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Kamen no Maid Guy 3

Service Three

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Jul 7, 2009 19:47 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

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T/L Note: The sign says “Fuu Rin Ka Zan” or “Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain”
Title: Service Three
Eiko: The three-round match is now or never! // As you promised, when the girl’s team wins…
Leader: Fine, we will acknowledge that the Shinken Dojo be used solely by the girl’s team. // However, should our boy’s team win…
Naeka: Should you?
T/L Note: Shinken means “True Sword” and is a type of kendo

Leader: Naeka Fujiwara! Your breasts! // You will let us fondle them to our hearts content!
Title: Service Three

Kendo Guy 1: Of course immediately…
Kendo Guy 2: I hope she has her kendo uniform half off…
Naeka: …Club president. // Permission to use a real sword!?
President: Permission granted! // Dice them like raw fish!!

Leader: Ho…Hold on! Time out!! // Wait a minute Fujiwara!

Leader: Sorry, it was a joke! I was just joking…!!!
Background: Please wait!
Naeka: There is no point in arguing.
Naeka: This is divine retribution!!
Kogarashi: …Today as well, more then anything else, master is needlessly energetic. // ……Hmm?
SFX: Beebee // Bweeeeeeeee

SFX: Beebee
Kogarashi: Stare! // I perceive a stare with my Maid Guy Sensor!
Kogarashi: Someone besides me is pouring hot stares all over master! // It’s like they are trying to stick to her!! // Why you! Who are you!!?
Background: Shuho Seiha Private Academy, high school 2nd year, class C, Naeka Fujiwara. // As the grandchild of the great Zenjuro Fujiwara, the leader of one of Japan’s prominent financial groups, she posses the inheritance rights for the entire financial group! // Because of this, a mysterious group that is planning to interfere with the inheritance and steal the fortune is targeting this girl!! // The life of this perilous master is already in a precarious situation!!
T/L Note: I made a mistake last chapter, instead of “Zenjuro Ofujiwara,” it should have read, “the great Zenjuro Fujiwara.”
Kogarashi: However, as long as this Maid Guy exists……!!! // Kukuku……

Eiko: As expected, don’t you think you went a little overboard today? // You used the back of your sword, but you scared them to death.
Naeka: They are a disgrace to swordsmen. It would be fine if they died!
Naeka: Why are all the men who come around me such filthy idiots? // They should follow the example of Kenshin Uesugi and pray for victory while cutting out women from their life.
Eiko: Is it really alright for their to be male students who follow such an example?
Miwa: You say that, but you know Naeka…
T/L Note: The kanji in the background says “Bishamonten” who is god of warfare and protector of Buddhism.

Miwa: You’re basically a man-hater. // Aren’t you interested in love?
Naeka: ……T // To someone aspiring to the path of the sword, love is a roadside flower after all……
Miwa: What is that about?
Miwa: ………Naeka?
Naeka: Eh…… // No…… // Ah………….

Naeka: Everyone look! What’s that!?
President: What?
Miwa: Huh!?
President: ……Dog?
Miwa: …Is there something wrong with that dog!?
Naeka: Ah…… // No.
Miwa: Is that a rare breed?
Background: Isn’t it a mutt?
Naeka: ……I // I guess it isn’t…
Eiko: I want you to tell me all about it later.

Naeka: ………A love later. // There is no mistaking it. This is a love later.
Naeka: …God hasn’t abandoned me yet……! // I didn’t think such a wonderful thing would happen to me twice…… // Thank goodness……

Kogarashi: Master, about that letter…
Kogarashi: Master?
Naeka: How………. // How do you do Ms. Naeka Fujiwara……
Kogarashi: At least turn on the light you lazy bum. // I want to talk to you about the person who sent that letter.

Fubuki: …What on earth happened here?
Kogarashi: …What a fearsome brain…… // She let out a scream and began to run, but then she ran into the wall and self-destructed.
Kogarashi: ….It’s not a problem?
T/L Note: The book Kogarashi is reading is named “Understand! Youth Dementia”
Fubuki: Yes. // This is not unusual for girls Ms. Naeka’s age.
Kogarashi: So then her brain is fine?
Fubuki: Of course!
Fubuki: For these matters, wait quietly until she decides to ask...
Kogarashi: Hmm?

Fubuki: Even if some gentleman were to interfere it wouldn’t be a problem……
Eiko: C’mon! Tell me about it!
Kogarashi: A phone call……from a friend. // “Love letter”? // “Tomorrow after school,” “behind the gym”?
Fubuki: Listen to people when they are talking to you!!
Fubuki: According to the intelligence from Mr. Fujiwara the danger level around Ms. Naeka is currently Green……that’s “safe.” // I don’t recognize any enemy participation in this incident. // Our duty is to ensure Ms. Naeka’s safety without her knowing. // We are to serve her in her everyday life without causing any unnecessary disturbances.
Fubuki: Therefore, you are strictly ordered to not interfere in master’s school life. // Is this understood?

Kogarashi: Tomorrow after school behind the gym……………. // Ku ku ku…fine then!!
SFX: Crk
Fubuki: Is this understood!!?
Naeka: Upperclassman… // Upperclassman Todoroki…
Todoroki: ……huh?…let’s see, you are 1st year’s…
Naeka: I’m Fujiwara… // I’m Naeka Fujiwara from first year middle class.
Todoroki: Ah, sorry. // I’m not good at remembering names.
Naeka: That’s mean Todoroki!
Naeka: ……Then perhaps you don’t remember what you said the other day………do you?
Todoroki: ………The other day?

Naeka: This…… // Lu…Lunch box! I made it!!
Todoroki: ……Fujiwara, how about lunch?
Naeka: …………huh?
Todoroki: If you haven’t eaten yet……would you like to eat together?
Naeka: Ye……Yes…
Naeka: ……I haven’t cooked much before…… // ……So please tell me if it doesn’t taste good.
Todoroki: Hahaha, nothing tastes as bad as the stuff my mother makes……
Naeka: ……Yes?
Naeaka: ……Todoroki? // Todoroki!?

Naeka: Wahhhhhhh! I’m sorry! I’m sorry Todoroki! // Noooooooo! Don’t call me a poisoning woman!
Naeka: ………a dream?
Kosuke: Good Morni…
Fubuki: Oh, good morning Mr. Kosuke.
Kosuke: Yeah, good morning Fubu…

Kosuke: …….sis? // Just what are you doing over there………!?
Naeka: Cooking.
Kosuke: Cooking……? // S……Sis is?
Naeka: Eat.
Kosuke: Me!?
Kosuke: Fur…Furthermore, aren’t these fried shrimp…… // If I remember correctly, sis once gave fried shrimp to someone……
Fubuki: I don’t quite understand what you are saying Mr. Kosuke. // Eating a girl’s homemade cooking and not leaving anything behind is the duty of a man!
Fubuki: Now.
Kosuke: Yihhhh…

Kosuke: The food is…
Kosuke: Okay! Today it is actually food sis! (?) // It is something that people can eat and still be okay!
Background: All right!
Kosuke: Furthermore, you could actually tell that today’s meal was fried shrimp from the taste. // This might be the greatest achievement of mankind since flying in the sky!!
Background: Amazing!
Fubuki: That’s great Mr. Kosuke…… // By the way, what do you mean by that…??
Naeka: It has been 4 years since then……but It’s not like I’ve done nothing!! // It’s fine!! // The me of today has surmounted that painful past!!!
Background: It’s fine!

Guy: Thank you for coming. // I have been admiring you all this time.
Guy: I love you. // Will you go out with me?
Naeka: ………I…I made a lunch box……
Guy: Question 2, Fujiwara.
Naeka: Question 2?
Naeka: Huh? // Question 2?
Teacher: Fujiwara!

Naeka: ……Owwwwwwwww…
Teacher: Page 192, question 2. // What is this about lunch boxes!? // Lunch is after this class you moron!!!
Naeka: ……Oh no, even if you say that teacher… (?) // Ahaha // I…I’m really in trouble……
Teacher: Fujiwara! Question 2!
Rise! // Bow!
Eiko: ......huh? // You’ve become unable to stop being romantic……?
Naeka: Welllllllllll…

Naeka: Ohhhhhhhh Geeeeeeeeez, Whatever you say I lose focus and then the inside of my head becomes all rose colored…… // Ahhhhhh…
Eiko: This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone get this happy from 1 love letter. // You’re really amazing.
Naeka: I’m feeling a great explosion of emotions that I sealed away since that incident in middle school… // Ahh, This is love……
Eiko: Isn’t it a little early for it to be love? // You still don’t even know what kind of person will show up.
Naeka: That’s right!
Background: Wait!
Eiko: Don’t tell me you didn’t even think about it!?
Naeka: What do I do!? What do I do if someone who is completely not my type shows up!? // What if he is chubby like a sumo wrestler or something……!!?
Eiko: You know, stupidity has its limits!!

Naeka: Ah! What should I do! I had my hands full with my own stuff, so I didn’t think about it at all…
Eiko: Even so…
Naeka: He even only wrote his intials instead of his name…!?
Eiko: In that case don’t go.
Naeka: I can’t do that!
Eiko: Ah! Cut it out already! You selfish absorbed girl!
Kogarashi: Kukuku……Don’t worry master. // I’m here with you
Kograshi: You are unskilled in the path of love……I understand that you have become nervous because of it! // However, as long as I am here…! // Today a well I shall work for your happiness! That’s because I am a Maid Guy!

Naeka: Pl…Please come with meeeee…
Eiko: Good luck. // Do your best by yourself.
Naeka: You’re heartless…
Naeka: No! Hold on a second! // Aren’t I going so I can be happier!? // What’s with this gloomy mood!?
Naeka: That’s right! // The person waiting for me might be a fantastic person! // And if that’s not the case all I have to do is dash away from them!!

Naeka: I don’t really care about the body type… // Even if he were a sumo wrestler with a big belly, what’s important is what’s inside! Inside!
Naeka: Of course I won’t say no to a slim, tall guy. // Also, if he was a person that gave off an air of quiet intelligence.
Naeka: But also bold at times.
Guy: Let’s go to the beach together.
Naeka: I…I made a lunch box…
Background: Ah…………
Background: And…and then! The two of us together!! On the beach at night…!!! // Wah………
Voice: Upperclassman Fujiwara!
Naeka: Wah!?

Naeka: Before I knew it I had reached the back of the gym. // As far as I can see, this girl is the only one here…?
Naeka: ……who are you?
Girl: I can’t believe it, you really came… // I can’t believe it…
Background: It can’t be…?
Girl: The letter I worked so hard on was a success.
Background: You’re the culprit…!!!
Girl: Since the kendo tournament I have been watching everything you do and I……I…… // Everything about you I…
Naeka: Dash!!
Kogarashi: Hey now master. // Where are you going?

Naeka: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!
Kogarashi: You can now take into your hands that which you have been obsessing over. // That is happiness!
Naeka: Kah…Here is…… // ……The P.E. equipment room in the basement?
Kogarashi: If the cowardly master tries to run away from the path she is walking… // Then I shall quietly cut off her escape route. This is sympathy from a Maid Guy.

Naeka: K…Kogara…shi? // What are you doing at school…… // …that’s not important…….don’t tell me that trap was…!?
Kogarashi: Kukuku, indeed. // I prepared it myself last night.
Kogarashi: I also prepared the stage for when your escape route was cut off. // With this, not matter how cowardly you are, you have no choice but to move forward!
Background: What?
Naeka: ……stage!?
Girl: Upperclassman! Upperclassman! // There is some kind of really extravagant bed prepared over there.
Naeka: Hold on a second!!!

Naeka: What are you thinking of! What do you plan on happening here you idiot!!!
Background: Idiot…
Girl: Isn’t it obvious upperclassman!? // Don’t worry, leave everything to me!!
SFX: Tch
Naeka: Leave what to you!? // Huh!!? // Wah
Kogarashi: Heh…… // Be happy master…
Kosuke: Ah, welcome back sis……

Naeka: Where is he?
Kosuke: S…Sis!? What in the world…
Naeka: Where is he!?
Naeka: Kill!!!
Background: Gahhhhh! What is the reason for this master?!
Narration: Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old… // the day that she inherits her grandfather’s fortune and is relived of Kogarashi’s service is still 166 days away…

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