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Kamen no Maid Guy 10

Service 10

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Aug 7, 2011 03:43 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

-> RTS Page for Kamen no Maid Guy 10

Musashi: Good morning everyone!!! // My bushy name is Kojiro Musashi, let’s ten-car-each! // I am bushy-do! Warrior training now!
Title: Service Ten
Musashi: Hey you!!
Musashi: You samurai girl! Very strong! Listen from rumor of wind!! // Fight me together!!
Naeka: So…sorry! The truth is I’m no good at English. // What should we do? Is it okay if we just beat him up??
Miwa: No! It would be better if you didn’t make an enemy of him!
Eiko: But what should we do! Mr. Misunderstanding over here’s motivation seems to be at 120%.
Naeka: Wh…What should we do!!?

Liz: Fantastic! It’s just as my father told me! What an uncivilized country! // In an age where we can shoot a missile straight down Hussein’s toilet, they are still letting Jack the Ripper walk around in broad daylight!!

Liz: …Very good!! // Let us hunt.
Miwa: A…Another foreigner!! // What is this? Is today foreigner’s day??
Eiko: Furthermore that girl is wearing our school’s uniform! // Does she go to our school??
Naeka: Mo…More importantly, just what should we do? Is it okay if I beat her up as well??

Liz: Though you can barely conceal your stupidity, I wonder if you could serve as decent prey. // Well, my prey?
Musashi: Oh!?
Musashi: HAHAHA! Hey pretty girl! You don’t misunderstand! // I am bushy-do! Let’s warrior training! Me and you no plan to fight!!
Liz: There’s no use in trying to talk your way out of this!! // Deadly Nutcracker Foil!!
Musashi: Wahhhhh…!! // Critical hit to me golden…!!
SFX: Bong // Ding

Liz: Heh // I’ve cut another worthless object…
Naeka: Wh…What’s with that girl…
Naeka: Ah, no, I should thank you! // Thanks for saving us.
Liz: Don’t mind.
Liz: I can’t tell Japanese people’s faces apart…but those huge breasts!! // Ms. Naeka Fujiwara!?

Kogarashi: Skirt One to Skirt Leader.
Fubuki: This is Skirt Leader.
SFX: Kshhh
Fubuki: What is it Kogarashi?
Kogarashi: I am sending you the image of a small high school girl with blonde pigtails that has just appeared in front of the master. // I don’t remember seeing her at the school before. Just who is she?
Fubuki: I am doing a search, please wait a minute.
Fubuki: Receiving the image now…Oh, she’s cute. Perhaps she’s a half? // There is no record of her student data…in that case, is she a transfer student?
Kogarashi: The unknown’s height is 130cm, her weight is 28kg, and her measurements from the top are 61-55-66…
Kogarashi: Hmm…For being a little girl her underwear is made out of some very fine silk. // I would say she is about 13, but she is underdeveloped for her age. I can confirm an unusually shaped mole on her left side. Furthermore, my scans show…
Fubuki: Ho…Hold on! Hold on Kogarashi! Kogarashi!? // When you say she is underdeveloped, what are you looking at…!?
Background: This girl has poor development
SFX: Bew

Fubuki: Whether it’s x-rays or scans, when it comes to girls you can never just arbitrarily use it on them! Never ever…!!
Kogarashi: To always watch over and provide tender care; that is what a maid is! This is common knowledge! // Kukuku, I am always performing a full scan using my observational powers!!
Fubuki: Al…Always…
Kogarashi: From morning through night I never fail to check everything from master’s heat rash to the bug bite on your breasts. // That is Maid Guy Quality!!
Fubuki: Wah…! Why are you even scanning me you imbecile…!!
SFX: Click // Beep // Beep // Beep
Kogarashi: Hmm?
SFX: Beep // Beep // Beep
SFX: Beep
Eiko: Wah?
Miwa: Wh…What the??
SFX: Boom
Naeka: How did that girl know my name?

Narrator: Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old, she is the only remaining descendent of the leader of the Great Fujiwara financial group, Zenjuro Fujiwara. // Though she does not know it, in half a year when she turns 18, she will also inherit the rights to the entire financial group. // For this reason, she is currently being targeted by a group that wishes to usurp her fortune!! // Kogarashi and Fubuki are Agent Maids sent by Zenjuro to protect his grand children from this mysterious enemy! // As such, Naeka’s fate is…!?
SFX: Ding // Dong // Ding
Naeka: Wah, oh no…That’s the school bell!! // I gotta hurry!!
Eiko: Come on Naeka, don’t space out…!!
Teacher: Let me introduce you to the transfer student.
Liz: I am Elizabeth K. Strawberryfield. // You can call me Liz.
Liz: I have been in England my whole life, but because of my father’s work I returned to this country last month. // I hope we can all get along.
Eiko: Liz!?
Naeka: Th…The girl from this morning?

Teacher: Even though Elizabeth is only 13 years old, because of her academic excellence she has skipped ahead to the second year of high school. // You can sit next to Fujiwara. Maybe she can learn something from you.
Naeka: …Wh…What do you mean by that sir?
Teacher: Elizabeth is commonly called a genius, and in my 30 years of being a math teacher I have never taught a genius before! // Therefore, today I have given it my all to prepare a special math problem for you all. // Now Elizabeth, please hurry to your seat!!
Liz: It’s a pleasure to meet you Ms. Naeka Fujiwara.
Naeka: Ah, no, the same here… // …speaking of which, how did you know my name…?
Liz: Knowing your name is nothing at all…after all… // Whenever I close my eyes I remember…Ms. Naeka’s gallant form from the kendo tournament the other day… // The sight of you felling one opponent after the other…Ah…

Liz: I’ve… // become excited…
Liz: When…When I look at you I just can’t control myself.
Naeka: …Hold on…this couldn’t possibly be…
Eiko: What’s this? Did you get another girl to confess to you?
Background: Hehheh
Naeka: Ho…Hold on Lez. I’m happy you feel that way but…
Eiko: Liz!
Background: Not Lez, you idiot!
Liz: Ah, I want to take you down! // I want to beat you till your crying on your hands and knees, begging for forgiveness!! // I want you under my feet! To lick the bottoms of my shoes…!!!
Naeka: No, what I’m saying is that I’m not into… // …What??
Background: Ah…Even just imagining it is ecstasy…

Naeka: Gah!
Liz: I am using that slipper in place of a glove. // Ms. Naeka Fujiwara, I challenge you to a duel! // I hate uselessly large things! Yours are unsightly! They are an eyesore!!! // As punishment I shall beat you down!!!
Liz: So, not even you can say anything to that huh? // With this we are now enemies.
Liz: The duel shall be after school in the kendo hall. // It’s pointless to run away. Like a snake I am watching your every move. // Heheheh…

SFX: Ohhhhhhhhh… // Hohohoho…
Naeka: A…duel…
Teacher: But what about class!?
Kogarashi: Ugh…! I was almost turned into cinders…

Kogarashi: I can’t believe that that growth stunted unknown is just an ordinary person. // Just who is she…??
Shizuku: Mistress.
Shizuku: I have brought you a change of slippers.
Liz: I have delivered the challenge. // The end of school shall be quite enjoyable Shizuku.
Narration: Elizabeth’s personal maid ninja, Shizuku.
Shizuku: Oh…again with your obsessions…the master will scold you, you know… // To put precedence on your own interests over the battle for the inheritance rights…
Liz: That is something that you common folk can deal with.
Shizuku: It’s not good for a child not to listen to their father…
Liz: Please don’t call me a child!
Liz: Only mother understands. // Hunting is a noble’s hobby.

Background: To lure out a difficult prey and then to slay them, not out of necessity, but just for the enjoyment of it… // In this world, no matter who they are, as long as they are strong, the moment of feeling powerful… // For me, that huge boobed beast, Ms. Naeka is the greatest prey… // Ah…even just imagining that moment is ecstasy…
Shizuku: But you can’t stay out till after dinner you hear?
Background: Got it?
Liz: I said don’t treat me like a child…
SFX: Ding // Dong // Ding
SFX: Dong

Liz: Heheh…I have to admire you for not running away and coming to the dojo.
Naeka: Ah, no, it’s just that we have club activities after school. // Don’t tell me you were being serious when you challenged me…
Liz: Oh, could it be you’re scared?
Liz: In England, cowards who run away from a duel can never show there face in public again out of shame.
Naeka: Yeah, well this is Japan. // Take your shoes off before you come in. // Then when you come in bow.
Liz: Now it’s time for our duel!! // You can decide the rules. // I shall beat you to a bloody pulp!!

Liz: If you don’t want to die you better take this seriously.
Naeka: Umm // I’m sorry, but I just can’t bring myself to fight a little kid…
Kogarashi: You stupid master! // What retarded things are you saying!?
Kogarashi: Be careful around that one master.
Naeka: Who!?
Kogarashi: Stop looking around and calm down!!
Kogarashi: Kukuku, You can hear it but not see it. // From an unseen location it is the partner who supports you everyday. // It is I, the Maid Guy!!
Naeka: Ko… // Kogarashi?
Liz: Koga?
Kogarashi: Maid Guy Voice!! // Through the use of special vocalizations, I can send my voice to a single person with pinpoint accuracy! This is Sunlight Yellow’s special direct line to you!! // No one else can hear it! Be quiet, and listen!!

Naeka: Like usual you have some superpower… // By the way, can you hear me?
Kogarashi: Kukuku…of course! Maid Guy Ear has very sharp hearing!!
Kogarashi: I’m warning you!! That girl is dangerous!!!
Naeka: Huh?
Kogarashi: You saw her fight this morning remember! // Within the body of an immature child hides considerable fighting ability!! // Prepare yourself master!!!
Liz: …What is it? // Is there something on my face? // Oh, that’s right. // I almost forgot something important.
Naeka: Ah?
Naeka: …What? // …Photos?

SFX: Oh my!
T/L Note: The inside of Naeka’s mouth says “Gah”
Naeka: Hold…Wha…Just when did…What is…!!?
Liz: Heheheh…If you run away or lose this duel, I shall give away those photos and the negatives. // To them!!
SFX: Ahhhh…
Leader: W…We are the Naeka Fujiwara “Breast” Fan Club!! // We heard that if we came hear we could buy pictures of Naeka Fujiwara’s breasts!! // Is this true…!!?
Liz: Heheheh, I am sure these will fly off the shelves!
Kogarashi: I’m warning you! That girl is dangerous master!!
Naeka: Alright, I got it, she is definitely dangerous, okay…!!

Liz: Has this motivated you a little Ms. Naeka? // Are you ready for the duel now?
Naeka: Oh definitely!! // I…I might have gotten angry for real though! // I am going to have to show you what happens when kids anger their elders.
Eiko: ...Um, now let me explain the rules of this duel…
Eiko: This match will use the normal kendo rules; the winner is the first to get 2 out of 3 points…is this okay?
Liz: That’s fine.
Eiko: By the way, are you serious about this Naeka? // I always thought you were immature but…
Naeka: That’s fine.

Eiko: Put on your masks… // And I guess we will start round one…!
Liz: …Gah??
Naeka: Face!!
Naeka: One point!!!
Eiko: Ho…Hold on. // What you did just now isn’t really a point is it? Right!?
Background: I did it // But didn’t she faint?
Naeka: Life is strict. // Even if you fall because of the smell of the kendo equipment a loss is a loss. // Though I did know that that protector was the worst smelling of the bunch.
Eiko: You really are immature!
Background: Three Round Match First Round: Naeka O – X Elizabeth

Eiko: Round 2!!
Liz: I did not expect you to use such a trick. // You are unexpectedly ruthless… I am impressed, Ms. Naeka!
Naeka: I guess the smell of our summer protectors is a bit much for our returnee princess. // Against that even a girl genius is still nothing more then a child.
Liz: Isn’t it a bit early to be acting so relaxed? // However, when it comes to hunting I am no novice. I brought a weapon as well! // I shall teach you the difference between the hunter and the hunted!
Liz: Ms. Naeaka’s unedited underwear photos…!!
Liz: First come first served…
Naeka: Wha??
Background: What?! // Wahhhhhh

Naeka: Ho…! // Hold on…!!
Eiko: Waist, one point! // Elizabeth!!
Naeka: Da…Darn it, ah…!!
Liz: Heheh…Miss… // During a match you mustn’t look away…
Naeka: …Th… // That’s cheating!!
Eiko: You guys aren’t even trying to fight a real match!!
Background: Three Round Match Second Round: Naeka X – O Elizabeth

Eiko: Final Round!!
Naeka: That attack just now…even without the pictures, I don’t know if I could have dodged it… // This is bad…This kid is actually pretty strong…!
Liz: …I had planned to knock her unconscious but… // She managed to avoid a strike to her heart from such a stance? // She may have the breasts of a cow, but she is no dumb ox…!
Eiko: Begin!!!
Naeka & Liz: I have to take her seriously!!!
Naeka: Haaaaaaaa…
Liz: Yahhh…
Naeka: Heh… // Heh… // Heh…
Liz: Ha… // Ha…

Kogarashi: Hmm…It has already been an hour since the start of the final round… // Truly they are evenly matched! // This is an excellent dual…!
Kogarashi: However, both of them appear to be running out of stamina… // …it is likely that the next blow shall be the last…!!
Naeka: Now that I think about it, we never decided what your punishment would be when you lost. // How about a full course of my brother’s famous spanking torture? // I’m looking forward to it! I wonder what a blond haired little British returnee sounds like when she cries.
Liz: I have three thousand pairs of shoes. // You best get ready to lick them all till there isn’t a single pair left. // Though I said that, you have no chance of winning!
SFX: Shif
Liz: To allow such distance between us, truly huge breasted women are imbeciles. // Did you forget that I still have my trump card?

Liz: Dance! 300 valuable pictures of Ms. Naeka!
Liz: Everyone, get your hands on the indecent figure of the huge breasted kendo girl!
Naeka: Wa…
Liz: Heheh…If you prolong the match then I will add more photos to the gallery and your life will be ruined. // This is perfect! Ms. Naeka!!
Naeka: Wai… // Too much… // He… // Hey…
Background: Ohhhhh, jackpot // Jackpot… // I hit the mother load…
Naeka: This…This is terrible…
Kogarashi: Kukukukuku… // Calm down master. I am here for you!!
Kogarashi: Echo! The moss green Maid Guy Voice that echoes with Mother Nature.
Naeka: Kogarashi!?
Kogarashi: The man who possesses the magic voice of seven colors that even the ocean’s princess of song Siren runs away from is me, the Maid Guy!!

Kogarashi: Go and conquer them my black winged manservants!!
Background: Wahhhhhhh…
Background: My treasure…
Naeka: C…Crows… // They’re after the pictures!?
Kogarashi: Kukukukuku, they are crows who shall snatch away every picture. // They shall search everywhere until there is not even a scrap of paper left.

Kogarashi: Stomp this problem out at the root!!
Liz: Ahhhhhhhhh…Nooooooooo…!!
Naeka: What’s this? You still have some photos hidden in your chest? // Even though you are reaping what you sow I feel bad for you… // But not that bad!
Liz: He…Help me…!!
Naeka: It seems that I win this match Liz… // Even though you had the perfect plan laid out you were still foiled by unexpected circumstances. // Let this defeat be a lesson to you…
Naeka: Huh?
Naeka: A…Ah… // What? What? Why? // Why are the crows attacking me too… // Kogarashiiii?

Kogarashi: Kukuku…Calm down! Calm down and take off your clothes master! // Those crows are searching anywhere there might be photos. // Once you take off your clothes and they can see you don’t have any photos they will stop attacking you!
Kogarashi: Strip!
Naeka: I can’t strip you idiot…
Background: Help me… // Wahhhhhh… // No… // Stop that… // Not there… // Ahhhhhh…
Background: Three Round Match Third Round: Naeka ^ – ^ Elizabeth // Draw
Kosuke: You had a dual with a weird foreigner that became a double header? // Then you got attacked by an army of crows so in the end it was called a draw…?

Kosuke: I’m not really sure that I get it, but it sounds like you had a rough day sis…
Naeka: I would say it was beyond just being rough. // At least we were somehow able to get back all the photos.
Kosuke: Photos?
Naeka: You did dispose of all the pictures Kogarashi?
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, certainly! This Maid Guy doesn’t make mistakes.
Kogarashi: In order to set your mind at ease I have prepared these! // An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth! A nude picture for a nude picture! // For the sake of revenge we should spread these pictures throughout the town or the whole world!
Naeka: Wh…Where on earth did you get these!?
Kogarashi: Kukuku, This Miad Guy doesn’t make mistakes! // I took these while she was changing into her kendo uniform!

Kogarashi: A feat of this caliber is an everyday occurrence for me. Taking nude photos is a trivial matter. // There is nothing this Maid Guy cannot do!
Fubuki: Wow! That is truly amazing! // By the way, I thought that we would continue our conversation from this morning, but it seems that I did not use enough gunpowder!
Fubuki: Go outside for a bit!!
Narration: And so, the danger posed by the mysterious enemy that had begun to make it’s move… // Had already passed before it was even noticed thanks to the actions of the Maid Guy.
Fubuki: …Strawberry panties… // …oh my.
Background: Where was it…
Narration: Naeka Fujiwara, our protagonist who knows nothing of this, is 17 years old. // The day in which she acquires the rights to inherit the great Fujiwara financial group is still 117 days away…

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