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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Gintama 78

The Maid Saw Everything

+ posted by nyanpyou as translation on May 10, 2009 02:51 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 78

Reserved for the use of Maximum7

Page 1
Women: Stop it!!
Women: Let me go!!
Hashida: Spiteful woman! We’ve finally found you!!
Hashida: Where did you take Kanshichirou. Spill!
Text: Lesson 78
Text: The Maid Saw Everything.
SFX: slap (pan)
Hashida: Damn woman!! Know where you stand!
Otose: Hey, hold on a second.
Otose: Aren’t you overdoing it? She can’t speak even if she wanted to.

Page 2
Hashida: Sorry, I was agitated.
Hashida: But from now on this is a family matter,
Hashida: and we will take care of it.
Hashida: My apologies for the clamor.
Hashida: Hey, get going.
Bodyguard text in writing: Yessir!
SFX: click (gacha)
SFX: shut (batan)
Otose: …
SFX: rumble (burororo)
Shinpachi: Otose-san
Kagura: AAAH~!!
Otose: !
Kagura: Hey look at this!!

Page 3
Otose: What is it?
Kagura: Hag. A photo of the grandson the old man was looking for…
???: Isn’t this.
Shinpachi: ….
Shinpachi: Hey isn’t this bad?
Shinpachi: Won’t Gin-san be in trouble?
Shinpachi: Isn’t he getting into some strange mix up?
Gintoki: Eh?
Gintoki: Abduction?
Gintoki: What? Who? Where?

Page 4
Guy 1: Don’t play dumb.
Guy 1: You’re that woman’s lover or something, aren’t you?
Guy 1: You two conspired to kidnap Kahei-sama’s grandson to gain Hashidaya’s fortune.
Gintoki: Hey, what are these guys saying?
Kanshichirou: Apon
Gintoki: Hey you, what are you saying?
SFX: click (chaka)
Guy 1: The order was to bring back the baby alive, but the man shouldn’t matter.
Guy 1: Dispose of him.
Gintoki: Heey, hey! Hang on! Hang on!
Gintoki: I’m not involved at all! I don’t know anything about kidnapping, I just found him!!
Guy 1: Then return him right now!
Gintoki: What?
SFX: grip (gyu)

Page 5
Guy 1: Kill him!!
SFX: Waaah
Gintoki: I’m telling you I don’t know anything!
SFX: grab (gah)
Gintoki: Here! Here’s your kid back!!
SFX: float (buwah)
Guy: !!
Guy: That bastard! How dare he!!
Guy: Catch him!! Catch him~!!
SFX: crouch (fuh)
Guy: !!

Page 6
SFX: thud (dou)
Gintoki: !
SFX: clink (gakiin)
SFX: catch (dosah)

Page 7
SFX: thud (dosha)
Okada: What an amusing way to fight.
SFX: creak creak (gishi gishi)
Okada: Are you used to protective combat?
Okada: A dangerous bunch like you guys aren’t fit to raise a child.
SFX: creak creak (gishi gishi)
Gintoki: Move. It’s time for milk.
Okada: Kukuku
Okada: Good… You’re very good.
Okada: The smell of a beast…
Okada: You can’t hide the smell of a beast.
Okada: Similar to another.
SFX: retreat (su)
Gintoki: !
Okada: It would be a shame to fight when your arm is preoccupied.
Okada: Go.
SFX: retreat (su)
Gintoki: !

Page 8

Guy: Okadaa!
Guy: What the hell are you doing!!
SFX: run (dah)
Guy: Chase him!
Guy: Don’t let him get away!!
SFX: clatter clatter (bata bata)
Janitor: Ah~ Geez.
Janitor: So filthy~~
SFX: scrub (goshi)
Janitor: Why do men dirty the urinal so?
Janitor: And only on the left side too.
Janitor: I heard almost everyone faces left.
Janitor: Once in a while, a righty comes along. Apparently that is a trait of the great and powerful. Toyotomi Hideyoshi was said to face right.
Janitor: No way! My husband faces right. He’s going to be a great man!
Janitor: The stalls are pretty bad too. It’s like where are you aiming your asshole?
Janitor: It’s them, isn’t it? It’s those samurais (rounin) the master has hired of late.
Janitor: Don’t they know how to use the washroom. Just because they are some sort of jyouishishi. (anti-foreigner patriots?)
Janitor: Who knows what the master is up to, associating with a bunch like that.
Janitor: From what I hear, it’s his grandson Kanshichirou-sama who was abducted? He must be up to something suspicious.
Janitor: No you’re wrong. That’s the works of that Ofusa.
Janitor: Eh, really? How atrocious, doing something like that.

Page 9

Janitor: But with the way she was treated, maybe she had no choice?
Janitor: I sympathize with her. After all that girl…
SFX: tap tap (pon pon)
Small writing: hey look
SFX: Smoke smoke (moku moku)
Janitor: !
SFX: crash (dogoo)
Janitor: Intruder!!
Hasegawa: Gyaaaaaah what are you doing! Freaking hags!! Don’t look! Don’t look at me!
Janitor: Kyah, it wasn’t an intruder, just a stinker.
Janitor: Kyah, it’s the newly enrolled Hasegawa-san.
Hasegawa: Stop with the kyah! It’s not cute. Shut the door old women! Just shut the door!
Janitor: Kyah, he’s facing left!
Hasegawa: Hey! Close it!! Close it!! I beg of you to close it!
Janitor: Kyah, he’s drawing a sharper curve than my husband!!
Hasegawa: Hags! I’ll definitely cut you to pieces!!

Page 10

SFX: scrub scrub (goshi goshi)
Hasegawa: Shit!
Hasegawa: I shouldn’t have become a janitor!
Hasegawa: There isn’t a cute maid anywhere! All of them are old!!
Man: Hey, get moving!
Hasegawa: !
Writing on the right: That
Writing the left: is what the hags were talking about…
Writing on the right: Hey damn, this isn’t a place for idling.
Writing on the left: But if I quit this job, will I go back to a life of nothing?
Writing on the right: Right. I’m always like this. As soon as I find one small thing I dislike, I run from the job.
Writing on the left: That’s right. I’m a useless man. Like Madao. Okay. Let’s just die.

Page 11

Writing on the right: No, no, no, no. That’s weird. Why must I die? What a strange thought. It’s not like I’m going to Kyoto.
Writing on the left: No, no, no, no. Just die. It’s not like there’s anything in life waiting for you aru.
Hasegawa: What is aru. Hmm…?
Hasegawa: !!… What are you all doing!!
Hasegawa: It’s you! Changing people’s inner monologues!!
Hasegawa: Hey! Why are you here!? What are you doing here!?
Kagura: I’m a maid.
Shinpachi: Why is Hasegawa-san here too?
Shinpachi: Did you change jobs again?
Small writing: What do you mean by again. Why the accusing stare.
Shinpachi: Just in the nick of time. Can you show us around, Hasegawa-san?
Shinpachi: We’re actually here to check out Hashidaya on orders from Otose-san.
SFX: zazazazaza
Person: Bastard, where did he go!?
Person: You go look over there!

Page 12
SFX: batabata
Katsura: Hey
Katsura: They are gone.
Katsura: …
Katsura: I say, they are gone.
Katsura: I’m telling you they left!!
Text on can: orange
Gintoki: Who can hide in there!!
Katsura: Ah. So you decided to hide over there instead.
Gintoki: There is no instead, there’s no way anyone will hide in there. Are you an idiot, you’re an idiot.
Katsura: I’m not an idiot. I’m Katsura.
Katsura: Gintoki. I’m guessing those are the Anti-Foreigner Faction.
Katsura: During the time of the sword ban, the ones who carried swords were either those of the shogunate or those who wanted revenge against the shogunate.
Katsura: Also, you said they dropped the name Hashidaya.
Gintoki: Yeah, do you know them?
Katsura: That’s the giant building over there.
Katsura: It’s an old store that opened at the beginning of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
Katsura: It used to be a small wholesaler for dry goods. It continued to change with time and new ideas.
Katsura: Now it is a leading corporation even in Edo.

Page 13
Katsura: The founder is Hashida Kahei.
Katsura: At first glance he’s a kind senior, but he’s quite a rogue.
Katsura: Behind the scenes he’s acting as a patron to the Anti-Foreigner Faction.
Gintoki: Patron?
Katsura: What I mean is, he’s secretly funding the terrorism.
Katsura: But the merchant won’t do anything that has no benefit.
Katsura: In return, he’s clearly using the league for business purposes.
Gintoki: So he’s using them as bodyguards in his dirty work…
Katsura: In reality, many of his business foes have disappeared.
Katsura: He has gained powers beyond the reach of most merchants. The other face of Hashida Kahei is someone to be feared.
Gintoki: So why has his grandson come to me?
Katsura: Well, it must be that. You did chome chome with his daughter…
Gintoki: I’m telling you I didn’t! What? What is chome chome! You use outdated sayings that make no sense!
Katsura: Anyways, this indifferent look is just like you.
Katsura: Even though it’s a job for babies to cry.
Katsura: Abandoned your job, did you!! Ahahhahhah!
Gintoki: That’s how you treat a baby!?
Gintoki: It’s not funny. Not only was I mixed up in this debacle, if I had to deal with the crying 24/7 too, I’d really throw him into a lake.
Kanshichirou: Dapan
Gintoki: Yeah, that’s right. A real man only cries when his perm is ruined.
Gintoki: In that sense, you have potential. Compared to Shinpachi.
Katsura: Hey Gintoki. Look down.

Page 14

SFX: drip drip drip (bicha bicha bicha)
Katsura: He’s a crybaby on his lower half.
Hasegawa: Hey wait, what do you mean grandson!?
Hasegawa: You can’t mean the boss’ grandson, Kanshichirou!?
Hasegawa: Gin-san was taken somewhere because the baby was abandoned in front of the freelance shop!?
Hasegawa: Hey hey, that’s bad. The boss is using his samurais in his crazed search.
Hasegawa: He’ll be killed. That old man is no regular merchant!
Hasegawa: The bad news on him never stops!
Hasegawa: And you idiots are checking up him! Go home! Come home with uncle! I’ll buy you some pickled seaweed!
Shinpachi: We definitely can’t go after hearing a story like that.
Shinpachi: It’s just as Otose-san said. There is something going on underneath.
Kagura: That’s right! Did you think I’m so loose as to be tempted pickled seaweed, asshole~!
Kagura: How many!? How many pickled seaweed were you going to offer? It can’t be 4, can it! If it’s 4 then,
Shinpachi: Kagura-chan, be quiet.

Page 15

Shinpachi: Is this where the women was taken?
Kagura (in writing): Hey how many! Make your offer! Not like I want it or anything.
SFX: peek (hyoko)
SFX: splash (bashaaa)
Guy: Oy, spit it out already!
Guy: Where is Kanshichirou-sama!?
Guy: Tell us and we’ll stop! Ah~!?
SFX: wheeze wheeze (hah hah)
Hashida: Still a so stubborn.
Hashida: Though Kantarou was also a idiot.
Hashida: Eh? You led my son to his death,
SFX: grip (gui)
Hashida: and not only that, you’ve kidnapped the grandson, you witch.
Woman: You’re the ones who abducted Kanshichirou.
Woman: He’s my son. I won’t give him to anyone.

Page 16
Hashida: What nerve.
Hashida: It’s already a shame that an heir of Hashidaya was born from a woman like you.
Hashida: Kanshichirou doesn’t need a mother.
Hashida: No. Hashidaya doesn’t need a dirty woman like you.
Hashida: I will raise him as a fitting heir for Hashidaya.
Hashida: He’ll be happier that way too.
Hashida: Do you really think a poor woman like you can make the child happy?
Shinpachi: …Hasegawa-san.
Shinpachi: This is…
Guy: Hey.
Guy: What are you doing there?
SFX: zah
Guy: Are you janitors?
SFX: clamor (zoro zoro)
AA: Shit!!

Page 17
Hasegawa: Ah… It’s like this. These two are new so I was showing them around the building.
Kagura: That’s right~ master.
Guy: No, we’re not masters.
Kagura: What? Even if you say that you must be secretly happy to hear that.
Shinpachi: Stop! Don’t say that Kagura-chan!!
Hasegawa: We’ll just get going then…
Guy: Wait.
Guy: It stinks.
Guy: It stinks of ratty lying spies.
Guy: Today I’ve met many a smell.
Guy: But it’s about time to smell some blood reeking of iron.
Guy: Fight with me.
Guy: With Nizou, the assassin.

Page 18
Bag: God Diapers soft type
Gintoki: Ah, you’re facing right.
Gintoki: You’ll be an influential one in the future.
Kanshichirou: …Mu~
Gintoki: What is it. Don’t be down just because you peed yourself.
Gintoki: The top and bottom of a man are separate organisms so it happens sometimes.
Kanshichirou: Gn~
SFX: scruff scruff (gowa gowa)
Gintoki: That’s that.
Gintoki: Fu~h
SFX: sit (to)
Gintoki: Really.
Gintoki: Being mistaken for a dad,
Gintoki: and a kidnapper.
Gintoki: What a horrible day.
Kanshichirou: Nafuh
Gintoki: Ah, my bad. It’s even worse for you.
Gintoki: We’ve both got the work cut out for us.
Gintoki: But if you’re alive, there will be these tough days.
Gintoki: You’ll face far greater adversities with time.

Page 19
Gintoki: 80% of life is made of hardship.
SFX: stretch (bishi)
Gintoki: It’s always like this for me.
SFX: shoulder (syura)
Gintoki: But it’s not always bad.
Gintoki: At the end of a day like this, the sake taste the best.
Gintoki: Once it’s all over, let’s have a cup.
Kanshichirou: Mafu
Gintoki: Alright.
Gintoki: Let’s do it.

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#1. by kewl0210 (Translator)
Posted on May 10, 2009
People generally just don't translate Sukobu and Joui.
#2. by nyanpyou (Registered User)
Posted on May 12, 2009
I'll leave as it is for future translations^^
#3. by Kuroudo (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 15, 2009
I was reading this chapter and I noticed that you forgot to translate one ballon at page 15, after "Hashida: Though Kantarou was also a idiot." and before "Hashida: Eh? You led my son to his death," if you could translate it, I would be very grateful.

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