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Kimi ni Todoke 40

+ posted by nukumi as translation on Feb 25, 2010 00:24 | Go to Kimi ni Todoke

-> RTS Page for Kimi ni Todoke 40

Teaser for unreleased scanlations. Please send me a message if you'd like to use this in any way.

(...) = handwritten text / sfx
[...] = thoughts/narration
{...} = my comments/notes
RS = Random Students talking

Page 0
Random Students (RS) : Don't tell me that's the time.
You're telling me. It's going by too fast.
Ayane : Sawako, you okay? / Go and take a nap somewhere. / (don't push yourself)

Sawako : [It's okay]

Sawako : [Even if I was tired, / I'm sure I couldn't sleep anyhow.]
Ayane : Oh? / Is that your phone lighting up? / (mail?)
Sawako : (oh)
You're right. / Maybe it's my Dad?

Sawako : [It was a / long night.]
Magazine Notes : 46pages w/color opener
Reaching You
Shiina Karuho

Page 1-2
Magzine Notes : All-natural Color , Youth Graffiti
46pages w/color opener

Reaching You
episode 40
Shiina Karuho

Ready to be published!
The 9th volume is now on sale!

Super popular anime [Kimi ni Todoke] also on air!
Every Tuesday at 12:59am on NihonTV.

{T/L Note : can't read the large vertical font on page 1 because of the scan}

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5
RS : (What~)
Yui has a crush on Andy!!
(heart beating{surprised})

RS : Don't be shy! Come on! / (That Andy is a good kid!!)
(Andy a.k.a. Andou)(Kazehaya's Friend){within a border of black dots}
(I'm embarrassed!!)
RS : Right! / It could totally work!
(heart beating)
Sawako : [I.. / I overheard...]

RS : What do you(r powers) think, Sadako?!
Sawako : What?!

RS : Be..

Sawako : [(Be honest)]

Sawako : Su-

Sawako : Su- / per!!
Great, I think... !!

Page 6

RS : See! She says it's promising!!
Sawako : Uh
RS : Exactly. Sadako of the Black Magic Cafe has spoken!
Sawako : Er
RS : I knew it! I told you it was okay!
Sawako : No, I really don't have those kind of powers...
(What should I do, I spoke so irresponsibly!!)

RS : I... / I'll give it a try then...


(AHHH! She gave me some of her power!! / Jealous~!!)
Ayane : No No
Chizuru : Just a friendly thing between friends

Page 7
Ayane : Oh, it's already morning... / (seemed so long..)
(he he he)
Chizuru : I'm sure she's just dying to talk Kazehaya right about now, but she can't so she's getting impatient!!

Sawako : [Over and over]

Kazehaya : Argh. Why is today of all days, float-making day!!
RS : That's cuz the costume parade is tomorrow.
RS : This is the one we made the least progress on.

Sawako : [Repeating that one scene in my mind]

Sawako : [I realized]

Cell Phone : Sent Log
Send to - Kazehaya Shouta
Subject - Re: Tomorrow
Okay -END-
Sawako : [so many things were no longer a dream]

Page 8

Cell Phone : Received Log
From - Kazehaya Shouta
Subject - Tomorrow
Let me talk to you again -END-
Box : School Culture Fair / Day 2

Page 9
RS : I can't believe how little I slept.
RS : Ahah. What's with that outfit!
Speak for yourself!

RS : Oh, Chizu. Did you finish your preparations?
(all that's left now is a wrap-around snake!!)
What about the girls' solo part~?
Chizuru : Oh. Yano's handling that right now!

Ayane : Mm. / And you're done!

Chizuru : Oh, all done?
Ayane : Just now!!

Page 10
RS : Hey, did you see the girls from my class?!
Ahaha. I did, I did. They're gonna be super popular...


RS : Wow! You look so cute!!
It's perfect for you. Perf-


(syrupy){she's meant to be fluttering around like a ghost}

(heart beating) {surprised}
Sawako : Ch- / Chizu..?!
(it's because you were so see-through...!)
Chizuru : Ah, no forget it. Sorry!!
(Just needed to make sure you still had legs!!)
RS : No way, she even has a shadow!!
Ayane : I really wanted to put some goldish tones on her cheeks...!! / Her intensity was just too much though...!
(But she IS beautiful!!)

Takahashi : Heh heh.. / Sadako, I hear you're playing the Bancho Sarayashiki's Lady Kiku....!{http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banchō_Sarayashiki}
(you're supposed to be in stuck a well, but maybe you can just pretend like it?!)
Sawako : Takahashi..!
(haven't see you in awhile~!)

Page 11
Takahashi : It's a muddled story of love between a woman unable to trust men, and a man bitter from her lack of trust!!
Sawako : (Oh)
It was that kind of story..?!
(I had no idea..!!)
Takahashi : Well that's just one interpretation~~
(heh heh heh... such a good role!)
Sawako : (wow)
You're amazing, Takahashi..!

(door sliding open)
Joe : Oh / Yano~~~

Joe : What do you think of my lovely charm self!
Ayane : Oooh. (very idiot-ish) It's perfect for you.
Joe : I knew it!

RS : I'm glad we got all the costumes and the float done on time!

RS : Wait. Why the hell does Ryuu look so sleepy! / (He slept last night!!)
Ryuu : (Cuz of my... growth spurt...)

Kazehaya : Hey. Is this how you wear these?
RS : How would I know!
(do whatever!!)

Page 12
RS : Wow, that looks great on you!
Ayane : Oh, you think so too?
(ho ho ho)
Ryuu : Chizuru. Are you some kind of martial artist..?
Chizu : Wah?! Snake family?!
(? snake..?)

Kazehaya : Yano!

Kazehaya : Where's Kuronuma?!

Ayane : She was stopped in the hall by Chigusa just a minute ago, but..
(Takahashi Chigusa)
Takahashi : (I'm in the neighboring C class~)

Kazehaya : Thanks!
Ayane : Kazehaya

Page 13
Ayane : That outfit of yours.
Sawako made that one!

Pin : (HEY)
It's almost time! / All of you who are finished, go and line up outside!
RS : Ugh! He's right! / It's starting!

Kazehaya : ...huh?!
(she's not here!)
Pin : (ack)
What is it!

Kazehaya : You haven't seen Kuronuma?!
Pin : If you're looking for her, I just saw her in the hall and sent her outside. Why?

Page 14
Kazehaya : Got it !!
Pin : Oh, what's this? / Off to get rejected again?

Kazehaya : .... / Would you drop it already!

Pin : (Sh-)
(but you were such a SHOU-quick-to-give-up-TA just the other day!!)
Chizu : Enough already.
Ayane : Move it.
(We're begging you here. Just keep your nose out of it PLEASE!!)


Page 15
Pin : Make sure to do what I said yesterday for your solo! / I'm sure Shouta is looking forward to it too!

Sawako : ....

Kazehaya : ...Kuronuma!

Page 16
Kazehaya : ...uh

Page 17
Kazehaya : ....

Kazehaya : ...it's stuff like this that makes me just want to hide.

Page 18
Kazehaya : Thanks... / for your reply yesterday.

Sawako : ..... / no no...! / th- / thank you...!

Joe : (oh!)
Kazehaya~! / (here you are!) / Hey! I'm thinking prancing around like this might be the best!
But I'll probably wear myself out..
{his sign board has the basic Buddhist chant on it}

Kazehaya : Oh / I'm sorry

Page 19
Sawako : oh / no it's fine..

Kazehaya : Right now
I want to talk to Kuronuma.



Kazehaya : ...Kuronuma

Page 20
Kazehaya : One more time

Kazehaya : Properly

Kazehaya : ...there's / something I want to tell you.

Page 21
Sawako : ....uh....

Sawako : ..can I say mine first..?!

Sawako : [Please / Before all my]

Sawako : [courage is gone]
..... / I

Page 22
Sawako : I was truly happy.. / when we rang in the new year together.
..so overly happy... / .....

Sawako : That I got scared.

Sawako : On one hand / I wanted you all to myself
...you were the only one I didn't want to hate me...
[I told him my feeilngs]

Page 23
Sawako : [and this might be the end of us]

Sawako : want to / make a new start together with you, Kazehaya.

Page 24
Sawako : Starting right now.
I want to start again from scratch.

Sawako : [Still]
[surely there will be new things as well]

Page 25
Sawako : [It's Kazehaya afterall]

Gather up!

Sawako : .... / make sure to watch!

Kazehaya : okay

Sawako : [Meeting Kazehaya / changed so many things in my life]
I'll do my best!

Page 26
Sawako : As a compilation of this past year..! / ...I'll put on a splendidly hateful performance!
[and falling in love with him / changed the person I am.]

Sawako : I'm sure
it'll be useful to you..!

Page 27
Kazehaya : ..Kuronuma!

Page 28
Kazehaya : ....I love you!

Page 29

Page 30
Banner : 43rd Annual Kitahoro High School Culture Fair

[How should I take that?]

[..as a compliment!]

[I just..]
[want to be friends with everyone]

Page 31
[I won't.. give up.. until we're friends!!]

Page 32
Sawako : (One plate.. / Two plates.. / Ahh / Plates.. / Ahh its the same no matter how many times I count, there's always one missing.. )

(one, two..)
(And on to the next presentation..)
(one, two..)
(one, two..)

Sawako : (One plate.. Two plates.. / Here, they're nice and cold. I kept them chilled. / Drink and enjoy~! / Please don't hold back.)
Judges : (It's Wairo... ! / Please don't look at me like that, it's scary...)

Page 33
[...you don't / have to do anything for me]

Page 34
[...it's okay...]

Announcer : And with that, / let's officially close this 43rd Annual Kitahoro High School Culture Fair.

Announcer : I'll now present all of your results. / First we have "Everybody Jump"... / ........

Announcer : Coming in first in the refreshment booth category / Year 2 Group D !

Announcer : The Black Magic Cafe was an overwhelming hit among everyone, a well-deserved first prize!!
RS : Sa-da-ko!

RS : Sa-da-ko!!
Sa-da-ko !!
Pin : Nice! We can do this!!
Announcer : Next is the costume parade.

Page 35
Announcer : Well / keeping the fact that year 2 group D gave the judges Wairo during their performance under consideration / it's been decided that they will receive 0 points for the costume parade.

Announcer : Please be understanding of our decision.
Announcer : And now the part you've all been waiting for! Let's move on to the overall scores!

(fatty tuna~!!)
(sea urchin~!!)


RS : Overall 6th, huh.
But hey we got a first place as 2nd years!
It was a close call. / If it hadn't been for that Wairo we probably could have pulled it off!
It was all Sadako and that realistic performance!!

Page 36
RS : Speaking of Sadako / Kazehaya..
Chizuru : We're starting at the regular spot!
Ayane : Okay.

Ayane : Sawako

Page 37
Kazehaya : ..they weren't different.

Page 38
Kazehaya : They were / the same.

[even when I thought it impossible]

[I couldn't shake the idea]

[that one idea]
[the possibility]

Page 39
[I love you]

Sawako : ..... / ...all of it...

Sawako : ...I
Kazehaya / ...I want the whole you....

Page 40
Kazehaya : ...so do I.

Page 41
Kazehaya : ... / it's like some kind of dream...

Page 42
Kazehaya : ...I've finally got you...

Page 43
[I wonder]

[If I'll ever reach you]

Page 44

Page 45
[I love you]
[more than anyone else]

Magazine Notes : To be continued in the special December issue.

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#1. by kein510 ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2010
Thank you very much!!
Great work !

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