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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Kamen no Maid Guy 5

Service Five

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Aug 2, 2009 18:39 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

-> RTS Page for Kamen no Maid Guy 5

Kamen no Maid Guy Chapter 5:

Title: Service Five
Thief 1: At a glance it just appears to be an ordinary house. // Is this house really an S-Rank in danger?
Thief 2: Don’t let your guard down, everyone in the previous team was……
Thief 3: Heh
Thief 2: Thanks to their mistake, we can get the treasure for ourselves.
Thief 1: That’s for sure.
Thief 1: Let’s go! Don’t slip up! // GO!!

Fubuki: Would you like some tea Ms. Naeka?
Title: Service Five

Fubuki: Are you making any progress in your studies for the exam Ms. Naeka?
Naeka: Ummm……
SFX: Tump // Thump // Thump Thump

Fubuki: Oh my…
Naeka: Bur……Burglers!?
Fubuki: Do not worry yourself Ms. Naeka.
SFX: Shink
Thief 1: A…A trap!?
Thief 2: Damn it, behind us is blocked off as well!

Thief: Behin……
Fubuki: Kogarashi is meant for these situations as well. // This house’s protection is flawless.
SFX: Wahhhhhhhh // Wham, wham, wham // Pow // Gahhhhhh

Naeka: …….Se… // Serial panty thieves!?
Kogarashi: Kukuku, Well master, what should I do with them? // Should I kill them?
Naeka: Don’t kill them!
Thief: Wahahahahaha, we are the serial band of underwear thieves, “Purple String.” // The “Beautiful Dreamers” who scour the downtown, claiming rare treasures. // We are only interested in items of true merit!! Anyone who is targeted by us should feel honored!
T/L Note: The kanji for “Beautiful Dreamers” says “Seeker of beauty.”
Naeka: What do you mean honored!? You’re underwear thieves after all! // Fubuki! Call the police!
Fubuki: At once.
Thief: Pl…Please wait! Before you call the police I have one favor to ask! // Please let me touch the underwear of the most beautiful woman in town, that’s said to sell for over a million……!!
Naeka: Moron…

Naeka: It doesn’t matter how much you say I’m the most beautiful woman in town. // Why should I let someone like you guys touch my underwear……
Thief 2: Uh no, that’s wrong actually.
Thief 1: Not you.
Thief: It’s not you, it’s that maid over there.
Fubuki: Yes?
Thief: Ohh…You are certainly a miracle that has descended on Shuho town! Belldandy! // Oh My Goddess!
Fubuki: Oh my. // That is a problem.
T/L Note: The kanji for Belldandy says “Goddess of beauty.”
Thief 2: Naeka’s too though, as the “Seemingly stupid, huge breasted, beautiful girl,” go for up to 70,000 yen.
Kosuke: Sis’s are worth 70,000 yen!?
Thief 1: Just what you would expect from the difference between Ms. Beautiful Maid and the Kendo Girl.
Thief 3: It’s because you’re a little too overly self conscious.
Naeka: ………………..I’m…
Naeka: I’m gonna put your severed heads on a pike and parade you around town…!!!
Background: Wahhhhhhhh…

Girl: ……Heh // So that’s the Naeka Fujiwara I’ve heard so much about……
Background: Fubuki! Salt! Bring salt! // Certainly, right away…
Girl: Average // Nothing but a huge breasted, seemingly stupid… // vulgar woman. // For someone like her to be first in line to the inheritance…
Girl: I guess… // I’ll have to open her eyes a little.

Kogarashi: It was your fault that we had such an opening right? // You said that it kept raining during the day, so you were drying the clothes at night, and that’s why we were targeted. // For such a thing to be worth a million is absurd.
Kogarashi: At least during the rainy season settle for using the dryer. // Unless you’d rather go around wearing no panti……
SFX: Thunk
Fubuki: There is no reason to do such a thing! // You imbecile!
Background: The main character of this story, Naeka Fujiwara, is being targeted. // These people are Agent Maids, sent by her grandfather, the great Zenjuro Fujiwara, leader of the great Fujiwara financial group, in order to protect her life! // The mysterious enemy who is targeting this girl, who, in half a year, when she turns 18, will acquire the inheritance rights to the great financial group, has finally begun to move. // As a result, will these people be able to protect their master to the very end!?
Background: The day of the battle draws near!!

Kogarashi: My goodness.
SFX: Nahhhh…
Kogarashi: We go to such lengths to be on the lookout, and would you believe we get a panty thief. // That intelligence from Mr. Fujiwara wasn’t faulty was it?
Fubuki: According to Mr. Fujiwara, the enemy’s first wave has finally invaded this town. // Even if not today, before long they will surely show themselves before us. // We must not show even a slight opening Kogarashi.

SFX: Tock
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep, beep, beep
SFX: Tch
SFX: Haaaaaaaa // Rip
Kogarashi: Heh // This was almost the scene of a poisoning……
SFX: Chk

Narration: A Maid Guy’s morning starts early. // In order to make sure all preparations are perfect before his master wakes up, his clock tick morning begins.
Kogarashi: I'll start by bringing in the laundry that caused last nights commotion.
Kogarashi: Hmm?
T/L Note: The kanji for Emergency Good Morning says “Emergency situation, everyone wake up!!”

Naeka: ………Pa… // Panty thief…?
SFX: Yah…
Naeka: Wasn’t that over and done with last night…?
Fubuki: Kogarashi?
Kogarashi: Seems there were more then one set of perpetrators. // But don’t worry, I shall surely return the stolen items!
Fubuki: In that case, why did you wake up Ms. Naeka and Mr. Kosuke?
Kogarashi: Just to be safe I shall perform an inspection.
SFX: Beeee
Kogarshi: Maid Guy Eye has x-ray powers.
SFX: Bew // Bew // Bee // Bew
Kogarashi: Alright, it seems unlikely that you wore them by accident. // You may sleep!
Fubuki: …..Hol…?
Background: Good night…

Fubuki: Wait, just wait one second. // That power just now, you can’t go using it on girls indiscriminately okay.
Kogarashi: Your visitor surveillance equipment isn’t malfunctioning is it?
Fubuki: Of course.
Kogarashi: My Maid Guy Sensor has also not detected anyone.
Fubuki: …Could such a feat be a simple lust-based theft?
Kogarashi: No, this is different from those guys from the first incident. // This time, the target wasn’t you, but the master. // They only took 6 of master’s worn panties.// Clearly, master is their target.
Kogarashi: I see this as challenge from the “enemy.” // What about you?
Fubuki: No matter who did this, we can not leave it be. // …Until this incident is over with, all restrictions except for those placed upon acting discreetly and preserving secrecy are lifted. // You must find the culprit and make them realize who they are dealing with…!

T/L Note: The sign says “Fresh Fish Uomatsu.”
Kogarashi: Shopkeep.
Uomatsu: Wah?!
SFX: Shock
Kogarshi: Kukuku, you’re up early as always.
Uomatsu: Wh……What is it Kogarashi? // W……Welcome.
SFX: Bump, bump, bump
Uomatsu: Al…Although the store isn’t open yet, I have some good horse mackerel in! (?)
Kogarashi: I’m not here for your fish today.
SFX: Vahn
Kogarashi: Your daily routine has you passing in front of the Fujiwara house fairly early in the morning in your car in order to stock up on fish from Tsukiji. // Try to remember if you saw anything out of the ordinary this morning! Then spit it out.
Uomatsu: Wah…Wh…what are you do………!!!
SFX: Vahn, Vahn // Vahn, Vahn
T/L Note: Tsukiji is a huge fish market in Tokyo.

Uomatsu: Ru……Running along the rooftops…… // Wa…… // Was the shadow of…a person.
SFX: Vahn // Vahn, Vahn
Uomatsu: Al…Also strawberries……
Kogarashi: Strawberries?
Uomatsu: On top of the building that the shadow was facing was a mysterious female student. // With small breasts, a green ribbon……
Kogarashi: I see, and strawberries! // You’ve done your job fresh fish man, that clue is plenty!
Kogarashi: To even remember the pattern of the panties, what a formidable dirty old man he is. // As way of thanks I will buy your horse mackerel!! // Now it would be best if you just forget everything and sleep peacefully!
Background: Yah… // Thanks for your business… // Hop… // Bang

Fubuki: ………….A uniform with a green ribbon…? // There is a possibility that it is a pupil at the school Ms. Naeka attends?
Kogarashi: On the roof of the apartment building from the fish man’s testimony, I found footprints that match the eye witness accounts. // Judging from the foot prints I would guess they were between 128-132 cm tall and weighed 29 kg.
Kogarashi: They’re a surprisingly small creep.
Fubuki: Roger, I shall begin narrowing down the list of suspects.
SFX: Clack // Clack, clack
Fubuki: Accessing Shuho Seiha Academy’s data base. // The female students who fulfill such a criteria……there are 21 names!
SFX: Clack
Kogarashi: It’s strawberry hunting!!! // After this I’ll head to the school and narrow it down to only 1 person!
SFX: Sneer

SFX: Ding // Dong // Dang
SFX: Ching
SFX: Whooosh // Whoop // Hop
SFX: Whew

SFX: Stretch
Kogarashi: A bear print. // This one’s wrong too. // Discarding.
Fubuki: Shk // Hol……Kogarashi hold on!!
Fubuki: Wh…What in the world are you doing? What are you doing?
Kogarashi: Just now I checked the underwear of 13 suspected parties. // But I have yet to find the owner of the strawberry panties.
Fubuki: Na…Naturally, yo…you saw through their clothes and peeped on them to check right?
Kogarashi: With Maid Guy Eye I can’t make out things like light tints or fine details in the patterning. // Furthermore, going about peeping would break our secrecy. // There is nothing to worry about, with my hand speed it’s no trouble to take their underwear without their noticing.
Fubuki: What are you doing you imbecile! Return everything you took immediately! Immediately!!!
Kogarashi: That’s a waste of time. There are higher priority problems we ought to take care of first.
Fubuki: There is a change in priorities…!!!

Fubuki: Do…Do you understand. Kogarashi, right now you have inflicted a wound on the hearts of innocent girls that may never heal!
Kogarashi: Since a while ago you’ve been rather annoy… (?) // Shk…
Fubuki: This is an order! Without letting anyone notice, return everyone’s… // …Kogarashi?
SFX: Shk…Shk…
SFX: Shk…
Fubuki: The communications are being jammed? // It can’t be! The enemy!?
SFX: Shk…
Voice: Ahahahahahaha // Ahhhhhhhh Ha Ha Ha Ha
Kogarashi: Hmm?
SFX: Shhhhhhhhhhk…Shk…Shk….Shk
SFX: Crash

Eiko: ……and then you look for the point where x and y intersect.
Naeka: ………Could you say that in Japanese for me?
Eiko: What language did you hear just now you idiot?
SFX: Boom
Naeka: Ahhhhhhhhh… // Wh…What was that? A gas explosion? // An earth quake? // It’ can’t be! Did Mt. Fuji finally erupt!?

SFX: Bang // Hiss
Voice: Ahahahahaha, you have no idea where I am speaking from do you. // This is the Maid Ninja Art, Art of the Cicada.
Voice: Let me praise you in escaping from that explosion so quickly. // However, it doesn’t appear that you can find me. // And yet, from here I can attack you as much as I like.
SFX: Bwan // Beeeeeeew…

Voice: Keep looking around aimlessly as much as you want. // Hey now, be careful you simpleton. // In the blink of an eye my first shot will go in your heart, and my second in your head.
SFX: Beeeeeeew… // Bew? // Stomp, stomp, stomp
Voice: You won’t feel any pain. // Or I could cut the tendons in your hands and feet, bit by bit, taking away your ability to move.
SFX: Tch // Crash
Voice: And torture you to dea… // Huh?
SFX: Bew // Bew // Bew
Voice: Huuh?
SFX: Bew
Voice: Huuuuuuuh----------………..??!!
Kogarashi: Hah. What’s with you? // Now that I see you, you are a rather suspicious character.
SFX: Be // ew

Ninja: Wh……
SFX: Bew
Ninja: What’s with you? What in the world are you doing here… // Wait a second. Didn’t you just say that I was a suspicious character? // That’s my line you monster!!
SFX: Bew // Bew // Bew // Bew
Kogarashi: Haha……! Since someone like you has come along, // It seems that somehow the “enemy” was not among the 7 remaining names I was investigating.
Ninja: Heh…… // You don’t know about me.
Ninja: In any case, you are going to die right here! // You won’t lay even a finger on my master! // ……By the way. There’s been something on my mind for a while now. What is with your eyes? // Wh……What are you looking at?
SFX: Bew // Bew // Bew // Bew // Bew

SFX: Bew // Bew // Bew
Kogarashi: Kukuku, I found it. // My master’s underwear… // Is there…!
Ninja: Wh……What is the basis for that accusation…… (?) // What was it you saw……
Kogarashi: Kukakakaka, No matter how dirty the thing you hide is, I will not overlook your dirty secrets. // Maid Guy Eye has x-ray powers that see through all!
SFX: Bew // Bew // Bew
Ninja: X……X-ray?
Kogarashi: Unnnnnnnn…nnn, 72……73……I even know how many moles you have on your body.
Ninja: Wh // Why you! Are you making fun of me you demon!
SFX: Shing

Ninja: Punish!!
Ninja: ……Wa…… // How did you catch them so easi…
Kogarashi: Don’t you clean windows? // Hand speed is the foundation of being a maid.
Ninja: Wah……ah…aaaah

Ninja: G… // Go that way…
Kogarashi: Nghh // That’s master’s underwear!
Ninja: Recovery takes precedence! // I…I guess I will pardon you for today!
Ninja: Prepare yourself for the gallows the next time we meet!
SFX: Boom

Fubuki: Shk // …Kogarashi? // Kogarashi?
Fubuki: Can you hear me Kogarashi?
Kogarashi: ………Mission complete. // The underwear has been recovered.
Fubuki: …………I see…… // By the way, what happened to the other girls’ panties?
Kogarashi: They flew away.
Girl: ……So then, what were your impressions of the battle?
Ninja: ………Yes…

Ninja: ……………………………………Many things happened and // He was a terrifying person!
Girl: Hmm.
Girl: Just what I’d except from the no. 1 protege’s servant... // Heh heh
Girl: That huge breasted woman! // For now monitor her.
Kogarashi: ……What do you mean 1 pair is missing?
Kogarashi: Unnnn…….No matter how many times I count, there are only 5 pairs………… // It couldn’t be that I dropped one…?
Naeka: What’s the matter?
Fubuki: A thousand pardons Ms. Naeka……It seems we failed in recovering all of your underwear.
Kogarashi: Tch…… // This is the worst mistake in my life……
Naeka: Wa…… // It…It’s fine if it’s just that 1 pair.
Background: I’m home…

Kosuke: Whew……Oh boy. // That 70,000 was almost not enough. // It’s terrible that the release date for 8 of My Kira Title’s hentai games was on the same day.
SFX: Bew?
Background: Now, which kind of content should I start with… // I suppose, since I feel grateful to sis I should start with a big sister type?
SFX: Bew
Background: TOY PLAZA ARAI GAME Mansion // [Receipt] // Big Sister is a Princess! 6,960 Yen // School Swimsuit Bomber 12,100 Yen // Heart-throbbing Maid Academy 9,010 Yen // Little Sister is a School Swimsuit Priestess Maid 7,930 Yen // Moe Girls Detective Company 7,980 Yen // Ms. School Priestess 8,330 Yen // maid! Maid! MAID! 6,200 Yen // Little Sister Maid 8,120 // Sum 69,962 Yen // Funds in Kosuke’s wallet 38 Yen // Total 70,000 Yen
Narration: Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old… // the day she inherits her fortune is still 152 days away…
Naeka: ……Kosuke?
Kosuke: ……Big sister, Can’t we talk this over…!!

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