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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 104

Most mothers are about the same

+ posted by nyanpyou as translation on Jul 11, 2009 20:58 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 104

Reserved for the use of Maximum7
Gintama Chapter 104
*I have no idea what a "Nomimonta" is, so I left it as is. (Page 1)

Page 1
Title: Lesson 104
Woman: You!! Just how much longer do you plan to sleep!! Seriously!!
Sound bubble: Twitch
Woman: There, get up! Breakfast is ready!
Gintoki: Ah~ forget it. I don’t want breakfast.
Woman: Don’t be stupid! Breakfast is the source of a day’s brain fuel. Even Nomimonta was saying that on TV!
Gintoki: Wait, really, please spare me… I’m having a hangover.
Woman: Act your age and stop drinking yourself into such a state! Be more responsible!
Kagura: What is it~ So noisy this early on.

Page 2

Woman: Ah~ What girl walks around with pus on their face~ Go wash up!
Kagura: Be quiet. I won’t take orders from anyone.
Woman: Fine then, turn your face this way.
Sound bubble: Spit
Kagura: Woah, it stinks!
Woman: There, nice and clean. A girl should be clean!
Woman: Really, what a bunch of lazybones.
Woman: How much rice. Full bowl? Half a bowl?
Gintoki: …I’ll have half then…
Woman: Don’t be stupid!! You’re too skinny. A boy needs a little body fat!
Gintoki: Shut up. Then don’t ask me to begin with.
Woman: Don’t talk back! Really, you’re always picking at my mistakes!!
Shinpachi: Good morning.
Shinpachi: Oh? Smells good.
Woman: Oh, good morning.
Shinpachi: Woah!! G-good morning.
Woman: What are you doing. Get ready to eat.
Woman: How much rice? Half a bowl? A full bowl?
Shinpachi: Oh, I ate at home.
Woman: What are you saying, wearing such thick glasses! You have bad eyesight because you don’t eat well!
Shinpachi: Um, I don’t think that’s related.
Woman: Don’t talk back! Really, you’re always picking at my mistakes!!

Page 3
Woman: Try to eat it all.
Woman: I’m just going to take out the garbage.
Shinpachi: Gin-san.
Gintoki: Yeah.
Shinpachi: Her.
Shinpachi: Who is she.
Gintoki: You know.
Gintoki: She’s mom.
Shinpachi: Huh? Yours?
Gintoki: No way, I don’t have family. She’s your mom, right. Thanks for the food.
Shinpachi: Just telling you, my mother died when I was a baby. She’s Kagura-chan’s right?
Kagura: My mommy is much prettier. And she’s with the stars now.
Woman: Don’t talk while you’re eating something!
Shinpachi: Ah, sorry.
Woman: Chew thoroughly! Do it 20 times before you swallow!
All: ……1 2 3 4…

Page 4
Title: Lesson 104 Most mothers are about the same.

Page 5
Woman: I’m mother.
Woman: Hachirou’s mother.
Gintoki: Who’s Hachirou.
Gintoki: Anyways, why is Hachirou’s mother being a mother here?
Woman: In the country, where I live, a mother is everyone’s mother, and a child is everyone’s child.
Gintoki: Are you pretending to be a great mother? With a face like the great Masa. …Hey what’re you doing? Why are you eating? Hey, why are you eating all our food.
Woman: I left the country for Edo just to see my son.
Woman: Well~ there’s a lot of things I don’t know about the city~ The subway is like a maze. It’s spellbinding.
Gintoki: Wait, just how many bowls did you have already? Hey, where did you get such a perm. You call that a perm?
Woman: Then as I was lost and confused, I found your sign.
Woman: Since I’ll be in your care, I thought I would cook something up while everyone was asleep.
Gintoki: Hey, wait. Hey, that’s my pudding. What’s that? A switch? That thing above your eyebrows. A self-destruction switch? Hey, if I press that, will you go away?

Page 6

Woman: Here. This is my son, Hachirou.
Woman: I haven’t heard from him since he left for Edo, 5 years ago.
Woman: He’s working in this city for sure… Can you help me find him?
Gintoki: Well… If it’s a job, then we’ll accept.
Gintoki: Do you have money, old lady?
Woman: Here, I really wanted Hachirou to eat this. …It can’t be helped.
Gintoki: Hey, old lady, have you heard of sincerity?
Woman: I see… This is why they say the megalopolis Edo is a cesspool.
Woman: I understand. Do what you want. But let me just say one thing.
Woman: You will never find true love.
Gintoki: Don’t read into alternate meanings!! That’s disgusting, damn hag!! Money, I mean money!!
Gintoki: Well, I’ll just get the full payment from your son later.
Gintoki: So have you seen him?
Otose: It’s an uncommon face.
Gintoki: The name is Hachirou Kuroita.
Otose: Names are meaningless in the Kabuki district.
Otose: It’s full of people who have discarded their name and the past.

Page 7
Woman: Hang on, what are you saying lady? What about my son? You’re saying he’s in some shady business?
Otose: No, no. I’m just saying there are a lot of those people.
Woman: Don’t be kidding me! Hachirou is not like that!
Woman: He was someone to be proud of ever since he was little, always earnest and smart and caring of his mother!
Woman: He only left because my husband died while working in Edo 5 years ago… That boy…
Woman: Sob… He said he was… going to be a treasure hunter for sure…
Shinpachi: How is that smart!?
Woman: You’re wrong! He probably meant he was going to hunt for the treasure of happiness!
Woman: Anyways, he’s definitely working hard!
Woman: Brave and unwavering in a city full of greed.
Woman: Living life to the fullest!
Woman: Please! Let me see my son!!
Woman: I want to see him just once, and ask if he’s alright!

Page 8
Gintoki: I see, thanks.
Gintoki: I’ll come again if there’s anything.
Shinpachi: Gin-san~
Kagura: Gin-chan~
Shinpachi: I’ve got nothing.
Kagura: Same here. This thing is too soaked with the old woman’s smell, and it’s messing with Sadaharu’s nose.
Shinpachi: What about you?

Page 9
Shinpachi: Here…?
Shinpachi: An illegal doctor…
Shinpachi: Could it be.
Gintoki: I asked around and there was no lead, so I changed my perspective.
Gintoki: It seems the caring son has changed the face his parents dealt him a couple of times.
Shinpachi: Plastic surgery!? But why?
Gintoki: And it seems he visited several doctors.
Gintoki: This photo is no longer reliable.
Kagura: It’s like he’s a criminal, changing his face so often like that~
Shinpachi: Gin-san… Maybe we shouldn’t associate too deeply with this case.
Shinpachi: If we find out more… Hachirou-san may not be too happy either.
Shinpachi: It might be better if the mother doesn’t find out…
Gintoki: It’s not for us to decide that.
Gintoki: Let’s just find the caring son first.
Shinpachi: But the photo can’t be used any longer. How…?
Gintoki: It’s not like surgery can change the bone structure that much.

Page 10
Gintoki: All the plastic surgery patients have the same face.
Gintoki: I can imagine… Like this.
Shinpachi: Wait, what are you doing, that’s not surgery. That’s just a wig.
Kagura: I watch “Beauty Coliseum” every day. Let me do it.
Shinpachi: Hey, don’t treat it like it’s a textbook picture!
Gintoki: You overdid it. How are you going to fix this?
Kagura: Just cover it up from here.
Gintoki: Oh, hey, this is kind of good isn’t it?
Shinpachi: Ah… You’re right. It looks like a frequenter of Odaiba.
Shinpachi: Like hell there is!!
Shinpachi: A face like that doesn’t exist!! Even if it did, you can’t go outside like that!
Gintoki: Nah, it exists. Around the Neverland area.
Shinpachi: Not even Neverland! Even if there was, you can’t go outside with that face!
Shinpachi: Anyways, this isn’t surgery! You guys are only drawing on hair!!
Shinpachi: No more! No more! Let’s just stop! Nothing good can come from this job…
Sound bubble: Ring ring

Page 11
Sound bubble: Slip
Hachirou: Hey, I’m Hachirou.
Hachirou: Ah, yes, I’ll be coming to pick you up.
All: H…
All: He really exists!!
Gintoki: N-no way!! H-he exists!!
Shinpachi: W-w-what should we do! What should we do!?
Gintoki: Calm down! Let’s just get the old hag!!
Gintoki: Mothe…
Gintoki: What… What’s she doing?

Page 12
Kagura: She’s having a tiff with some Gal.
Gintoki: Haaaag!!
Gintoki: I’ll do something about that. You guys go chase Hachirou.
All: Roger!!
Gal: Like, you’re really getting on my nerves, hag.
Gal: Stop staring at us like that.
Gal: What’s with the silence? She’s looking at us like we’re not human. Like, it’s kind gross?
Woman: Ambulaaaance!!
Gal: Like, what are you calling!? Unbelievable!? Like, what are you doing!?
Woman: Someone hurry up and call an ambulance!!
Woman: Not only do these people have dirt coloured skin, they are not feeling well!!
Gal: You’re the one grossing me out, hag! Like, this is pissing me off!

Page 13
Gintoki: Mother, come this way.
Gintoki: Sorry, she’s from the country so forgive her.
Gal: Wait, let go Gin-san. Look at their faces! My husband looked the same when he died!
Gintoki: Oh, them. They were born from manure, that’s all.
Gal: Hey, what do you mean by that!!
Gintoki: I mean that. Like, I’m busy, so go back to the manure.
Kankichi: Wait, hang on, what’s the matter?
Kankichi: Osaki-chan is in trouble~ yay~
Gal: Kankichi-san!
Gal: Like, this outdated family is bothering us~
Kankichi: Oh, what, a bunch of country folks? Yay~
Kankichi: I don’t know what wilderness you come from,
Kankichi: but I’ll kill you if you mess around in my city.
Woman: Oh, his legs are so short.
Kankichi: Shiiit, it’s the style!!

Page 14
Gintoki: Sorry. We’re from the country, so please spare us. Like, we’re busy so we better get going then.
Gintoki: Give it a rest already. That style is a popular way to hide short legs right now in Edo.
Kankichi: You’re even ruder!!
Kankichi: Yo, wait!! What are you trying to pull.
Kankichi: I won’t go easy on you, even if you’re an old hag…
Gintoki: Hey.
Gintoki: Didn’t you hear me say I was a busy, skinhead.
Gintoki: I don’t care if you wear loose socks or hakama.
Gintoki: But what kind of a person raises their hand to an old hag.
Gintoki: …Even if your socks are loose…

Page 15
Gintoki: At least keep your morals sharp!!
Kankichi: Gyaaah!!
Gintoki: Raise your pants, goddamn it! Idiots!
Gintoki: Raise your socks!
Gintoki: Try to emulate Aikawa Shou!! Like in Dead or Alive!! He was like this!!
Kyoushirou: That’s about enough!

Page 16
Kyoushirou: Kankichi.
Kyoushirou: What are you doing here?
Kankichi: K-
Kankichi: Kyoushirou-san!!
Gintoki: …What.
Word on right: Ah…
Word on left: Hachirou!?

Page 17
Hachirou: You idioooot!!
Kanshichi: Gufuh!!
Hachirou: Even if you’re minor, you still work for our shop.
Hachirou: Shaming Kyoushirou-san like that!!
Hachirou: You’re fired. Don’t ever get near the Kabuki district again.
Word on right: Huh? What?
Word on left: What’s going on.
Girl: Kyah~ It’s Kyoushirou-sama and Hachirou-sama.
Girl: Ah, so that’s Kyoushirou Honjyou, Kabuki district’s NO.1 host.
Girl: He’s cool, but a bit scary isn’t he? A bit like a Yakuza.

Page 18
Gintoki: …Host?
Gintoki: Err… What was a host again.
Woman: Gin-san, what’s that?
Woman: Hey, what’s a host.
Gintoki: Ah, you know. Like the male version of a hostess.
Gintoki: A bunch of guys chosen for their looks…
Gintoki: …Host?
Gintoki: Err. What was a host again…
Gintoki: Chosen for their looks…
Gintoki: …Huh?
Gintoki: Host?
Gintoki: This…
Gintoki: Is a host?
Gintoki: Host!?

Page 19
Gintoki: Her…
Gintoki: Son…
Gintoki: Hooost!?
Hachirou: I apologize in his place. Are you hurt?
Woman: Yeah, I’m fine. It was nothing.
Hachirou: Will you come to our shop and let us express our hospitality?
Hachirou: To our castle.
Hachirou: Takamagahara.

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