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Kamen no Maid Guy 11

Service 11

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Aug 8, 2011 06:25 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

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Narration: It happened on a mid-summer’s day in which the sun was shining. // It was one of those long, hot days that in English would be called a dog day. // For what reason was something long forgotten remembered on this day?
Fubuki: Oh? // And whose dog are you I wonder?
Fubuki: You mustn’t do that. You can’t just come into someone else’s garden.
SFX: Gleam
Title: Service Eleven

SFX: Whoosh

Fubuki: Ahhhhhhhh…
Narration: Naeka Fujiwara is 17 years old…as the grandchild of the great Zenjuro Fujiwara, leader of the great Fujiwara financial group, she is his only remaining direct descendent… // Though she does not know it, in several months time when she turns 18, she will simultaneously become first in line to inherit the entire financial group. // Because of this, she is currently being targeted by a group planning on stealing her fortune! // Kogarashi and Fubuki are agent maids sent by Zenjuro to protect his grandchildren from this mysterious enemy!
Kosuke: I’m ho… // Is this scream, that sounds like silk being torn, Fubuki!?
Fubuki: Mr. Kosuke look out…!!
Kosuke: Huh?

Kosuke: Wah…!!!
Fubuki: …He… // He got away…!!
Narration: That’s how it all started. // With hot sunlight, and underwear, and dogs… // This is the story of that day…

Fubuki: Heheheh… // …It’s still not sharp enough…

Naeka: …What’s the matter Fubuki?
Kosuke: W…Well, you see…
T/L Note: The words coming out of Fubuki’s mouth is the word “dog” repeated over and over again.
Naeka: Wha!? // Fubuki’s panties were stolen by a dog!?
Background: And you saw her butt?
Kosuke: S…Sis, don’t shout…!!
Naeka: Fubuki!?

Backround: Wahhhhh…
Naeka: I understand Fubuki! I understand the heartrending anger you must be feeling! // Even if it was a dog, as a woman, you can’t forgive him!
Kosuke: It seems to have been quite a shock for her, so we should be gentle with her for the time being…
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, I have returned! // Where is that clumsy maid who had her panties taken by a dog?

Kogarashi: Goh!?
Fubuki: Code name the Dog Trainer?
Naeka: A serial underwear thief!!?
Kogarashi: Mmm, his name is Inusaburo Kibagami. // Recently he has been breaking into homes here in Shuho city. He comes from Tosa, 37 years old, male, single, unemployed, his main occupation is underwear thief. // half a year ago, like a comet he made his debut into the world of underwear thieves as a former dog fighting master.
Narration: A dog fighting master is a criminal animal trainer who teaches military tactics to dogs who have been bred to be strong enough to even kill a cow, and trains them to be soldiers! // It is said that in ancient times the family of the feudal lord Chosokabe of the warring states era started the practice of having dogs trained in the martial arts called “Fighting Dogs.” Those that have continued this practice since then are men who do not flinch in the face of wild ferocity while drilling in these techniques. They are called Masters of Dog Fighting. // Knowing of heaven, earth, and dogs, they devote their lives to, and form emotional bonds with, dogs. // They are the Dog Fighting Masters!!

Fubuki: A former dog fighting master!?
Naeka: So that’s why they call him the Dog Trainer!!
Kosuke: Th…That’s amazing Kogarashi! Where did you get such classified information!?
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku
Kogarashi: Do not underestimate the Maid Guy intelligence network!!

Bartender: What will it be?
Kogarashi: Milk.
Leader: …That would be the work of the “Dog Trainer.” // As the name suggests, he is a master underwear thief that uses dogs.
Background: Serial Underwear Thief Gang “Purple String” // Leader
Leader: It’s a pretty small business so of course I know I lot about him. // However, the reason I am being chased by the police is you. // And you are asking me to sell you information on a fellow underwear thief…?
Leader: Take it. // This is everything I know about him…

Leader: That guy doesn’t stay in one town for long. // If you want to catch him you better move fast. // Farewell…
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, as you can see, this information comes from a reliable source.
Naeka: I see, so it’s information from a colleague! // In that case I would have to agree!
Fubuki: At…At least, if it was the work of a dog that was meant as more then just a prank then I still… // After all, it’s an evil underwear thief who is pulling the strings from behind the scenes…
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, Inusaburo Kibagami…He is a man who loves his dogs more than anyone, and loves underwear more then his dogs.
Kogarashi: Heh, that Leader, he is certainly conscientious, he even went as far as to write down Kibagami’s behaviour. // It says that everyday he plays with his prey on the top of his palm while imaging their contents…
Fubuki: Noooooooooooooo…
Background: Heheh… // It feels damp and smooth.
Kogarashi: After he is finished he takes the underwear to his bedside and dreams of their sweet fragrance…Heheh, and then? // Oh, with his head…Hah, then the taste…Oh…hmm? What is this piece of paper?
Fubuki: Stop itttttttttttt…
Background: Heheheh… // Will you please hit me…

Background: Proof of Receipt // Mr. Maid Guy // All: One pair of Ms. Fubuki’s panties (pre-worn) // To serve as payment // Leader
Kogarashi: Oh, it’s a written receipt for a pair of Fubuki’s panties (pre-worn) used as payment. // Kukuku, that Leader is certainly conscientious.
Fubuki: What are you doing just taking somebody’s panties you imbecile…!!
Fubuki: That’s the same crime as an underwear thief…the same crime… // And I thought that you were explaining things too well…! // Go now and get it back you imbecile! Imbecile! Imbecile!! Imbecile…!!!
Naeka: W…Wow…It is well researched, but this is just horrible… // What’s this? Collectible list?
Kosuke: Huh? Your name is on here. // …Collection No. 82, Naeka Fujiwara, Age 17, lots of sweat soaked in, used during kendo, underwear top and bottom?
Naeka: Wha?
SFX: Whack // Whack // Whack
Kosuke: a bottle containing the seventeen year old’s fresh juices, squeezed before they dried.
Naeka: Bottle containing fresh juices!!?

Fubuki: I can’t forgive that underwear thief that steals women’s underwear and then has obscene fantasies about his victims!! // He is the enemy of every woman in the world!!
Naeka: I completely agree Fubuki! Someone who would use a maiden’s purity and modesty as a victim for their own desires is a servant of the devil! // First off, what does juices mean!? As least have the decency to write sweat! I can’t forgive him!!
Fubuki: Let’s get them back Ms. Naeka!
Naeka: Yeah! Let’s bring divine punishment down on that enemy of women!!
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, If you are going to eliminate an underwear thief, then I shall lend you a hand. // Even if the dirty laundry is agile, when it is this dirty, as a maid, I can not leave it as is! // To the people who have collected your soiled underwear and filthy juices, I, the Maid Guy, shall give them a blood bath!

Fubuki: Who has to rely on you!? You imbecile…!! You enemy of women…!!!
Naeka: Wha…What did you say? Filthy…Filthy juices…??
Kosuke: Wahahah…
SFX: Whack // Stomp
Narration: Code name the Dog Trainer…Inusaburo Kibagami has sparked the fire of anger within the two women of this house. // Mr. Kibagami…You made enemies with two people you shouldn’t have. // As a fellow dog lover I feel a little sympathy for you.
Background: Nice fight Ms. Naeka // Next is the underwear thief Fubuki
Narration: That’s right, I am a big dog lover… // When I close my eyes I can still remember it… // His name was Yoshimune, our family was still small then…
Narration: That was three years ago… // It was during the summer when I was still in middle school…
Naeka: Ah… // It collapsed again…!!
Naeka: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Naeka: Wah…Help me…
Kosuke: Sis!?

Kosuke: I thought it was thunder, but it was just the sound of you tumbling down the stairs… // Are you okay sis?
Naeka: I am not okay Kosuke! What’ll I do!? The path to the second floor is completely blocked!
Kosuke: …That’s why I said, if you use that staircase it is better to be light. That’s why I can use it.
Naeka: Wh…What!? Are you trying to say that I am heavier then you!?
Narration: The reason I am starting here, is because after this, a fan club was started because of how much weight my sister’s breasts had gained… // With are parents gone the Fujiwara household was quickly headed on it’s way to being the garbage palace…!
Naeka: My underwear is in the bottom drawer in the dresser from my room so…! // Just bring me the whole dresser and make sure not to look inside!!
Kosuke: Sis! A maiden’s modesty is fine and all, but think of the situation a little!
Background: Don’t look… // It’s not like this is going to be easy to bring to you…!

SFX: Ally-Oop
Narration: At the end of the trial, the exploration teams expedition to the second floor was a success. // In the month since I last saw it, the second floor had become unrecognizable…
Kosuke: We may say this is inside the house but it’s more like the outside. // It doesn’t seem like mom’s coming back, and after seeing this, I regret not finishing my dinner…
Background: That’s an opening that’s just inviting the wind and rain in.
SFX: Woof
Kosuke: Wh… // What…??
Narration: And that is how I met Yoshimune…

Narration: …However, one day he disappeared… // His name was Yoshimune and he was my precious friend…
Kosuke: Ah…Just when I thought I could forget… // When I hear a dog bark the memories come rushing back…
SFX: Woof, Woof, Woof // Woof, Woof
SFX: Woof // Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof
SFX: Awoooooooooooo…
Kosuke: Wait, where are we? // When did we end up in the mountains!?
Naeka: Shhh! Be quiet Kosuke!
Fubuki: It might be too late for that Ms. Naeka.
SFX: Woof, Woof, Woof // Awooo…

Naeka: Where are we you ask? // This is the enemy’s home turf! The home turf of the enemy of all maidens!! // In the information that leader gave us was written the address of the “Dog Trainer” Inusaburo Kibagami!
Naeka: Do you think I can restrain myself when the place where our underwear has been tainted is right in front of us!? // We figure the early bird gets the worm so we are going to strike while the iron is hot! // So, we are going to break in now!! // You understand!!?
Kosuke: Br…Break in…!!? // Why do I have to be a part of this…!!?
Fubuki: It seems we have been surrounded Ms. Naeka. // There is a group of around twenty dogs in the bushes around us.
Background: Don’t say crazy things while smiling sis! //
SFX: Woof, Woof, Woof // Awooooo… // Woof, Woof, Woof // Woof, Woof
Naeka: At any rate, our opponent is the Dog Trainer. // Of course we would be noticed if we went in from the front.
Fubuki: But we have prepared for this eventuality.
Kosuke: I…I don’t remember preparing for this at all!?

Naeka: Our enemy is a fiendish criminal who stole our underwear while we were wearing it!! // Shouldn’t you do something to help us! // If you’re a boy then stop complaining and put your life on the line!!
Fubuki: I am so very sorry Mr. Kosuke!! // I know it would be best to wait until morning and call the police. // But if I wait until morning that man…will do all sorts of things to my underwear!!
Background: Even though this is unbecoming of a maid…
Naeka: Don’t worry! While you distract the enemy we can fight safely! // Here! It’s a special 800 gram beef pack that dog’s seem to love!! // Just take that and runs towards the day after tomorrow!
Background: Two thousand five hundred yen!
Background: You’re the only one I can depend on Mr. Kosuke. // Please.
Naeka: Try to get as far away as possible before you get caught and torn to shreds…!!!
Fubuki: I shall never forget this kindness…
Kosuke: D…Darn it! You think that if you just smile and say please that a guy will do whatever you want…!! // Be carful of dark roads at night and sweet looking smiles…!!!
Background: Good luck // Take care
SFX: Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof // Woof, Woof, Woof // Wahhhh…

Background: Ha… // Wah… // Darn it…
SFX: Woof, Woof, Woof // Woof, Woof, Woof // Woof
Fubuki: …Now then, all of the obstructions have been taken care of.
Naeka: After you fill in the moat you take the enemy stronghold!
Inusaburo: …Hey now, what’s this?
Inusaburo: Coming in the night is something us underwear thieves do. // Are you planning on beating me at my own game senoritas?
SFX: Whoooooooo…

Naeka: So, you show yourself Inusaburo Kibagami! // Or should I say, the Dog Trainer!!
Inusaburo: Heheheh… As you say I am the Dog Trainer. // But what are you doing here so late at night? // I was able to complete my quota for today so I was just enjoying myself…
Naeka: Silence, you enemy of women!!
Naeka: We are assassins who have come to knock you down! // Furthermore, we are avengers who will take back everything you stole! // Now, return the underwear! // Also, …the fresh juices… As well!!
Fubuki: How long will it take for your dogs to return? One minute? Two? // The time it will take my throwing needles to reach you is a mere 0.2 seconds. // The next time you blink shall be your last!!
Fubuki: Even if you don’t blink it will be your last…!!
Background: That was just a figure of speech…
SFX: Puck

SFX: Whooo…
Fubuki: What!!?
Inusaburo: Heheheheheh, A fighting dog and his master our one in body and mind, just like a bra and panties. // This bond cannot be severed by some mere special meat. // The ones who were caught in your trap were the pack of mongrels that live around here!
Naeka: Yo…You’re kidding!!?
Fubuki: T…To be able to see my throwing needles, ju…just what you would expect from such wild power. // In that case I’ll use my trump card! // Even if you are wild, if I use throwing needles that are thin and transparent enough that you can’t see them then…
Naeka: Wah!!
SFX: Ping

Kosuke: …He… // Help me…!!!
Background: Wahhhhh…
Background: Awooooo…
Narration: Ahh…Running like this brings back memories… // I was a lot thinner and lighter back then so me and Yoshimune used to run through the hills together. // Maybe, once they stop attacking me, I will be able to connect with them as a dog lover…
SFX: Ruff // Ruff, Ruff, Ruff
Kosuke: Wahhhhh…. Like that could happen…!! // Darn it! I’ll remember this sis…
SFX: Gahhhhh…
SFX: Wooo?
SFX: Heh // Heh

SFX: Woooooo…
SFX: Awoooooo… // Woof // Woof, Woof // Woof // Woof, Woof, Woof
Naeka: It…It seems we’ve been driven into a corner Fubuki!!
Fubuki: Ms…Ms. Naeka you imbecile…!! // If you move suddenly then everything will collapse… // If that happens then you will get attacked…!! // Because while I’m defeating one of them all of the others will attack you…!
Naeka: You cowardly creep…fight us man to man…!!
SFX: Ahhhh… // Wahhhh…
Bakground: I can see where I would fall from up here…!!! // Wahhh…When you put it like that…
Inusaburo: Hey now, what are you saying? Dogs have always been a pack animal. // To tell dogs not to stick together is like telling fish not to swim. // It’s nonsense senorita!
Naeka: In that case, Fubuki…Did you bring the poison powder that will put the enemy to sleep instantly!? // That’s how they dealt with a dog attack in a ninja comic I read a long time ago…
Fubuki: I brought the one that will kill you after a brief pause and the one that will melt you without leaving a trace! But unfortunately, I forgot to bring the paralyzing medicine…!!
Background: That’s the kind of thing you would use for a massacre…

Inusaburo: And now for the second piece of dog trivia; dogs are territorial animals. // They don’t allow anyone to invade their territory. // This is the underwear thieves territory! And we don’t let our prey escape!! // I shall add the underwear you are wearing now to my collection!!!
Naeka & Fubuki: N…Nooooooooooo…Help…
Background: All dogs prepare for attack.
Kogarashi: Oh bother… // I wake up from being beaten to death to the sounds of dogs barking and people screaming.
SFX: Arf
Inusaburo: You…You’re the pack of stray dogs who were chasing that meat! // What? But why?? // What could have you so frightened…
SFX: Arf // Arf // Arf, Arf
Kogarashi: No matter where I go you’re causing trouble!!
SFX: Arf
Background: Maid Guy Dog Transformation!!!

Kogarashi: Kukukukuku // Having been beaten by beasts, man has come to know shame! // Prepare to be rescued by the Maid Guy Dog you pathetic master and servant!!!
SFX: Awooooooo… // Grrrrr…
Fubuki: Be…Be silent! I don’t want to hear you talk about shame while you’re dressed like that!
Naeka: That’s right! What’s with those ears? You look like an idiot…!!
Inusaburo: It…It’s not just the ears though… // Why!? Why are my dogs so frightened of you!!?
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku. Your dogs? Don’t make me laugh! // As you know dogs are a pack animal that is lead by a boss dog. // Because of this instinct a human who is worthy of being the boss can form an owner and pet relationship with them. // However, as I awoken to my wild instincts I began to realize something “Dog Trainer!” You’re not the boss of this pack!!
Inusaburo: Wh…What!?
Kogarashi: The true boss of this pack is there…

Kogarashi: That’s him! // That small breed dog!!
SFX: Arf?
Kogarashi: Your aura has risen to a different level from the others! // I can’t believe a dog of your caliber would allow himself to be owned by a mere human!!
Fubuki: Th…That dog is…! That’s the dog that stole my panties!!!
Naeka: That tiny dog is the boss!?
Boss Dog: Heh…You’re pretty sharp for someone who walks on two legs. // That’s right, I am the true boss of this pack. // That human is nothing more than a waiter who prepares our meals in exchange for the leftovers from our prey!
Boss Dog: That’s right, now in dog society it is not those who posses a large body who are dominant. // Now it is the era of skill over power! It is the new dog era, where a dog that posses the greatest skill shall seize control!
Boss Dog: I was able to gain respect in exchange for food that I gathered using my skills. // This mountain where there is a constant danger of being buried alive is necessary to teach puppies the skills they will need! // Heheheh…I am grateful to humans for teaching me these skills. // Soon humans and dogs will become equals!!

Boss Dog: I even snatched the panties off of that skirt over there!!! // And she was all in a panic when I did!
SFX: Woo // oon
Dogs: That’s the boss for ya…!! // You’re the best…!! // Let’s get the one next to her in the hakama too!!
Boss Dog: Heheheh, you see how they shower me with admiration!! // With this single skill that I have mastered I have made it to the top!!
SFX: Woof, Woof // Woon // Woof // Woof, Woof // Woof // Woof, Woof, Woof
Kogarashi: Kukukukuku, small animals can really yap can’t they? // The idea that just because you can put on a show that is somewhat rare, that that makes you the best is absurd.
SFX: Kukuku
Boss Dog: Put…Put on a show!? Why you…!!
SFX: Arf
Kogarashi: Maid Guy Dog Face Clap!!!

Kogarashi: Instant strip!!!

Kogarashi: Mphh mphh mphh (How’s this dog?) // Mphh mphh mphh, Mphh mphh mphh (If your technique is the greatest then what do you call this?)
Naeka & Fubuki: Ah…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?
Dogs: The panties and bras and garter belt…ev…even that long strip of cloth, all in an instant…? // No matter how many hands he uses, to get all the underwear off of those two… // Th…There’s no way we could do that, we can only carry three with our mouths…!!
Boss Dog: I’ve lost…!
Kogarashi: Where are you going dog?
Boss Dog: Heh…Did you think that all defeated dogs do is cry?

Kogarashi: Do you plan on starting over from the beginning…? // With looks like yours you could find someone to live with…as a pet. // What has driven you so far? Why do you pursue this technique?
Boss Dog: …Someone once told me… // The world outside is wonderful, and your technique is part of that wonderful world. // I believed those words and polished my skills in order to hold some of that wonder in my hands…
Boss Dog: But then again, I don’t even have hands. // Farewell!
Dogs: Boss! // Please wait boss! // Please take us with you boss…!!!
SFX: Woof // Woof, Woof, Woof
Inusaburo: H…Hey! Hey! Hey, Hey, Hey! My Dogs!? // Come back! Where are you going with out me!!?
SFX: Woof, Woof, Woof
Kogarashi: Kukukukuku, You were never qualified to be the owner of such magnificent dogs. // However, I have some business with you, “Dog Trainer” Inusaburo Kibagami. // To get some sick pleasure out of dirty underwear. Have you never even heard of washing something? // You’d best say your prayers because I am going to beat some sense into you!!
Inusaburo: E…Eeeeeee…

Inusaburo: Eeee…!!!
Fubuki: Now, shall we kill him Ms. Naeka?
Naeka: Let’s kill him Fubuki.
SFX: Eeee…
SFX: Bow // Bow Wow // Bow Wow
Dogs: You know boss… I never knew there was such a story behind the passion for your technique. // But what was the wonderful thing you were after!? // You idiot! He was polishing his skills in order to figure that out! // By the way, what kind of person was he? The person who had said those words to you I mean.
SFX: Heh…

Kosuke: Oh, now even I can’t get in that room… I’m sorry Yoshimune, I’ll give you a tasty treat later, so could you go get sis’s underwear. // Oh boy, if your going to go to the trouble of getting it, it would be nice if it was some babe’s underwear and not sis’s… // Listen Yoshimune…in the outside world there is even more wonderful…
Boss Dog: Heh…It’s a long story…
Kosuke: Wah!
Background: Dogs!
Narration: While I was wandering through the mountains the night came to an end… // As a watched the dogs run off, I was once again reminded of Yoshimune…
Narration: Wherever he is, under this bright blue sky, I hope he is okay. // I’m sure he is okay, and I am sure we will meet again someday. // It feels like today is going to be another hot day. // This was the story of a long, hot day filled with underwear and dogs…
SFX: Wahhhhhhh…
Fubuki: After all that, which one is my underwear…!!!
Naeka: Na…Naeka Fujiwara: Filthy Juices… // Wh…What is this gooey green colored liquid…!!?
Background: There are so many that I can’t tell. // Where did you wring this secretion from…?
Narration: And so, the 17 year old Naeka Fujiwara… // The day that she gains the inheritance rights to her fortune is still 113 days away…

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