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Kamen no Maid Guy 8

Service Eight

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Sep 21, 2009 04:05 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

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President: Well then everyone… // Do your best at the prefectural tournament…
Everyone: Yeah…
Naeka: Ah…This is heaven…
Miwa: Taking a bath after working up a sweat is the best…
Naeka: By the way…
Naeka: Is it okay if I abstain from the prefectural tournament?
Miwa: Huh…?
Title: Service Eight

Naeka: W…What are you doing? That hurt you know…You guys are mean…
Miwa: Shut up, you pathological liar!!
Eiko: We’re praying for victory at the nationals this year, and when we’re in the middle of our bath house tour you say something like that!? You useless ass!!
Background: Who threw that chair at me…!?
President: The results of this tournament will determine the club’s budget for next year!!
Naeka: Whaaaa…But…But
Miwa: Just because your breasts are huge, you go and say whatever’s convenient, you selfish girl!!!

Miwa: Seriously, showing off by letting them float in the bathtub! Don’t get conceited…!!!
Naeka: Ho…Hold on! What do my breasts have to do with this…!!?
Miwa: If you didn’t send all of your nutrition to your breasts, then a little might go to your brain! // You should know you can’t abstain at this point, you idiot!!
Naeka: Wahhhh…But she…She and me and my virtue…!!
Miwa: If you have something to say, say it in Japanese…!!
Kogarashi: …Hmm.

Kogarashi: Today as well, even today, my master is in a predicament and is causing a fuss for some reason! // However, you are in luck, because I, the Maid Guy, am always watching your life!! // Stars for the heavens, flowers for the earth, love for people, and for you, the Maid Guy. // As long as I exist in this world your life shall be rose-colored!!!
Narration: The main character of this story is Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old. As the grand child of the great Zenjuro Fujiwara, the leader of the great Fujiwara financial group, she is his only remaining direct descendent. // Though she does not know it, in several months time, when she reaches her 18th birthday, she will simultaneously become first in line to inherit the entire financial group. // Even now the girl is being targeted by a group that plans to usurp her fortune!! // In order to protect the girl, Zenjuro has dispatched two maids to stay by her side! // As a result, Naeka’s fate is!!!?

Naeka: I…I really do want to go to the nationals. I want to aim for the championship… // But this tournament is different… // She is…
Naeka: On her back are countless scratches that were caused by her getting shot after being mistaken for a bear!! // Kenhoku’s raging bear, she is half human and half gorilla! // People call her the girl’s kendo world’s Musashibo, Shugendo high school second year student, Yoshie Arayashiki!!! // She has broken her three years of silence!! That monster has descended from the mountain!!!
Miwa: Arayashiki…I….I’ve heard that name before! // If I remember correctly, there was some incident three years ago that caused her to disappear from the girl’s kendo world, it was noticed by the whole country!
Eiko: Could it be!? Naeka, what kind of connection do you and Arayashiki have…!!?
Naeka: …That’s…
Narration: That’s right, I can’t forget, it was three years ago…

Narration: It was the All Kendo Tournament Prefectural Qualifier Final…
Referee: Face each other! Bow!
Arayashiki: Hehehe, my opponent for the finals is this weak little child huh… // Hehehehehe, nationals here I come…
Naeka: Mr. Referee, I think there’s been a mistake, a man just came out.
Background: Is that all right?
Naeka: You’re kidding!? You were born a woman!?
Naeka: I…I’m sorry, it’s just, you seemed too handsome to be a woman!
Arayashiki: That’s none of your business…
Naeka: Wahhhhh!

Naeka: Ahhh
SFX: Wack
Background: Wahhhh
Naeka: Wah…I…I’m truly sorr…
Naeka: I had accidently grabbed her hakama with my bamboo sword… // Also…Just my luck, that day the elastic on her panties had loosened…!
Eiko: Wa…Wait a second!!
T/L Note: A hakama is a divided skirt typically worn during kendo.

Arayashiki: Curse you Naeka Fujiwara! Did you believe I would forgive this insult! // After beating you to a bloody pulp, I will pull down your hakama and panties, and toss you naked into the audience!! // The next time we meet, your life as a woman shall end!
Naeka: Then she lost by default, and for some reason she resented me and said she would get her revenge! // Are you telling me to compete in a tournament with someone like that? Seriously!?
Background: I absolutely don’t want to go!
Miwa: Hold on! That story just now, you said that the elastic in her panties had loosened! In that case, what happened to Arayashiki!?
Eiko: Even if you’re opponent is a monster, you don’t do things like that! You idiot…!!!
Naeka: Despite the fact that it is a high school kendo tournament, somehow tickets have sold out, and there are rumors they sell on net auctions for tens of thousands of yen. // I’ve also heard that at the local electronic stores that digital video cameras are flying off the shelves. // Why is that? Why is that huh?
Miwa: …Wh…Why is that?
Eiko: Uh…Ummm…
Miwa: For the time being, as long as you don’t lose its fine right? // Fight! Naeka!
Eiko: That’s right! // Also, the school’s president said that if we made it to the nationals it would be okay for the club to have it’s training camp in Okinawa! // Even if we lose, just tell yourself that the person being striped isn’t you and do your best.
Naeka: Wah…And you call yourself my friends…!!
Miwa: Ah, hey, don’t run point getter!
Eiko: We’re all going to go to Okinawa together Naeka…!!!

Naeka: Wahhhhgeezeeee, is there no God or Buddha… // Why do I have to suffer su…!!
SFX: Doom
Naeka: What?
T/L Note: The kanji on the flag means “truth”

Naeka: Western style soldier’s equipment, a flag that says truth… // Th…The Shinsengumi!? …Toshizo Hijikata?? // Bu…But why? I was in the bath house’s dressing room…huh? // Wha…am I…dreaming?
Kogarashi: That’s right, this is your dream. // Day Dreaming Maid Guy Illusion
Naeka: Ko…Kogarashi!?
SFX: Kukuku // Bew, bew, bew, bew
Kogarashi: However, the illusion was too much to start with. That dream comes from within your heart. // The form of a warrior, who even during times of danger, looks towards victory and boldly fights. // That is the character you wish to posses, and why you have chosen this path.
Kogarashi: Is it really okay to betray your heart and run away master? // Look inside yourself and think carefully about the answer!!!

Naeka: …Yo…You say that but… // It’s not like I really want to run… // I understand, what’s important isn’t whether I win or lose the match, but that I…heart!!?
Kogarashi: If you plan on fighting then its best if you leave it to me. First is willpower and second is effort. That is your Maid Guy.
Miwa: …? Did you hear a scream just now?
Eiko: …Now that you mention it, it also sounded like somebody fell down…

Naeka: Ah
Naeka: …Where am…? // …Huh, I’m in my kendo uniform…?
Kogarashi: Good morning master. // This is the grounds of an abandoned temple in the mountains of Kyoto.
SFX: Whack

Kogarashi: Gah, what are you doing master?
Naeka: Yo…You got that? I…I want three answers from you! // Di…Did you see anything…!? // Did you do anything…? // An…And finally…what am I forgetting to ask…!!!?
Fubuki: …There is no need to worry Ms. Naeka.
Fubuki: Kogarashi managed to carry you here in a sack, but I am the one that changed you into your kendo uniform.
Naeka: R…Really!?
Fubuki: We had a long, long, discussion about it…!!!
Fubuki: To answer your previous question, this is Mt. Kurama in Kyoto.
Naeka: Mt. Kurama!?
Fubuki: It is a mountain where a legendary goblin lives. It is named after an old tale that says that Yoshitsune Kuro studied the sword here. // This is the place where Yoshitsune used his understanding of the sword to defeat Benkei. // A miracle wrought by the blessing of Mother Nature! There is no mistaking that the effect of his training had been doubled!!

SFX: Whooosh
Naeka: Now…Now that you mention it, somehow I seem to be swelling with power… // Is this the power of Mother Nature!?
Naeka: Ju…Just what you would expect of a sacred mountain!! // Right now I feel like I could even defeat a bear!!!
Kogarashi: All right, well then, let’s try!
SFX: Snap
Bear: Roar…

Kogarashi: When your opponent’s a bear and your using a bamboo sword you don’t attack from the front, you boorish master! // However, you stood your ground, such spirit is admirable! // For your effort I shall give you one Maid Guy Badge!!
Fubuki: Wh…What are you doing you imbecile…!!!
Kogarashi: Once you manage to collect ten Maid Guy Badges, then your training shall be complete!!! // Now then, next we shall begin your training!!

Naeka: A…A waterfall… // It certainly has the feeling of training in the mountains huh.
Background: Wah…It’s high…
Kogarashi: Kukuku, I’ve heard that since ancient times it is preferable to practice kendo at a waterfall.
Kogarashi: The waterfall is the hundred yen shop of training. Once you’ve risen to a new level from doing practice swings under the falling water, then you can go down to the basin…
SFX: Crack
Kogarashi: Master?
SFX: Wah… // Crash
Kogarashi: Maid Guy Dive!!!
Kogarashi: Didn’t I just say that you need to raise your level more before you enter the basin, you impatient master! // However, I recognize your bravery. // Two badges!!!
Fubuki: She didn’t jump off, she fell…!! // Are…Are you all right Ms. Naeka…!!?

Fubuki: Yo…You’re falling water leaf cut is magnificent…! // To become so good in such a short span of time…!!
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, just what you would expect from the master I have raised. There is only one badge remaining! // Now! // The final test!!
Background: Try to parry this!! // Falling water “great” log cut!!!
Naeka: I’ve got it!!!

Kogarashi: …Hmm, I can’t believe you have come so far… // Splendid master! You fully understand the falling water great log cut!! // If you had used your head a little you would have realized that a log can’t be cut by a bamboo sword, but even so, you did not back down. And so, in difference to your determination the final Maid Guy Badge is yours!! // …Master?
Fubuki: The weight of those badges of yours is weighing her down! // Stop blabbering over there and come help me search for her you imbecile…!!!
Background: Just how many kilos do they weigh…
Fubuki: Why did you even drop something that she couldn’t cut…!!
Kogarashi: Hmm, with Maid Guy Eye I have located master within the water!
Fubuki: Where!?
Kogarashi: Underneath your feet.
Fubuki: …Ms…Ms. Naeka…

Fubuki: …However, some how we made it in time. // The Naeka who has finished her training, at the prefectural tournament tomorrow…
Kogarashi: Even I feel sorry for her opponent.
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku… // Seems the assembly hall for tomorrow’s tournament will be devastated by a hurricane called Naeka Fujiwara…!!!

Referee: The winner!! // White, Fujiwara!!!
Leader: She…she’s strong!! // What strength!!!
Eiko: Naeka is…!
Miwa: Just what happened after she disappeared from the bath house!!?
Nakanishi: An incredible thing has occurred here at the high school girl’s kendo prefectural tournament semi finals. // Shuho Seiha Private Academy second year, Captain Naeka Fujiwara. Her strength is like a demon’s.
Announcer: No…don’t you mean to say she has amazing strength Mr. Nakanishi?
Referee: Face each other, bow!!
Nakanishi: Ye…Yes. But Arayashiki who already made it too the finals, also has neigh superhuman abilities. This is sure to be a very interesting match to watch.

Nakanishi: There is still some lingering excitement at the broadcast seating… // Now for a commercial.
Eiko: …Wh…Why is there even a television crew here?
Miwa: Would the general public really want to see a huge breasted kendo girl naked that much!?
President: What are you going to do Naeka!? If you lose, then the entire country will see it!!
Naeka: Has everyone bought their swimsuits yet? // I’ll say it clearly. Right now I am at the pinnacle of mankind…maybe! // At least there is no one among my gender that can beat me!
Miwa: ...!!! Na…Naeka is definitely different today!!!
Eiko: We’re gonna get to see Okinawa…
Arayashiki: Heh…! To think that Naeka Fujiwara’s skill with the sword has become this fearsome. // However, I still have a trick up my sleeve…
Arayashiki: Bwahahahahaha, it’s too early to be celebrating. // With one bottle of this special select red pit viper drink that cost me 3,500 yen, my body that I diligently trained in seclusion in the mountains will gain three times it’s normal power. // Pit viper powered, mountain trained Yoshie!! Behold my might, Bwahahahaha.
Arayashiki: Having you publicly ridiculed in front of one hundred and twenty million people shall be sweet Naeka Fujiwara, Bwahahahaha…!!!
Background: Whoa, she just chugged three of those pit viper drinks…

Referee: Match between captains!! // Both competitors to the center!!!

Girl: Wa…Wah! What is that inhuman ghoul!?
Miwa: I…I’m glad I’m not the captain…!!!
Eiko: Even though your opponent’s a monster, do your best Naeka!!!
Referee: Begin!!
Naeka: Ho…Hold on. That thing’s not a part of mankind… // I don’t suppose it would be okay for me to abstain…?
Eiko: No way, do your best…
Background: Okinawa…
Miwa: Don’t look away, look forward Naeka…
Kogarashi: Calm down master, at most your opponent has only twice the strength of a bear. // She can not beat you as you are now!!!

Naeka: That’s right! You have to calm down Naeka Fujiwara! Remember that painful training!! // It’s true that my opponent is not human. However, I have the fruits of my training from earning those ten badges. // Compared to the log cut this much is…
Background: I’ll smash you to pieces…
Naeka: I’ve got it!!

Kogarashi: Splendid! // You have shown us the monster cut!
Referee: Wh…White, body, one point!
Eiko: Na…Naeka…? // Wah, She became flat!?
Miwa: This isn’t even a kendo match anymore…!!

Kogarashi: If you were using a real sword you would have won this match. // However, you need to study up on that half hearted thing you call a bamboo sword master…!!
Background: Hey, hold on.
Arayashiki: Gahahahahaha! // This is why I trained! Do you remember this large body…in the nude!!!
Background: Now, I wonder if you’re prepared.

Kogarashi: Day Dreaming Maid Guy Illusion!!!
SFX: Bew
Arayashiki: Bwa…ha…N…A…K…E…D…!!!
Background: Gahhhhh // What are you doing?
Kogarashi: Although you are the enemy, you too are splendid for being able to so thoroughly throw away your humanity. For that, I admire your spirit. // To show my respect for your inhuman ways, one Maid Guy Badge…!!!

Narration: Shugendo high school’s girl’s kendo team’s captain, Yoshie Arayashiki, has been disqualified for violent conduct. // Shuho Seiha Academy’s girl’s kendo team moves on. // It’s their debut at nationals!
Miwa: All right, we won! We’re going to nationals…!! // The blue sea…!!!
Eiko: Wah, does that mean the next chapter will be about our training camp in Okinawa…!!
Background: I gotta buy a swim suit…
Background: What just happened? Damn it…

Everyone: Let’s go…!! // Now, it’s time for the training camp… // Okinawa…
Everyone: Thank you, our Naeka Fujiwara! // This is all thanks to you!! // We’ll buy you a souvenir…!! // We’ll have fun for you too…!!!
Everyone: We’re o…ff!!
Kogarashi: …I present you with this Special Maid Guy Badge.
Narration: Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old… // The day she inherits her fortune is still 131 days away…

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