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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210
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Ame Nochi Hare 8

Spring's Heart

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Dec 26, 2010 05:41 | Go to Ame Nochi Hare

-> RTS Page for Ame Nochi Hare 8

Needs proofreading and TLC
Please PM me if you find any errors

Page 53

Title:Spring's Heart

Page 54

All new Amagai Dorm students please return to the dining hall.

If you're asking about what sort of relationship we have....

It's really no big deal// I can honestly say that the last time was basically the first time I had a real conversation with her.

Incoming message?

SFX: Buruburu


A person who messes around with his phone while in the midst of a conversation with others instead of turning it off.I wonder what I should make of that.

Page 55

Eh...Ah I'm sorry...

I don't know how long you two have been acquainted but I ask that you don't bring her out and about at those kinds of times at night?//The girl's school has it's own rules and having strange rumors flying around is troublesome.

What do you mean by "strange rumors" ?!!

Now then,it's time to begin opening the envelopes~!

Ahh, it seems that they've begun opening the envelopes //you should hurry back too.

That was nerve-wracking...!!

Page 56

Thanks for contacting Tsukiko-chan for me.I'm sorry for causing such a scene when I left for home with my brother the other night.

That brother of yours was giving me a pretty mean glare just now....



I'd better get back.What are they doing I wonder.

Now then,this is your prize.Congratulations!

What?What're they doing?

Did you also find an envelope, Hazuki?

Yeah,I guess...

Page 57

It seems like it's a tradition for all the new dorm students who found and brought back an envelope to follow the "orders" inside them.


Well then, on to the next new dorm student.

Yes,I'm Kitano Akiyo.I'm from Yamagata.Nice to meet you all.

Oh-- I'm from there too--!!

I wonder what the contents of the envelope are!

A week worth of toilet cleaning duty....

Thanks for your hard work!

What the hell,all these letters are just penalty games!?

Not exactly.(It seems like most of the envelopes gave out prizes)

Well then, on to the next new dorm student.

Ah,it's my turn.

Page 58

I'm Kisaragi Touma.I'm from Tokyo.Nice to meet you all.

Your hometown is Tokyo!?You serious man~?

It's true.My eyes may look like this but I was made in Japan.//About half of the ingredients were imported from overseas though.

1 box of Chiroru Chocolates.

(OH!) Congratulations! We present to you a box of Chiroru Chocolates,Cherry blossom mochi flavored!


Nice Touma,you won't be needing to quench your taste for sugary snacks for a while!

Page 59

I told you just now//I hate chocolate!

I'll give them all to you later


Next person please~

Ah,that's me!

I'm Yamanoi Hazuki and I'm from Tokyo.//Nice to meet you all!

2 coupons for drinks at Amayadori Cafe

A wining envelope!Congratulations!

Amayadori Cafe? (Where is that?)

Page 60

On the road leading to Amagai, there is a path beside it that leads a cafe.

Most of their customers are the girls from the girl's school so a coupe of guys going together might be a bit embarrassing though.//If you're with a girl then it wouldn't be too awkward I think.

But I don't have anyone like that to bring with me....

Alright then~ Let's hope that the day Yamanoi-kun, who just announced that he has no girlfriend, will be able to use those coupons together with a girl comes soon.

Incidentally, I used this cafe for my first date.The five Amagai dorm students who went with me know all about it!

What should I do about this...

Page 61

You'd have a use for them if someone asked you out,no?


You idi-...What are you saying!?

Okay,lets get moving along,next person please.


I'm Maki Yuusuke and I'm from Kyoto.Nice to meet you all.

絶句 Speechless


What?What happened?

Page 62

Sing a song

うたえー Sing--

You're kidding! No way I'm singing a song!

But the mood here seems to be asking you to just get it over with

SFX: うたえ! うたえ!!うたえ!! Sing Sing!! Sing!!

Is this part of dorm life....!?

If he really can't do it, then you'd better step in to stop things from getting out of hand at some point, or else it's going to turn into bullying.

I understand.

Alright! I'll sing together with him too!

Page 63

I'll sing Apricot Jam's "Love ★Holic" together with Maki-kun!

Guy in audience:Isn't that a girl group?

Guy in audience: Sing "Kissers" for us---!

Apricot what? (There's so many of those bands that look about the same that I just can't tell them apart!)

I think it's a 3 person girl group that's getting popular nowadays.(You're just an old man Jouji)


Apricot what?

Okay,you join in too, Hazuki!

Eh,me too!?

Text on paper fan: Substitute mike

[Song Lyrics. They are badly fragmented so you might want to leave them as they are in Japanese...]

{The weekend is
also a
makes me want to see you
in my dairy too}

Page 64

棒立ち Standing stiff

スッキリ Refreshed

That was fun!

Page 65

How did you two copy their song right down to their moves?It was flawless!

It's because I'm a fan.

My brother wanted to memorize their moves so he watched their PV so many times that even I remember them now....

I have all their CDs.


Can you lend them to me next time?


He did it simply because he wanted to sing himself.

But...he sure saved me back there.

Tell them how grateful you are later then.


Page 66

What a strong smell.

Oh Sakurako,you're up pretty early.

How come there's so many of these flowers?

I got them as a present from someone.

I see

Page 67

There are flowers which bloom in just one evening, huh? I'll have to pluck out the pollen later though.

Why don't I give you a few stalks of the ones with pollen and the ones with flower buds to take to school?


How about I send you to school in the car?

It's fine,I feel like walking anyway.

Page 69

That smells good....

Page 70

Morning,you're early.

Good morning,Aunt Kaoruko.

In school,I'm your headmistress! // What're those for?They're beautiful.

Mom told me to take some to school.

Is Hinako doing well?

She's well.This was a present from her boyfriend.

Lavishing gifts on to her as usual eh?

What about you?

Page 71


Have you fallen for someone yet?

Who knows...?

The way she avoids things is just like her mother!

Page 72


What's up? You're pretty early today.

Morning!I was thinking of doing my homework at school.

There's jut too many distractions at home,like the TV or having afternoon
snacks.I just can't get anything done.

They're beautiful.What're they for?

I have a lot of them at home so I brought some to school.

I love lilies.They smell nice,don't they.

Page 73

Oh sorry,I got some mail.

Who could it be?

Big brother...

Morning.Did you go straight back home yesterday with no detours?(^-^)

You put a (^-^) in there

but you're not smiling as far as I know....

If you're that worried about me,why did you move into the dorms.

Mail from Hazuki-kun?

Eh!?No,it's not!It's from my big brother! // He wished me good morning.

Page 74

Is it normal to send mails saying good morning to one's sister despite living together?

My brother lives in the Amagai dorms.

Oh really?Even so, he's quite dedicated I see.How come only your brother lives in the dorms?

I don't know//It was decided at some point of which I have no idea of despite our home being well within commuting distance to school.

My brother is always nagging me because worrying about me is second nature to him but// it's been quite lonely once he left.

What kind of person is he?Does he look like you,Asumi-chan?

I have a photo! This one taken after the entrance ceremony of us together is the most recent one I think.

Page 75

He's pretty cool.

I know, right?

He's smart too.He always tutors me when I study.

I see,he's a brother you can be proud of.


He has a girlfriend,right?

I don't know// Because he still takes the time to worry about me every now and then.

Page 76

And just recently,when I got separated from Tsukiko-chan during the movie screening,//there wasn't any need to send that mail to my brother but,being all alone by myself was lonely.

Because he was so worried,I felt sorry for what I did// I never thought he would come all the way from the dorms to send me home.

But that made you happy, didn't it?

Yeah// I thought that maybe he still puts me as his number one priority.It felt really good.

Are those kinds of guys your type then,Asumi-chan?


Page 77

A person who pampers you?

Th-That would...// I wouldn't say I dislike it.

A person like that would be good.


I-I have to go do my homework!

You're so cute when you turn red like that.

Oh you!

Page 78

Have you fallen for someone yet?

Who knows?

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