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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Pandora Hearts 56

Rabbit Eyes

+ posted by Olivine as translation on Dec 20, 2010 19:43 | Go to Pandora Hearts

-> RTS Page for Pandora Hearts 56

The rabbit will finally be in the spotlight next year...the synopsis manga
Pandora Heeaaaaarrchu!!!!!!!!!
{triple rabbit}; Yes!
{bird&rabbit}; Aaghh!
{Oz}; We’re here in Yura’s mansion to search for the sealing stone!
// (*sound of muffled movement...*) (*move move?*)
{Gil}; But the Baskervilles and a religious cult trying to begin a ritual that seems dangerous are here, too.
// (*literally, taking clothes off...*) (*change change?*)
{two rabbits}; Cactus.
// Ta-da!
{jump rope}; whiz
{Ada}; Don’t look this way!
// (*embarrassed, compressing on herself...*) (*hide hide?*)
{Alice}; Does rabbit meat taste good?
// boing boing
{Xerx}; Goodbye~
{Echo}; This is Echo.
// jump
// Miss Alice and Mister Leo have been taken by Mister Yura, and Mister Break is outside, engaged in a fight with Fang & Lily. Echo wants to go home and rest soon.
{Vince}; Gil...
// zzzzz
{sit-ups}; oomph oomph

Raven; {kwa...}

// {roar}
<The Raven...the judgment
Of the black wings engulfs all...>
Fang/Lily; !!
Retrace: LVI Rabbit Eyes
– Destruction Red –
Pandora Hearts
Jun Mochizuki

Fang; Miss Lily!

fire; {roar}

Lily; ............!
Fang; If we touch those blue flames...even we will be in danger.

Lily; ............
// That’s...
// Raven is Lord Glen’s Chain...!

// Return it...return it (*insert derogatory term for someone here*) ––––!

Xerx; You must be
// A fool!
{rip rip}

Gil; Whva!?
Xerx; Why did you come!? I told you to go help Oz.
Gil; Stop complaining! // Why do I have to listen to you!?

X; !
G; Anyway, you’re the fool! Why are you doing this!?

X; The Baskervilles are Pandora’s enemy. // Of course I fight them.

G; That’s not what I’m saying! // What’s making me angry...

G; Is that you fight alone
// Without relying on anyone
// And give up on your own!

// Don’t you have people // who you can remember and call for at times like this?

// {ah...}

// It takes too much energy to bring out the Raven.
// If it goes on, we’ll be at a disadvantage.

// Let’s finish this ––––!

X; Stop it.
G; Ow!

// What...!?
X; Do you want to use up all your energy and pass out?
{Aren’t you going back to Oz?}

X; Baskervilles are closer to Chains than humans.
// Therefore, your Raven is not as effective as
// My Chain killing.

G; ! // Break...
X; But I will not just throw the power around.

// I will put it into my sword
// And finish it in one strike.

// ...Gilbert
// ............

// Please help me.


Lily; Damn it...we can’t get near...!
Fang; Let’s withdraw for now. // We’ll regroup with Miss Lottie ––

L; No!
// We can’t leave Raven like that!

// Raven will be free if we kill the guy in black, right!?

// And they’re enemies....enemies.

// We have to kill...enemies!


L; His back...

// Is wide open!


{bang bang}
L; !

X; By the way, I’m the man who was // Once called the Mr. One-Man-Show by my lady.

// I don’t know how to fight with someone else.
// I might even accidentally kill you.

G; You’re telling me this now?

// I’ve never expected you to match me.
F; !
G; I only have your back.

F; No.

G; Dance any way you want!
F; Lily-san!!

X; !

// {cough...}
// Not now...!
// {hah...}


R; Lily ––––!!!

L; Huh...?



L; Fa // ng...?


G; Break!

Lily; Fang...!!

F; {hah...} {hah...}


{crack} {crack}

F; .............

// I see...

// Now...I can end ––––...
{stomp stomp stomp}

Lottie; Fang! Lily!

F; Lottie-san...

// .............
// Sor...r...


Li; !

// Lottie!?
Tove; {fade...}
// {kyuu...}
Lo; Their friends are coming.

// Besides,
People; {Miss Sharon.} {Please wait, Miss Sharon!}
Lo; You can’t forget our purpose!

Sharon; Gilbert! // ! Break...
G; Sharon.
X; !

X; Well
// Why are you living?

G; Reim!?
S; {ee...}

Reim; ...Ha ha...
// Wow... I even fooled you... {ha...}

X; Yes...?
R; “Playing dead.”

// {ha..} That’s...the March Hare’s power...

// {hah...} // Being able to fake death...might sound nice... // {hah...}
// But that doesn’t mean the wounds recover...and you never know...how long you will be out... // {hah...}

X; I’ve never
// Heard such a thing.

R; Of course.
// I never told you.

// This power is effective...as long as the enemy doesn’t know... // {hah...}
// {hah...} // So...don’t tell anyone... // Don’t use it unless nothing else can be done...
// {hah...} // Were Mister Rufus’s...orders...


R; What’s that...Xerx
// That... // Sorry face...

X; ...Shut up.

S; I left Eques with Miss Ada, who is in relative safety. // We will send Reim to her.


X; Reim...

X; ...I’m glad...
// You’re alive...

R; Lily ––!

22 (*In the raw, this page is upside down. Rotate it 180 deg, and read it from top right to bottom left.*)
R; Ah...

Isla; Are you aware, Mister Oz,
// That the Abyss records // Everything that has and will happen in this world?

// Well...that’s what I gathered from the documents that were left here.
// The ritual that we are about to start // Is a way to approach that memory.

// The Tragedy of Sablier was a traumatic experience for the Abyss.
// By recreating similar situations, // We apply pressure to the Abyss through a magic circle.

// The sealing stone will try to contain the distortion caused by the pressure.
// By destroying it at the same time as the Tragedy of Sablier ––––

// The impact and the backlash will BOOM!
// We will “flash back” the Tragedy onto this land ––!!

// My...my apologies, Mister Oz...was that hard to understand?
Oz; You
// Really believe that the Abyss is the world of salvation?

I; Fu fu...Mister Oz, {chuckle...}
// {chuckle} Just between you and me... // It is just between you and me, you see...? {chuckle...}

// Of・course・not {heart}

// I don’t believe in such a thing NOT EVEN A TINY BIT!!

// Mister Oz! // Mister Oz!!
// To me, religion is just a business of giving the customers dreams to hold onto!

// {chuckle} I give the wounded little sheep hope in life. {chuckle}
O; I’ll destroy him.
I; {chuckle} As payment, I accept a large sum of donations from them. {chuckle...}

// My wish is always to “die laughing in the face of the vast unknown” ~~~~

O; I’ll destroy him.

// I. Destroy him.

Vince; Oz.
{throb} {throb}


V; ...I want you

// To stop spacing out like that...

O; Tha...thanks.
V; Stop it... {really...}

// I’m only protecting you because Gil asked me to...

V; ...Let’s go over it again.
// We are going to thwart their ritual.

V; According to what you said, that means // To not let them break the sealing stone and to not let them kill those two.
// {chuckle..} ...They’re both reactionary.

// We can always just kill them all before it starts...
O; Can’t you put them to sleep with the Dormouse or something?

V; I can’t.
// The Dormouse’s power doesn’t start working unless I’m in contact with their heads, but besides that ––––

// Because of the stone, it won’t come to me.

V; ............
V; The ringing in my ears
// Doesn’t stop.

// But I wonder why
// When I think about Yura’s words, the noises in my head wane.

Elliot; At any rate, we don’t have time. // We need to act now!
V; Elliot... {sigh...}

// Why are you always like that...you should learn to be calmer, like Oz-kun ––––
Echo; Mister Vincent, look.

El; !

// Leo...
Oz; Alice!!!

// Yura, what // Did you do to Alice!?

I; Oh, look at this...

// I thought it was about time you arrived.

// Elliot! Go get Leo.

// I’ll get Yura...

El; ...Who do you think

// You’re talking to!?

V; Wha...those two are the worst...
{slide slide slide...}

// I can’t target Yura from here, there’s too many people.
// Echo.

// For now, we’ll take part in thwarting this suspicious ritual... // But afterwards, during the commotion ––


// I will destroy that seal.


{light up...}


O; !?
{creak...} {creak...}
I; I've been waiting for you, Mister Oz.

// For the Tragedy of Sablier to take place, we need
// The hero rushing in to stop his best friend~{heart}

O; So me coming here...was a part of the act...
{That’s why he left us alone...}

Phillip; Onii-chan!

// We can talk together
// Until the “play” ends!

O; The ringing is loud
// And my body is heavy.

P; Several days ago,
// I told daddy about you.
O; But

// My head gets clearer and clearer.


V; Hey...isn’t that against the rules...?

// The power of the stone doesn’t affect Humpty Dumpty...?

{z z z z}
P; Onii-chan.

// No.

// Don’t stand up.

O; This Chain...this is why you were so confident...Isla Yura.


// Phillip.
// Sorry.

// Maybe you’re happiest as you are right now. // Maybe it’s better if you forget the sad things.

// So
// I’m being selfish.

// Your father is dead.

// He fought to protect your happiness –––– and he died.

// I don’t want to send him to the Abyss.
// I couldn’t
// Keep my promise to you.

P; Onii-cha...
O; If he will hate me for this, I don’t care.

P; You’re wrong...daddy...
O; I’m not wrong.
// Your father isn’t here anymore.

P; That’s a lie!!!

// It’s a lie!! // It’s a...
// Because my father always sends me letters!!

I; Hey...would someone stop Mister Oz...?
O; Phillip.

P; He’s busy with work, so he’s somewhere far away with mommy...
O; Phillip.

{crack} {crack}

He // Did wrong things, but

// I don’t want you to
{grind...} {grind...}

{hah...} {hah}

// Make it so

// The resolve, and the caring, didn’t happen.

P; {Stop}
// {Talking!!}



I; !?

V; Oz-kun’s

// Eyes are red...?




Alice; O...
// Z...?

Elliot; {......}
// {ah...}
// {hah...}

// {hah...}

Lady Nightray; You are here at a good time, Elliot.

// Come over here.

// We will
// Experience the moment of miracle together.

E; Mo...ther...
<The horrible reality
Is hard to accept...>

Where “red” is used, that’s the same thing as “crimson.” I just used red because it sounded better...
And Oz’s eyes turning red...that happened in the pilot chapter...

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#1. by Evvo ()
Posted on Dec 21, 2010
Amazing as always)Thanks)

Areas to check:

...Has anyone ever seen evidence to Phillip being Phillipe or Phillip?

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