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Time Eliminator 1

Jack the Ripper

+ posted by nukumi as translation on Feb 20, 2010 03:15 | Go to Time Eliminator

-> RTS Page for Time Eliminator 1

Interesting to note : The two main characters are named after a breed of cat and dog respectively. ;D

Please ask me if you'd like to use this text in any way. Thanks :)

[...] = thinking/narrated text
(...) = handwritten text/sfx
{...} = my notes

Page 1 (643)
Time Eliminator
Chapter 1

[Something you'd like erased, perhaps?]

Magazine Notes : From the same artist as 'The tale of the prosperous country of Mismarca', we invite you to the other side of space and time.


Page 2 (644)
Box : August 31, 1888. Victorian London.

[Our tale unfolds with that famous series of bizarre murders..]

Box : In Whitechapel District, where all the harlots and criminals gathered
There resounded the shriek of a woman...

Box : The victim's name was Mary Ann Nichols.

Box : An atrocious corpse, with it's throat slit wide open.

Page 3 (645)
[Through November 9th, at the Dorset Street boarding house,]
[where Mary Jane Kelly's massacred body was found. A total of 70 days.]
[A total of five prostitutes were murdered, submerging London into terror.]

Box : This series of murders, even though key evidence and eye witnesses were found, still proved to be a mystery.
Box : The perpetrator has yet, to this day, to be found.

Box : Before long, the case was out of the hands of the police...

Box : He became known, to the people of the world, as ...

Page 4 (646)
Cornish Rex : Jack the Ripper, right?

Barney : Oh. So you've heard of it?

Rex : Barney, are you making fun of me or something?
How could I NOT know that famous case.

Barney : Ahah. That's a good point!
Rex : ...so

Rex : This little one is the one who would like it erased then?

Page 5 (647)
Kelly Abberline : ....
Rex : Wh-what...

Kelly : I wonder. Is that how you should be speaking to your client?
(turn away)
Rex : What?!

Kelly : Barney.

Kelly : Are you quite certain that this child can actually travel back in time to the year 1888? I don't believe it, to be sure!
Rex : Ch.. CHILD?!

Rex : I'm clearly older than you, idiot!
Kelly : Only an idiot would call someone an idiot!

Rex : Why you little~
Airedale Terrier : Now, now. Calm down, Mr. Cornish.

Page 6 (648)
Airedale : Pleased to meet you!
I'm Mr. Cornish Rex's assistant, Airedale Terrier.

Airedale : However, why was it again that you wanted to have Jack the Ripper erased?
Kelly : Kelly.

Kelly : Kelly Abberline.


Airedale : Ah.. Then, Kelly, why would...

Rex : I see now..
Your great-grandfather, police inspector Abberline, couldn't catch the culprit...
(creaking chair)
Airedale : ?

Rex : So you'd like to make as if it never even happened..
Kelly : How did you..?

Barney : Well done!

Page 7 (649)
Barney : This child's great-grandfather was the famous detective who chased after Jack the Ripper.
Detective Fred Abberline.

Airedale : Wow!
I had no idea! ...so that's why.

Kelly : My family lineage
is cursed because of the Jack the Ripper case.

Airedale : C-c-c-curseddd?!

Kelly : Yes...
Afterwards, Fred Abberline, who was in charge of the investigation, moved on in life, getting married and starting a family. However..

Page 8 (650)
[On November 9th, at the age of 44]

[He committed suicide..]

[As if in response to him, my great-grandmother also killed herself at the age of 44 on November 9th.]

Kelly : Their children as well, grew up and got married, but as soon as they hit 40, funny things started happening.

Kelly : They died at 44, on November 9th.

Kelly : In the same manner, all family, or anyone related to our family, have all died on a November 9th at the age of 44.
Airedale : C-coincidence?

Airedale : I-I-It has to be...

Page 9 (651)
Kelly : I used to be the same as you. I also thought it was just a coincidence when my mother told me.

[However... not long after, my mother started to change as well.]
[She killed herself on my 14th birthday.]

Kelly : Strangely, that day was a November 9th, and my mother was age 44.
Airedale : ...that's awful...

Kelly : The truth is, I have a severe heart condition, and the doctors tell me I won't even last a year.

Kelly : I'm the only person remaining from my family.
With my death, it will also mean the end of this tragedy.

Kelly : However.. if I'm going to die either way, I'd rather break the curse and give my great-grandfather Fred the blessed future he deserved... even if it kills me...

Rex : [...even if it kills me...?]

Page 10 (652)
Kelly : Please help me!
If you really can erase the past, please erase Jack the Ripper for me!

Airedale : ..and so you want to give him... a better future...
(you're too compassionate, stupid...)

Rex : .. and so

Rex : Kelly, was it? How much were you going to offer me for this?
Kelly : Oh?

Kelly : ...umm.
I gathered a bit of money somehow...

Page 11 (653)
Kelly : I managed to gather one million Yen.

Rex : My my. I'm surprised a child could pull together that kind of money.

Rex : ...however

Rex : That won't cover it.
One million doesn't even come close to cutting it for such a big case like this.
Kelly : Y-You can't be serious?!

Rex : You too, Barney. Why did you even bother bringing her in.

Barney : Well the thing about this case
I did a little research, and I've got this hunch that a Babylon item is behind the curse.

Rex : ?!

Page 12 (654)
Barney : Well... there's nothing we can really do if he says no.. I feel bad for you Kelly..
Rex : Wai-! Wait a second!

Rex : Damnit! I get it already!

Rex : I have one condition!

Rex : I'll take your first million as a down payment.
You'll then pay me the remaining nine million after the contract has be satisfied. Ten million in total.

Kelly : T-ten million?!

Kelly : I could never get that kind of money..
Rex : I know that. I never said you had to pay it immediately.

Page 13 (655)
Rex : You can pay off the full total..
before you die a year from now.

Kelly : Before I die...

Kelly : I understand..

Rex : Airedale.
(handing over)
Airedale : Okay.

Page 14 (656)
Rex : If you could sign this contract then.
All things recorded here are immune to any changes in history.

Rex : For example, even if we do remove Jack the Ripper from history, you will still have your memories of it, and will still be required to pay.

Kelly : ....

Kelly : I-I'd just like to reconfirm...

Kelly : Your powers can really let you travel back in time
and erase an event itself from history?

Rex : Rather doubtful aren't we.. If we aren't able to complete it, then the incident will continue to exist as it always has. You can always just come back and demand your hard-earned money back, right?

Page 15 (657)
Kelly : ...I suppose.
If I disappear, then that means everything is over..

Barney : See ya. We'll leave the rest up to you!
Rex : Yep.

(clang clang){bell on the door}

Airedale : For how little she trusted you,
She sure was quick to sign.
Rex : ...yeah.

Rex : Either way.. I'm going to go get my things together.
Airedale, find me some clothes appropriate for that time period.
Airedale : Sure thing!

Page 16 (658)
Box : Here stands a single man.

Box : And before him stands a single door.
Puzzling over whether or not he should open this door.

Box : As a result, the man opens the door.

Box : As a result, the man loses everything.

And that result, creates the world.

Page 17 (659)
Box : The world, seen as a single line,
Was organized into these three ideas.

Box : The future branches off into various alternatives.
The decisions you make will shape your future.
As well as leaving the resulting past in your wake.

Box : If, by chance, the man had not opened the door
Maybe the world would have been different...

[If you had the ability to change the outcome...]

[Case 1 Jack the Ripper ]

Page 18 (660)
Box : January 19, 2010, Midnight.

Rex : August 31, 1888, Nichols. September 8th, Annie Chapman. September 30th, Elizabeth. Same day, Catherine.
Then finally, after two months, Mary Ann Kelly on November 9th...

Airedale : Those were the women that were killed by Jack the Ripper?

Rex : Yeah. Five women were killed over a three month period.

Rex : It only gets worse when you add in the way he went about it.
Airedale : ...Yeah. So sad.

Page 19 (661)
Rex : All we need to do for this case is to take out the bad guy. That much is easy enough to understand.

Airedale : However, we still have no idea just who exactly the culprit was anyhow.

Airedale : According to rumors, there are theories against Doctor Creem, Prince Crawlings, heir to the English throne, an artist and even a writer.
Rex : Means we won't know until we go and check it out..

Rex : Nevermind that for a second.

Rex : Are you sure they wore this tattered, sorry excuse for clothing?

Airedale : According to our data, the London of that time was a very unsanitary place. Sewage could be found floating in the rivers, leaving a rather awful smell. The disparity among the poor was just terrible. Wearing that outfit will draw the least attention to you.

Rex : Even if it IS for Babylon, to think I have to go back to a place like that.. Sigh.

Page 20 (662)
Rex : Let's see here..

Rex : Right!
Let's get this started!

Page 21 (633)
Rex : ..The flow of time circulating through our world, Paso Dorado.
{T/L Note : Paso Dorado is Spanish for "golden passage"}

Rex : Open to me the way through to the past...

Rex : I ask of you to guide my way

Page 22 (664)

Page 23 (665)
Rex : I'm counting on you, Airedale!

Airedale : You got it!
Please be careful!

Airedale : ...first things first.

Airedale : Before Mr. Cornish lands..

Airedale : I better straighten this mess up..

Page 24 (666)
Rex : Heh..


Rex : Check one, two. Can you hear me? Airedale?

Page 25 (667)
Airedale : ..No sound complications. Go ahead.
Rex : Okay!

Rex : I just now landed.

Rex : The time is... 2:45am August 31st, 1888.
Where am I?

Airedale : Hmm...
Your current location is

Airedale : Near Osborne Street. Here.
(beep beep)
Rex : Okay!

Rex : The first murder is in 30 minutes, so I'll head directly over there!
Airedale : Understood! Be careful!

Rex : Now then.

Rex : Time for work!

Page 26 (668)

Box : August 31, 1888 2:50AM London

Woman : Mm...Mmm..
(chatter chatter)
Woman : Hey mister, wanna give it a try?

Woman : Oh blessed...
Man : Shut up you piece of trash!

Woman : Play with me. I'll make sure you have a good time.

Page 27 (669)
Rex : Wow..

Rex : It really is a free-for-all.. a bizarre murder wouldn't be surprising at all in such a lawless district.
Either way, I should just focus on getting to the scene of the first murder..

Mary Jane : Hey, mister. What are you doing? If you've got some time, want to have a little chat with me?

Rex : Huh? No.. uh, sorry I'm in a hurr-

Page 28 (670)
Rex : [I remember her from the case files. The last victim of Jack the Ripper....]

Rex : Are you Mary Jane Kelly?

Mary Jane : Hm?
How do you know my name?

Mary Jane : Perhaps... you've been charmed by my beautiful face, and have been following me?

Rex : .. Why would you even think that.

Page 29 (671)
Rex : ..even so, you're rather young.
Mary Jane : Oh?
You're one to talk. You look even younger than I do...

Mary Jane : You sure it's okay for you to be out wandering around like this? Little boy.
Rex : Wha-


Mary Jane : Hmmm
Rex : Eh?! What do you wan-

Mary Jane : Then..
Certainly, that wouldn't exclude this here, right?

Rex : Uh.. no.. I mean

Page 30 (672)
Airedale : Mr. Cornish! What are you doing!
Rex : Wah?!
Mary Jane : ?
(that surprised me...)

Rex : Th-that's right..

Rex : H-have you
felt like someone might be targeting you lately?

Mary Jane : Targeting?

Mary Jane : That's true... It is a rather dangerous world out there..
I guess maybe...

Mary Jane : If we're talking about a certain suspicious person who somehow knows my name.

Page 31 (673)
Mary Jane : He's right here in front of me.
Rex : Ugh.

Rex : [I doubt I'll get anything out of her at this rate..]

Rex : Someone other than me.

Rex : Mary.
There's a chance that someone is after you. Please be extra careful!

Rex : Alright! I'm in a hurry, so we'll leave it at that!
Mary Jane : Wha?
Mary Jane : Wait!

Mary Jane : What was that all about...
(beep beep)

Page 32 (674)
Box : August 31, 1888 3:10AM, Whitechapel Station, near Buck's Row.

Mary Ann Nichols : Damn.

Nichols : To think I came all the way out here.

Nichols : This measly amount isn't going to get me anything.

Nichols : I can't even make any money either,
with how empty this place is about this time.

Nichols : I really messed up this time...

Page 33 (675)
Nichols : ?
[Footsteps behind me?]

Nichols : [Lucky! Found my prey!]

Nichols : Mister~
Wanna spend the night with me?

Jack the Ripper : Trash like you will be judged by my hand..

Page 34 (676)
Nichols : Ahh!

Nichols : Eek!

Nichols : Wait.. W-What did I do?!

Jack : ...

Nichols : No.. P-Please.

Jack : Heh heh heh..

Rex : Good evening.

Page 35 (677)
Jack : !

Rex : My my. Seems like you like 'em feisty.

Jack : Damn!

Rex : !

Rex : Wha-!

Page 36 (678)
Rex : Was that for real...

Nichols : A-a-a-a-ah...

Rex : Are you okay? Calm down.
Nichols : H-He wasn't h-human..

Rex : ?!

Rex : Wai-! Hey! What's wrong! Snap out of it!
I can't have you dying on me.. come on.

Rex : She only fainted...
(don't scare me like that..)

Rex : ..not human.. hm..

Page 37(679)
Rex : She's right though..
A normal person could never have jumped like that...

Rex : Airedale, I messed up and he ran. I'm going to jump to the next murder scene.

Rex : Where and when am I headed?
Airedale : The second victim was Annie Chapman. Estimation of time of death is September 8th at 5:30AM.

Airedale : In the backyard of 29 Hanbury Street!

Rex : Understood!

Rex : Destination, September 8th...

Page 38 (680)
Box : September 8, 1888, 5:24am. Hanbury Street.

Box : Backyard for 29 Hanbury
Rex : ?!
Not here?!

Rex : Why?
(beep beep)

Airedale : Mr. Cornish. The location has changed from the first one I gave you!
Rex : What?

Rex : Where is it then?!
Airedale : In about 15 minutes, in the back alley Miller Court, at 5:40. I'll send you the data!

Rex : It's not too far!

Page 39 (681)
Box : Miller Court, 5:35am.


Rex : !!

Rex : [Is that..?]
Joseph Barnett : Hang in there!

Barnett : Hey!
Rex : [I'm pretty sure he's Joseph Barnett, Mary's ex-boyfriend.]

Page 40 (682)
Rex : Is everything okay?
Barnett : ?! Who are you?!

Rex : Uh, I was just passing by. I'm an apprentice doctor.

Barnett : Oh! What luck!!
Please help her!

Annie : Ughh...

Rex : [The wound isn't too deep, but with this amount of blood, this isn't looking good..]

Rex : Go and call for help while I give her some temporary first aid!
Barnett : Uh.. but, are you going to be okay on your own?

Rex : I'm fine. Just get going!
Barnett : O-Okay!

Page 41 (683)
Rex : Damnit.

Rex : These are two million each!
You better appreciate this!
(stick on)

Rex : Sigh...
Well, that's one life saved, for now..

Rex : Airedale, is the next location altered as well?
Airedale : Actually.. that's become a bit of a problem..

Page 42 (684)
Airedale : Because of all the events between now and the very first incident, everything is really out of sync, and the Time Seek has failed..
Rex : What?!

Airedale : At the moment, it's unable to predict any outcomes... Until the Time Seek comes around, I won't be able to give you any specifics.

Rex : Are you serious.. This sucks...

Airedale : However.. why did the the time and location of the crimes start changing anyhow..
Rex : That's easy.

Rex : My actions are affecting our target..
He was still found by 'someone', even though he thought he had a sure-fire plan.

Rex : When you feel like you're being watched, you start altering your movements. It's not strange at all.

Page 43 (685)
Airedale : That is true... So does that mean the next location will be different as well..
Rex : ....

Rex : No...

Rex : This time he was found, not by me, but by some other man, and couldn't complete the job. Not only that. The location of the crime was altered as well.
It's very likely it was only a coincidence.
Airedale : That means!

Rex : Yeah...
The next murder should happen right on schedule!

Page 44 (686)
Box : September 30, 1888. 12:30am. Berner Street. Near the International Learning Center.
Elizabeth Stride : Hey~ Wanna have some fun~?
Man : I've got somewhere to be.

Elizabeth : Heh. What's with all these limp bastards!

(trotting horse)
Elizabeth : Damn.

Crawlings : Well I do declare.. you're a pretty little lady.

Elizabeth : Huh? Are you talking to me?

Crawlings : That's right. Maybe you'd like to have some fun with me tonight?

Elizabeth : Uh..

Elizabeth : [He's obviously from the upper class. So why would he pick someone like me..]

Page 45 (687)
Elizabeth : There's been a lot of unpleasant things happening around here lately..
How can I be sure you're not up to something?

Crawlings : Ahah.. For someone as beautiful as you, any man, no matter who, would be up to various things I'm sure.

Crawlings : Well, if I can convince you to spend some time with me

Crawlings : I'll let you have these here.
Elizabeth : ! Grapes!

Elizabeth : S-Such an expensive thing for someone like me?
Crawlings : ...Of course.

Page 46 (688)
Elizabeth : You've got a deal! So, where'd you have in mind?
Crawlings : How about that little space over there? It's my property.

Elizabeth : Kinda dark over here.

Elizabeth : But hey, the dark makes it easier to imagine various things. More fun that way~

Crawlings : ....

Page 47 (689)

Crawlings : That's true..

Crawlings : I'll..

Crawlings : give you more fun than you can handle!

Rex : I can't let you do that!
Elizabeth : ?

Crawlings : ?!

Rex : Finally found you.
Mr. Jack the Ripper!

Page 48 (690)
Crawlings : Heh!

Crawlings : Die!

Rex : Too slow!

Rex : ?! You?!

Page 49 (691)
Rex : Prince Crawlings?!
Crawlings : P-please. Let it slide this time, I'll never do it again..

Rex : ..the heir to the throne of England, Jack the Ripper. That would only send the world into a panic with such an obviously huge scandal...

Rex : Either way, my job is to erase the incident itself.
Crawlings : !

Crawlings : S-stop!
I'll do anything you say! I-I only wanted to try it out!

Crawlings : PLEASE STOP

Page 50 (692)
Crawlings : !

Elizabeth : ...mu..

Elizabeth : ..Mu-murderer..

Page 51 (693)
Rex : Hey now.. don't get the wrong impression.
I only erased his memories.
Elizabeth : Huh?

Rex : He fainted, that's all.

Elizabeth : Just who are you..
Rex : Nothing you need to worry about.

Rex : Airedale. I'm finished, so I'm heading back.

Airedale : N-No wait. The Time Seek still hasn't stabilized!

Rex : What?

Rex : Why.. Didn't I stop him..

Rex : He isn't Jack the Ripper..?

Page 52 (694)
Rex : [I only wanted to try it out..]

Rex : ..I get it now. He thought he'd try it out, hiding behind the rumors. An imitation..
He's not the real Jack.

Rex : Damnit... Then where is the real one...

Rex : !

Rex : That's right!
I put that homing device on Mary.

Rex : What?

Rex : That's... That's the fourth crime scene.
Why would Mary be in such a deserted place...?

Page 53 (695)
Airedale : Mr. Cornish! The Time Seek has recovered!
There are still more murders!

Rex : By chance, is the next one at Master's Square off of Aldgate?!

Airedale : Yes! A-and soon.
Mary will be murdered within the next 10 minutes!

Rex : Shi- It'll take time to get over there.
I'd never make it on time...

Rex : That's right.
I'm sure I put some Instant Enhancement Shots in here...

Rex : Here it is!

Page 54 (696)
Rex : Damnit! There's no other way!
I'm really gonna be in the red this time!

Rex : Ugh..

Elizabith : Um.. what have you been going on about..
Rex : Ugh..

Page 55 (697)
Elizabeth : Wah?

Elizabeth : ...a dream

Elizabeth : ....

Page 56 (698)
Joseph : Don't you give me that..

Joseph : Why.. Why can't you understand, Mary? Can't you see how much I love you?

Mary : I'm sorry, Joseph..
I have someone I'm seeing now..

Joseph : Hah!
That detective?

Joseph : What the hell do you see in him!
Aren't all your friends being targeted?! I'd be much better for you than that useless detective!

Elizabeth : How... how did you know that?

Page 57 (699)
Elizabeth : No one should have known about that.
Joseph : I-I just..

Joseph : A friend of mine told me about it.
More importantly, it's that detective's fault that everyone is so tense lately..
Elizabeth : .....

Joseph : M-Mary. I can make you-
Elizabeth : I hate you.

Joseph : Huh?

Elizabeth : Leave me alone!
It's your fault that everyone is so upset!

Elizabeth : Disappear!

Page 58 (700)
Joseph : ...I understand.
Elizabeth : Joseph?

Joseph : You're saying that you won't become mine.
Heh.. I see now. I get it...

Joseph : You leave me with no other choice.. If...

Joseph : If you won't become mine, then I'll have to
Kill you.

Page 59 (701)
Joseph : Isn't that right!

Elizabeth : [Someone..]
Save.. me...

Page 60 (702)
Joseph : Ugh..

Joseph : Aghhh!

Page 61 (703)
Elizabeth : !
Joseph : Ugh..

Elizabeth & Joseph : It's you!

Joseph : From before?!
Rex : I see now.. So you were Jack then..

Joseph : So you WERE following me!

Page 62 (704)
Rex : You're one to talk.
I've got to hand it to you though. Pretending to be the first one on the scene, just to check whether or not I'd show up.

Joseph : ....
I've got no idea how you were reading my movements, but that doesn't matter.

Joseph : Now that I have this power, no one will be able to stop me.
Rex : [?!!]

Rex : [It can't be..?!]
[A Babylon item?!]

Joseph : Now you die!!

Page 63 (705)
Joseph : Heh!!
Rex : !

Rex : Ah. Oop. Wah.

Joseph : Is dodging all you can handle?!

Rex : Heh! Actually you're so slow I'm fallin' asleep over here! (I'd be in trouble if I hadn't taken that shot tho..)

Rex : What about you! Hurry up and..

Page 64 (706)
Rex : Finish me off already!

Joseph : ...damnit.. damn it all!

Joseph : All of you just keep getting in my way..

Page 65 (707)
Joseph : How about I use this to curse all of you sorry assholes!

Rex : [Damn! So Babylon was behind the curse!]


Joseph : !!

Page 66 (708)
Joseph : Ugh!!

Joseph : (gagging)

Rex : All that curse nonsense
because of your conceited love!

Rex : Women
Joseph : Stop!!

Page 67 (709)
Rex : Deserve to be treated better!

Page 68 (710)
Rex : Whew..

Rex : It's no wonder he acted so strangely, Babylon had too much power for him to handle.

Rex : Well.. even if we did go into the red tonight
Getting my hands on a Babylon item makes up for it~

Rex : ?

Rex : Wha-?

Rex : (WWAHHHHH?!)

Rex : A fake!
Damn it alllll!
Mary : Um..

Mary : You.. Didn't we..

Page 69 (711)
Mary : You're strong. I was wrong about you before...

Rex : Uh, thanks...
(Sigh.. my Babylon item...)
Mary : Thank you for saving me.

Mary : It would have made my dear Fred so sad if I died here..
I'm truly thankful..

Rex : Yeah yeah.. Good for you..

Rex : Hm?

Rex : You.. You just now mentioned a Fred...
Mary : Hm? Yes...

Rex : You couldn't possibly be referring to detective Fred Abberline, could you?

Page 70 (712)
Mary : Yes...

Mary : Always seeing through me so easily like that. You really...

Rex : ...

[until you pass away..]

[I understand..]

Rex : That kid...

[even if it kills me..]

Rex : She knew that Mary and Fred were lovers...
That's why she said.. those things...

Mary : Is something the matter?

Page 71 (713)
Rex : That means, I won't get the rest of the money now either...
Mary : Hey! What are you going on about all by yourself over there!

Mary : Look here! I'm grateful for what you did, so at least give me your name.
I'll pay you back somehow.

Rex : ..it's okay.

Rex : I'm just your average exterminator, sent out by paid request.

Mary : Exterminator?

Page 72 (714)
Airedale : All records of Jack the Ripper have completely vanished. Mission Complete.

Rex : Understood. I'll head back.

Mary : Excuse me?

Rex : ...Mary.
Mary : ?

Rex : If you really want to thank someone, don't thank me...
thank the one in the future.

Page 73 (715)
Rex : Pray to that angel instead.

Rex : See ya.
Mary : ?!
He's gone...

Mary : ....

Mary : Angel.. from the future...

Page 74 (716)
Rex : Damnit. Any chance I had at that money is lost now. And that Babylon item turned out to be a weak rip-off.
Not only that, but with all the supplies I used, we're totally in the red...

Airedale : There were a lot of unforeseen problems this time around. There was nothing we could do.

Airedale : However, to think that the culprit was Mary's previous lover..

Rex : Hm? Well, knowing him.. even if the prostitutes were on their guard, it'd probably still be easy to get in close with them.

Rex : As for why he did it.. his feelings for Mary turned into anger towards the other prostitutes, and eventually turned into killing Mary herself...

Page 75 (717)
Rex : But still, even though Kelly knew what would happen to her, she still wanted to see Fred and Mary's love bloom, breaking the long tragic chain of events at its start.
I'm not sure how I should feel, if this was even right.. there won't even be anyone who remembers her.. using her remaining time for something like this..

Barney : Hey guys.
Airedale : (Barney!)
Rex : What?!

Rex : YOU! Giving me such worthless leads! I'm in the damn red over here!

Barney : Haha, my fault you say...
I wasn't the one who desperately stopped me from leaving earlier.

Barney : You were just unlucky this time, that's all. You can't just expect Babylon items to fall in your lap. Surely you didn't think it'd go so easy?

Barney : Not everyone is as upset as you are with the result.
Airedale : ?

Page 76 (718)
Airedale : This is...
Barney : And with that..

Airedale : Oh? You're leaving already?

Barney : Yeah
I only stopped in for a second before heading to work.

Rex : ....

Rex : What's with him! Comes over just to harass me!

Rex : Argh! All I managed was to erase a record this time, are you kidding me!
Airedale : That's not true.

Airedale : Look. It's the paper from that era!

Page 77 (719)
Box : An angel from the future stopped the serial killing

Airedale : Right?

Rex : ....

Airedale : Don't worry!

[Even if she no longer exists in this world]

[Among the records]

[She lives on...]

Page 78 (720)
Hooded Man : This time it was Jack the Ripper...

Hooded Man : Over this past month, both serious and minor unresolved cased, have been disappearing..
It also seems we're after the same thing, Babylon. The power to control time..

Hooded Man : How perfect.. I'll make sure to use you to your full potential.

Page 79 (721)
Hooded Man : This other me..

Magazine Notes : A man with the same goals. A man with the same face. A deepening mystery comes to light, as the gears of time revolve....

To be continued next time. Planned to go on sale April 19, 2010, Spring!!

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#1. by dohlkg ()
Posted on Feb 20, 2010
Nice translation, but there are a few lines missing at the end of page 45.
#2. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Feb 20, 2010
i'll be done with the scan in a couple of hours...two...three, maybe :)

edit: it's actually done..i just need those two bubbles >.>
#3. by nukumi ()
Posted on Feb 20, 2010
Added the two lines. Sorry about that ^^;
#4. by sapphire-pyro ()
Posted on Feb 21, 2010
Thanks so much! And I love how the mangaka named the characters xD Animal breeds ftw!

Ah on "Doctor Creem", maybe it's actually "Doctor Cream" . . .that's at least what Wikipedia says on the actual person . . . *been reading Jack the Ripper articles*
#5. by Watanukii ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2010
Hey! Thanksfor you're Translation! Can I use it for a french scanlation?
#6. by Klein ()
Posted on Mar 21, 2010
:3 hmm, Can I get your permission to re-translate this into vietnamese?

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