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Kamen no Maid Guy 4

Service Four

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Jul 13, 2009 05:39 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

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Title: Service Four
Eiko: Finally, the day we settle this has arrived. // Even though you’re my friends, I won’t go easy on you.
Naeka: Th…That’s how I want it.
Miwa: Heheh // The two of you are naïve.
Naeka: You think you can beat me?
Eiko: ……Here we go!
Everyone: En Garde!

Miwa: 65 pts. 2nd place!
Naeka: 29 pts. Last place!
Eiko: 78 pts. 1st place!
Everyone: Naeka Fujiwara! You have been determined to be in last place!!!
Title: Service 4

Naeka: No way…Again…?? // We’ve been studying together, so why is it only me…??
Eiko: As I thought. That old wives tale about bust size and math scores being inversely proportional must be true……
Naeka: That’s ridiculous!?
Miwa: Now that you mention it, I’ve heard that as well. // If I remember correctly, it was a German specialist…
Naeka: What kind of specialist is that…!!

Background: To test it, let’s try comparing the difference in our busts with the difference in our test scores. // What’s your size? // Eek?
Kogarashi: The result of her midterms was 29 points. // She only has the finals after this.
Kogarashi: At this rate my master will… // inevitably get a failing grade!

Kogarashi: You are a persistently troublesome master. But don’t worry! You have me on your side! // In love! Play! And study! // Just leave it to this Maid Guy!!
Kogarashi: Kukukukuku, master… // I will take your test!

Narration: Naeka Fujiwara, age 17…Grandchild and only remaining direct descendent of the great Zenjuro Fujiwara, leader of the great Fujiwara Financial Group… // Although she is unaware of it, when she turns 18 in half a year’s time she will simultaneously acquire the inheritance rights to the entire financial group. // For this reason, this girl is now being targeted by those who wish to usurp such a fortune!! // Kogarashi & Fubuki are in fact Agent Maids sent by Zenjuro in order to protect his grandchildren from this mysterious enemy!
Background: Ei…Eighty eight! Why you…! // Just how much do your breasts have to grow before your satisfied?! // Wah…Ah…Don’t say that so loud! Idiot…!
Shuho Seiha Private Academy, high school girl’s kendo club vice-captain Naeka Fujiwara… // until final’s are over you are banned from club all activities. No exceptions.

T/L Note: The tags on the equipment say “ban,” “ban,” and “seal.”
Captain: Confiscate her bamboo and wooden swords and all of her specialized weapons. // Also put away her protector!
Naeka: Sh…Show mercy your majesty… // Just give me one more chance…
Background: Captain…
Captain: Until finals are over concentrate on studying. // This is for the sake of the club as well.
Naeka: No way… // K…Kendo… // How can I not be able to do kendo for more then a month………
Naeka: In that case how am I supposed to burn off my extra calories…
Background: Wahhhhh… // Fat…I’ll definitely get fat…
Miwa: You’ve been doing kendo as a diet…!?
Background: You complete phony…
Eiko: Where is that “way of the sword” you’re always talking about!?
Naeka: The way of the sword is the way of the sword! But a maiden’s problems are serious too!!
Miwa: Cut it out you self absorbed girl…!
Naeka: Ow…

Miwa: Do you want to get another failing grade and have the inter-high crushed by supplementary classes, huh vice-captain!? // Now that I mention it, if I recall correctly, during the all qualifier in spring there was a day that you were absent as well!
Eiko: And what was the reason for that absence!?
Background: We got a substitute to sit on our team’s bench! // How do you put this on?
Naeka: Co…Come on, it’s embarrassing… // I was having some trouble with my math.
Miwa: Would you cut that out! What’s embarrassing is that brain of yours! // Honestly, you’re breasts keep swelling, but how about you increase your brain size a little bit too!
Background: You cow breasted moron! // That’s sexual harassment!
Naeka: Wah…That’s mea…
Miwa: I’m seriously gonna sell those breasts off to the boy’s kendo club, you failing grade girl…!!!

Leader: We, the Shuho Seiha Private Academy boy’s kendo club! // The Naeka Fujiwara “Breast” Fan Club!!
Background: Even if it is one million or ten million we are prepared to pay it… // Please sell her to us…
Naeka: Get out…!!
Background: Who is going to be sold…?
Background: A million for those breasts… // Ten million… // Let’s sell her quick… // She’s a failure anyway… // Aren’t you guys my friends…!?
Naeka: Don’t you guys look at me with those glittering eyes too… // Wahhhhhh…Give me just one more chance…

Fubuki: You got less then 30 points and you have to take a makeup exam…is that right? // And you only have one night till then?
Naeka: I’ve…got myself into something serious……
Naeka: If I don’t get at least 60 points on tomorrow’s makeup exam, then until the finals are over next month……
Background: I anticipate a depressing amount of weight gain.
Fubuki: Th…That’s very serious.
Naeka: And if I score under 30 points the chances of me being sold away to the boy’s kendo team doubles!!
Fubuki: O…Oh no! I can’t believe they would go so far as to sell a friend!
Naeka: No, It seems there is one word that sealed my fate!
Background: I’ll remember this you flat chests… // What?!
Naeka: I’m begging you Fubuki! You’re the only one I can rely upon! // Somehow, help me with my math!
Background: You seem smart and stuff!

Naeka: ……Wow! You’ve got some nice volume there.
Fubuki: I…I’m sorry. I look slender when I’m wearing clothes…… // Bu...But just with math I’m……
Background: Compared to how thin the rest of you is, your breasts are huge.
Naeka: Ahhhhh…! They’ve done it again! These breasts are bad!
SFX: Squeeze // Squeeze
Fubuki: Ah!? // Ma…Master you’ve gone mad…!
Kogarashi: Kukuku…… // Don’t worry master…!

Kogarashi: Kukuku……You can just let me handle it.
Background: What’s with that outfit?
Kogarashi: In Japanese high schools cheating is prohibited… // However! Doping is considered legal!!

Kogarashi: Tail of newt. // Root of mandragora. // Thread of a black widow. // And a dash of cooking sake. // And then my secret deluxe soup.
Kogarashi: Kukuku, now, it’s best to drink it all in one gulp. // One glass of Maid Guy Deluxe Nutrition Drink before studying! // It will give both your brain and body incredible power!
Naeka: ……brain and… // ……body?

Naeka: In that case, this wouldn’t happen to be high in calories would it?
Kogarashi: Of course it is.
Kogarashi: For a strong body and a strong mind… // One glass has the energy of 30 bottles of milk.
Naeka: No way! // I’m not drinking it. I can’t drink it. // I don’t need that kind of medicine!
Kogarashi: What’s that? You……can’t drink it? // Do you understand the situation your in right now?
Naeka: It’s cause I’ll get fat! // Especially because I might not be able to do kendo.
Naeka: Like 30 bottles of milk? // Drinking that would be like putting the cart before the horse. // That kind of solution is no good.
Background: Ha
Kogarashi: Stop talking nonsense and drink it! Open your mouth you self absorbed master!! // Why you! In that case I’ll have to pour it down one of the other openings in your body!
Fubuki: Kogarashi!!

Fubuki: To you it may be medicine… // but to us it is poison!
Kogarashi: Nnn……In that case it can’t be helped! // I will personally teach you math so you best prepare yourself!

Naeka: Teach me…you’re going to?
Kogarashi: Indeed.
Naeka: I don’t mean to pry, but Kogarashi…
Kogarashi: Hmm?
Naeka: For you to teach me you would have to be able to do math as well right? // This isn’t like a father teaching his grade school daughter arithmetic.
Background: It’s stuff like this.
Naeka: If someone could teach stuff they didn’t know, it would be anarchy and would cause lots of problems.
Fubuki: Ms. Naeka…
Fubuki: In truth, he holds a teaching position at MIT.
Naeka: MIT? // Iwate Menkoi Television?
T/L Note: Iwate Menkoi Television is a Japanese television station.
Background: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT. It is a comprehensive science and technology university established by its main school, Cambridge, in the state of Massachusetts. // From Friedman to Professor Susumu Tonegawa, during its 150 year history it has produced 58 Nobel Prize winners. // MIT is a gathering place for those ambitious people in the science and technology fields. So certainly, they are the foremost authority on mathematics.

Fubuki: In fact, the difference between his and our mathematic abilities, is less like a father and a grade school student… // and more like a college professor and a 3 year old child!
Fubuki: …It // It may be unfortunate but…
Background: Correct?
Kogarashi: Now then. // Which one of you idiots am I teaching? // The idiot who I am not is interrupting class and should leave immediately.
Background: Please get out
Kogarashi: So you’re the remaining idiot. // You can at least multiply right!?
Naeka: … I get it now Fubuki. // Since I was born I have never tasted such humiliation…
Background: God damn

Kogarashi: Now let’s begin studying. // First we’ll review the test.
Kogarashi: Stop laughing. // What is with your answers?
Naeka: Owwwww…
Kogarashi: First off, there are too many small mistakes. // All of your answers are filled with arithmetic level errors. // Even though your in your 2nd year of high school you still write 1+1=3. You’re an embarrassment master!
Naeka: ……well isn’t that true sometimes?
Kogarashi: Hmm?
Naeka: For instance, many times in his life, the civil war commander Muneshige Tachibana defeated a large army with a small force. // That is the result of superior tactics. // The strength of the soldiers was the same. But, when they fought as an army, victory and defeat was not decided simply by numbers.

Kogarashi: So how are this Tachibana person and your wrong answers related?
Naeka: Therefore…
Background: You really don’t get it…
Naeka: Depending on how they fight, 1+1 could become 3 or 5 or 10. // That is a historical truth.
Background: Therefore it’s not necessarily wrong.
Naeka: Ow! // You hit me again!
Naeka: Wah! // Wh…When I get my sword back…
Naeka: Th…That’s cruel, hitting me like that…
Background: Even my dad never hit me…
Kograshi: You should give up on science and mathematics. // You can’t understand it, so you will just have to memorize. // Gather up all of the questions and answers that your teacher gave as examples and memorize them!

Naeka: I think that’s a good idea, but I can’t do it.
Kogarashi: All you have to do is memorize what you wrote in your note book. // What’s impossible about that?
Background: Well I never wrote in my math note book… // Ah, a clean hit…
Naeka: St…Stop hitting your master…! // Is that really something a maid should do…!?
Background: Cut that out already…
Kosuke: I brought it, but what are you going to do with a printer? // There is no place to hook it up in sis’s room.
Background: Printer?
Kogarashi: Honestly, how far am I going to have to meddle in your affairs master?
SFX: Wheeeeeeeen

Kogarashi: Ha!
SFX: Beeeeeeee
SFX: Errrrrrrrrrrn // Shaka, shaka, shaka, shaka, shaka, shaka, shaka
SFX: Shakan!
Kogarashi: This Maid Guy overlooks nothing. // All of your class’s materials are stored in my memories!!

Naeka: Th…This is a picture of what the teacher wrote on the blackboard!? // Wow, that’s really convenient!
Kogarashi: Kukuku, with Maid Guy Copy, you’re pictures are bright, vivid, and distinct.
Kosuke: Am…Amazing!
Kosuke: I don’t believe it! // What about the OS? And the drivers? // How in the world did you do that…!?
Kogarashi: Hmm, don’t speak of your methods neophyte! // What do you know about this!?
Kogarashi: The basis of speech for both the brain and machines is electricity. // If you express yourself sincerely, he is a man that would understand!
Kosuke: …Ma…Man!? // My printer is a man!?
Background: And I gave it a girl’s name!
Kosuke: By the way, that skill just now, can I do it too?
Background: There is all sorts of pictures in my brain that I want to print out.
Kogarashi: Kukuku, I wonder if you can!?

Naeka: Anyway, with these complete notes… // I’ll be able to memorize it to my hearts content! // ……All right!
Kogarashi: Why you, you damnable master. // Was your serious determination all for nothing!?
Kosuke: ……Th…That’s her body’s reaction when faced with math. // Her eyes block out the math before it can enter her head! // It’s an involuntary reaction! Sis can’t do anything to stop it!
Kogarashi: Why you! How far will you go not to learn master! (?) // Surely you can at least memorize!
Kosuke: ……Wait a sec! // There might still be a way.
Kosuke: If we can connect a brain and a machine… // Then…!

Fubuki: …Sunrise…… // What an uneasy color the sky is today……
Fubuki: ……Ms. Naeka must be tired from studying all night. // I should bring her some coffee……
Naeka: Yiahhhhhhhhhhh…!
SFX: Beebeebeebeebee
SFX: Sheeeeeeeeeeen // Beeeeeeeee

Fubuki: Wh…What in the world is this!?
Kosuke: ……It…It’s no good Kogarashi, stop! // Some kind of juice is coming out the other ear!!
Kogarashi: Hmm! Her capacity is much too small!!
Fubuki: What is it that you are doing…
Background: Imbeciles…
Fubuki: Hold on Ms. Naeka! // Stay with us…
Naeka: It’s all over…
Fubuki: If…If it’s come to this, then I shall give it a try……

Fubuki: Ms. Naeka, exhale more… // I need to tighten it more……
Naeka: Nnnn….. // Ouch……
Fubuki: With this, your breasts will only look smaller, but your math scores might……
Fubuki: Wh…What is that face for…… // This is just an extension of time-tested methods handed down from ancient Aztec lithographs…… // It…’s fine! Even if it’s illogical, God exists because people believe in him, so even if it is an old wives tale, as long as we believe…!
Kogarashi: ……fine then. // In that case, I shall lend you my strength as well.

Naeka: ……Wi… // Wish me luck.
Background: I’m going.
Fubuki: We’ve done all we can. // Now we just have to put our faith in God and the master……
Kosuke: ……S…Sis…
Kogarashi: ……Hmph!
Kogarshi: It is a maid’s job to go beyond perfection. // This is still insufficient! // There must still be things that we can do for the master!

Naeka: ……The…The school is…
Kogarashi: Kukuku……With this there shall be no test.
Naeka: ……Th…That “Kukuku” laugh, it can’t be…!?
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, indeed, it is I, the Maid Guy.
Naeka: Kogarashi!?
SFX: Rip
Naeka: It…It can’t be…the explosion at school…it can’t be!?
Kogarashi: I am the Maid Guy who will accomplish his goal by any means necessary. // By the way master, what is that sound?
SFX: Rip // Rip, rip, rip
Naeka: ……So…Sound? // ……wha…
SFX: Rip, rip, rip, rip, rip // Rip, rip, rip, rip
SFX: Bwoosh! // Bwosh!!

Kogarashi: ……It would appear that the cotton was not strong enough.
Naeka: …Hee?! // Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
Kogarashi: In any case, it doesn’t seem that you can take the test anyway.
Kogarashi: My goodness, no matter what troubles you appear to be burdened with your breasts always find a way to grow. // Maybe you will learn from this, and from now on start sending some more nutrition to your brain instead.
Naeka: I’m not trying to make them bigger you idiot…
SFX: Smack
Kogarashi: Ughh…

Background: Wahhhhhhh…You idiot…
Kogarashi: ……Hmph. // This time I’ll look for stronger cotton……
Sign: Because of the explosion, school shall be suspended for 2 days. President
Narration: ……3 days later, at the makeup test.
Eiko: Wahhh… I can’t believe Naeka got 61 points!?
Miwa: How did this happen!?
Naeka: Heh heh heh // The strength of steel is something else.
SFX: Clang…
Narration: Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old… // the day she inherits her fortune is still 159 days away…

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