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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Ame Nochi Hare 9

Rain flower

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Mar 25, 2011 21:26 | Go to Ame Nochi Hare

-> RTS Page for Ame Nochi Hare 9

Note:Since this chapter is extremely long(70+pages) and wordy,I'm going to post it incrementally here and build it up.


Title: Chapter 9 - Rain Flower


(Unn---n)I wonder what I should do about my club activity.

Where's Hazuki?

He went to the restroom.You came back from the dorms already,Goro-chan?

Yeah I went to club practice.



Yeah//You wanna come too,Touma?It's okay even if you're a beginner,they'll teach you.

But I don't have the Gi* or anything for that matter.
TN: The robe thing you wear when practicing karate.

They'll lend you one!

Well...if Goromaru can still do karate with his physical stature//You can't help but think karate may not be as hard as it looks...


Let's go take a look together then.


(mail) Goro-chan and I are going to check out the karate club.

I wonder if Touma can handle karate// he doesn't seem like he has the athletic prowess it takes,but if he is joining then,he's one brave guy.

What about me though?

Basketball club,Volleyball club

Ping pong club//...soccer club

Astronomy club,art club

Come join the soccer club with me!

If I'm going to join a sports club,I'd be better of not going for the soccer club.

You wanna join the soccer club?

(Whoa) You scared me...no,I'm not joining the soccer club

I thought you were interested since you were looking at their recruitment poster

My younger brother plays soccer,so I'm not going to join.

Have you decided yet,Maki-chan?

A club that I don't have to show up to much and one that doesn't have any lame traditions would be good//Sports clubs are out of the question.

I wonder if there is such a club.

Every time it rains, we have to take some time off,so choosing a club that poses the least hindrance to us would be the most prudent choice.

I guess that's true...

Sakonji has already decided


Eh?What did he join?

The class committee.We decided on who was going to the in the committee today during homeroom period.He couldn't turn them down and eventually gave in.

I see...

Being a committee member automatically puts you on the school festival, as well as, the atcletics festival's executive committee.// That's why you're exempted from club activities.

I wonder how it's going to pan out,he's got that reponsibility as well as all those extras attched.


Nagae senpai

Have you decided which club to join yet?


(Oh) He's the guy who explained to us what the curry club was about,right?


We still haven't made up our minds yet.

The curry club's poster is uh....where did I paste it again..?

AAH!! The soccer club covered up my poster by sticking their poster on top!!

SKX for ばんっ: Bam

貼り直し:Reposting the poster

So...how about coming to the curry club?Our next activity is sometime next week.We're planning on borrowing a classroom to have a meeting.

You're going to make curry?


Nope,we're going to have a retro curry eating contest,so the only thing we'd be cooking is the rice at most.


We still haven't held the meeting for all the committees yet.Today, all the class committee menbers and student council members are going to introduce themselves.//From summer until fall,we're going to be working together on many events and I hope we can cooperate together on them.I'm Fujimaru Kengo from class 3A.I hope to be working with you all at least until the student council elections in fall.//And with that, will the second year class committee representative,Takahira-kun, and the first year class committee representative,Sakonji-kun,please introduce themselves and say a few words to the ones present.

I couldn't refuse the position of class rep too...! What do I do!


I'm Sakonji from class 1B.I've only just enrolled in schhol so there are still many things I do not know.I appreciate the guidance I will be receiving from the others from now on. //I'll be trying my best as the class rep for the first years.It's a pleasure to be working with you all.

This is the list of names for all the first year class comittee members.

You wrote this?


Can I get a reprint of this


Excellent penmanship.

Th-...Thank you very much.


This Gi is a little short for you Touma.//I don't think they have your size.

I guess it's fine.You haven't decided on joining yet anyway.

つんつるてん -- Not sure what this is.Don't think it's important.

I can take it if it's a little small but this Gi stinks!

Goro-chan is a black belt... (And it looks all worn out too)

Goro-chan,it is possible that....


It's time for warm ups!Let's go.


Doesn't the curry club make curry?

Nope,seldom.//We usually make retro curry ranking lists,visit tasty curry shops....

Is having a club of people who like to eat curry okay.....?

The founders of the club were people who loved to cook curry.We actually did made curry back then as a club.But nowadays, there isn't many opportunities to do so.

And recently,we've sort of become the hangout place for the supernatural club.It's a sorry state but I'm no wiz at cooking curry either.

But when I was a second year,I still remember eating the delicious curry the curry club sold at a store they set up in the dorms...I felt it was such a loss for it to close down. //For the current curry club to set up a store in the dorms,it might be an impossible task.

イメジ画像-Portrait image


Isn't this...


You just need to show up a couple of times a term and you're done.They also don't seem to have any troublesome customs or club traditions too.


I'll join the club


I-..I'll be joining too!

How wonderful!Two more first year's have decided to join the club!

Well then,can you write down your name,class and cell phone number here?If you don't mind,put down your addresses too.

Senpai! Let's make curry! If we work hard, we can re-open the store in the dorms!

You idiot!I thought I could just kick back and relax.

Why are you making me do more than I need to!

[To be continued....]

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