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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 83

The boy learns the preciousness of life through his rhinoceros beetle

+ posted by nyanpyou as translation on Aug 17, 2009 02:08 | Go to Gintama

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Gintama 83

Page 1
Title: Lesson 83
1: Go!
2: Hit him there!!
3: Ah, crap! Cra…
4: Aaaaaaaah!!
5: Damn, I totally lost!!
6: So strong!! Isn’t Yo-chan’s Daybreak X tough? So unlike the real thing!
Yo-chan: Mufufu. He’s on a different diet than your weaklings.
Yo-chan: Come on, who’s next? Daybreak X will take on anyone at anytime.
Kagura: Me! Me! I’ll go next.
Yo-chan: Oh, why not Kagura. I’ll break that snooty nose of yours.

Page 2
Kagura: My Sadaharu No. 28 is also on a different diet than you guys.
Kagura: Go, Sadaharu No. 28!!
Yo-chan: Not only the diet, but he’s a different species. What is that?
Kagura: Dung beetle.
Yo-chan: Oyyyye!! You mean he’s the type to eat dung as his diet!
Kagura: Quite amazing isn’t it? Isn’t that self sustaining? Amazing right?
Yo-chan: You’re even more amazing to grab at a thing like that! Anyways, where did you get that! Is there such a thing on our island nation!?
Yo-chan: Do you even know the rules!? This goal of the game is to make the rhinoceros beetles wrestle!
Kagura: Oh ho, that type of close-minded thinking parallels that of the Sumo society.
Yo-chan: Yo, in what world does a wrestler step into the ring covered in feces!! Give it a rest! Go away already!
Okita: Hey hey.
Okita: Everybody try to get along.
Okita: Anyways, mind if I join?
Okita: No one in the team will face me anymore.
Okita: Does someone want to wrestle this guy?
Okita: My Sadomaru No. 21.

Page 3
Lesson 83: The boy learns the preciousness of life through his rhinoceros beetle.

Page 4
Grave: Sadaharu No.28
1: Let’s go home, Kagura-chan.
2: Let her be. It can’t be helped.
3: She loved her pal, even though it was a dung beetle.
4: And that guy took all our rhinoceros beetles.
5: I can’t believe Daybreak X lost too…
6: He must be the rumored guy who’s hunting rhinoceros beetles in the port area.
7: How childish.
8: What’s he planning?
Kagura: U..uu
Kagura: Sadaharu…

Page 5
Kagura: Uwoaaaaaah!!
Kagura: Sadaharu No. 21… Ah, no, it’s No. 28!!
Kagura: It’s beetle-hunting time!!
Kagura: Beetle hunting!!

Page 6
Kagura: Beetle hunting!!
Gintoki: Shut uuuup!!
Gintoki: What have you been ranting about.
Kagura: I plan to go beetle hunting right now.
Kaugra: How about it?
Shinpachi: What do you mean how about it, just go.
Kagura: What do you mean just go!
Shinpachi: Pft bleargh
Kagura: Listen! The leash on my temper has been broken.
Kagura: My adorable Sadaharu No. 28 was murdered by that damned bastard.
Kagura: Daybreak X and everybody else was taken too.
Kagura: Are you listening?
G/S: Ah~ yes we are.
Kagura: So I want to go avenge everyone….
Kagura: Are you listening?
Gintoki: Yes, we are.
Kagura: So I plan to catch a really strong rhinoceros beetle to defeat the bastard’s Masomaru? Um? Sazomaru? Which was it.
Kagura: Hey, which was it?
Gintoki: Yes, we are listening.
Kagura: The bastard’s Kiteirumaru will be defeated.

Page 7
Kagura: But I don’t know how to catch a rhinoceros beetle.
Kagura: So teach me.
Gintoki: It seems the rhinoceros beetle boom is taking a hold again.
Shinpachi: Apparent it is all the rage to make the beetles wrestle each other.
Kagura: Hey, teach me.
Gintoki: Yes, we’re listening.
Kagura: Not listen, I mean teach me.
Gintoki: Right, I think Daybreak should transfer to pro wrestling instead…
Kagura: You only heard the first part!!
Kagura: Forget it. Just come with me. I really want a rhinoceros beetle!
Gintoki: Don’t be stupid. Why should a guy my age go bug hunting.
Gintoki: I’m not interested in such a worthless thing.
Shinpachi: If you want to do research, go by yourself. Us adults are too busy for beetles…
Woman: What!!
Woman: A rhinoceros beetle is that expensive!?
Woman: You can buy a car with a price like that!
Guy: Yeah, but they are more important to me than cars.
Woman: With the appearance of such expensive beetles,
Woman: adults are also taking part in the soon to be big rhinoceros beetle boom.

Page 8
Gintoki: It’s rhinoceros beetle hunting time!!
Kagura: Beetle hunting time!!
Gintoki: We’ll hunt until we drop!!
Shinpachi: How did it become this?
Gintoki: We’ll hunt and sell like there’s no tomorrow!
Gintoki: Ok, this will be our territory.
Gintoki: Don’t think you can go home before we catch the giant beetle.
Gintoki: It’s business. We’re here for business.
Gintoki: Don’t think it’s summer camp. The forest is a predator. If you don’t pay attention, it’ll swallow you up.

Page 9
Kagura: No problem. I won’t mess up, and we bought a lot of supplies.
Shinpachi: They are more snacks than supplies. It’s like a picnic.
Gintoki: Idiot, don’t take it lightly.
Gintoki: Snacks must be under 300 yen.
Shinpachi: You too!
Kagura: Too bad. Pickled seaweed doesn’t fall under snacks.
Gintoki: It does. Everything that goes in the mouth does. Even the juice.
Kagura: Whatever. I saw Gin-chan secretly pour Pokari in the water bottle.
Gintoki: That wasn’t Pokari. That was dirty water.
Shinpachi: Why don’t you both get swallowed up by the forest.
Shinpachi: It’s rarer than I thought.
Kagura: I thought we would find it right away… What should we do?
Gintoki: Spread honey all over your body, and they’ll come to you right away.
Kagura: Only perverts will come to that.
Shinpachi: It’s a boom after all; maybe everything in this area has been caught already.
Shinpachi: Hm?

Page 10
Shinpachi: Gin-san, let’s go home. This forest scares me.
Kagura: He spread honey all over himself.
Gintoki: Don’t worry, it’s a fairy. It’s a sap fairy. It protects the forest that way.
Shinpachi: But that guy looks kind of familiar…
Kagura: It’s the gorilla. It was the gorilla.
Gintoki: Then he’s the gorilla fairy. He protects the gorillas that way.
Shinpachi: How can he protect the gorilla…

Page 11
Shinpachi: Gin-san, let’s go home. This really is a scary forest.
Kagura: He was spreading mayonnaise all over the trees.
Gintoki: Don’t worry. He was the mayonnaise monster. He marks his territory that way.
Shinpachi: But he’s clearly someone we know.
Kagura: It’s the nicotine addict. It was the addict.
Gintoki: Then he was the Nicochinco monster. In that way, he has two penises.
Shinpachi: No one has two penises,
Shinpachi: N-Woaaaaaah!! W-what the hell is that!!
Shinpachi: This is a dream right? No way! That’s ginormous!
Gintoki: What are you waiting around for, drop it!!
Kagura: Oraah!! Die!!
Kagura: Alright!!
Kagura: Now I can avenge Sadaharu No. 28…

Page 12
Okita: What are you doing.
Kagura: What are you doing here!!
Okita: Can’t you tell by looking?
Gintoki: No. The only thing we can tell is that you’re stupid.
Okita: Hey, sorry, pull me up; I can’t get up by myself.
Okita: Sigh, you ruined my plan to blend in and interact with them.
Hijikata: Hey, what’s all the noise?
Hijikata: Oh.
Kondou: Ah, it’s you guys!! What are you doing here!?

Page 13
Shinpachi: What are we doing… Do you think a person covered in honey has the right to ask something like that?
Kondou: It’s my job to ask. Now provide a straight answer.
Gintoki: What kind of job requirement is it to be covered in honey.
Hijikata: We don’t have to explain to the likes of you.
Kondou: We are here for rhinoceros beetles.
Hijikata: Geez, he answered. Try to be a little…
Kagura: Rhinoceros beetles!?
Gintoki: Hey, hey, so you go on a vacation after taking our tax money?
Gintoki: Is your brain vacant!?
Kondou: This is a job to be proud of. Now get out of the forest because you’re in our way.
Kagura: Stop kidding around! I’m here for the legendary giant beetle!
Kagura: I must avenge Sadaharu No. 28!!
Okita: What are you talking about. You got excited while watching the match and squished that dung beetle yourself.
Kagura: Who got me excited!
Kagura: Who’s fault is it!!
Gintoki: It’s yours.

Page 14
Hijikata: Sougo. You’ve been recklessly hunting rhinoceros beetles again? I told you to stop.
Okita: Isn’t it reckless to try and catch beetles by mayonnaise as well?
Kondou: You tried with mayonnaise again, Toshi?
Kondou: I told you it wouldn’t work. It’s the honey trap all the way.
Hijikata: No way, it’s death by mayonnaise.
Okita: Nah, let’s go with Narikiri Wars Episode III.
Kondou: Nah, let’s go with the wounded honey spa murders.
Guy: Ah, captain, look!

Page 15
Guy: It’s a rhinoceros beetle!
Guy: He’s on the tree straight to the front…
All: It’s beetle hunting!!
Hijikata: You wait up! Don’t you touch that beetle!! Go home already!!
Gintoki: What a joke! I won’t let you hog it. The beetle belongs to all of us. No! It’s mine!
Hijikata: Shit, hey, don’t let them get it! Get ahead no matter….
Hijikata: Pft!!
Kagura: It’s beetle hunting!!

Page 16
Okita: It’s beetle cracking!!
Gintoki: It’s beetle kicking!!
Kondou: Wahahhahhah!
Koudou: Beetle…

Page 17
Koudou: cracking!!
Gintoki: Beetle…
Hijikata: I won’t let you say it! Beetle…
Gintoki: I’m the beetle…
H/G: Hmm?
Kagura: Rhino
Kagura: ceros
Okita: Beetle
Gintoki: Hey, wait a second.
Hijikata: We’re on the same side…
K/O: breaking!!

Page 18
H/G: Gyaaaah!!
??: It’s gone…
Shinpachi: It’s gone…
???: Geez, what a disturbance.
???: It’s difficult enough as it is to try and catch a single bug in a forest.

Page 19
Kondou: What should we do, Toshi…
Hijikata: We just have to keep that from their knowledge.
Hijikata: If they notice that, they’re bound to scheme up something.
Hijikata: After all, that thing can be measured up to a national treasure.
Kondou: Yes! We must find it no matter what.
Kondou: Everyone fill up your stomachs now. We’re searching through the night.
Kondou: We must return the “Rurimaru” to the general as soon as possible.
All: Oooh!!
Okita: Next time, I’ll show her.

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