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Genkaku Picasso 4

Kana's Maria

+ posted by nyanpyou as translation on May 12, 2009 18:07 | Go to Genkaku Picasso

-> RTS Page for Genkaku Picasso 4

Page 1

Sugiura: Oh~~ So pretty~~
Sugiura: This one of Akane is seriously cute.
Sugiura: This one’s nice too~~
Sugiura: Hey Picasso, take a look.
Picasso: So loud.
Sugiura: Woah, man, her legs are amazing!
Picasso: Let me see for a second.
Sugiura: Don’t dirty it.

Page 2

Title: Vision 4: Kana’s Maria

Page 3
Sugiura: Waah.
Sugiura: What are you doing, Picasso.
SFX: scritch scratch
Sugiura: Stop it, idiot!!
Picasso: If you don’t want that, keep it down!!
SFX: grab
Sugiura: Damn Picasso.
Sugiura: Ah~~~ What happened to my Akane~~
Akane: You called?
Akane: Hey~ You doodled on my picture!!
Sugiura: Picasso did it.
Writing: Ah~ Geez
Akane: Oh, Picasso did.
Akane: Cute.
Sugiura: What the hell is that~~~
Writing: So noisy~~~

Page 4
Chiaki: Pi~casso
Chiaki: It’s time to help someone.
Chiaki: Hey.
Chiaki: I say hey.
SFX: Scratch scratch
Picasso: Another loud one.
Picasso: I already know.
Picasso: My hand has started to rot!
Chiaki: Ah.
Chiaki: Picasso, this picture…
Chiaki: What is it?
Chiaki: That girl.

Page 5
Picasso: That’s the inner depiction
Picasso: of that girl.
Chiaki: Wa-

Page 6
Akane: T-that girl!!
Sugiura: Suicide!?
Sugiura: Hey
Sugiura: Wait
Chiaki: Stop her before you draw the picture!
Picasso: Owow
Sugiura: Hey, what are you doing!?

Page 7
Sugiura: Stop it
SFX: pull
Sugiura: Ow
SFX: thud
Sugiura: Owowowowow
Sugiura: Why are you trying to jump.
Kana: I’m not afraid to die.
Kana: Living is a passive suicide.
Sugiura: Huh.
Kana: Goodbye is the word of hope
Kana: Go
Kana: od
Kana: B
Kana: ye
SFX: slap
Akane: Get a grip!!
Akane: Will you talk normally.

Page 8
Kana: Pain is the heart’s food
Kana: I eat pain to live.
Akane: Wait
SFX: dash
SFX: slam
Sugiura: You know her?
Akane: That girl…
Akane: Kana is
Akane: my little sister.
Sugiura: What!?
Picasso: No way

Page 9
Picasso: Akane-chan’s little sister…

Page 10
Akane: She wasn’t always like that.
Akane: She was honest, sympathetic and peaceful,
Akane: and had an adorable smile to match.
Akane: But as soon as she entered high school, her hobbies changed.
Akane: She locked herself in her room.
Akane: We didn’t know what she was up to, and we didn’t know how to react to her.
Picasso: Hmm~~
Chiaki: Kana-chan is holding balloons.
Chiaki: What does that mean?

Page 11
Box: Next day
Sugiura: Picasso
Sugiura: Akane is absent today so she’s relying on you about Kana.
Picasso: Huh~
Picasso: What am I supposed to do~ (small text: how bothersome)
Chiaki (small letters): Saying things like that again.
Sugiura: There was a last minute photo shoot.
Sugiura: It must be a lot of pressure on her at a time like this.

Page 12
Photographer: What is it Akane-chan.
Photographer: Smile more!
Akane: Okay~
Person 1: Very shiny~
Person 2: How is the hair.
Person 3: Oh~ That looks good~
SFX: hubbub
SFX: stare~~
Chiaki: Kana-chan is a loner in the class.
Chiaki: Seems like she’s rejecting interaction with the outside world.

Page 13
Girl 1: Hey look.
Girl 2: Isn’t that person from grade 2. (Grade 11)
Girl1: He’s talking to himself.
Girl 3: A stalker?
Picasso: At this rate my suspicious reputation will spread to the whole school!!
Picasso: No more~~~~
Chiaki: Just give up.
Person 1: He’s yelling something.
Person 2: Scary
Person 3: Creepy~
SFX: hubbub
Sign: Taiyou Studio
Guy: Thanks, Akane-chan~
Women: Sorry it was last minute.
Akane: Thanks and take care.

Page 14
SFX: click
Text message: Please bury my corpse in the side of the school field. With the goldfish, rabbits, and birds- (cuts off)
Sugiura: Hello, Akane.
Sugiura: What’s up?
Sugiura: Now?
Sugiura: I’m at the riverbed with Picasso.
Picasso: It’s not like I asked you to come.
Sugiura: Huh? Kana-chan!?
Picasso: W-what happened?

Page 15
Sugiura: She sent another text alluding to suicide.
Picasso: Hey… Where… Are you… Going.
Picasso: hah hah hah hah hah hah hah (wheezing)
Sugiura: Kana didn’t say where.
Picasso: You find suicidal people in dense forests or…
Picasso: On a cliff.
Picasso: hah hah hah (wheezing)
Sugiura: This is no joke!
Sugiura: Let’s go check school first.
Telephone: The person is not available at the moment.
Akane: Why aren’t mom and dad picking up!?
Akane: Ah, please drop me off here.
Taxi-driver: Ok

Page 16

Akane: Kana!
Akane: I won’t forgive you if you killed yourself!
Akane: Kana!
Akane: Kana
Akane: Are you in the room!?
SFX: click
Akane: !
Akane: The key is unlocked!

Page 17
Akane: Kana
Akane: This is what your room became…

Page 18

SFX: open
Sugiura: Hah hah hah
Sugiura: Kana-chan!
Picasso: Wheeze wheeze
SFX: shake shake
Chiaki: Hang on Picasso~
SFX: click x 4
Sugiura: What are you doing!

Page 19
Sugiura: Get a grip already!!
Sugiura: Why are you doing this!?
Kana: The rose in my heart…
Kana: It has withered and gone to pieces.
Sugiura: Kana-chan!!
Sugiura: Please talk to me properly!!
SFX: click click
Sugiura: Shit
SFX: click x4
Text message: Akane, Kana-chan is at school!

Page 20

Picasso: hah x3
SFX: sway sway
Akane: You’re sweating a lot Picasso!!
Picasso: I don’t… usually run… like this…
Akane: Picasso’s so weak!!
SFX: thud
Sugiura: !
Sugiura: Picasso!
Sugiura: Fainting again at a time like this!!
Sugiura: What the heck
Sugiura: Damn you!!

Page 21 + 22 (connected)
Chiaki: Again!?
Chiaki: Stop going into pictures so suddenly.
Picasso: I did that on purpose.
Picasso: I was fainting so I fell on the picture!
Chiaki: He’s giving it some thought.
Chiaki: But really, he’s so weak…

Page 23

Kana: I am tainted, like the idiot I am,
Kana: only a rotten piece of meat after all.
Singer: I am tainted like the idiot I am, only a rotten piece of meat after all
Picasso: She’s singing the same song as Kana-chan.
Chiaki: Song?

Page 24
Kana: Shut your eyes.
Kana: Kill your voice.
Singer: Shut your eyes, kill your voice
Kana: I am going to leave this life behind
Kana: Please God.
Singer: Please forgive the (cut off) the dead with their eyes open.
Sugiura: What is it you’re trying to say.
Chiaki: I…
Chiaki: I heard this song before…

Page 25
Picasso: Maria Duel?
Chiaki: She’s a musician with a cult following.

Page 26

Akane: I’m not afraid to die.
Akane: Living is a passive suicide.
Kane: Kana was speaking in her lyrics!
Picasso: So this isn’t Kana-chan, but Maria Duel!?
Chiaki: She was mimicking her hair and makeup.
Chiaki: Her hold on Kana-chan is strong.
Sugiura: Please tell me Kana-chan.
Sugiura: Why do you want to die?
Kana: The bugs nest in my heart.
Kana: Killing my voice, and killing me.

Page 27
Small writing: Ah~ So frustrating
SFX: crumple crumple
Picasso: Sugiura-kun, please!
Chiaki: Please draw out Kana-chan’s real words.
Sugiura: Akane’s so slow.
SFX: impatient
SFX: twitch
Sugiura: !
Sugiura: Can it be…
Sugiura: Anyways, isn’t your sister is pretty amazing?
Sugiura: Being an exclusive model of the “Happy Teen” and all.
Chiaki: Sugiura-kun?

Page 28
SFX: thrash thrash
Picasso: Wah
Picasso: The balloons are going berserk!!
Sugiura: You must be proud too.
Sugiura: Having such a pretty sister.

Page 29

SFX: pop
Chiaki: Kyah
Chiaki: It broke!
Kana: No…
Kana: My sister and I,
Kana: aren’t the same…!
Sugiura: !
Picasso: Those balloons must be Kana-chan’s real words!
Picasso: Maria Duel is controlling Kana-chan’s words!

Page 30

Kana: Ah.
Kana: T-this body drowned in corruption…
Kana: If you can’t burn it, then embrace it.
Sugiura: Eh.
Chiaki: It returned to normal again.
Chiaki: She just let out some really explicit lyrics.
SFX: stare~
Chiaki: Picasso?
SFX: totter
Picasso: Maria Duel is an important existence to Kana-chan.
Picasso: So why is she on such an unstable platform.

Page 31

Picasso: Chiaki!
Picasso: This part of the platform… Are all mirrors!
Picasso: You can enter.
Picasso: Whoa~
Picasso: There’s so many of me.
Picasso: It’s fun here~
Picasso: Though I don’t understand the meaning.

Page 32
Chiaki: I understand.
Chiaki: The feeling of constantly being aware of mirrors.
Chiaki: Crying all day due to a pimple,
Chiaki: or not going to school because of an over-plucked eyebrow.
Bubble: On top of that…
Bubble: a model for a big sister…

Page 33

Picasso: A spiral staircase with cutouts of Akane-chan!!
Chiaki: A mirrored gateway and cutouts of Akane-chan inside.
Chiaki: Kana-chan holds a complex against Akane-chan…
Chiaki: And Maria Duel sits on top of that.

Page 34
Picasso: Chiaki, look!!
Picasso: Something… has been scattered!!
Picasso: What is it?
SFX: tap tap
SFX: tap tap tap
Picasso: !
Picasso: This is…

Page 35

Picasso: Hey Maria Duel-san!
Picasso: Maria Duel-san’s real name is Kinoshita Mari-san isn’t it.
Picasso: Your hobby is cooking!?
Picasso: How uncharacteristic!

Page 36

SFX: twitch
Chiaki: Heh~
Chiaki: Her unmade face is quite normal~
Chiaki: !
Chiaki: The makeup
Chiaki: is coming off!!

Page 37

Kana: Ah
Kana: Aaaah
Sugiura: Kana-chan, what’s wrong!?
Picasso: “Deep down, I’m an atheletic person”
Picasso: “Music is my job (laugh)”
Picasso: “The reason why death is a theme is due to its impartiality”
Picasso: “I want to live to a ripe old age (laugh)”
SFX: Reason why death is a theme
Writing: I want to live to a ripe old age (laugh)

Page 38
Chiaki: Kana-chan must’ve been shocked with this interview.
Chiaki: There are always artists like these.
Chiaki: They used to be such unique personalities,
Chiaki: and they became normal after their image change.
SFX: Yes, I love sweet foods.
Kana: Aaaaah
SFX: flap flap
Picasso: The balloons are going berserk!!

Page 39

Akane: Kana
Sugiura: Akane!
Kana: Aaaaah
Kana: Aaaah
SFX: slide
Akane: What’s wrong!! Kana!!
Kana: No, no, no.
Kana: This isn’t.
Kana: This isn’t Maria!!
SFX: pop pop pop
Kana: Maria must be the most exquisite creature in the world!!

Page 40

Picasso: “Last month, she married office worker A,
Picasso: and smilingly said she was very happy”
SFX: craaaash
Chiaki: hih
Picasso: Wah

Page 41

Chiaki: She fell.
Kana: I tried to forget that Maria Duel was a real woman.
Kana: I repressed that memory, and forgot about that interview.
Kana: I thought I could finally grasp a different world than my sister.
Akane: !
Bubble: I don’t have anything…
Bubble: Anything...

Page 42
Kana: All of a sudden, my sister became a model.
Kana: I was flustered…
Kana: At this rate the gap between our abilities will continue to grow.
Kana: Then, the hair stylist told me.
Stylist: This sort of hair might suit you.
Kana: Maria… Duel?
Kana: I was shocked
Kana: that songs so beautiful and substantial existed in this world…

Page 43
Kana: I found my place.
Kana: At first I was only mimicking her hair and makeup.
Kana: Eventually, I wanted to become an inhabitant of Maria’s world.
Kana: I remembered all the lyrics and incorporated that into my vocabulary.
Kana: I will live solely on those words.
Kana: So I thought
Kana: But.

Page 44
Bubble: I was shocked to see the interview in the woman’s magazine.
Kana: Why?
Kana: Why do you say those things?
Paper: I’m not afraid of change. Even if it means betraying the “believers”.
Bubble: I don’t want to see.
Bubble: I don’t want to see Maria Duel talking about everyday banters.
Bubble: If only Maria would die…
Kana: !
Kana: I can be the one to die…

Page 45
Kana: I wasn’t serious…
Kana: So I chose a place where everybody could see.
Kana: If no one stopped me I would probably have died.
Akane: You’re an idiot, Kana.
Akane: I was so worried.
Kana: You wouldn’t understand.
Kana: Every time I looked at the mirror, I saw my sister!
Kana: That’s why I had to find it.
Kana: A way to express myself!!
Akane: I should be the one to say that!
Akane: I’ve always held a complex for Kana.
Kana: Eh.

Page 46
Akane: Since you were little, you were a good illustrator.
Akane: Not only that, you were clever, and our parents and the teachers were always fawning on you.
Akane: On top of that, you were great at singing, and you also won awards for your essays.
Akane: I thought I could never match you…
Akane: I was always envious of Kana.
Akane: I’ve always wanted to be good at expressing myself like Kana.

Page 47

Text: And then.
Woman: Hey, hang on…
Woman: Do you have a minute?
Text: I was scouted.
SFX: click
SFX: click
Akane: With this, I thought I could draw closer to Kana.

Page 48
Akane: I’m an idiot…
Akane: All I’m doing is smile at the camera.
Kana: Big sis.
Sugiura: Hey you know that Maria-something-san.
Sugiura: Isn’t it better that she’s a regular person?
Sugiura: It feels like you can make something of yourself as well.
Akane: That’s right! You just have to express yourself.
Akane: Using Maria-san as an example.

Page 49
Kana: Be myself…?
Kana: I didn’t think of that…
Kana: Is that something I can do…?

Page 50

Picasso: “I am a clump of different complexes”
Picasso: Is that right, Maria-san?
Maria: “But music saved me”
Picasso: Those balloons are…
SFX: nod

Page 51+52
Picasso: Fly freely.
Picasso: Wherever Kana-chan leads you!!

Page 53
Kana: Waaah
Kana: It suddenly feels lighter!
Kana: Something is about to spillover in my head!!
Kana: I’ll do it!
Kana: I’ll do it!!
Akane: Kana!
Sugiura: This girl’s strength.
Sugiura: Is pretty amazing.
Sugiura: Compared to that.
Sugiura: That guy~
Sugiura: Hey damn Picasso.
Sugiura: Wake up already!
SFX: tap tap

Page 54

Picasso: I-I’m already awake…
Picasso: I didn’t want to ruin a heartwarming scene.
Picasso: Hehehe
Box: Few days later
Sugiura: How is Kana-chan lately?
Akane: She’s writing poems and lyrics like a dam was broken.
Akane: I
Akane: I feel like I need to try harder.

Page 55

SFX: clamor clamor
Chiaki: Seems like Kana-chan is still a loner in the class.
Picasso: But she’s trying hard to forge a world that is “Kana”
Picasso: It’s still in tangles.
Picasso: I like how Mari-san is watching over her from the back.

Page 56

Chiaki: Soon she might become the “Second coming of Maria Duel”.
Picasso: Yeah.
Girl: Ew! He’s here again!
Girl: That’s definitely a pervert.
Girl: Disgusting!
Girl: Stop staring!
Picasso: Hmm…
Picasso: At a time like this…
Picasso: That’s right.
Picasso: I should be the one to die.
Chiaki: Stop that.

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