for Ame Nochi Hare 7

Please help me PR and TLC

*** Stuff I'm not sure of
// - Connected bubbles

Page 29
Chapter title:Sigh

Page 31
SFX:Ha---  ハァー
*deep sigh*

Morning Hazuki. What's up? // Why the long face so early in the morning?

SFX:Ha---  ハァー

He accidentally mailed Asumi-chan.

Eh? But weren't you gonna mail her eventually anyway? So there's no reason for you to feel down, right?

But I don't remember sending it to her...

I must've pushed the send button while I was half asleep!

And I was gonna spent a little more time revising the message, too!...


What was there to improve in a message that short, anyways?...

So? What was her reply?

Page 32

I haven't heard from her yet.

I haven't replied to him yet.



Even if you say they escorted you to the train station, if Tsukiko-san had just left you there to wait in vain, you'd have been in trouble… // Don't you think she should apologize herself instead of getting her cousin to mail you?

And she didn't come to school today, either. It just rubs me the wrong way!

But I think that Tsuki-chan and her cousin are nice people, no?

Page 33

In any case, rather than Tsukiko-san, you should be wary of that cousin of hers.


用件のみで失礼しますみたいな感じ装っちゃって There's something fishy about this whole incident, they're hiding something...***

If I don't mail her as Tsukiko, it just feels bad.

But what do I do about the mail address...

Well, you can always request a second email address, you know.


It's a common system used by employees in a company, for example, to have separate addresses for business and private use.

Page 34

Ugh... the fees are gonna pile up...

But when we're girls and interact with others more and more, we'll have to do that eventually anyway.

Well if that happens, it can't be helped. Where's Goro-chan?

ゴチソーサマ Thanks for the food

He said something about going to check out a club at their morning practice. He left really early, too.

Why morning practice?

We can't be late to the dorms after school today, remember? We have that welcoming party going on.

Page 35
Goro: Alright!

Page 36

What time is it starting, again? The welcoming party?

They said it'll be at about 6pm.They told us that the first years are supposed to wait in their rooms. What are we going to do?

(Ping) To all new Amagai dorm students, please gather in the dining hall.

They asked us to assemble, let's go.

Page 37

Woah! It looks so fancy!

Alright, everyone! Take a seat! For the second and third years, try to sit in between the first years!

Okay then! The traditional annual Amagai new dorm students welcoming party is now officially underway!

Page 38

The seniors are getting up.

Moving along. Firstly, a few words from the new dorm head! My job ends here for now. // This year, Houjou Takuma-kun will be taking over the position of dorm head at the Amagai dorms!

So, Houjou-senpai is Asumi-chan's brother huh... // It seems like his home is within commuting distance from school, so why is he in the dorms?

I'm the new dorm head, Houjou Takuma. I still have many areas that I'm lacking in, but...

For the sake of Amagai Dorms, I'll be giving it my best shot. I hope to be working together with all of you from here on out.

Page 39

So, let's begin this party with a slightly more extravagant than usual dinner. // Let's cast aside the grade barriers between us and mingle for a while!

SFX:Clap clap clap

What drinks do you want?

I'll have orange juice.


Oolong tea for me.

Some green tea, please.

Sheesh, everyone's getting something different... (what a pain)

SFX bottle: pshh

Hey first year, get me one too~

Yeah, me too~

Page 40

Squiggly text: Hey, can you gimme some tea over here?

We got some cheap candy here, what kind do you want?

Hmm, chocolate.

SFX: Chew chew

But aren't you already eating that chocolate cake?

It's fine, I like chocolate.

That reminds me. Weren't you eating chocolate when we first met, too?

I keep a stash of chocolate on me.


How about a bite, Touma? This chocolate cake tastes pretty good.

I'll pass.

I hate chocolate.

Page 41

Eh? Why?

No reason. (I'll be stuffing myself with this carrot cake!!)

Maki-chan, how many slices has it been?... (You ate even more than me, no?)

Who knows?

You like sweet things?

I just have to eat chocolate at least once a day or I can't go on, you know.


Page 42


I'm Nagae Suguru. A second year.

Nice to meet you.

How's it going~!

Nice to meet you, too!

Have you guys decided on stuff yet, like which club to join?

I haven't...

I don't intend on joining any clubs.

I've already decided where I'm going to join~


The karate club

Page 43

Karate!? You!?

Yeah, I've practiced karate the whole time when I was in middle school.

What're you guys planning to do? There's going to be club introductions soon too, I'm pretty sure they're gonna ask you guys to join.//And you here look pretty tall, the athletics club might try to recruit you.

Unfortunately, I'm thinking that it's best if I go with the "going home" club.

That's a shame! But Amagai makes it compulsory for everyone to be in at least 1 club.


Squiggly text: Sounds annoying

What do I do? I haven't decided on one at all.

If I just pick a club that only meets once per school term, everything'll be fine.

What club are you in, Nagae-senpai?

Page 44
The curry club

The ballet* club?
TN: ballet and curry sound a little similar in Japanese

No no, the curry club.

Curry club?

When you say curry... you mean THAT curry?

Yep, that curry, the one from India that you eat.

I'm the Curry club's president starting this spring...

Hey, club recruiting activities are prohibited within the dorms!

Page 45


Having fun? // The dining hall cooks make pretty good sweets and you won't get many chances to eat them, so savor it.

Sorry for interrupting you all when you're having a good time. // But, I think we should move on to the game contests about now.

Oh, it's already starting?

Small text: Upperclassmen
SFX: Smirkニャ

Our first year guests will now be going treasure hunting for us.

Treasure hunting?

Page 46

Inside the dorms are small envelopes such as this that are hidden away.

We want you all to look for them, collect them and bring them back here.

What're they trying to pull?

Even if you find one, please don't open them to look inside. Please wait until we're all gathered back here in the dining hall. // After that, we'll announce the contents of the envelopes for each of you, one by one!

Now then, let's get started!

What is this?


Page 47

This is annoying!

Second and third years, please clean up the dining hall. // Put the tableware over here in...

Well, even if you say that, it's a tradition. Just play along.

They do this every year?

Yup. If you skip out, you'll be playing a penalty game so try your best!

How pointless!

Doesn't it sound pretty interesting? I'm going to the toilet to look.

Let's look in someplace suitable.

I wonder if we'll find any.

Your "orders" have become quite cold these days I see.

You could say that.

Page 48
The entrance hall...

Yamanoi, we've searched almost the entire place here.

If you find one, there's probably no others left.

I see.

Let's go look somewhere else. How about the bathrooms?

The other guys already went there, remember?


Page 49

A piano...

Nothing here... // Wait... no...

Under the keyboard cover!

There it is!

Page 50

Well done.

A number of the upperclassmen shared the job of hiding these envelopes.

And that there is the one I hid.

Is that so...


Once we find this...

We're supposed to gather in the dining hall, right?

I have something I want to ask you, Yamanoi-kun.

Page 51

What kind of relationship...

...do you have with Asumi?

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