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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Gintama 80

For dates, always arrive 30 minutes in advance

+ posted by nyanpyou as translation on May 16, 2009 00:23 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 80

Reserved for the use of Maximum7

Page 1
Hashida: Who are you, and why are you here!?
Gintoki: Ah~?
Gintoki: Do you mean what I do?
Gintoki: That’s right, I’m…
Gintoki: the babysitting wolf.
Text: Lesson 80
Text: For dates, always arrive 30 minutes in advance.

Page 2
Ofusa: Kanshichirou!!
Shinpachi: Gin-san!!
Gintoki: Hey, it seems like you’re in a sticky situation.
Gintoki: What’s this about Shinpachi? Tell me in under 30 letters.
Shinpachi: Impossible.
Shinpachi: Why is Gin-san here a well? Please explain in under 30 letters.
Gintoki: I can’t.
Hasegawa: Are you an idiot!! Who brings babies into the enemy territory!!
Gintoki: What the hell, talking to your savior like that. …Why are you here anyways? Tell me in under 30 letters.
Hasegawa: Shut up!!
Hasegawa: That old man is after the baby!!
Hasegawa: Even after stepping all over the baby’s mother!!
Hasegawa: He turned around so fast after his only son died.
Hasegawa: He’s trying to seize the kid and force him to be the next heir!!

Page 3
Gintoki: …Hey hey. It seems like I’ve wasted my time and effort in trying to return this kid.
Hashida: It wasn’t wasted.
Hashida: That is my grandson.
Hashida: He’s an important heir to Hashidaya. Return him here.
Gintoki: If it was up to me, as long as I’m free of you it doesn’t matter whom you return to.
Gintoki: Hey, what is it you want?
Kanshichirou: Nafuh
Gintoki: Ah, I see, I see.
Ofusa: Wah!
Gintoki: Sorry old man.
Gintoki: It would be better for him to nurse on his mother’s lacking breasts,
Gintoki: than an old man’s dirty chest.
Ofusa: Give it a rest! Can you stop that dirty talk!
Hashida: Do you think you can elude me?
Hashida: I still have something up my sleeve.

Page 4
Hashida: Despite his blindness, he has the upper hand in any Iai-sword match.
Hashida: An assassin who can destroy any of his prey with one blow.
Hashida: His name is Okada Nizou.
Hashida: A much-feared man known as the Assassin Nizou.

Page 5
Nizou: Hey.
Nizou: I thought I would see you again.
Gintoki: You’re that guy.
Gintoki: You couldn’t see?
Nizou: It seems like both your arms are available this time.
Nizou: How wonderful. Now we can fight without holding back.
Hashida: Nizou!!
Hashida: You can kill them all, as long as you get Kanshichirou!!
Shinpachi: Be careful Gin-san! He’s a master of the Iai-sword!
Shinpachi: Don’t let down your guard!!

Page 6
Gintoki: Mguh
Shinpachi: Gin-san!!
Ofusa: Kanshichirou is gone!!
Nizou: How slack.

Page 7
Nizou: Have a better hold on it when you’re carrying a baby.
Nizou: Right, mother?
Ofusa: Kanshichirou!!
Hashida: Kukuku
Hashida: A swift attack as expected of the great Nizou.
Hashida: Now let me be an observant audience.
Nizou: Sorry master.
Nizou: It seems like that man is no easy opponent.
Nizou: Please take the kid and make a run for it.
Gintoki: Shinpachi, Kagura…
Gintoki: You go get the kid.

Page 8
Kagura: But!!
Gintoki: Owowow, just go already.
Gintoki: I’ll
Gintoki: catch up later.
Nizou: Are you sure.
Nizou: A samurai should not make a promise he can’t keep.
Gintoki: Don’t worry.
Gintoki: I may look like a trickster but I’m honest.
Gintoki: For things like dates, I always arrive 30 minutes in advance.
Nizou: It’s been a while since I last saw a person who withstood my hits.

Page 9
Nizou: I lost my sight due to a sickness when I was still young.
Nizou: Some said I was no longer any use as a swordsman.
Nizou: But in a real match, one blow can be decisive.
Nizou: It doesn’t matter if you can see or not, as long your attacks are faster and stronger.
Nizou: Thus Iai is a fitting method for me.
Nizou: Not only that, humans are so resilient.
Nizou: The other senses strengthen to substitute the eyes.
Nizou: Ah~
Nizou: Because of that, my nose, ears, and intuition are like that of a wild beast.
Nizou: My entire body is the eye. I can see more than before.
Nizou: Did you know? In this world, there is more than which meets the eye.
Nizou: Have you seen it? The thing that escapes the body at the instant of death.
Nizou: Maybe that’s the soul.
Nizou: The moment you make the kill, it glows… Such a beautiful colour.
Nizou: I became known as an assassin whilst making the chase for it.
Nizou: Hey you.
Nizou: What colour is your soul?
Gintoki: …Your eyes are quite impressive.
Gintoki: Maybe you have better sight than even Sankhon-san.

Page 10
Gintoki: I don’t know if your whole body is the eye, or you’re old man eyeball or whatever.
Gintoki: I don’t need that to see it.
Gintoki: The colour of your filthy soul…is the colour of shit.
Gintoki: Assassins are just a bunch of bastards that don’t bother looking twice at the pain and suffering.
Gintoki: In the end, you haven’t seen a thing.
Nizou: Wanna try me?
Gintoki: Start. I’ll break your skull.

Page 11
Nizou: You said start so I did.
Nizou: Aren’t you a little fast?
Nizou: It’s you who is blind.

Page 12
Gintoki: What is it~?
Gintoki: Did you hallucinate my death?
Text: Sh…
Text: Shit! I thought I cut him…
Test: My sword is….!!

Page 13
Text: It can’t be!!
Text: He broke my sword in the first blow…!?
Gintoki: Weren’t you the swift swords man who can unsheathe the sword imperceptibly?
Text: Can it be that he’s faster than my swift sword technique…
Text: I only imagined cutting him…
Gintoki: I’m telling you, you’re not seeing a thing.
Gintoki: Try opening your eyes a little you idiot!!

Page 14
Hashida: S…
Hashida: Stay away!!
Hashida: Kanshichirou is my grandson!
Hashida: Hashidaya is also mine! It’s mine! I won’t give it to anyone!
Ofusa: Do as you please with Hashidaya.
Ofusa: But that baby is mine.
Hashida: Shit. Annoying woman.
Hashida: You took my son.
Hashida: Now you will take Kanshichirou and Hashidaya too.
Ofusa: Stop saying things like that when you’re holding a baby.
Hashida: Idiotic. How can a baby understand?
Ofusa: They remember. No matter how young they are.
Ofusa: Especially when they are held with kindness…
Ofusa: Kantarou-sama always talked about that.

Page 15
Ofusa: An alter with a mountain of flowers.
Ofusa: Decorated with the picture of a beautiful woman.
Hashida: …It’s alright.
Hashida: We’ll be fine even if you’re not here.
Hashida: I’ll make the meals.
Hashida: Diapers too… Though I don’t know how to change him, I’ll make do.
Hashida: So,
Hashida: don’t worry about us.
Hashida: I’ll protect them.
Hashida: Both Kantarou and Hashidaya.
Ofusa: …That’s why you’re doing things like this.
Ofusa: By doing this, do you think Kantarou-sama or your wife will be pleased?

Page 16
Hashida: …Kantarou was born sickly.
Hashida: The doctor said even if he’s lucky, he’ll only live a third the life of a regular person.
Hashida: After hearing that,
Hashida: my wife simply said it’s fine, as long as he leads a life that is three times happier.
Hashida: Even if that life is as short as that of a cicada, as long as he lives to the fullest…
Hashida: But I’m not as understanding as my wife.
Hashida: I hired many doctors and raised my son in a cage.
Hashida: …It didn’t matter how.
Hashida: I wanted him to live.
Hashida: Kantarou, and also my wife…
Hashida: I ended up losing them anyways…
Hashida: I couldn’t keep one promise…

Page 17
Kanshichirou: Mofuh
Hashida: Kanshichirou…
Ofusa: You haven’t lost everything.
Ofusa: Kanshichirou is my child.
Ofusa: But it’s unmistakable…
Ofusa: He’s your grandson as well.
Ofusa: So.
Ofusa: The next time you come over to my house, don’t come as the owner of Hashidaya.
Ofusa: Come as his caring grandfather.
Ofusa: I’ll even get out some teacakes.
Hasegawa: …No one can triumph over a mother.
Hasegawa: text: What was it. The mother knows all?
Gintoki: text: Hey. Why are you wearing a diaper. Hey.

Page 18
Ofusa: We’ll get going then.
Ofusa: Um… You’ve really helped us a lot.
Ofusa: I won’t forget it as long as I live.
Hasegawa: Please forget how I lost my dignity.

Page 19
Gintoki: …Right.
Gintoki: When you’re a little older.
Gintoki: Come meet me if you still remember me…
Gintoki: Then we’ll drink to our heart’s content.
Kanshichirou: Supun
Gintoki: Yeah, it’s a promise. Samurais don’t make promises they can’t keep.
Kanshichirou: Uwaan!!
Ofusa: Hey what’s the matter Kanshichirou!?
Ofusa: Ah~ Why are you crying so much? Hm?
Ofusa: That’s weird. He rarely cries at all.
Gintoki: Shit. What a noisy bunch of cicadas.

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#1. by Kuroudo ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2009
This translation was very good!
I would love to see chapter 81 like this.

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