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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Pandora Hearts 57

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

+ posted by Olivine as translation on Jan 20, 2011 03:12 | Go to Pandora Hearts

-> RTS Page for Pandora Hearts 57

They said I could draw whatever I want, so I
^really^ did whatever I wanted.
Pandora Hearchu Extra!!!!

I am not

Oh look, they’re doing it again.
{They’re good friends~{flower}}
{...You think so?}
I wonder why they never get tired of arguing about the same thing over and over again~
{You stupid rabbit!}
{What, you pathetic piece of seaweed!!} {I’m not seaweed}
{You meat-eating rabbit}
{So cute...{heart}}

Why does Gil hate his hair so much? // It’s soft and smooth, and I like it a lot.
{munch munch}
Well, it must be hard to get it in shape on a rainy day.

If he doesn’t like being called seaweed, why don’t we dye it blond someday?
{gleam gleam}
I disagree. // It will make me mistake him for a sewer rat and want to run my sword through him.

So we should just straighten his hair!

No way!! That’s not going to happen, Break!!
{A ha ha ha ha ha}
You think so? If he starts to get wishy-washy, the humidity wouldn’t go up as much...
{fu fu fu fu}
I don’t want Gil to be like that!!

Well, then, what about a bowl cut?
{It accentuates the black hair!!}
{Bowl cut!}
{pft...} What is that!?

Or, this was in a book I read once. // This will help raise his manliness!
{Cough cough hack (chocked over)}

Or this! I heard that the gist of it is how much you can pile on without having it slump over!
It won’t look good on him!!

Well then, since it’s such a bother,
Let’s just shave his hair clean off!!

{ghaw haw ha ha ha ha}
{That’s so not him}
{fu fwo fo fo}
{ho ho}
{ha hee ha hee}
[Forgetting the point of the conversation]
{Please...come over here...}
{What is it?}

{Peace is the best.}

The time is finally here! I think everyone will have rabbit ears for some time...the synopsis manga
Pandora Heaaaarrrchu!!!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year to you all.
This year, this synopsis manga will be the same as last year, not really reflecting what is happening in the story.

Oh, what is Leo dreaming about?
He’s dreaming that he is about to be killed as a sacrifice in a ritual.

What about Oz?
{Come save me already!}
Is he dreaming that he has to save a cute girl from the hands of evil?

Elliot seems to be in a nightmare.
{It’s for everyone’s good {heart}}
Is his mother trying to kill his attendant?

The first dream of the year.

Sharon! I’ll leave you with Break. // I’ll go back to Oz.


…cough // I’ll follow you…with my lady as soon as I can.
But before you go,

There’s one thing…

<The words
Eat the soul…!!>

–––––– Again.

The power…belongs to the B-Rabbit.

But why are you using it?

Why…am I crying…?

May I ask something?

Are you really merely “Mister Oz’s friend”?

…Could you possibly be

Related to the girl called “Alice”
Who was killed by someone in the midst of the Tragedy of Sablier?

<The black rabbit is ensnared in the venomous snake’s jaws…>
Pandora Hearts
Retrace: LVII Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
- Barred memories –
Jun Mochizuki





{drop // drop drop}

Shit…what is this!?
Why won’t it stop…!

“Killed by someone”

Those memories are not in me // Therefore I don’t know them

But this inexorable sorrow and agony
Becomes pain and runs wild in my body.
But I don’t remember…
It has certainly stayed in my heart.
Shit… // Shit…
It doesn’t stop ––––!


Don’t cry.

…Things that make you sad

Things that hurt you

Everything everything

I’ll destroy them with my own hands for you ––––!


{throb throb}


Isla Yura…

I’ll nullify
Everything that you are…!

{ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump}

{ha ha…} {ha ha ha // ha ha ha ha ha }


That is wonderful, Mister Ooooz!!

What is that power!?

{chatter chatter}
It is absolutely exquisite!!!
……….It’s about time I told you

You are really annoying.


Is turning into dust…?


Beautiful ––––!!!



Shut up, you idiot!!

{throb }
{throb throb}
For my manservant to use my powers without permission
You definitely have very wrong ideas!!

And what was that method of fighting!? // Did you want to destroy the sealing stone along with everything?
{shudder... shudder...}

Not this.
That stone is made of a special material.
Snakeface was saying that hitting it with a single bullet …or sticking a sword in it would make it shatter into a million pieces.
Not this. Not this.

I can’t let Oz destroy any more!!
I’m forgoing the search for my memories for this. // Are you just going to put it all to waste!!?

This is the same.
I can’t find the memories related to it,
But somebody inside screams

“That won’t mean anything.”
No, I don’t care about the reason.

I don’t like what I don’t like!!
That is all!!!


“Specifically, thwarting the ritual means not letting them break the sealing stone and not letting them kill Alice and Leo.”

That’s right… // It’s after 12 am and I’ve saved Alice.

There isn’t any need to fight anymore ––––

{tock} {tick}


The times…are diff ––––

That’s right.
“Time” is always vague.

It all depends on what you make the measuring stick.
{rumble rumble rumble}

{rumble rumble rumble rumble}

The time that clock dictates
Is the rule ––––!
Now, Mister Oz…

Let’s bring back
That tragedyyyyyyyy
{ha ha}


Please stop this!! Why are you doing such a thing…?

You will let go, Elliot.
You cannot hinder our duty.

The time is fast approaching.

If we can lead the world to the Abyss…everyone can live happily.

Was killed // By the headhunter…!

Do you know, mother,
That the Fianna’s House was being used to experiment with Chains // And Isla Yura was using it.

Xerxes Break said that the Chain the children were being made to contract // Was the headhunter ––––!


You don’t say silly things.
Humpty Dumpty is a holy power sent from the Abyss to fulfill this duty.

Mother ––––…



{fall over…}

What…is this
{thump} {thump}

…There, you were hindering us, and you were punished, see!?

You can watch there.
It’s sad that Vanessa died…but it’s all right.

We’ll all go to the Abyss
And live joyfully together again.

{tick} {tock}


…O // z…


…It’s all right.
It’s all right, Alice.

Because I’m the one who did it.





Don’t say Oz’s name with that mouth.

My name is Jack.
Jack Vessalius.


Is that…so…!?

{Ha ha...} Ha ha ha ha ha
...I see

That was
Just Mister Oz’s act!

Lying before the “real one”, I feel it painfully.

The tragedy has been thwarted by you again...!
{ha ha} {ha ha ha ha} {ha ha ha ha} {ha ha ha ha} {ha}
Aah // Ah // Aah // I have...so many things I wish to ask you!

{cough...hack} You have...seen everything...in the Tragedy of Sablier...
What...kind of a scene was it?

Ho...ho ho ho, It must have been...a beautiful sight. // The miracle…of the black light swallowing up the city…!

Please shut up.

You don’t have to
Talk anymore.

Glen once said…that the Abyss used to be a beautiful world where golden light danced.
But for me, that place is // A grave.

Just a grave.

…………! Jack…!
{throb} {throb}

{clack} {clack}

I’m sorry…this must be hard for you.

Ha ha…ha ha // Ha ha
Ha ha ha ha…ha

{ha ha ha ha…ha ha}
{drag… drag…}
{a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha // ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!}

…May your soul

Return to this land again
After the hundred years’ wandering ––––



Glen, where are you?

{chirp… chirp…}


…You have a reason for being here?

Uh, you were awake?
I am asking you why you are here.

Well, it’s not a big reason, see? // Lottie is coming after me, so I was wondering if you could hide me!
{You two never get tired of it…}

Fu fu fu…

I want to show you to Raymond right now.

Raymond…that is Earl Nightray.
He and Arthur and everyone else // Would never dream that the head of the Baskerville family would be nodding off to sleep with a little bird on his head!

…Is that an insult?
{fly away…}
Eeh? Why do you think so?

I want to say that there might not be such a big difference between you and us.

…Jack // You are the one who is mistaken.

Baskervilles do not die as easily as you do
But in exchange, we are not allowed to live like you do.

This body will someday // Reach its end, like all Glen Baskervilles before.
Before that happens, this soul ––––our memories and our records will have to be transferred to the next vessel…

If you move your soul to the next body…what will happen to you?
…If you mean the personality, // the owner of the next vessel will have control over the body and its thoughts. // Our consciousness will never come to the surface.

…If you mean the body // This body, devoid of a soul, will turn into a new Chain.

You…a Chain…?
The power of the Abyss seeps through this body like none other.

I heard that Celia once showed you her Chain…
Aah…Humpty Dumpty. // It was amazing how all those copies popped out.

That is the Chain the Glen who preceded me turned into.

Chains that were born from Glen Baskerville’s bodies // Are drawn towards the soul that was once in it and they seek to protect it especially strongly.

Therefore, after the contract // Those Chains often serve as a shield to protect the current head.
The soul and the body…are drawn towards each other…?

…That’s sort of romantic, huh?

I’m tired…

When you come, I have to move my mouth four times as much as usual…
Ha ha ha ha
{What is that…}


My soul were not taken by the next body and were to wander the hundred years // Humpty will find this soul faster than anyone.
It will search for and draw in
The thinnest threads // Even the Baskervilles do not notice ––––

And it will
Reach my soul ––––…

…I hate it // …I hate it…

How did it go this far?
What distorted it this much?
The existence that brought the Nightrays down this low // Its source

I hate the origin of all evil ––––!!

Is that you there…?

This is the smell of blood.

Hey…why are you crying?
It’s pitiful, you’re my attendant.



………… // Mo..ther…?





A burning building

Dead people

I am in the middle of the pool of blood
And I don’t understand anything

But my sword
Is soaked red with their blood ––––



That’s not right, it’s not your fault.
They’re the bad ones.

It’s not your fault.
This woman is the bad one.

She tried to kill...


{z z z}
If it’s painful, you can forget it.
I’ll make you forget for you.

If it’s painful, you can make it someone else’s fault.
You know…like you were saying…

That person called the headhunter did it.




Make yourself forget.
…I don’t want to
Do it, and you’ll feel lighter.
Don’t fool around…

Have to remember…

What I made someone else’s fault

What I saw

How I pretended
Not to see

From where…

From where… //Have I…

“I’ll give this to you.”

“It’s in return for ‘Statice’ you gave me back then.”

“It just…appeared in my head already made.”

“I hope you like it.”

“Its title is ––––…“

“It’s a song I composed.”


Some kids went into the hole?
Shit…I can’t just wait around for Pandora to come!

Elliot…say…the name…

I ––––––––

<The erased past, the erased memories, come back to life…!>

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Thank you! \o/
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