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Kamen no Maid Guy 7

Service Seven

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Aug 25, 2009 21:18 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

-> RTS Page for Kamen no Maid Guy 7

Naeka: Eggs! 1 egg yolk. // An egg is an egg weather it comes from a bird or a fish, so this should be OK!
T/L Note: The package says “Hakata Walleye Pollack”
Naeka: 200 cc’s of alcohol! // But minors can’t drink alcohol! // Non-alcoholic beer should be good enough! // OK
Naeka: Then add sugar and let it simmer for a while. // That’s definitely what they said when I was watching TV. // I wonder if this has started to become like medicine?
Narration: Special Maid Agent Professional Regulation Information Prologue. // To a maid, health is the most important so that they may always be energetic and have a smiling face. // …I knew this, but even though I am a maid, I am after all, still a child.
Title: Service Seven
Naeka: Kosuke.
Narration: I am the Fujiwara family’s house maid Fubuki. // To ignore your masters and hide in your bed is the height of shamefulness for a maid, but… // This time I fell ill to a summer cold that has been spreading quickly throughout the neighborhood.
SFX: Clack

Naeka: Alright, It’s finished Kosuke. // For a cold, of course you have to drink eggnog!
Narration: Nonetheless, one of my masters, the younger brother Kosuke, is also confined to his bed as well…

Naeka: Now, drink it all up. // Wa…Wah, don’t throw it up…!
Kosuke: …Blagh…
SFX: Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp // Hack
Fubuki: Ms…Ms. Naeka!?

Fubuki: St…Stop Ms. Naeka! // What are you doing!?
Naeka: Nursing.
Fubuki: Is acting like a daughter-in-law from hell who is tormenting a bedridden senior citizen your idea of nursing…
Fubuki: Ah…
SFX: Wobble // Wobble
Naeka: Fubuki!? // That’s no good. You have a fever too so you have to get your rest.
Naeka: Until your cold is cured, just forget about your duties and sleep peacefully.
Fubuki: I…I’m sorry…
Naeka: Just leave the rest to me.

Naeka: Well then, take care. // I’ll make you some eggnog right away Fubuki.
SFX: Mmm // Mmm // Mmm
SFX: Mmm
SFX: Gah // Ha // Ha // Ha
Fubuki: …I…I can’t say it… // How could I say that Ms. Naeka is a nuisance that is driving me to the breaking point…
Kosuke: Sis really is trying to nurse you though. // I’m sorry Fubuki. // …But.
Kosuke: Actually seeing a situation, like in a hentai game, with my actual sister being a maid and a nurse is pretty nice…
SFX: Slam

SFX: Whewwwww
Kogarashi: A maid not wearing her uniform is just an ordinary person… // Ku ku ku, What an unsightly state you are in!
Fubuki: …Be silent.
Fubuki: If these ingredients weren't cut, it wouldn't be like this. // If we can only make some of the medicine, then I could be cured of this cold at once! // So? What about the medicinal moss, Taizan Fukun that I requested!?
Kogarashi: You don’t know where it grows naturally right? // It’s unfortunate, but it has not appeared in any of the markets.
Kogarashi: However, put your mind at ease. When you are in trouble, the Maid Guy is a man you can always depend upon! // The effective instantaneous disease exorcism, purify the illness, Maid Guy Healing Dance! // You should dance with me as well!
Fubuki: From the bottom of my heart, I shall decline!
Background: Hmm, Ha…

Fubuki: In the areas relating to medicines, poisons, medical care, and magic, compared to you guys, I am an expert! // In any case, in order to guard her as a maid, I must never let myself be confined to my bed! // Continue the search for the ingredients as soon as possible!
Kogarashi: Hmph! If you had a steel body, that wouldn’t die even if you we’re killed like me, then no disease could oppose you!! // According to the Maid Guy Scan, the source of your cold is your own body’s weakness! // If you have to wear wool panties then it is good to be ashamed of your body’s fragility!!
Fubuki: What are you looking through you imbecile…!!
Kogarashi: Gah…
SFX: Thunk
Fubuki: In any case, make haste. This is a race against time! // If you don’t hurry, more so then the illness, she will…
Naeka: Fubuki, its meal time.

Naeka: I think this will be good for your health. // I prepared Calorie Mate and other stuff like rice gruel, and then I tried boiling it in soup stock.
Background: How is it~!
Naeka: Say ah.
Background: Ah…
Fubuki: Ko…Kogarashi, hurry…!!! // Ms. Naeka…what was that “other stuff” you mentioned!? I’m very interested in what that is!
Naeka: After lunch it’s on to cleaning and then the laundry! // I have a feeling that Kosuke and Fubuki will get better soon! // I’ll do my best to make sure everyone gets better soon!

Kogarashi: Don’t do your best!
Naeka: Wahow!
Kogarashi: What is this I hear about you nursing while I was out shopping, you giddy master!? // How many times do I have to say it before you get it? Colds are contagious, so stay away from the sick room!
Naeka: Hey you…Quit banging your master over the head like that! // What are you going to do if it makes me stupid!? // Also, I don’t have to worry because I won’t catch it!
Naeka: As far as I’m aware I have never caught a cold in my life! // Therefore it’s fine for me to nurse them!
Kogarashi: I could hit you, but…
Naeka: W…What for!?
Background: Why?
Narration: Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old. As the grandchild of the great Zenjuro Fujiwara, leader of the great Fujiwara financial group, she is his only remaining direct descendant… // Though she does not know it, in several months time, when she turns 18, she will inherit the rights to the entire financial group. // Even now, the girl is being targeted by a group who schemes to usurp her fortune! // In order to protect her, Zenjuro, the financial group’s leader, employed 2 agent maids to her service. // Can Naeka welcome her 18th birthday safely…!?

Kogarashi: By the way, why are you dressed like that!?
Naeka: Ehehehehe, It’s cute right? I borrowed it from Fubuki. // It’s a bit of an old fashioned nurse look.
Background: Are you enthralled?
Naeka: If possible, it would have been better with a white maid’s uniform. But Fubuki doesn’t have any huh?
Kogarashi: Oh boy, what’s with “ehehe?” You’re not even showing signs of embarrassment.
Naeka: Anyway, I don’t want to hear any complaining from you about appearance.
Naeka: Because there aren’t many doctors in this town, the cold has been spreading quickly, and then the doctor got a flat tire. // He can’t make house calls everyday, so at this time it’s most important for the family to nurse them back to health!

Naeka: Just a little while ago I gave Kosuke his launch and had him drink his medicine. // Even I can do that much. // Let’s divvy up the work! You do the housework and I’ll do the nursing!
Background: He did cry from the bitterness but…
Kogarashi: …you did say you had him swallow it, but aren’t these suppositories?
Naeka: I had him swallow it all up.
Naeka: Wa // Ow // Wah, 3 hits!?
Naeka: Why did you hit me…Idiot…!!!
Kogarashi: Listen, I’m only going to say this once. // In order to prevent any kind of accidental death, you are by no means to go near the patients!!!
Naeka: I can’t just ignore everyone and just relax by myself!
Background: Wah… // Idiot…
Naeka: Anyway, I am going to nurse them! // I want to help everybody!!

Fubuki: …Be… // Before the cold medicine, I have to mix the stomach medicine…
Background: I put the dried sardines in the garlic…
Kosuke: I’m sorry Fubuki. // My sister means well. // A long time ago, she wanted to become a nurse.
Background: When she was 5 years old, our mother was laid up in bed with a cold, and my sister nursed her back to health. // At that time, mom praised her, and she never forgot how happy that made her. // It seems that when she saw sick people, her memories from when she was 5 came flooding back and she felt that she had to help…
Naeka: Mom, you know what, when I grow up I’m going to be a nurse. // And when I become a nurse I will take care of you all the time.
Background: Apple

Fubuki: …So her pure feelings from when she was 5 haven’t changed… // So there was a reason behind Ms. Naeka’s dedication…
Kousuke: But her nursing skills haven’t changed since she was 5 either.
Fubuki: What?
Kosuke: Even though are mother used to get sick all the time… // When sis got older and could use the stove and the cutlery, mom stopped getting sick. // It’s like they say. A human will adapt when their life is in danger.
Fubuki: Ho…Hold on! Hold on Mr. Kosuke!
Background: I can’t move, so if she shows up suddenly I won’t be able to defend myself. // What is that supposed to mean?

Naeka: We already divvyed up the work. // You have household chores and cooking. // And I will nurse and watch over the patients myself. // That’s final.
SFX: Whooosh
Kogarashi: It’s the master’s orders. // Just give up and accept it.
Naeka: Oh, that’s right, I forgot to tell you.
SFX: Flap // Flap // Flap
Naeka: They said that they are going to cancel school tomorrow as well. // I’ll be able to nurse you for the entire weekend. // So try to relax and focus on getting better.

Fubuki: In the 19 years of my life… // I have never experienced such hardship…
Background: Even the Maid Academy’s training hell wasn’t this…
Kogarashi: In your mission report, I’ll write that you died in the line of duty.
Fubuki: Mr. Kosuke?
Kosuke: Whenever I was sick I would prepare this and put it under my pillow. // So that if something were to happen, my geek collection would be donated to the Smithsonian…so… // It would be best if you wrote one too Fubuki.
Kogarashi: I will sum up in the mission report that you fought bravely to the bitter end!
Background: Farewell my friend!

Naeka: …You’re better?
Fubuki: Yes, thanks to you my fever has gone down and I have fully recovered. // I can even return to work now.
Naeka: Really!? But just now you were… // Ho…Hold on, let me check your fever.

Fubuki: It’s true, see.
Fubuki: Right?
Naeka: Thank goodness!!
Fubuki: Ah…Ms….Ms. Naeka…
Background: Thank goodness…
Kosuke: …So? Do you think Fubuki can fool my sister?
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, just what you would expect from the woman called the Smile of Ice. // She’s giving a splendid performance. // Right now she could even fool the devil himself!!
Kosuke: …Women are scary.
Background: But is this okay? Listen, you are still recovering so you will only do light work. // Today is your day off. // Understood.

Kosuke: Fu…Fubuki, nice fight! // My sister believed you completely! Now you will be safe for a while. // Here, an ice pack.
Fubuki: Th…Thank you very…
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, you did well. // Here’s some ice. It will cool your body down.
Fubuki: …Ahhhhhhhh!!!
SFX: Thunk, thunk, thunk
Kogarashi: Hmm…Seems even you’ve been beaten.
Background: Wah? The ice evaporated before my very eyes?!
Fubuki: If…If you think that, then stop doing unnecessary things. // Anyway, go to Mt. Fuji!
Kosuke: Mt. Fuji?
Naeka: Ah…Kosuke…!!

Kosuke: Dang! It’s sis!
Background: Geeze…It’s not good for you to walking around. // Wahh
Background: Get to bed!
SFX: Slam
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, You seem to be having fun this time!
Background: You seem happy somehow.
Fubuki: Be…Be quiet, you imbecile. // Hurry to Mt. Fuji! // At this rate, in my place, Mr. Kosuke…No it’s the opposite!!
Fubuki: The last of the medicinal ingredients, the phantom moss “Taizan Fukun” is a plant that grows on the largest mountains. // If you go to a 3,000 meter high mountain…If you go to Mt. Fuji then it might be there. // Well I can still wear my maid uniform…hurry!!

Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, The mountain that Japan boasts as it’s tallest sacred mountain: Fuji. // However, I am Japan’s…no, the world’s greatest Maid Guy.
Kogarashi: This is the phantom Taizan Fukun… // For something called phantom moss, it looks plain, like the stuff that grows out the back of our house…!

Narration: Special Maid Agent Professional Regulation Information No. 1. // Show absolute obedience to the master’s orders. // Secrecy is fundamental to the mission. // No one will collect your corpse when you’re dead. // No one will collect your corpse when you’re dead.
Fubuki: Agh… // I wonder if the professional regulations permit you to retire because of illness…?
Naeka: Fubuki?
Fubuki: Th…This wall is dirty so…I’m just in the middle of scrubbing it down right now…!!
Naeka: Are you okay?
Background: You’re sweating a lot.
Fubuki: Of course I’m fine!
Fubuki: …What’s that?
Naeka: You mean Kosuke’s dinner?

Narration: Special Maid Agent Information No. 2.
Narration: Eliminate any dangers to your master. // No one will collect your corpse when you’re dead. // No one will collect your corpse when you’re dead!!
Fubuki: It’s fine if nobody collects it! // But when one master endangers the other master, as a maid, what am I supposed to do?
Naeka: How are you feeling?

Kosuke: W…Wah, I’ve got maids on either side of me! // One of them may be my crude sister, but there is no mistaking that uniform, it’s a maid!
Naeka: What was that!?
Kosuke: Is this heaven!? Could it be that I died!?
Fubuki: Time to eat, Mr. Kosuke.
Kosuke: I’m satisfied…It might be fine to just die now.
Background: Ah….
Kosuke: …Wah! The spoon got empty all of a sudden…!!!
Background: Where?! // I disposed of it out the window.
Fubuki: I’ll bring you something later, so for now, just pretend to eat.
Kosuke: I’ve forgotten the happiness of being surrounded by maids… // Now that you mention it, my life is in danger too…
Fubuki: I’m at my limit as well, so please cooperate!
Naeka: Kosuke, it’s about time to take your temperature okay?
SFX: Slip

Naeka: I…I’m sorry, it just flew out of my hand!
Kosuke: Yo…You’ve been really amazing today Fubuki!
Fubuki: Yo…You’re praising me but… // That sudden movement just exhausted my stamina…as…as you would expect…
Naeka: Th…That’s right, I should change the water!
Naeka: Ah

SFX: Splash
Fubuki: …Ms. Naeka can’t be doing this on purpose, right Mr. Kosuke…?
Kosuke: Airheads are scary, aren’t they…
SFX: Whoooooo…

Naeka: That’s no good Fubuki! Moving around like that when you have a fever!
Kosuke: Wool panties!
Fubuki: N…No…Save meeeeeeeeee!

Naeka: Let’s get you out of those wet clothes! // I’ll help you change!
Background: Changing clothes…
Fubuki: I…I can change by myself! // Wah, I…I can change by myself…
Naeka: It’s time for dinner Fubuki! // They say that shellfish is good for you, so I made wheat noodles boiled in a broth with seafood and other things…
Background: Eat up…
Fubuki: Other things… // What are these “other things”…

Narration: Ms. Naeka’s mother. // Her missing mother. // You who couldn’t help getting sick before you had kids, I envy your strength. // I want to follow your example and become a strong person who can’t be beaten by disease…
Background: N… // o… // o… // H… // e… // l… // p…
Narration: Special Maid Agent Professional Regulation Information Afterword. // Those who are maids must be modest and not envy others.
Kogarashi: …You’re unsightly.
Background: Here’s your moss.
Fubuki: Please leave me alone!

Background: Cured…
Naeka: Mt. Fuji? // Wha? You brought this all the way from Mt. Fuji?
Background: Hmm…So this is turned into cold medicine…
Fubuki: …For a while I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but… // above all else, the medicine made it here before I lost something like my dignity or chastity…
Kogarashi: You should learn from this and train your body, like me, from now on.

Kogarashi: A strong body comes from a strong mind. // If you strengthen the mind then you will not get sick! // Behold! Because you strongly believed in your heart that you were drinking medicine, when in fact it was moss that was picked from the backyard, you were cured of your cold.
Fubuki: …What?
SFX: Bang
Narration: Special Maid Agent Fubuki, 19 years old. // The day that her mission to ensure her master’s safety till she inherits her fortune, is still…136 days away.
Background: Ko…Kogarashi? Behind the house? Did you say behind the house? // It can’t be. The punch line is that you didn’t find it? // Is that it?
T/L Note: The book Kogarashi is reading is “Famous Mountains of Japan”

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