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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Gintama 106

Don’t make chewing noises when you’re eating

+ posted by nyanpyou as translation on Jul 27, 2009 16:31 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 106

Reserved for the use of Maximum7

Page 1

Lesson 106: Don’t make chewing noises when you’re eating
Katsuo: I see… No wonder he looked familiar.
Katsuo: That guy lives at Otose-san’s place.
Guy: He’s a drifter who runs a shady freelance shop.
Guy: Apparently he’s monstrously strong.
Guy: That hag Otose is always sticking her nose in other people’s business. She has many friends, but also many enemies.
Guy: But because of the guy, no one has the guts to try anything.
Katsuo: That damn Kyoushirou must’ve hired him to defy us.
Guy: How perilous to pick a fight with one of the four kings of the Kabuki district. Also, I heard our boss is in love with that hag, bro.
Guy: But that was a long time ago. I heard they had a row about the boss being late with the circulation notice and haven’t talked for 10 years since.
Guy: Ah!! Did you see her gesture right now bro!? It was like a doll!
Katsuo: Don’t be so loud!! Mel-chan is going through her most delicate phase right now!!
Guy: Bro!! This! Look at this! Mel-chan is…

Page 2

Katsuo: Woah, woah, what’s this. Another one came out. Now there’re four!!
Guy: But this one isn’t breathing bro!!
Guy: Woah, what’s this? What should I do.
Guy: Pftbleargh!!
Woman: A grown man shouldn’t panic!!
Woman: If you don’t be strong, who’s going to support her! Guys should be prepared, especially for these situations!!
Guy: S-sorry…
Woman: Hey you, bring a clean dried towel!
Katsuo: Old lady, how is it? Is Mel-chan’s baby going to be saved?
Sound bubble: ku~n
Sound bubble: ku~n
Guy: Alright!! It made a sound!! It’s breathing!!
Guy: It’s wonderful!! It’s a miracle!!

Page 3

Katsuo: Thank you, old lady. Thank you so much.
Woman: It’s alright. Just take care of her.
Katsuo: …
Katsuo: Why are you here, old lady…?
Woman: I heard you talking about a birth. Such a situation needs a mother.
Katsuo: Oh, I see then.
Katsuo: No, I don’t see at all!! What the hell! Who are you, old lady!
Woman: Mother.
Woman: I’m Hachirou’s mother.
Guy: Hachirou… That Hachirou?
Woman: It’s Hachirou Kuroita.
Guy: Hachirou Kuroita…?
???: Hachirou Kuroita… I’ve heard of him before.

Page 4

Hachirou: Sakata-san!!
Shinpachi: Hachirou-san! Did you find the mother?
Shinpachi: We had no luck.
Hachirou: Same here. Not only that, we’ve lost contact with Kyoushirou-san after he gave chase.
Gintoki: Shit.
Gintoki: We were totally fooled by the photo.
Gintoki: So Kyoushirou was the hag’s son, Hachirou.
Gintoki: A mother, not to mention the Buddha wouldn’t have recognized him after that.
Kagura: It’s all your fault for dressing like this and calling yourself Hachirou!
Kagura: It’s so confusing! Do you want me to call JARO!?
Hachirou: It’s your fault for mistaking me for your doodle!!

Page 5
Hachirou: But why didn’t Kyoushirou-san say anything in front his mother?
Hachirou: In the past 5 years, Kyoushirou-san never failed to send money to his mother. He probably missed her a lot.
Kyoushirou: In order to rise up in this city
Kyoushirou: You can’t remain clean.
Kyoushirou: I’ve lost more than I have gained.
Kyoushirou: How embarrassing. Just a bunch that can’t even face their parents.
Sound bubble: ringringring
Kyoushirou: Yes.
Katsuo: Is this Kyoushirou-han? This is Katsuo~

Page 6
Katsuo: We’re having some trouble with your old lady over here~
Katsuo: She inexplicably followed us here. How troublesome.
Katsuo: What should I do, she keeps repeating that she’s Hachirou’s mom.
Katsuo: Should we just take care of it ourselves?
Katsuo: If you’ve got a problem, come pick her up right away. If you don’t hurry, there’s no guarantee what we will do.
Katsuo: Right.
Katsuo: Hachirou Kuroita-han.
Katsuo: Here, over here.
Katsuo: Kyoushirou-h… No, it’s Hachirou-han.

Page 7
Katsuo: What a shock. The boss said your name was really Hachirou Kuroita.
Katsuo: What a name fit for a country folk … I feel closer to you.
Kyoushirou: Where is she…!?
Katsuo: Don’t worry. She’s a valuable hostage so we haven’t done a thing.
Katsuo: Just as we promised, we didn’t reveal your identity to her either.
Katsuo: But I don’t understand why you are so desperate to keep it hidden.
Katsuo: I, for one, definitely can’t face my mother since I’ve strayed too far from the path. She’ll kill me.
Sound bubble: Nngh
Sound bubble: Nngh
Katsuo: But you’ve risen to the rank of the district’s NO1 host. Why don’t you face your mother with pride?
Kyoushirou: Face her with what…
Kyoushirou: I’ve discarded any remnant of the face my mother knew.
Kyoushirou: In order to gain power, I’ve discarded the identity that is Hachirou.
Kyoushirou: Even if I am the NO1 host,
Kyoushirou: I will only appear as someone who cheats women out of their money.
Kyoushirou: And I live in the same world as all of you.
Kyoushirou: I’ll still be living in this filthy world, no matter how much I struggle

Page 8

Katsuo: My, my, this was impressive indeed.
Katsuo: You’re the only one who resisted our offer for so long.
Katsuo: Oh well, today will be the end of that.
Katsuo: What is it, money?
Kyoushirou: It’s my personal funds. I invested a lot in the shop so there isn’t much left.
Katsuo: What~!! You’re still resisting!!
Katsuo: We’re not looking for such birdseed money!! I’m telling you to traffic dugs in your store!
Katsuo: I want a bigger sum than that!!
Kyoushirou: I’m proud to be a host.
Kyoushirou: That’s why I can’t accept your offer.
Kyoushirou: Nor can I face my mother.
Kyoushirou: A host is supposed to make women happy.
Kyoushirou: That’s why,

Page 9

Kyoushirou: to sadden the most important woman in the world,
Kyoushirou: is not something I can do.
Guy: What…
Guy: What did you say!! You don’t care what happens to your…
Guy: Ugyaah!!
Katsuo: Kyoushirou-han…
Katsuo: You’ve got a spirit fit for the name of NO1 host in the Kabuki district.
Katsuo: Tell you the truth; I’m not a fan of drugs either.
Katsuo: I’ve got no choice since the boss is desperate to delve in new prospects.
Katsuo: The yakuza have changed since the arrival of the Amanto.
Katsuo: But I might be able to convince the boss if I had that money.
Katsuo: I’ll let you go today because of your spirit and your 7:3 hair-part ratio.
Katsuo: Bring that here.
Katsuo: I’ll return your mother after.

Page 10

Guy: W-what is that!?
Gintoki: You don’t have to give money to such a dirty bunch.

Page 11

Gintoki: Save that for later.
Gintoki: Buy your mother something nice to eat.
Guy: …!! I-it’s you!!
Guy: Woaaaaah!!

Page 12

Guy: Wagyaaah!!
Shinpachi: I’m not good with machines!!
Guy: Woaaaaaaaah!! Shit, we better retreat first…
Guy: Bugoaah!!
Guy: H-hih…!!
Katsuo: What a reckless bunch. You can’t tell which side is the yakuza anymore…
Katsuo: Hey, give it a rest. Or else this old lady..
Kagura: I’m taking this old lady with me, fuh~
Katsuo: Nooooooh!!
Katsuo: Damn you, stupid shit, don’t underestimate me.
Katsuo: Just because you work for the Otose hag,
Kastuo: doesn’t mean you’ll survive under the Gutter Rat’s wrath you damn stupid shit.
Katsuo: If you make the Jirochou boss your enemy…
Sound bubble: Bft
Katsuo: Mugaaaaaaah!!
Katsuo: A clean hit!! Shit… I’m dizzy… What is this hag eating!!
Katsuo: Don’t let go.
Katsuo: Must endure…
Katsuo: Why are you blushing!
Gintoki: It doesn’t matter if you’re a gutter rat or a house mouse,

Page 13

Gintoki: to hinder those who are desperately treading in the mud
Gintoki: is unforgivable!!
Guy: Brooo!!
Guy: Take this!!

Page 14
Katsuo: Leave them be.
Katsuo: Now if we let them go, we have an excuse for the boss.
Katsuo: The Gutter Rat’s have their own rules too.
Guy: Bro…
Katsuo: We always repay the debts we’ve earned.
Katsuo: We borrow 7 and give back 3.
Katsuo: Same goes for what we’re owed.
Katsuo: If they owe 3, we get back 7.
Kastuo: Remember that bro.
Hachirou: Same as always.
Hachirou: Kyoushirou-san.

Page 15

Hachirou: Did you hear?
Hachirou: He didn’t face his mother after all.
Woman: Listen! You need to steam the pumpkin with sugar and sake!!
Gintoki: Quit nagging, how many times do you have to say it!!
Woman: Don’t talk so loud!! Gee you, always trying to trip me up!!
Hachirou: He said he’s not good enough to meet his mother yet.
Hachirou: He hasn’t done a thing to be ashamed of.
Hachirou: I know what a beautiful heart he has. I was always next to him.
Guy: Hey, Hachirou-san. Someone left a weird thing at the back door.
Woman: Listen! Don’t steam it for too long! It’ll crumble! Moderate it!
Gintoki: Quit saying the same thing!!
Woman: Don’t shout!! Geez, you’re always trying to trip me up!!
Woman: Oh, Kyoushirou-san~
Hachirou: Sorry for the wait.
Woman: What is this… Steamed vegetables…?
Woman: Hey, we didn’t order this! W-why are you smiling?
Woman: Listen! Chew your food thoroughly!!
Gintoki: Shut up, how many times are you going to say that!!
Woman: This is the first time!! I won’t be tricked!

Page 16
Woman: What is this, pumpkin?
Woman: Who ordered such an odd thing?
Woman: Was it Kyoushirou-san?
Woman: Are you kidding, there’s no way Kyoushirou-san will eat something like that.
Woman: I’m going to go now, when I leave remembered to lock the door. It’s dangerous lately!!
Gintoki: Stop nagging and go already!
Kagura: Bye old lady, sweet dreams.
Woman: You too, you damn kid!
Woman: I’m off then.
Shinpachi: Um, mother…
Shinpachi: Um…
Shinpachi: Sorry we couldn’t help you after all…
Woman: What are you saying.

Page 17
Woman: You found him for me.
Letter: To Hachirou. From mother.
Letter: Dear Hachirou,
Letter: First, let me say, I told you to fix the way you hold chopsticks. It really bothers me.
Letter: Also, don’t make chewing noises when you’re eating.
Letter: It annoys mother.
Letter: Lastly…
Letter: I don’t know the details but,
Letter: mother will be happy as long as you’re happy.
Letter: No matter how much you change,
Letter: you’re a son to be proud of.
Kyoushirou: M…
Kyoushirou: Mother.
Gintoki: The annoying one is finally gone.
Gintoki: Even though she’s a mother, I now know they are annoying as hell.
Kagura: Seriously.
Shinpachi: Yeah…
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