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Kimi ni Todoke 39

+ posted by nukumi as translation on Feb 15, 2010 21:06 | Go to Kimi ni Todoke

-> RTS Page for Kimi ni Todoke 39

Kimi ni Todoke - Chapter 39 - 46 pages

If anyone needs the Japanese version embedded as well, let me know. I have no real restrictions, ask me if you want to use it. This was created as a teaser for those impatient for scanlations.

[...] = thoughts/thinking
(...) = handwritten text
RS = random students

[Story and Main Cast] - from page 04
Kuronuma Sawako : 16yrs old, 2nd year in High School. Nickname, Sadako. A super gloomy looking girl feared because of her ability to communicate with spirits. But her motto is "One good deed per day". She's in love with Kazehaya.
Kazehaya Shouta : A refreshing guy who treats everyone equally, also popular at school. For some reason, he worries about Sawako.

-Sawako here. I wasn't really able to talk to anyone at first, but when we were in our first year and we were changing seating assignments, I got placed next to Kazehaya. It was the beginning of a whole new world for me.
-Right now, Kazehaya is the person I 'like' with romantic feelings. But now that We're in our second year, I'm so self-conscious of my feelings that I haven't really been able to talk to him. It seems frightening to think of what comes after 'like'.
-Miura told me that Kazehaya has a girl that he likes already.. Then Kazehaya told me, 'I like you, Kuronuma', but he also told me, 'My "like" and your "like" are different, aren't they?' Of course they would be different, and I know that, of course, but it still shocked me...
-Chizu told me that it's my fault that Kazehaya is acting this way, and then got mad at me asking just how long I was going to treat myself this way. Kurumi also told me we're no longer rivals and that at least she told him her feelings properly.
-The Culture Fair has started now. Miura told me that I only built a wall between Kazehaya and myself, not for anyone else. What was I so scared and confused about anyhow. Kazehaya can like whoever he wants, I don't care! I want to break down that wall... I want to tell him all of my feelings, everything...
-As soon as the first day of the culture fair was over, I stared running up to the classroom, where Kazehaya was alone, to tell him my feelings!

Yano Ayane - A calm, sarcastic person.
Yoshida Chizuru - Passionately sympathetic of others. Strong sense of chivalry. Like an older sister.
Sanada Ryuu - Baseball freak. Likes Chizuru.
Arai Kazuichi - Teacher. Full of himself. Nickname, Pin.
Miura Kento - Interest in Sawako?! Happy and carefree.

Page 01
Chizuru : No, but really, that was lucky that Ryuu knew where Kazehaya was.
Ryuu : Oh, that's because I was just talking with him.
Chizuru : Oh? About?

Ryuu : ...not telling.
Chizuru : Aw, tell us.
Kazehaya : ...I think she's more misunderstood than other people.

Kazehaya : more often not able to express herself clearly.

Kazehaya : but despite all that, she keeps fighting on. I love that part of her.

Magazine Notes : Series Renewal! 46 pages w/color.
Reaching You
Shiina Karuho

Page 02
Kazehaya : I don't want to give up either.

Page 03
Kazehaya : ... I love her.

Magazine Notes : The long-awaited series returns!
46 pages w/color
All Natural Color ・ Youth Graffiti
Reaching You
Shiina Karuho

Page 04
Kazehaya : .... Ryuu...?

Page 05

Page 06
Sawako : ......
Kazehaya : ....Kuronuma...

Page 07
Sawako : .....
[.. I can't stop shaking ..]

Sawako : [The time to finally let him know.. has come.]
Kazehaya : ...I'm sorry.

Page 08
Kazehaya : I'm sorry for making you cry.
So much.
I'm sorry for upsetting you.

Kazehaya : ...always only thinking of myself.
...I'm sorry.

Page 09
Kazehaya : If you ever have something you want to tell me
...tell me that instant.

Kazehaya : I want to hear it.
...no matter what it's about.

Kazehaya : My feelings won't ever change.

Page 10
Sawako : ..... okay....
['My "like" and your "like" are different, aren't they.']
["won't change.."]

Kazehaya : .... If it's Yoshida and Yano you're looking for

Kazehaya : they're probably outsid...
Sawako : No, that's not it!

Page 11
Sawako : I came to see you.

Sawako : ...I have something...
...I wanted to tell you...!

Sawako : ...ちがうの [...no]
いいの [it's okay]

Page 12
Sawako : [it's okay]

Sawako : ...just stay there
I want you to listen

Kazehaya : ...okay!

Page 13
Sawako : [Kazehaya..]

Sawako : I've... always
...no matter what I do, people always start apologizing to me....

Sawako : So when you
...when we first met

Sawako : ....and you smiled and said 'Thanks',
...I was really and truly happy...

Page 14
Sawako: ["I never once planned it to be that way"]
[..but even so]
[regardless of that, I was happy]

Sawako : [Like everything]
[suddenly filled with color]

Sawako : [Kazehaya]
[He changed my whole world]
but yet

Page 15
Sawako : [That one single person]
[changed my everything]
I...when you told me that
I did the exact opposite

Sawako : ...So this time
instead of apologizing
...please listen...

Page 16
Sawako : Thank you, for all the smiles you gave me
for all the times you spoke to me
...for all the times you were so kind to me
...to me...
for all the new feelings, so many of them, that you exposed me to
Thank you.

Page 17
Sawako : .....

Kazehaya : .....

Sawako : ......
No, not that...

Sawako : ....
Kazehaya : Kuro...

Sawako : I love you.

Page 18
Sawako : ...I love you.

Sawako : I love you. I love you

Sawako : .....I love you.

Page 19
Sawako : I love you.....
[I can't say it right]

Sawako : [All of these feelings, everything]
[I have no idea how to put them into words]

Sawako : [Just]
[I love him]

Page 20
Sawako : [I love him]
[Love him]
[Love him]

Sawako : Ah, don't!

Sawako : Don't open it! I'm...

Page 21
Sawako : .....!
[having you see my face right now]
[is so embarrassing]

Page 22

Page 23

Page 24

Page 25
Chizuru : Well, you wanna just head home for now then?
Ayane : Hm, but I'm kinda curious.
Joe : (Heeey)
Kazehaya~ Kazehaya~
Ayane & Chizuru : ....

Chizuru : You think this'll be okay?!
Ayane : (heh)
I'm sure it'll be okay. Let's let Ryuu handle him.

Joe : Ryuu~, seen Kazehaya~?!
Ryuu : .....

Ryuu : .....

Joe : seen Kazehaya?
Ryuu : (smile)
Joe : Kazehaya!
Ryuu : (smile)

Chizuru : ....He's not the type to lie though!!
(are you sure this is okay?!)
Ayane : Well, Joe's pretty stupid. (so it should be fine)

Pin : Hey, you there
You know where Kuronuma is?

Page 26
Chizuru : No-No idea!!
Pin : (what?!)
Well you guys are pretty useless then!!
Ayane : What? If you have some kinda message, we can give it to her later.
Pin : I can't entrust it to the likes of you.

Pin : I thought up...
such a good plan~~
(giggling)(so perfect!!)
Ayane & Chizuru : [He's definetly up to no good!!]

Pin : Well, I guess I'll go check out the classroom then?
Ayane & Chizuru : AHHH!!

Ayane & Chizuru : OH! That's right!! She left!! She already went home!!
Pin : (what?!)
Then why didn't you say so earlier?!
Ayane & Chizuru : We forgot! We just now remembered! Sawako already went home!!
Pin : What?! What's up with you guys?!

Joe : [....oh, the classroom..]
(didn't check there..)

Page 27
(school bell chiming)

Page 28

Page 29

Page 30

Page 31

Page 32
Kazehaya : ...Ku

Sawako : .....I-I
Kazehaya : ...Wait!

Page 33
Kazehaya : Don't hide, look at me!

Kazehaya : ...all this time...

Kazehaya : I feel like
I've never actually seen your face

Page 34
Kazehaya & Sawako : ......

Page 35
Joe : Ah-ha! There you are, Kazehaya~!

Joe : ..oh, huh? Is that Sadako?!
(I thought you went home already)
Pin was looking for you.

Sawako : What?!
(the teacher is?!)
Joe : Seemed like something important. But, uh, what were you guys doing?

Sawako : [What were!!]

Sawako : [We doing anyhow!!]

Page 36
Sawako : ......
Joe : (?)

Kazehaya : ...Kuro..
Sawako : The

Sawako : [What was I doing!!]
The teacher
he's calling for me!!

Kazehaya : (Hey)
Joe : Kazehaya~~! What were you doing in here~~ I was looking for you~!
Kazehaya : What was I...

Page 37
Kazehaya : UGHHH~ enough already
Joe : Ack, What is it!

Kazehaya : ......that was a really important conversation!

Joe : (Ohhh really?)
Well, I don't care about any of that. I'm thinking for the snacks when we meet up later, maybe something like 7 sour to 3 sweet. (maybe 8:2?)

Page 38
Kazehaya : .....

Chizuru : (what!)
You messed it up?!

Page 39
Random Students (RS) : Hey, you over there, if you're going to mess things up, do it on the guy's costumes instead.
Ayane : Okay~
(I'll make sure to mess up Joe's good)
Chizuru : (squirming)

Ayane : Wait, you DID say it though, right?!
(idle noise)
Sawako : I-I guess.
Chizuru : I guess?!
(What do you mean 'I guess'!!)
Sawako : I-I couldn't even tell him 1/10th of the things I was thinking.

Chizuru : So, what did he say?

Sawako : [what did he?]

Ayane : ........
Chizuru: Did he.. do something?
Sawako : [do!!]

Ayane & Chizuru : (staring)
Sawako : Uh
Pin : How's it coming along!!

Page 40
Pin : Ack, What the!!
Why are you right here!!

Ayane & Chizuru : Th-That's what we'd like to know!!
(Why the hell are you here!!)
Sawako : [I forgot.]
Pin : Heh.. I'm in charge of the class, right? I wanted to talk to Kuronuma a little about tomorrow's performance!
Ayane : Why can't you just tell her tomorrow!
Chizuru : Why did you let him in?! Mom!! (stomping feet)

Pin : I'm telling you I have the best idea! This is going to get the judges on our side!! Kuronuma, come with me for a sec.
Ayane & Chizuru : (Also, isn't that OUR bag of snacks?)
Ayane : Look at that face. Nothing but ulterior motives. (He's definitely got some bet riding on this!!)
Sawako : [Ult..]

Page 41
Sawako : [Ulterior motives!!]

Pin : So! Tomorrow during your solo performance..
(This right here!!)
Sawako : ...I-I...
Pin: Huh.

Sawako : ...I
I'll never be able to look at Kazehaya without ulterior motives again!!

Pin : Good for you...
Sawako : No its not~! Aaghh. Even though he said his feelings wont ever change!
Somehow I just... What should I do.. Even in the best case scenario, even then!

Page 42
Pin : You know! You think you were looking at Shouta and the others without any kind of ulterior motives this whole time?
Sawako : Huh?

Pin : It's your "heart".
[T/L note: Pin is just being Pin. The literal reading for ulterior motives is 'lower heart', so he's under the assumption that its just part of your 'heart'.]

Pin: Of course you have one!

Page 43
Pin : And now that we've solved that. Hand these out to the judges tomorrow. (1 each, okay!)
Sawako : ..okay..
Pin : And it's perfectly normal to have ulterior motives!
Sawako : Okay.

Pin : Also, you make sure to tell him what I just told you too! Got it!
(You guys are getting annoying with all this back and forth crap!!)
(I'm out!!)

Sawako : .......

Pin : [Just now, I]
[I said something smart just now!]

Page 44
Pin : [I gotta hurry over and check up on Shota too!!]

Kazehaya : Hey, I'm gonna go to the bathroom!
RS : Okay!

-door closing-

Pin : Heeeey Kazehaya Shou-Pure-Ulterior-Motives-Ta!!

Page 45
Kazehaya : LEAVE!!
Pin : WHAT?! What are you talking about! Hey!! Ulterior motives are just your heart!!
Kazehaya : I got it!! Now leave!!

Pin : Listen up everyone!! Shouta is made of pure ulterior motives!!
RS : What's that!

Box : Heart beating

Box : Excitement
RS : Oh my god, I hope we finish on time!
We will, we will!
Hey, seems like Pin went to see the guys too!
(And they're not anywhere near done!)
No way!!

Ayane : Sawako, when are you going to talk to him tomorrow?
Sawako : A-At least before the parade..!
Chizuru : Good luck!!

Box : nervous/restless

RS : Kazehaya, what'd he mean by ulterior motives?
Kazehaya : That's what I'd like to know!
(What was up with him?!)
RS : (Ahahahaha)
Pin's really starting to lose it!
Joe, do something other than just eat snacks.
By the way, when is Ryuu gonna show up?

Cellphone : Sent Log
To ・ Kuronuma Sawako
Subject ・ Tomorrow
Let me talk to you again. -END-

Box : ...hurry

Page 46
Box : Hurry.
I want to see you.
I wonder how long it's been since
I was this impatient for tomorrow to come

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