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Mao Marimo 1

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Sep 12, 2010 08:10 | Go to Mao Marimo

-> RTS Page for Mao Marimo 1

Needs TLC & PR,1 line missing

Do not use until I can fix the problems...

// = connected speech bubbles.
I left out some sfx,mostly because they were too many and a number of them were self explanatory(I hope).
**Are lines I'm unsure of.
[.....] Indicates some special directions.
(.....) Indicates subtext within the same bubble,usually small squiggly text.

Please read from top to bottom,left to right.

Page 1
[Top right]Author: Aoi Horikita Artist: Shiki Tanisawa

Even though...
I finally understood that
it was okay to fall in love......

Mao is....me...


[Ignore gold text on the left]

Page 2-3

Chapter title[At bottom left]: The day I started attending school.

Yellow text,top left:

Your smile,and my smile,they were supposed to be things that never ever changed----

Yellow text,bottom middle page:

There is a God in this village.One that no one really believes in,but they do believe in it a little,a fragile support to rely upon....

Page 4

Green text:
The presence of summer draws near,morning...

Sign on house: Noto

Page 5

カチャ Click


ゴロン roll

びぐう shock

Page 6


ムク Turn


もみ grope

At last,it starts today....


[Ignore small text on the bottom right]

Page 7


Don't worry//I'm just fine now

もぐもぐchew chew
チラチラglance glance
ととと step step

Page 8


My my

Mao-chan//It suits you well

こくこく Nod nod
ぱくぱく Chew chew

Ahaha...I-I guess it does...


Ah,Kagu-chan.Your hair is all ruffled again.

I'm grilling some fish now,just wait a minute okay.

ぱくぱくChew chew 


Page 9

Well,it's not too bad I guess?

But if you hate it,don't just keep wearing it,okay?



ズズズsip sip sip


The fish.....(died....)

No way....(It was already dead in the first place)



C'mon,sit down Saku-neechan

テキパキ Quickly

I'll do the rest, okay.

But I'll just be troubling everyone else,it is my job after all...

Don't worry Don't worry

Yeah,it's the usual

こくこくNod nod


Page 10

We're off now---

Page 11

Ah...The saxifrages are already blooming

Well,it's been a while since the last time you went to school

I'm a little excited

No matter what they say,don't mind it okay.


Hey,what's in that paper bag

Ehehe It's a secret

What's this?Mao is trying to hide secrets from me despite being Mao?**
[She said まおのくせに.... which resulted in the "despite..." part.It sounds weird,I know.Help T.T]

You said it yourself before too, Ako-chan.

Girls always have secrets.

Ah...I'm sorry...


Why are you apologizing.

Page 12

Ah Unume-sama!

Good morning.


School starts today?

Work hard okay.

I'm sure this is a sign from the lord,so I don't think anything bad will befall upon you.[お主様 = lord?,I feel its used for master servant relationships more so...]

This is a bad thing!

Page 13

This is a bad thing!


こくこくnod nod

Well,we're going to be late,so goodbye.

C'mon let's go!


Page 15

ガヤガヤchatter chatter

I'm alright

Page 16


Page 17


Page 18

I'm very sorry for being away from school for the past week and skipping out on cleaning duty and such!

To make it up,I baked cream puffs for everyone!

[On tongue]Sorry



What?Those were cream puffs inside that bag?


In that case,I could've helped you out too,you know!

Page 19

Ehh,but if they blow up like that time with the cake,it's going to be troublesome....

Ah You dummy!

Didn't I tell you that was a maiden's secret!?

Ah...Oh yeah...

Ahahaha ハアハハハ
snicker snickerクスクス


Welcome back

Your treats are tasty, Mao-

As long as Ako don't touch them,we can rest easy.

Hey,what do you mean by that,huh?

Nnm?What's this?

Homeroom is starting.

Page 20

So that was it....

ポリポリscratch scratch

Have one too teacher.

クイ12(Ehehe)*** [I can't understand what's inside the main box,the 3rd char looks like a 12....]

Well,I heard about this from the Noto household themselves,I think.

That's the way it is so,let's just continue on as always.


I'm taking attendance now-

Page 21

.....Because of that--

The author here is---


Page 22

Hey Irie! Irie Jiu!

Finally thought of coming to school in a long while,and you just waltz in late as hell!

Page 23


It's been a while...

Here,have one too, Jiu....

Come here for a bit!

ぐいっ Pull



Page 24

Who did this to you!?



Page 25

Who told you to dress up like that!?

I won't forgive 'em!


It's not like that Jui...//The truth is...

If you're thinking of taking a week off from school...

This is...Last time....

At any rate,hurry up and change out of those.

There's no reason for you to wear 'em!

Page 26


Jiu,you see...

This is...


Page 27


Page 28

Slap パア

You!What did you do!!


What did you do to Mao!


What the hell is going on here?

Page 29

That day...On the day of the festival....

You weren't there, were you?


You don't know about what happened, do you?

You don't understand Mao's suffering,do you?

That night...Mao....

Page 30-31

Page 34
Mao became

a girl!!

Page 35

[First 3 lines on top]
People are always
inside a big wave
That's why

[Last 2 lines on the bottom]
It's alright for us not grieve about
being swallowed up by that big wave. **

Page 36

[The following 4 lines are separate]


Is not something unhappy

Not knowing that the wave is coming is

eternally sadness

[Right Side text] The fate he was given at the village festival,was to live as a girl.Next issue.

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#1. by CircularLogic ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2010
Beat me to it!

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