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Kimi ni Todoke 38

+ posted by nukumi as translation on Feb 15, 2010 05:03 | Go to Kimi ni Todoke

-> RTS Page for Kimi ni Todoke 38

Kimi ni Todoke - Chapter 38 - 50 pages

Still not used to the formatting. If anyone needs the Japanese version embedded as well, let me know. I have no real restrictions, ask me if you want to use it. This was created as a teaser for those impatient for scanlations.

[...] = thoughts/thinking
(...) = handwritten text
RS = random students

[Story and Main Cast] - from page 02
Kuronuma Sawako : 16yrs old 2nd year in High School. Nickname, Sadako. A super gloomy looking girl feared because of her ability to communicate with spirits. But her motto is "One good deed per day". She's in love with Kazehaya.
Kazehaya Shouta : A refreshing guy who treats everyone equally, also popular at school. For some reason, he worries about Sawako.

-Sawako here. I wasn't really able to talk to anyone at first, but when we were in our first year and we were changing seating assignments, I got placed next to Kazehaya. It was the beginning of a whole new world for me.
-Right now, Kazehaya is the person I 'like' with romantic feelings. But now that We're in our second year, I'm so self-conscious of my feelings that I haven't really been able to talk to him. It seems frightening to think of what comes after 'like'.
-Miura told me when I was watering the plants that Kazehaya has a girl that he likes already.. I tried not to think about it, but I was just so shocked. My tears just wouldn't stop. Kazehaya showed up afterwards and told me, 'I like you, Kuronuma', but people are going to get the wrong impression if he goes around saying things like that.
-He also told me, 'My "like" and your "like" are different aren't they?' Of course they would be different, and I know that, of course, but it still shocked me...
-Chizu told me that it's my fault that Kazehaya is acting this way, and then got mad at me asking just how long I was going to treat myself this way. Kurumi also told me we're no longer rivals and that at least she told him her feelings properly.
-Am I... Am I making a mistake..? Have I ever told him anything like that...? The culture Fair that we've all been working for is almost upon us now.

Yano Ayane - A calm, sarcastic person.
Yoshida Chizuru - Passionately sympathetic of others. Strong sense of chivalry. Like an older sister.
Sanada Ryuu - Baseball freak. Likes Chizuru.
Arai Kazuichi - Teacher. Full of himself. Nickname, Pin.
Miura Kento - Interest in Sawako?! Happy and carefree.

Page 1
All Natural Color : Youth Graffiti
50 color pages

We're all watching over you,
the both of you.

Sorry to keep you waiting!
Special Come-back Edition.

Reaching You
Shiina Karuho
Series will resume in the October issue!!

Page 2



Page 3
Sawako : Good Mo...

Sawako :み...見そこなわれている... [Ah.. I missed her...]
Kent : ..Oh.

Kent : Sadako!!
Sawako : Master!!

Sawako : I, uh.. um.. sorry to show you such terribly disgraceful behavior...

Kent : No no! What I meant to say..
Chizuru : Hold it, you!
Kent : Ugh.

Page 4
Ayane : You've done more than enough!!

Ayane : What do you want with her?! Keep away!!
Sawako : (What?!)
Kent : Aww.. So mean~

Ayane : What do you think you're doing!! Didn't I tell you to keep out of it?!

Kent : Hm... Does this mean..?!

Kent : Sorry, Sadako!!
Sawako : Huh.

Page 5
Kent : This might mean that you're the one Kazehaya likes!!

Ayane : Wha.. What the hell!
(and talking so loudly!!)
Random Students (RS) : Huh.. What's going on..
No way! You mean that rumor about the fight was true?! That one where Kazehaya confessed.

Sawako : It's...

Sawako : It's all a misunderstanding!!
You're just confused! That was just a misunderstanding!!

Chizuru : (Sawa!!)
Ayane : (See I told you!!)

Sawako : ..he didn't mean it like that..!

Page 6
Chizuru : Ack.

Page 7
Sawako : ......
RS : Huh? What's going on?
I'm not too sure, but it seems like Sadako is denying her relationship with Kazehaya.

RS : Huh.. What's that all about.
Sawako : .....

Sawako : Kaz......
RS : Oh! Ryuu! Kazehaya! (there you are) You're late!
Kazehaya : !

RS : Everyone else is already here......huh? Seems to be more people than usual, did something happen?

Kent : Kaze....
Ayane & Chizuru : Hey!!

Page 8
Ayane : Come over here!!
Kent : But, you really want to leave it like that?
Ayane : Shut up and come with us!! (Just shut your mouth for once!)

RS : Huh? Was that Miura??
(with Yano and Yoshida?)
Kazehaya : Nah.

Kazehaya : It was nothing.

RS : Ugh, I wonder if we'll finish the float on time..
(I doubt it)
We've still got 2 days, I'm sure it'll work out somehow.
We'll probably have to pull an all-nighter the night before.
You think?! (..not this year too?!)

RS : ..Man.. I guess it was all made-up.
(even Sadako denied it)
He just left without any kind of response.
Sawako : ........
RS : Yeah, must be.

Page 9
Ryuu : ...俺が言うのもなんだけど ..This is just my opinion..

Ryuu : 多分あんた but you probably
言葉足らず should have said more.

Sawako : [....I....]

Sawako : [If this keeps going]
[I may never be able to speak with Kazehaya again]
[...left with only his fading silhouette]

Page 10
Sawako : [Even our daily "Morning"....]
["He might not give me that smiling 'Morning' anymore"]
["He might not look me in the eyes anymore"]

["He might even completely avoid me"]
[...that time]

[when he deliberately waited]
[so that he could talk to me]


Page 11
Sawako : [......]
[I'm not doing anything....]
Kent : .........
I might have.. maybe...
done a little something~

Ayane : ..."might have"? Don't you give me that?
Kent : Yeah~
(your eyes...)

Ayane : You want me to seal that up for you? Seal up that ridiculous mouth of yours!
Kent : (ah hah)
Not really..

Kent : I'm just, you know.. such an honest guy..
Ayane : Who cares about that. (bastard)
Kurumi : Move.

Kurumi : You're in my way.

Page 12
Kurumi : Go do that stuff off to the side or something! (seriously)
Ayane & Chizuru : ..........

Kent : ..Hey. Now that I think about it, what happened after that, Kurumi?
Kurumi : After what?

Kent : You remember, you came to ask about the fight with Sadako and Kazehaya.
Ayane & Chizuru : The what?!

Ayane : Wait, Kurumi! You better not be planning anything again behind our backs!
Chizuru : You better not have hurt Sawako!!
Kurumi : ....."planning"...

Kurumi : I went to make fun of her. What about it?
(You got a problem?)
Juice Box : Plum

Page 13
Chizuru : You little!
Kurumi : I messed with her a little on Valentine's too, so she wouldn't give her chocolates to him. Something wrong with that?
Ayane : What! Why would you do something like that?!

Ayane : So that means that was all your fault?! (the chocolates!!)
(Every single one of you..)
Kurumi : That's right! I'm the one who messed it up! So what?!

Kurumi : Sawako was the one who didn't give them to him!! I never told her "Don't give those to him"!!

Chizuru : Yeahhhh...
(she's got a point)
Chizuru's Sign : Kurumi
Ayane : No, she's wrong for butting in.
Ayane's Sign : Sawa

Kent : ...oh, hey.

Page 14
Kent : You like Kazehaya too, Kurumi?!
Chizuru : (hey) Aren't you being a little loud?
Kurumi : ...That's right.
Kent : Ah, what a mess! ...oh but

Kent : What about if I go out with Sadako? Then it'll all work out for you, right?

Kurumi : ......
Mind your own damn business!!

Page 15
Kent : .........weren't you trying to get in their way?
Kurumi : ....I just!!

Kurumi : I can't accept losing to a woman like that!

Kurumi : ...I never thought she was someone to give up so easily, I swear!!
Chizuru : Ah, wait..
Ayane : Kurumi!
Kent : .....

Page 16
Kent : I guess he..
really does like Sadako then..?

Ayane : ...It only gets worse when other people start sticking their noses into it, I'm sure you can see that. Just leave them alone already!

Kent : .......

Pin : Oh
Sawako : Oh..
Pin : How are the preparations for the festival coming? Are we on schedule?

Page 17
Sawako : The costumes group and accessories group are progressing well...(they seem to think they'll make it on time) By the way, the poster group is also doing well... (they said they could probably help out the other groups too...) The painting group and the float group seem to be a little behind schedule...
Pin : Oh, is that right. Well you tell the painting group and float group, "Use your youth, make it happen"! 「若いうちの無理は買ってでもしろ」
Sawako : Okay
Pin : We've had a change of plans!!

Pin : Get out of the way seniors!! We're pulling for a team win!
(beat them all!!)
Sawako : [(He's really going for it this year.)]

Pin : Oh yeah, that's right. I think you've been misunderstanding something!
Sawako : What.
[a misunderstanding...!! (something else?!)]

Pin : Shouta isn't the amazing guy you make out him to be!! Quit while you're ahead!! Just quit now!!

Sawako : [.....amazing....]
Pin : Oh, how's it coming along, my little ants!!
RS : (what a horrible excuse for a teacher)
(seriously the worst)

Page 18
Sawako : [but really...]
[I still think he's more than amazing though...]
Pin : By the way, what's with all those books.
Sawako : They're for the Black Magic Cafe
Pin : Bl-Black Magic books?!
["What's that matter?"]

Page 19
Pin : ["Just give up on it already"]

Kazehaya : [...Give up on what exactly?]

Kazehaya : [Going out with her?]
[..Giving up on my feelings..?]
RS : Oh, Sadako (Whoa, that's a lot of books. That looks heavy.)

RS : What are they?!
Sawako : Oh... an Herb tea..(books showing you how to make tea properly)
(and some ones on proper settings for the table)
RS : Ah, for the Black Magic Cafe! Let me see, Let me see~

Pin : ["You're just too focused on yourself right now!"]

Page 20
Sawako : [... I....]
Kurumi : ["Just what do you see when you look at him anyhow?"]

Page 21
Sawako : Was it his elegance that I fell in love with..?
Sawako : ["refreshing"]

Sawako : ["fair"]

Sawako : ["It's not like I was trying to look that way."]

Right Nameplate : Arai Kazuichi
Sign : [Fall Spirits]Black Magic Advice Open for Service[Evil Spirits]
Sadako's Black Magic Cafe
-Medicinal Herb Tea
-Medicinal Herb Candies
and more

RS : ...despise...

Page 22
RS : The person I like has a girlfriend, I despise her...
I want to make him mine no matter what
Could you please make her vanish...

Sawako : .........

Sawako : They say.. cursing someone.. requires two graves...
{-note- its a saying meaning : if you curse someone it will only bring you misfortune eventually leading to your grave, therefore needing two graves. One for you, and one for the person you cursed.}

Pin : Wha...
Why are all these people lined up?!

Ryuu : Apparently all the occult fans who want the help of black magic gathered because of Sadako's infamy.
Pin : H-her true power..!!
(I knew it!)
Sign Ryuu is holding : end of the line ->
Sign Ryuu is wearing : 2-D Sadako's Black Magic Cafe
RS : (I've heard it's amazing)
(They say she's the real thing)
(Seems like she was right on)
(No way!)
...Thank you!!

Page 23
RS : I...I'll fight his girlfriend for him fair and square!!
I won't even hold a grudge afterward!!

RS : Next

Ryuu : ..and for some reason they all come out refreshed, as if they've had all their hatred removed....
Pin : She....She's amazing!!
Sign Ryuu's holding : end of the line ->
Sign Ryuu's wearing : 2-D Sadako's Black Magic Cafe

RS : Here's your Shiso Tea.
Ah, yummy.
What does this herb do?
Helps with constipation.
いや ウチは萌え萌えジャンケンはやってないんで
No, I'm sorry we're not playing the burning hot game.

Page 24
Sawako : [...break time..?]
[The person they like already taken...]
[I guess everyone is struggling with love...]

[..If Kazehaya didn't already have someone he liked..]
Scroll : Fortune

私はなにかしていたというのかな[I wonder if I did something]
Fortune : Love ・ Devote yourself to love. Happiness will be found
何かがかわっていたとでもいうのかな[.. or even maybe that something changed]

Page 25
Sawako : [or maybe.. nothing will change]

Kent : Sadako! Good work!

Kent : They said you get a 10 minute break! Here.

Page 26
Kent : ..Did you think I was Kazehaya?

Kent : ..Can I tell you what I really think?

Kent : I thought it would be absolutely impossible for you to catch Kazehaya.

Kent : You just seemed too different. I couldn't see you working out well, and I figured if he did go out with someone, it wouldn't be you.

Kent : ...Also

Page 27
Kent : You mentioned how you never felt that "wall" between you and Kazehaya..
but from the way I see it, he's the only one you do put a "wall" up for.

Kent : ...no one else in class gets that "wall".

Page 28
Sawako : [...only with Kazehaya?]

Sawako : [I did....?]
Kent : ...but you were surprisingly cute
so at the very least, I thought you should give up on him, and just have fun with the rest of the class. Just find some other guy.

Kent : I even thought maybe I could be that guy for you...

Page 29
Kent : Sada...

Kent : .......

Kent : I thought you had a really nice smile.

Kent : But
right now, the one who makes you sad or makes you cry, and can even make you smile

Kent : ..that's Kazehaya.

Page 30
Kent : I'm on your side. Good luck.

Sawako : ["Sorry"]

Sawako : ["Thanks!!"]

Page 31
Sawako : [...even now that I've made friends and fit in]

Sawako : [and I don't feel embarrassed or feel worried that they'll hate me]
Sign : Charging Power

Kent : Kazehaya! Shift Change!

Sawako : [I can't say the things I feel]
[I can't smile naturally]

Kent : ...you know, Kazehaya. Sadako, doesn't seem to get it.
(well I'm the one that confused her but..)
..I'm sorry.

Page 32
Sawako : [There should never have been a wall between me and him]
[but somehow I made one without even realizing.]

Sawako : [Back when I could tell him my feelings,]
[He always, 100% of the time, responded back to me.]

Kazehaya : ..misunderstanding..

Kazehaya : ...yeah
Kuronuma. I think she is misunderstanding me.

Page 33
Kent : ...huh?
Kazehaya : But..

Kazehaya : She's the one who's always and forever being misunderstood.

Kazehaya : And even despite that..
she's never once given up, always fighting to the bitter end.

Page 34
Kazehaya : ..it's true. I'm the exact opposite of her.

Kazehaya : I lose my temper easily, I even get jealous.

Kazehaya : ..I'm not anything like how she imagines me to be. There's nothing about me to revere.

Kazehaya : ..She's always saying how it's all thanks to me, but..

Kazehaya : .....
to that Kuronuma, always struggling alone, always managing to make things work out in the end

Page 35
Kazehaya : The one who was in awe
was me.

Kent : ....Kaze..

RS : Oh Kazehaya!
Sign : Advice Booth with Sadako

Sadako : (huh?)

Page 36
RS : We came to check out the Black Magic Cafe! (We're next!) We heard she was pretty impressive!!

RS : Uh.. what was her name again... oh yeah, Sadako!
Kuronuma Sadako!! (scaryyy!!)
Kazehaya : "Sawako".

Page 37
Kazehaya : It's "Kuronuma Sawako".

Page 38
Sawako : [He seemed like an angel to me.]

Page 39
Sawako : [Cheerful]
[the center of attention]
RS : Good work!
Good work!

Sawako : [The exact]
[opposite of me]
RS : What do you mean, this is only the beginning! We still have to finish the floats and the girls outfits by tomorrow!
Ugh, this sucks!
Everyone head home for now. What time should we meet up again later?!

RS : Kazehaya!
Sawako : [...I respected him]
[I was in awe of him]

RS : Huh, Where's Kazehaya?
Sawako : [...but]

Page 40
Sawako : [The Kazehaya I fell in love with]
[was never more than himself]

Ayane : There you are, Sawako! (Good work!!) (You had it the worst today!!)
Chizuru : Let's head home! Go home, eat some food, take a bath, then meet back up at my place!!

RS : (ah hey, Yoshida!) Uh, have you seen Kazehaya?
Chizuru : Huh? I dunno. What? You can't find him?!
Sawako : ...forget it...

Sawako : ....Just
forget it

Page 41
Ayane : Huh.. forget it...? What do you mean, Sawako?
Chizuru : Wait. Don't tell me you plan on giving u..

Sawako : Kazehaya
can love whoever he wants, I don't care!

Page 42
Sawako : .... go ahead.. without me!
Chizuru : uh.. ah.. Ryuu!

Ryuu : Kuronuma! The classroom!

Sawako : [All those things I don't understand,]
[Forget them.]

Page 43
Sawako : [Scary.. Embarrassing.]

Ayane : ..you okay with this? Shouldn't you stop her?

Sawako : [Worrying about what he thinks of me.]

Sawako : ["The person before you now is the best. Don't waver."]
[What was I so confused about.]

Page 44
Sawako : [...I have so many things I want to tell him.]

Sawako : [...his back]
[his blushing profile]
[his flustered face]
[his truly angry face]

Page 45
Sawako : [his serious face]
[his sad face]
[and that smile, that spreads from ear to ear]

Page 46
Sawako : [When I tell him, that I want them all, all of his faces,]
[I wonder what kind of face he'll make then.]

Page 47
Sawako : [..I want to smash it down]
[this thing that I built]
[between us]

Page 48
Sawako : [I want to tell him]
[everything, all of my feelings]

Page 49
Sawako : [...I hope they make it to him]

Sawako : [Please]
[Reach him]

Page 50
Sawako : [...Reach him...]

Magazine Note : [to be continued][We're taking a break before the next release.][Continued in the October edition.]

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#1. by Animeroxx123 ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2010
Soo! amazing! thank you to translating!

Areas to check:

added the Japanese to the areas I struggled with.
page 3, 9, 17, 22, 23, 24, 26

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