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Genkaku Picasso 3

Manba-kun and Kotone-chan

+ posted by nyanpyou as translation on May 7, 2009 03:34 | Go to Genkaku Picasso

-> RTS Page for Genkaku Picasso 3

I've left out the slogans on page 1. Hope that is ok.

Page 1
(Title) Vision 3: Manba-kun and Kotone-chan

Page 2
Text at the top right: If you would like a detailed knowledge of the human anatomy,
Text at the top left: your eyes would consider the subject from different angles,
Text at the bottom left: observing head to toe, left, right, and centre, and rotating the body as to master all of its parts.

Page 3
Text at the top right: Only with these methods,
Text at the top left: can your thirst for knowledge be satisfied. Leonardo da Vinci
Picasso: As expected of the great da Vinci
Picasso: What a good saying. 

Page 4
Akane: Ah~~ Picasso's drawing pictures of naked women!!
Sfx: *shock*
Picasso: A-Akane!!
Picasso: This is called figure drawing...
Sfx: *clatter*
Sugiura: Picasso has a porn book!!
Guy 1: Whoa~
Guy 2: Amazing~ You can see everything.
Picasso: T-That's a legitimate art book for poses.
Picasso: Give~it~back~!

Page 5
Akane: Picasso is quite the closet pervert.
Akane: But that side is pretty adorable too.
Picasso: I-I'm not.
Sugiura: Why does Akane like Picasso so much...
Akane: After all, you're a boy.
Picasso: Listen~~
Right square: Since I gained the odd ability, there are more people who come around.
Left square: I can't even draw in peace.
Sugiura: You guys are pretty close.
Akane: Yep~
Girl 1: Perverted~

Page 6
Top right box: I can see the darkness of people's hearts.
Top left box: Sugiura-kun, whose heart was about shatter, appeared as a dark shadow.
Middle left box: And I was able to touch and see Akane’s subconscious darkness.
Bottom right box: It’s a really…
Bottom left box: Really irritating ability!!

Page 7
Chiaki: Pi~casso
Picasso: Accurate depictions of the chest from the front and side.
Chiaki: Picasso
Chiaki: Let’s help someone.
Picasso: Understanding the curvature of the spine and the pelvic slant.
Picasso: Shut up~!!
Picasso: What do you want! Geez
Sugiura: Picasso has snapped!!

Page 8
Box: Chiaki appears from my pocket on a random basis.
Chiaki: Hey your pocket stinks~
Chiaki: Dry-clean it properly will you.
Box: But for some reason she’s not always close by.
SFX: looks around
Box: Thank goodness for that…
Picasso: Help someone again…
Picasso: That means……
Sfx: Smile
Chiaki: Here<3
Chiaki: You’re rotting more than usual
Picasso: Urgh
Box: Grotesque every time!!

Page 9

Picasso: Geez~~ I can barely even take care of myself~
SFX: gnash gnash
Picasso: !

Page 10

Picasso: Manba-kun has a shadow!
Chiaki: Huh
Chiaki: Manba-kun definitely looks the type to carry some sort of issue.
Chiaki: Also he’s kind of creepy…
Picasso: Woah! I just saw something dreadful!!
SFX: chew
Chiaki: Hurry up and draw it!
Picasso: Skebu!
SFX: twirl twirl
Picasso: 2B!
SFX: scritch scratch
Box: It’s not like I want to draw it.
SFX: scratch scratch
Box: But I can’t help but illustrate,
Box: the image within his heart!!

Page 11

A wordless picture

Page 12
Chiaki: This picture is no joke.
Picasso: Yeah…
Picasso: And not only that…
Picasso: Both of the girls,
Picasso: are our classmate Ogura Kotone-san
Chiaki: What!?
Chiaki: The class president and all around good student,
Chiaki: that Kotone-chan!?
Chiaki: Hang on~
Chiaki: Manba-kun, what are you thinking!!

Page 13

Picasso: Hah
SFX: stare~~
Sugiura: That’s really not funny.
Akane: Picasso you creep?
Picasso: Ahahaha
Box: I’m done for it.
SFX: hubbub
Person 1: The croquette bread is sold out again
Person 2: Seriously~?
Chiaki: If you saw a shadow on Manba-kun,
Chiaki: That must mean he’s going to act soon, like Sugiura-kun…

Page 14

Chiaki: If you look closely, Manba-kun is always following at Kotone-chan with his eyes~
Chiaki: Maybe he’s holding some weird fancy for Kotone-chan?
Chiaki: Picasso, we have to do something quick!
Picasso: I don’t like those downbeat types.
SFX: sigh
Chiaki: You’re one to talk.
SFX: Chew chew
Picasso: M-Manba-kun…
Picasso: Hey
SFX: Chew chew

Page 15
Picasso: Y-you’re always reading that “Arengurion”.
Manba: …
Manba: You know it?
Picasso: Yes, I saw the anime for “Areguri”.
Picasso: Even though it was a midnight show, the animators did a good job.
Picasso: But I won’t go see the movie,
Picasso: it’s probably a compilation of old material anyways.
Manba: ….
Manba: You know quite a bit.
Picasso: I like Dunk, the aniki (big brother) character.
Word bubble in comic: Leave it up to Dunk-sama!
Manba: Yeah… His unpredictable actions are amazing.

Page 16

Picasso: Now it’s time to fight!
Picasso: Courage! And honorable defeat!
Manba: Ah… That’s a little similar…
Chiaki: Hey~ Stop getting worked up randomly!!
Picasso: Oh, I forgot.
Chiaki: Ask him about the picture in a subtle way!
Picasso: You don’t have to tell me.
Picasso: Do you have any hobbies other than anime? Like SM or something.
Picasso: Ehehe
Chiaki: Idiot~
SFX: twitch

Page 17
Manba: ….
Manba: Why do you ask that?
Picasso: Oh no reason really.
Manba: What?
Manba: What do you mean?
Manba: What are you hiding?
Manba: Let me see that for a second.
Picasso: No
Picasso: Stop it
SFX: clatter

Page 18

Picasso: Oh, i-i-it’s not like I know anything about Ogura Kotone-san.
Chiaki: Idiot idiot idiot idiot!!
Manba: What? How do you know this!?
Guy 1: Oh, what’s going on.
Guy 2: Picasso and Manba are fighting~
Picasso: Ugh
Picasso: Boah
Sugiura: What happened Picasso?
Manba: !

Page 19

SFX: run
Picasso: Ah
Picasso: Give me back my skebu!
Manba: No way
Picasso: That~is~mine~
Sugiura: Hey stop that.
Manba: Let go
Picasso: My
Picasso: Skebu

Page 20
No word bubbles

Page 21+22 (Is connected)
Picasso: Huh
Picasso: What the!?
Picasso: I-I did a dive!!
Chiaki: Eh~
Chiaki: I haven’t mentally prepared yet~

Page 23
SFX: Crick Crack
Chiaki: Kyaaah
Picasso: Waaah

Page 24

Chiaki: Why is the tree attacking us!?
Picasso: I-I can’t breath~~
SFX: struggle struggle
Sugiura: Hey Picasso
Akane: Picasso~~
Manba: Hah
Manba: Hah
Sugiura: Manba!?
SFX: dash

Page 25
Sign: Health room
Teacher: Hamura-kun again!?
Sugiura: Yes
Teacher: Ah, maybe it’s time to give him his own bed.
Box: After school

Page 26

Girl 1: Kotone, we’re off~
Girl 2: It’s good of you to always stay behind.
Kotone: I’m worse than others so I need to try harder.
Kotone: Bye bye
Manba: How does Picasso know.

Page 27

Chiaki: Isn’t this the sound of Kotone-chan’s clarinet?
Chiaki: Manba is getting closer!!
Picasso: Yes…
Chiaki: If we keep being immobilized we can’t do anything.
Picasso: Even if you say that…
Picasso: Maybe this tree is Manba-kun.
Picasso: He probably doesn’t want anybody to interfere.
Chiaki: But…

Page 28
Chiaki: Kotone-chan is in danger!!
Chiaki: Manba-kun!! Don’t!!
Kotone: Manba…
Kotone: kun?
Manba: Ah…
Manba: Ah

Page 29

Magazine Title: S&M Lolita
Kotone: Eh
Chiaki: What?
Chiaki: What’s happening!?

Page 30
SFX: flutter
Picasso: Eh
SFX: flutter
Picasso: That Ogura-san,
Picasso: has no volume.
Picasso: So thin… Like paper!!

Page 31

Magazine Title: The girl’s miniature garden
Magazine text: Model: COCO
Magazine text: Photo: Ransaizou
Kotone: Wah~~
Kotone: I’m surprised you could tell that’s me.
Kotone: Do you know this person?
Manba: Yes.
Manba: Isn’t he’s a famous photographer.

Page 32

Kotone: He’s my dad.
Kotone: The model cancelled at the last moment so he asked me to do it.
Kotone: I didn’t think anybody was going to see…
Kotone: Normally you wouldn’t ask your own daughter… But my father is odd.
Small letter: Hey Kotone
Small letter: Do a sexier face!!
Manba: I see…
Manba: That’s it…
Manba: I’m relieved…
Manba: Ah, I’m not into SM or anything.
Manba: I found it by the riverside and was surprised.
Manba: It’s been plaguing me ever since,
Manba: about whether if it was you or not…
Manba: But if it was, and you were doing it due to money issues
Manba: I wondered if maybe I could help you…

Page 33
Kotone: We haven’t even talked that much…
Kotone: And you were that worried…
Kotone: Thank you.
Chiaki: Manba-kun is really nice.
Picasso: We totally misunderstood him.
SFX: creak
Chiaki: Ah
Chiaki: Kyah
Picasso: Ow
SFX: thud

Page 34

Chiaki: Ogura-san’s photo is collapsing!
Picasso: Problem solved!!
Picasso: This time we had it easy and didn’t have to do a thing.
Chiaki: Ah
Chiaki: Picasso
Chiaki: Look at that.

Page 35
Chiaki: The thing hiding behind the photo…
Chiaki: Was Manba-kun’s true feelings…
Chiaki: The many faces of Kotone-chan…

Page 36

Manba: Ok then…
Kotone: Yep, bye bye
Bubble: He likes Kotone-chan…

Page 37
Chiaki: Picasso
Chiaki: Let’s make Manba-kun confess.
Picasso: What~ No~
Picasso: How troublesome!!
Chiaki: Then how come we can’t get out of here!?
Chiaki: Although the bigger problem is gone,
Chiaki: he’s still worrying!?
Chiaki: He wants to be closer to Kotone-chan.
Chiaki: Hey Manba-kun!!
Chiaki: You’re Manba-kun right.

Page 37

Chiaki: You’re Manba-kun after all.
Chiaki: If you don’t confess you will definitely regret it.
Chiaki: You just want to stay inside that tough tree,
Chiaki: and keep on just looking!?
Chiaki: Say something~~~ Grr~~
Picasso: It’s hopeless~~
Picasso: But…
Picasso: Why does he think he is a tree?

Page 37
Box: A tree…
Box: Tree…
Picasso: Ah, I kind of understand now.
SFX: chew
Picasso: I’m a similar kind of tree as Manba-kun.
Box: I’m also always observing from the outside.
Box: It’s troublesome to act on my own accord.
Box: I don’t want to make the wrong move and be hurt either…

Page 38
Bubble: People who are like trees,
Bubble: might be more numerous than expected.

Page 39

Picasso: But Manba-kun was able to talk to her by himself.
Picasso: Maybe he only thinks he is a tree.
Bubble: One more push.
Bubble: What Manba-kun wants some courage.
Picasso: Anyways, there are way too many Ogura-san!!
Picasso: Just how much does she fill his heart!?

Page 40

Picasso: Ah!
Picasso: Chiaki Chiaki~
Picasso: Look at what Ogura-san was drawing!!

Page 41

Picasso: Arengurion!!
Chiaki: Now that you mention it, she was always drawing that… So?
Picasso: Hey you!!
Picasso: Do you know who I am!?

Page 42

SFX: halt
Manba: Dunk aniki (big brother)…
Picasso: You wanted something in common to talk about with Kotone-chan?
Picasso: That’s why you were following Areguri right?
Picasso: Right?

Page 43
Picasso: What am I always saying?
Manba: Courage…
Manba: And honorable defeat.
Kotone: What?
Kotone: Manba-kun

Page 44
Picasso: Now it’s time to fight.
Picasso: You’re not a tree.
Picasso: Right now you,
Picasso: are Dunk aniki (big brother)!!

Page 45 + 46 (Connected)
Manba: Courage
Manba: And honorable defeat!!
Manba: Standup!! Arengurion

Page 47
Manba: W-
Manba: Will you go to the Arengurion movie with me?
Kotone: …Huh
Picasso: Too stiff!!
Picasso: Aniki won’t make a face like that!!

Page 48
SFX: Smile
Kotone: Pft
Kotone: That hand is like aniki!
Kotone: You knew I liked Areguri?
Manba: Ah… Yes.
Manba: I always saw you drawing pictures.
Kotone: Manba-kun was always reading Areguri so I also wanted to chat with you a bit too.
Kotone: Let’s go together then.
Manba: Huh
Manba: R-really?

Page 49
Picasso: Gasp
Picasso: I got out.
Picasso: Akane!! Sugiura-kun!!
Picasso: S-sharing beds!?
Akane: su~ su~
Sugiura: Oh~ You finally woke up~
Akane: Ah~ Picasso.
Akane: Yawn
Sugiura: The teacher said it was her first time seen a student who fainted by colliding with a picture.

Page 50
Picasso: S…
Picasso: Sorry for worrying you…
Box: Next day
Manba: Picasso
Manba: S-
Manba: Sorry about yesterday…
Manba: Here’s your skebu back.
Picasso: I’m sorry too.
Chiaki: We made a horrible assumption.

Page 51

Manba: Yesterday, Picasso did that imitation of Dunk aniki.
Manba: Somehow I remembered that voice in a time of need.
Manba: Thanks Picasso.
Picasso: Don’t mention it.
Manba: It turns those photos from the SM magazine’s were by Ogura-san’s father…
Picasso: O-oh I see~
Manba: But I was surprised.
Manba: Can’t believe Picasso was a reader of SM magazines.
Picasso: Huh?

Page 52
Chiaki: There was something different about Manba-kun’s expression.
Picasso: Once again I’ve gained a weird label~~
Picasso: Uuuugh
Chiaki: Hey, look.
Chiaki: It seems to be going well with those two.
Chiaki: Wonder how their date will go.
Chiaki: If only the aniki character will keep acting as Manba-kun’s crutch…
Picasso: It seems there’s no need for that.
Page 52
Picasso: He’s standing up by himself, without using aniki’s face.
Chiaki: Pft
Chiaki: What a picture~~

Page 53
Picasso: Hah
Akane: Even if you did fight with Manba…
Sugiura: Picasso, you really are…
Picasso: Say no more.
Picasso: I know…
Picasso: People keep regarding me as a weirdo…
Little writing: Even though I’m doing good…
Little writing: There there
Picasso: I can’t stand it any more~~~!!

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