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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Kamen no Maid Guy 6

Service Six

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Aug 6, 2009 21:37 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

-> RTS Page for Kamen no Maid Guy 6

Miwa: She’s late!
Title: Service Six
Miwa: Where is that habitually late girl loitering around now!? // Just how long does it take to go to the bank, withdraw the money for tomorrow’s trip, and come back huh!?
Eiko: Oh // The call just connected.
Eiko: Uh, Hello, this is the Girl’s Kendo Club whose members are all present, except that we are currently waiting in vain for Naeka Fujiwara. // If you have a good excuse let’s hear it.
Naeka: Well, you see, I accidently got caught up in a bank robbery, and then the police surrounded us and a firefight broke out. // So it doesn’t seem like I will be able to come back yet.
Eiko: …What? // Repeat once more.
Naeka: Like I was saying…

Chief: Now! The perpetrator, that female high school student, has shown her face!! // Lay down suppressive fire…!!!
SFX: Wahn… // Ratatattat
Kogarashi: Get down master!

Naeka: Ahhhhhhhhh…
SFX: Crash
Chief: Wahahahahahaha, do you get it now you lousy bank robbers? // This firepower is overwhelming! // If you thought we would take you lightly just because you’re a minor, then you were sorely mistaken! // You are completely surrounded, so come out quietly! Wahahahaha…!!
Naeka: Like I said, I was taken as a hostage by a bank robber! // But then the police surrounded us and a firefight broke out! Wah, what should I do guys…!?
SFX: Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang

Eiko: Hmm, I see, you got taken by a bank robber. // I have to hand it to you, your excuses are always overflowing with originality.
Naeka: Wah! You don’t believe me? The way you talk…you don’t believe me do you!? // It’s not a lie. It’s the truth. Look at this pistol!
Eiko: Do you think I can see it you idiot?
Kogarashi: Hey, master.
Kogarashi: That gun has a light trigger. // If you wave it around like that you might accidently shoot…
SFX: Bang // Crash
Eiko: What was that Naeka? // What was that sound just now?
Naeka: Te…Tell me that sooner…!!! // I just shot a gun you idiot…
Kogarashi: Hmm?
Cop: Gah
Cop: Da…Damn it! My head…I got shot in the head… // Calm down. It only cracked your helmet, calm down… // It’s no good! They predicted we would come in through the window. Cancel the operation!! // Rooftop unit pull out…!!!
Background: The school girl shot me… // Wahhhhhhhh…

Kogarashi: Nice kill!!
Naeka: Yo…You’re wrong! I didn’t kill anyone! // That was an accident! It was an accident…!!!
Robber: Hehe, not bad, just what you would expect from a master. // I’ll leave the “bang-bang” stuff to you. // If we manage to escape, I’ll give you a bigger cut.
Kogarashi: Kukuku, how about we get 10 and you get 0?
Naeka: Shut up you criminals… // I don’t want a cut so just send me home…
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, Don’t worry master. // We have more bullets then there are guys outside. // If we kill each one with one shot then you can go…
SFX: Kachk
Narration: The main character of this story is Naeka Fujiwara, a 17 year old high school girl who still blushes at flowers. // As the grandchild of the great Zenjuro Fujiwara, leader of the great Fujiwara financial group, she is first in line to posses the rights to inherit the entire financial group. // In order to protect her from a group that is trying to usurp the fortune, Zenjuro dispatched 2 maids to work for her. // What is this girl’s fate!?
Naeka: …Why…
Background: Maid Master?!

Naeka: Why in the world did it turn out like this…
Eiko: Hello. // Hey, Naeka?
Eiko: Hello… // Hey, Naeka?
Naeka: Hey. // I’m waiting in line at the bank.
PA: We'll be serving the customer with ticket number 173 now.
Naeka: It seems about 3 more people…
SFX: Bing

Naeka: I already bought the stuff we will need on the trip. // I just have to withdraw the money for the club member’s tickets and come back, so it will probably be about another 30 minutes.
Employee: Excuse me miss.
Employee: You are disturbing the other customers, so could you use your cell phone at the entrance.
Naeka: Wah, I…I’m sorry… // I’ll go right now…
PA: We'll be serving the customer with the ticket number 175 now.
SFX: Bing

Naeka: I would like to withdraw money please.
Teller: Do you have a cash card or a bank book and seal?
Naeka: Ah, yes, with the bank book… // Huh?
Naeka: I thought it was around here... // …huh?
Sign: Restroom
SFX: Slam
SFX: Fump
Robber: …Hey, it’s me. // Right now I’m finishing my last bathroom break before work. // How is the plan progressing?

Robber 2: In a short while the highways will begin to become packed. Afterwards they will be completely congested for 30 minutes. // No matter what route the cops take they won’t be able to get to the bank quickly!
Robber 1: This is one time I want to thank the administration for never improving the condition of the highways.
Robber 1: When the paralyzation of transportation has reached its peak, I’ll force my way into the bank. // I’ll grab whatever money I can and then escape on motorcycle to the nearest station. From there I will transfer to a train and then I will leave the prefecture on foot… // It’s a rather perfect scenario if I do say so myself…!
Robber 1: When the teller and the guard lower their defenses before they close up I should be able to take them easily with just this one pistol. // Furthermore, this bag is stuffed with wonderful equipment with the firmness of rocks! // I am truly perfect…Hehehe, Hahahahaha.
Naeka: Huh?

Naeka: …Wh…What is this…!? // …A pi…pistol… // A bank robbery!!?
Naeka: …N…No, this isn’t…this isn’t mi…
Teller: Wa…Wah…Just don’t kill me… // The money is…The money is right here…
Naeka: Wait a second!
SFX: Babump, babump, babump // Bang
Bystander: Sh…She’s got a gun… // Run! It’s a bank robbery…
Naeka: N…No, Just wait a… // Wa…
Guard: She’ll kill us…!!
Naeka: You’re wrong…!!!
SFX: Chk // Chk
Background: Flop // Wheewheewheewheewhee // Yih…

SFX: Tunk, tunk, tunk, tunk, tunk // Clan…
SFX: Tunk, tunk, tunk, tunk // Claaaaan…
SFX: Clang
SFX: Clang
Naeka: …I’m // I’m trapped…!?
SFX: Wheewheewheewheewhee

Background: I’m home…
Fubuki: Welcome back Mr. Kosuke.
Kosuke: Hello Fubuki. // What’s today’s snack?
Fubuki: Its special White-Flowered Camellia syrup covered bean jam and fruit. It’s in the refrigerator.
Kosuke: …Thank goodness. Today, mine is here as well. // I managed to get home before sis today.
Fubuki: …What?
Naeka: Haven’t you been gaining weight recently? // Eating nothing but sweets is no good. // So big sis will just eat this for you.

Kosuke: …she would always say stuff like that and then take my snack from me. // Why are people always calling each other fat!? // I, on the other hand, think that being fat is okay as long as you can’t only see your chest! Don’t you think so Fubuki!?
Fubuki: …No comment.
Kosuke: Grudges over food are more dreadful then the depths of the ocean. // If you follow the path of evil, don’t think god will overlook it. // I believe sis will surely receive misfortune someday!
Naeka: Let me out… // Wah, let me out of here…
PA: People of the neighborhood. // A dangerous bank robber carrying a gun has secluded herself within the bank. // It is dangerous, so all citizens should proceed to the designated buildings. // I repeat…

Cop: Chief!
Chief: What’s the situation?
Cop: Yes… // It’s hard to see because of the reflection of the setting sun on the glass, but the perpetrator appears to be 1 armed high school girl! // One female bank clerk who failed to escape is being held hostage!
Chief: I thought that students recently were lacking in morals, but I never thought they would go this far.
Naeka: Wake up teller window lady… // Look, I’m not a bank robber, this is all just a misunderstanding! // Wake up, open the shutters, and explain that to the people outside okay! Come on…
Teller: Un… // Unn…
SFX: Slap, slap, slap, slap
Cop: Now the high school girl is assaulting the female bank teller! // Oh! She lands 2 hits! 3 hits! The teller already seems groggy!
Chief: This is bad! The hostage’s life is in danger! // Prepare to force our way in…!!
Teller: Hmm…

Teller: Un…
Naeka: Th…Thank goodness, she’s coming too. // I…Is that alright? Please just listen to me calmly.
Naeka: I’m asking you nicely, please don’t panic and cause a commotion. // You know, there are no bank robbers here. // I’m just a high school girl who came to withdraw some money.
SFX: Kachk
SFX: Shock
Robber 1: Hey, hey, don’t be so modest. // You saying a simple high school girl stole my perfect plan?
Robber 1: Doing this while I was in the bathroom… // I seriously can’t let my guard down for a second…
Naeka: I…I’m sorry! He was here! The bank robber was here! // And now he is standing right behind me…!!! // …He……Help me…!!!
SFX: Slump
SFX: Clang

Robber 1: Heh…Hehehehehehe…even if you scream, no one is going to come save you. // If it’s come to this, I’ll take you as a hostage and start a new page in my perfect plan…
Robber 1: …Wh…What are yo… // Gah…

Kogarashi: Punch! Punch!! // Kick! // Heel Drop!
SFX: Wham, wham, pow, pow // Gah…
SFX: Whoosh // Crash
Kogarashi: Even if it is in fire or water, if my master calls me, I shall go anywhere. // That is me, the Maid Guy!! // In order to save you, I have arrived!!
Naeka: …Ko // Kogarashi…?
SFX: Sparkle
Cop: Reporting sir! // The group of perpetrators are fighting between themselves!
Chief: Alright! Now’s the perfect chance!!

Chief: All men swarm!! // Ensure the safety of the hostage the perpetrators are holding…
Chief: Swarm…
SFX: Crash
Naeka: It’s the police!!
Kogarashi: Un!
Background: They’ve come to save us at last!
SFX: Kachk
Kogarashi: Shot!!
Cop: Gah…
SFX: Bang

Kogarashi: Shot! // Shot! Shot! // Roundhouse Kick!
Cops: Wah // Yih // Gah
SFX: Bang // Bang // Bang // Wham
SFX: Whoosh // Crash
Kogarashi: The heavens call out, the earth calls out, and the people call out. They call out so that I may protect my master. // That is me, the Maid Guy!! // Do not worry, I spared their lives!
Naeka: …Ko // Kogarashi?
SFX: Sparkle
Cop: Reporting sir! // All the members of the assault team were assaulted instead!
Chief: Damn it! I can’t lose! Second assault…!!!

Chief: Don’t flinch… // The enemy are few in number so put the pressure on…!
Chief: Charge…
SFX: Haaaaa
Naeka: Wait…you can’t come…you can’t come right now…
Kogarashi: Hah!
SFX: Kachk
Kogarashi: Shoot!!
Cops: Wah, this is dangerous… // Ho…Hold on, time out! // Run…
SFX: Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang // Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang // Pew, pew, pew, pew

Kogarashi: You can’t escape!!
SFX: Ping, ping, ping
Cops: Wah…it’s a grenade…!! // All men evacuate… // Evacuate…!!
Kogarashi: Strike…!!!
SFX: Boom // Boom // Gah…
Kogarashi: As long is there is justice in the world, evil shall not be allowed to flourish! // That is me, the Maid Guy!! // Kids, don’t try this at home!
SFX: Sparkle // Kachk
Kogarashi: Gah // Wh…What are you doing master!? // Gah…
Robber: …A…Amazing! // That guy’s invincible…!
SFX: Bang // Bang, bang

Robber: …Heh, I was wondering how you managed it, but it seems you’ve brought I pretty reliable bodyguard with you lady.
Naeka: Thanks a lot. // He’s so reliable I have run out of tears.
Robber: With you guys and me together, we can clear any hurdle master!
Background: Even if it was only for a second, I was an idiot to be pleased to see him!
Naeka: Master?
Robber: Of course, you’re the master of robbing banks! // I had thought I was the best, but I guess their really are greater people in the world! // Lady! Make me your disciple!
Naeka: Wah…I want to shoot him…I want to shoot this old guy with the shotgun too…
Robber: If we have this guy, who wouldn’t die even if you killed him…
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, that is certainly true. // If you had me and my master’s power, you could rob a bank before breakfast.
Robber: I knew it, you’re masters!
SFX: Kachk
SFX: Bang

Robber: …Where are you going master?
Naeka: To surrender.
Robber: Master!?
Background: That’s right! You have not done anything wrong so you should give yourself up. // Just like George Washington who cut down the cherry tree, if you apologize sincerely you will be forgiven.
Naeka: …That’s right, if I just talk to them honestly…
Background: But do you want to be like Sen no Rikyu who was beheaded by Hideyoshi for being too honest? // In that case, don’t you think it would be smarter to run away instead…?
Naeka: Uh!
Naeka: …Th…that’s right, were not talking about something that’s on the same level as a cherry tree, geeze…
Robber: Hey, hey, are you a little emotionally unstable master?
Naeka: …It’s okay, just leave me alone…

Well, don’t worry. // You may never be able to return to this country again, but once we get overseas you can live in the lap of luxury so it’s not so bad?
Naeka: Wahhhhhhhh… // Why in the world is this happening…
Announcer: The perpetrators are still holed up in the bank, and you can sometimes hear the sound of violent gunshots. // Several attempts by police to enter the building have ended in failure, but we have received reports that the chief is considering sending for the Self Defense Forces…
Announcer: We now go to Yamane in the field.

Kosuke: Wah…something incredible is going on!
Fubuki: Is…Isn’t that our neighborhood’s bank?
Kosuke: Yeah! I’ve been there myself before!
Background: Wah…
Kosuke: Furthermore, the culprit is a single underage girl! // She might be a high school student! // Doesn’t that scoundrel sound just like sis!
Fubuki: There is no need to hold such a grudge just because she ate your snack Mr. Kosuke…
Fubuki: …Now that you mention it, Ms. Naeka is late isn’t she. // And I was expecting her home early today…
Kosuke: Now that you mention it, you’re right. // Kogarashi as well…
Naeka: …God. // If there is a god then grant my request please. // I won’t take my brother’s snacks anymore. // And I won’t be late when I make promises to my friends anymore, so please…

Robber: Damn, we’re beginning to run out of bullets! // Maid Master! You can’t keep firing warning shots! It would be better to kill them instead…
Kogarashi: No! My master ordered me not to kill. // I swear absolute loyalty to my master’s orders!
Naeka: Give me a brighter future in my next life God!
SFX: Bang, bang // Bang
Kogarashi: My master hates killing. // She wants those people to suffer a crueler life than being killed. // She won’t inflict a fatal injury so they will live in fear their whole life. // Probably.
Robber: …I…I see, she is certainly a frightening lady.
Naeka: Also, smite those 2 guys!
SFX: Kachk
Naeka: …Also, give me a means of escape… // I can’t stand this, I want to go home…
Robber: Maid Master, where in the world are you going?
Kogarashi: I’m going to get more bullets. // Just hold out by yourself for 10 minutes.

Naeka: …Kogarashi, what is this?
Kogarashi: Hmm, you mean the Maid Guy Road?
Kogarashi: Maid Guy Road! // A secret underground network that reaches all over the city. // It acts as a go between by allowing me to reach you at any time and any place so I can give you that which I promised you, the greatest service!!
Kogarashi: For instance, by using this path you could get inside the high school girl’s locker room… // Hmm, where are you going master?
Naeka: Hmm, It even locks from the inside.
Robber: Master?
Kogarashi: I’m gonna use this to go home, so please act as a decoy. // If possible, could you beat up the police with your bare hands? // Make sure I don’t get hurt okay~?
Robber: Master…!!?
SFX: Clang

Kogarashi: It seems the master wishes us to die.
Robber: Wha? Maid Master…
Kogarashi: Let’s go!!!
Robber: Ho…Wai…
Background: Haaaaaaaaaa // Ratatat // Bang // Ratatattat // Bang
Background: Gah…
SFX: Ahwooo…
Fubuki: Ms. Naeka!?
Kosuke: Sis!?
Naeka: …Fi // Finally I’m home…
SFX: Wobble

Fubuki: How in the world did that happen!? At this hour…?
Kosuke: Sis, is that the salt I smell?
Naeka: I got lost and then I kind of ended up at the Pacific Ocean… // I’m tired, so I won’t be needing any food today. // I’m going to sleep…
SFX: Wobble // Wobble
SFX: Swish
Kogarashi: Gah
Kosuke: Si…Sis…!?
SFX: Bang
SFX: Slump
Naeka: …Sleep // I'm just going to forget everything that happened today… // Tomorrow will definitely be a good day…

Naeka: Please just let me sleep today...
SFX: Beep
Miwa: …Should I even ask if you have a good excuse?
Naeka: O…Oh no! I even forgot about you guys…!!
Miwa: You forgot…!? // NAEKA…!!!
Narration: Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old… // The day she gains the rights to inherit her fortune is still 145 days away…

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