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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Pandora Hearts 55

Back to Back

+ posted by Olivine as translation on Nov 25, 2010 22:19 | Go to Pandora Hearts

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Pandora Hearts
Retrace: LV Back to Back
– Darkness on the Left –

Pandora Hearchu – Coming Someday!!

Listen to me, Glibert-kun.
You can’t get your priorities wrong.

You and I are happily allies now...

But if you ever think I’m a hindrance, feel free to get rid of me~.
I’ll do that too, of course.

And if there’s ever any one thing you want to protect, // You have to find the cruelty to be able to get rid of everything else.

No one is allowed to
Get back the things he once lost ––––


{bang bang}



Stop, Gilbert!!


What are you doing, Elliot!?
What are you doing!?


You were going to shoot that little kid!?
It’s not just a little kid! It’s an illegal contractor!!


The Humpty Dumpty Break was talking about.

{mumble...} {mumble...} {mumble...}

They’re stubborn...
Stubborn, right....then...
{zz} {z...}

I’ll get out mine, too...
{bubble...} {bubble...}



{whack} {whack}

{thud} {thud}

Echo! Vincent!
Hello...Big brother...

Vince...you’re bleeding!?
Don’t worry, it’s not my blood...

Let’s say...I did a little too much... // {chuckle} // {chuckle}


I didn’t expect it to become so chaotic... // At least you’re all right, nii-san...
(*TN; big brother*)


{light up, into existence...}
{ku ru ru ...from what I understand, these are mouse noises. So something like...squeak squeak?}

It’s actually the safest to kill them, but
I can just put them in deep sleep for now, right...? Gil.

Yeah...Go ahead, Vince.


After all, the Dormouse only comes in use at times like this...

Oh, but... // It’s much better than Reim-san’s Chain, granted...
{chuckle chuckle}


Reim and Break. // Did you see either of them!?
...Did something happen?

Reim...could have been attacked by the Baskervilles while he was searching for the sealing stone, we don’t know what happened to him.



Acting strange...

He went after the person we thought was the Headhunter alone.

Isn’t the hatter always strange, though...?
{Well, yeah...}

Going away on his own is also what he usually does, right...?
I...I guess...

...!? // ?
You see...we don’t need to worry about the hatter ––––...
I saw it.


...While we were coming here,
I observed Mister Break, in battle with two of the Baskervilles, outside.


–– It seems

That Mister Vincent didn’t notice...


Xerxes Break
And the Baskervilles...!?

{clang clang}


When I struck him..


It felt deep enough to be a fatal wound.

So the Baskervilles

Either have abnormal curing abilities
Or immortal bodies.





Even so, when I showed them the Mad Hatter, they came outside.

They feared my Chain’s abilities.

That means
I can kill them.

Stay back, Lily-san...
{Ow, it hurts, don’t push me!!}
You heal slower than I do, don’t push yourself too hard!


Mad Hatter...

Chains that kill Chains.
We’ll pulverize you all ––––!

I wanted to beat them without using the Chain’s power.

Well, it can’t be helped.


Whether I finish them first
Or my life will give out first...

It’s good that it’s so easy to understand.

The revival of the Tragedy of Sablier!?

That’s Yura’s plan!?

There seem to have been many more guests than us and the Baskervilles...


So they took Oz and the stupid rabbit...

{Oh...} I think your attendant is with them, too, Elliot...

According to the believer I got all this out of, // They needed a person in some friendly position with Oz-kun...

Oz-kun’s friends are Gil, Elliot, and him, and that’s about it, right?
{He doesn’t have that many friends...}




You’re worried about the hatter...?

He’ll be fine.

You already know this, Gil...

The hatter is very very strong.
He won’t be killed by just the Baskervilles.

I already

Know that.


His words are always right.

He’s overwhelmingly strong.

He can’t lose.
I know that, but
Why can’t I calm down...?

This is all because he’s upset somehow. // He gets hit by my attack!



–––– That time

Help meee!!


{roll roll}

Maybe Break
Didn’t know what was going on until he heard the sound...?


Why are you trying to make me do it!?
Just maybe
{thump... thump...}

...It’s over there.


Leo’s in there...!?
{pull pull}
Nii-san...do you know what you’re doing...?

Elliot will get his attendant. // Echo and I will be in charge of securing the sealing stone and thwarting the ritual.

Gil, you’re going to...
Rescue your dear master, of course...

You can’t get
Your priorities wrong, right...?


“Listen to me, Gilbert-kun.”

“You can’t get your priorities wrong.”


I remembered Break telling me the exact same thing, 10 years ago.



...I’m fine.
Let’s go.

Even the mad hatter
Will have to use his Chain to face Fang and Lily.


I think he knows that I’m connected to the Baskervilles.

But the people around him appear to not know about it.
Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have proof, or something ––––

You’re an eyesore.




Go disappear.


Disappear here and now, mad hatter ––––!







You can stop attacks from your blind spot by the Mad Hatter, // But not those from underground!




I guess I can only catch him off guard once. // But it’s enough.

I wanted to fight him one-on-one
Without relying on my Chain.

It’s over

All over
I’ll lose
Here and now

The wound is deeper than I expected.
I can’t quite control my Chain like this.

I’ll die.
Well...it can’t be helped.
{It’s because I wasn’t being careful.}


Sorry, Reim.
It seems I couldn’t do it again.

At least

I’ll eliminate them
Before I go.




You’ll really
Grant me my wish...?



I couldn’t even
Grant your wish.

Forgive me.


–––– No,

You don’t have to forgive...me.


Stop, you fool!!





{bang bang}




Listen, Break.


Master told me to come back within 10 minutes.

I’ll have to end this quickly!

Ow...ow ouch ouch!! // What // What are you!?

I am


This man’s left eye!
(*TN; man also reads as fool*)

36 - 37




The Raven...!!


Please, Oz // Give me
Permission to go help Break!!


...I’m your attendant.
I can’t go without your permission.

But right now, Break ––––! // ......

Realized about Break’s eye...
I don’t care what kind of punishment I receive later...!


{...well, calm down.}

Now, // Listen to me, Gilbert.

Alice and Leo
Were just taken away by Yura.

He told me that when the clock hand points to the zenith,


The two will be killed as instruments for the ritual.


You finish what you need to do in 10 minutes.
I’ll deal with the situation here!

What!? Oz, that’s...
I can fight on my own now.


I’m happy // That I can finally fight with you.

That’s why // You should

Give it all you can!!


–––– You said you were happy.

But don’t you seem a little angry?
I am angry.

{drag drag...}

I won’t forgive him.

I won’t
Forgive Isla Yura.

His dream // His worthless ritual


I’ll destroy it all
With my own hands...!
<Quiet resolve
Courses through his body...!>

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#1. by Rizeto ()
Posted on Nov 26, 2010
thanks a lot 4 the translation!
Ahhh Oz!!! I loved him saying those words!
Go Oz, take down Isla Yura! ¬¬

thanks again!

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