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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Kamen no Maid Guy 12

Service 12

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Sep 22, 2011 05:27 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

-> RTS Page for Kamen no Maid Guy 12

Saki: Last time I accidently disturbed a nest and was pecked by crows… // But this time, by attaching it to this pole I can install my high resolution digital video camera with super long distance lens attached!!
Saki: Hehehe… // According to my information Naeka usually takes a bath everyday sometime between 6:00 and 9:00. // And with this 4 hour and 30 minute long disc I can record all of it without any mistakes!!
Saki: Ohhhhhhh… // It captured the bathroom perfectly… // Now…finally, what I have long waited for.
Saki: Upperclassmen Naeka Fujiwara in her birthday suit… // Th…Thanks for the meal…!!!
Title: Service Twelve
Narration: This girl’s name is Saki Tabaruzaka and she is 16 years old… // She is a slightly dangerous school girl who is in love with Naeka Fujiwara!!

Saki: Ohhhhhh…It worked… // Upperclassman Naeka is right in the center! Lock On…!!
Background: Yeah!

Kogarashi: Ku… // Ku ku…
Saki: Wh…What is this? What’s this thing blocking the good parts??
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku…
Saki: What is that voice??
Kogarashi: Kuhahahahahaha.
SFX: Bom bom bom, bommmmmm!
Saki: The…the screen is…??
Background: What is this?
Saki: Huh? What’s with this? No matter what I press…did it crash? // Wa…Was the power cut!!?
Kogarashi: Hahahahahahaha! You fool! Taste my Maid Guy Voice!!

SFX: Beeew
SFX: Ztttttttt
Saki: Wh…Wha? What’s that sound?
Kogarashi: Kukuku, This emerald blue Maid Guy Voice affects your subconscious. // Behold…your body is becoming stone…your body is becoming stone…
Saki: You’re kidding!? I really can’t move my body…
Saki: Ah…The screen came back… // …huh?
Saki: HUH?

Kogarashi: Hmm!? // With my Maid Guy Ear I can sense a voiceless scream! // It is the scream of one who has witnessed the end of the world! // …hmm!?
Kogarashi: From the same coordinates I can also sense a digital recording of my Maid Guy Voice… // Ku ku ku… I can confirm that that shriek was the scream of agony of an unchaste insect that tried to peep on my master’s house!
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku ku ku…To all of you ignorant insects. // One shot of my Maid Guy Voice will put you through 1,800 seconds of hell. // For 30 minutes you won’t be able to move a single finger or even blink. // Kukuku…You should just relax and take your fill…!!
Narration: Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old… as the grandchild of the great Zenjuro Fujiwara, the leader of the great Fujiwara Financial Group, she is his only remaining direct descendent… // Though she does not know it, in several months time when she turns 18, she will simultaneously become first in line to inherit the entire financial group. // Because of this, she is currently being targeted by a group planning on stealing her fortune! // Kogarashi and Fubuki are agent maids sent by Zenjuro to protect his grandchildren from this mysterious enemy!

Fubuki: So Kogarashi… // How is the surveillance system coming along?
Kogarashi: Hmph.
Kogarashi: With this Maid Guy you can be certain the job will be quick and accurate. // There were 31 surveillance cameras that were set to watch the house. For all of them dummy image data and virus programs have been prepared flawlessly.
Fubuki: …Splendid. After all, we wouldn’t want anyone spying on us. // Not that we have anything to feel guilty of though…
Kogarashi: By the way. What should we do with the original data that I swapped out of the peeping disk?
Kosuke: What’s that? What kind of data is it?
Background: What?

Kosuke: Wow…!!! It’s Fubuki wearing a mini skirt…!!!
Background: With bare legs…!
Recording: Wow… How many years has it been since I last wore a short skirt like this…?
Fubuki: Wah!? Wahhh… Th…That is…!!
Fubuki: It…It’s not what you think…! I just happened to have a passing fancy to try it on…!!
Recording: It really is nice and cool… // Ms. Naeka has it good…
Kogarashi: Hmph… If you are not guilty of anything then there is no need to make such a fuss.
Naeka: He’s right, after all, it’s good to try a new look every once in a while.
Background: Wah… // Let me see more. You looked cute…
Recording: Ah, but if I let go with my hands the skirt will fall down.
Fubuki: No! Quit it! Cease! Stop…!!

Recording: The waist is all baggy. // I guess Ms. Naeka has gained weight again.
Fubuki: This invasion of privacy is a grievous criminal offence! Further more, as the ones who watch over this home it is only right that we pursue all of its enemies!! // We are special maid agents who protect the life and lively hood of our master! // From now on we must not allow any information on this household to fall into the enemy’s hands!
Kogarashi: Even if the information isn’t important this could become a case of a molehill becoming a mountain. If that were to happen it would become a threat to us. // As a maid whose job it is to guard his master’s secrets, I am a Maid Guy whose security is flawless.
Fubuki: Exactly! This is a battle we can not afford to lose!! // No matter how many enemies we have information on, we can not allow them to get this information! // Our information must be superior in both quality and quantity, this is how you fight with modern information warfare!

Shizuku: I’m back big sister.
Shizuku: Recovery of the data from the 30 surveillance cameras placed around the target’s house… // Has been completed…!
Tsurara: …So it is you Shizuku… // Yet no matter how many times I tell you, you never seem to understand…

Tsurara: This isn’t the village in the mountains that we grew up in. // No matter when it is, remember to return through the front door.
Shizuku: I…I’m sorry…
Tsurara: Even now we serve the mistress who has returned from England. // If we do not posses elegance then it will bring shame to our master.
Shizuku: Ye…Yes…
Background: For summer vacation I am going to the southern islands.
Tsurara: If you can’t seem to understand then I have no choice but to make your body understand…
Shizuku: Wh…Whaa…Just don’t punish me…!!
Narration: The second maid ninja under Elizabeth’s command, Ninja Commander Tsurara.

Tsurara: …Well anyway, for now we should inspect the recording first.
Shizuku: Ye…Yes, here it…
Tsurara: Good. // Set up the projector.
Tsurara: Our master’s arch-nemesis “Naeka Fujiwara”. // In order to defeat the breast girl who is thwarting our master’s conquest it is necessary for us to first gather information. // We are ninja maids. Despite being maids, as the descendents of ninja, gathering intelligence is a point of pride for us. // Just as if a time came when we would have to give up our lives for our master, and would do it gladly, now we must expose all there is to about the breast girl.
Shizuku: Th… // This is…
Tsurara: …Quite the unexpected thing has been exposed hasn’t it. // Are high school girls really this hairy these days?
Shizuku: Th…That certainly is hair…n…no!

Shizuku: N…No sister! This wasn’t my fault!!
Tsurara: Hmph…We’ve been duped it seems. // It would appear that this stops you from moving. // They added hypnotizing sound waves and then returned it to us…
Background: You will turn into stone… // Turn into stone… // Turn into stone…
Tsurara: Why you! Just how far will you go to look down on us!! // Do you really take us for amateurs that would be effected by such a hypnotism technique! // Don’t underestimate the ninja maids!!
Background: Turn into stone… // Turn into stone… // Turn into stone…
Shizuku: Si…Sister…?? // Suddenly I can’t seem to move my body, just what is…??
Background: Turn into stone… // Turn into stone…
Shizuku: Wah, Sister forgive me…!! At least close one of my eyes…!! // Ahhhhhhh! An old man in his birthday suit is right in front of my eyes…!!! // Wahhhhhhh…Surely this must be a modern day painting of hell…!!!

Tsurara: Hmph…It seems there is someone who shall prove quite formidable amongst our enemies. // However, we ninja maids are still here… // For the day when our master will take the world itself, we must…!!

Saki: Ahh…My beloved upperclassman, Naeka Fujiwara. // Your body flecked with glistening sweat. Ahh…One day you will be mine… // I will be able to see even more of you. // And then I will be able to erase the scorched image of yesterday’s nightmare from my eyes… // Huh?
Saki: It seems that Naeka’s breasts have gotten bigger again…
Saki: It’s those guys…!!
Leader: My fellow members of the Naeka Fujiwara “Breast” Fan Club! Opinions!?
Member 1: That stretching and wobbling…It would appear to me that they have grown again.
Leader: I agree as well. But the question is how much have they grown!
Member 2: Yes, that’s exactly right!!

Leader: Until the day when those breasts become ours it is our duty to watch over them!
Member 1: Yeah! We understand that without you having to say it Leader! As usual we must obtain the accurate size of those breasts!
Member 2: Bu…But how? If we sneak into the nurse’s office we will only be able to get the old measurement data!
Leader: Fear not comrades!
Leader: What if I said that I had a copy of the master key to the Girl’s Kendo Club’s dressing room lockers??
Saki: It…It can’t be! You’re planning on sneaking into the girl’s dressing room!?
Member 2: That’s it! From the size of the brassiere we can figure out her bra size through a reverse measurement…
Member 1: …Who are you?
Saki: For your information, Naeka belongs to me! // I won’t forgive you beasts for trying to approach her!!
Saki: Ha!!
Leader: Whoa!?
Leader: Wahhhhhhhh…!!!
Member 1: Leader…!!?
Member 2: Leader!!
Saki: After this they will never approach Naeka again!

Saki: That’s right…Naeka is all mine.
Saki: Do you think I would hand her over to someone else!?
Saki: Her brassiere and bust size our mine as well. // Ahh…Now all of Naeka will be laid bare…!
Kogarashi: Maid Guy Freeze Voice!
Saki: I…I can’t move my body again…!??

Saki: That being said, who is this guy (?)!!?
Saki: Wha???
Kogarashi: …Hmm. // After a careful palpation check her personal belongings contain nothing of note. // She is just a civilian.
Background: Hmm! Are these fake breasts?
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku… Don’t worry. I won’t harm civilians. // Just be patient for 1,800 seconds and you can return home safely.
Kogarashi: If you don’t want to be put in danger I suggest you never approach Naeka Fujiwara again.
Saki: Wha…What is this…!!?

Saki: Wh…What was with that mysterious guy just now!? I shouldn’t approach Upperclassman Naeka!!? // That’s it! He must be responsible for that video yesterday!!! // Who is he!? Going this far just to get between mine and Naeka’s love!!?
T/L Note: Sign pasted to door says “Boys Prohibited”
Saki: Th…That’s fine, I will accept this test of my love! // I won’t lose!!
Leader: Drat! This has been a terrible day…! // That cursed fire cracker woman took our key of hope…
Background: Maybe I can do something with this wire…
Member 2: It’s okay! The clubroom is unlocked!!
Fan Club: Ah.
Saki: I won’t lose!!
Background: Wahhh, at last your time has come… // Ahhhhhh… stay away from me you beasts…

Tsurara: For now we are school girls. // Are the preparations complete Shizuku?
Shizuku: Everything is perfect on my side sister! // I don’t think there will be a problem with you either, as long as they see you from a distance!
Tsurara: Heheheh…Hide a tree in a forest and a person among people. // If we want to approach a school girl we should become school girls! // This is the maid ninja art, Art of the School Girl!
Tsurara: By the way, what did you mean earlier when you said as long as they see me from a distance? // Do you want to say that there are no school girls with the eyes of a killer!?
Shizuku: Not…Not at all! I think you look good for being ten years out of school!!
Tsurara: How old do you think you’re twin sister is!? You should be punished!
Tsurara: …But for now the mission comes first. // Here we will split up. // You sneak into the dressing room and look around for Naeka Fujiwara’s things!
Shizuku: Yes! …what will you be doing sister?

Tsurara: I’m the transfer student Hanako Yamada (alias)…I’m a second year student. // I think that I would like to join the kendo club. // Is it okay…if I watch for today?
Tsurara: Heheheh…From the throng of school girls nearest to her I will observe Naeka Fujiwara…! // I won’t overlook even the smallest detail! I will expose everything about you!!
Background: She said a second year? // Also, someone wants to join the club during summer vacation?!

Tsurara: …I am currently in my second year of high school. // What’s wrong with that?
Naeka: Then what is your Chinese zodiac sign?
Tsurara: …wha? // Zodiac!?
Tsurara: Chinese zodiac?? How impudent you are breast girl!
Background: Let’s see, if I’m supposed to be 17, that’s a 4 year difference, hmm…bull, tiger, umm…dragon…
Naeka: Bzttt… // Your out of time.
Tsurara: Ah…
Background: Goodbye…
Tsurara: What was with those people just now? // I mean really? Just because I didn’t know doesn’t mean that I am a suspicious person who is trying to approach you. // I…I failed at infiltration…!!?

Naeka: Recently I seem to be getting mixed up with all sorts of weird people…
Eiko: But how were you able to think to ask them their zodiac sign on the spot like that?
Naeka: Oh, that?
Background: There was a bear, a bear woman, a foreigner, a child, a bank robber… // Bank robber?
Naeka: I saw them do it on TV before. // It’s a way to see through the lies of women when trying to determine their age.
Background: I think that lady was probably about 20 years old.
SFX: Aghhhhhhh!
Eiko: Wh…What was that sound just now!?
Tsurara: Cu…Curse you Naeka Fujiwara…I’ll kill you! // Even if I have to ignore my master’s orders, with my own hands I will definitely…!!!
Background: All those young girls go and say whatever they feel like…
Eiko: It sounded like something broke…could you not hear it Naeka?
Naeka: Broke? Are you trying to say that lady passed her expiration date? // It’s really cruel to say something like that you know.
Tsurara: Kill you!!!

Shizuku: I really feel like I should have gone to the kendo hall…
Background: I’m worried.
Shizuku: But it’s not like I can go against my sister. // For now I should complete the mission so she can’t scold me later. // That’s right! For a ninja the mission comes before worrying about relatives!
Shizuku: I can hear people’s voices from inside this half opened door. // Times like this calls for the Ninja Maid Deluxe Color and Odorless Super Instant Sleep Bomb.
Shizuku: Throw!!
T/L Note: Character on bomb says “sleep”.
Shizuku: Then wait 30 seconds.

Shizuku: …What were these kids doing? // Were they trying to call a UFO? // …Anyway, for now the mission takes priority.
Background: Is it some kind of religion?
Kogarashi: Good grief. // Today really is a day filled with spies.
Kogarashi: Maid Guy Freeze Voice!!!
Shizuku: …Sis... // Sisteeeeeer…!!!

Kogarashi: Hmm!? // Who is it!?

Shizuku: …Sister?
Tsurara: If…If it’s come to this then maybe it will just be you that I…! // Kill!
Tsurara: In the mean time, I’ll kill you!!
Kogarashi: Ughhhhh!?
Kogarashi: Ugh!!!

Kogarashi: Ugh…!
Tsurara: It’s a shame but that breast girl has already been claimed as my Mistress’s prey! // But if it is some manservant then I am free to do whatever I want! // I’ll take out my anger towards the breast girl on you! // And then I will someday take Naeka Fujiwara’s head as well!
Kogarashi: Hmph…I don’t remember anyone who looked so bad in a girl’s school uniform, but you are clearly my master’s enemy. // Very well! I, the Maid Guy, shall face you in place of my master!!
Tsurara: Stop babbling!

Tsurara: Explosion!! // You’re the only one who shouldn’t be finding fault in my appearance!
Shizuku: You…You did it!! A direct hit…
Shizuku: Im...Impossible! He’s still standing after such an explosion…!
Tsurara: Where are you looking Shizuku! You’re still a novice!
Tsurara: That explosion was never meant to kill him. // In the first place if I killed him so easily my anger would not be satisfied!!

Kogarashi: Hmph, my ears…?
Tsurara: First, the explosion was meant to blind his eye sight… // Secondly, the sound of the blast in his eardrum…was meant to destroy his hearing. // During a surprise attack the first thing you must do is take away your enemy’s eyes and ears!!
Tsurara: If you cannot perceive your enemy then you cannot mount any form of attack! You also cannot evade! // Within this soundless darkness you can do nothing but suffer and wait for death! // This is the Eighth Hell of the Maid Ninja Arts!!
Background: The Eighth Hell!! // The Eighth Hell is the eighth and lowest hell as recorded in Buddhist scripture. // It is the greatest hell whose suffering is said to be a thousand times worse then any of the seven other hells!! // It is said that when a person loses their normal senses they taste unbearably suffering. // In the Eighth Hell of Maid Ninja Arts the five senses are destroyed one by one then, while trapped in suffering and unable to resist, a finishing blow is struck from the darkness. // Truly a dreadful ninja technique worthy of the name the Eighth Hell!!!
Tsurara: Heheheh… You have the look of someone who is begging for someone to kill them!!
Tsurara: Take this!! Next this paralyzing powder will numb your sense of touch!!! // Now that even your arms have stopped moving you can’t even hurt a fly!!!

Tsurara: Most humans would go insane before they lost all five senses! // That makes 3! But how long can you keep your mind!? // I want to hear the sound of your soul breaking!
Kogarashi: Kukuku, Are you saying something? Because I can’t hear you! // If there is something you want to say you should stop mumbling and speak clearly you fake school girl!
Background: Over here?
Tsurara: Sorry for being a fake…!!!

Tsurara: What!!?
Sign: Girl’s Kendo Club
Saki: Wahh!!!
Saki: …Wahh, that was terrible… // …speaking of which, why am I lying around in a place like this…?

Saki: It seems that collapsing in the club room with these beasts wasn’t a dream after all… // I can choke the life out of them later, but first I should make sure I am still in one piece.
Shizuku: Si..Sister…!!!
Shizuku: Let my sister go you monster…!!! // I said let her go…!!!
Kogarashi: Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha…!!
Tsurara: Cu…Curses! To believe I could be caught…
Shizuku: Sister…!!!

Kogarashi: Ku ku ku ku ku! What are you doing gloating after taking out a mere 3 of my 37 Maid Guy Senses!? // This is Maid Guy Hair Sense! It is a super sense useful from everything from eliminating mosquitoes that fly near my master to finding objects in a cluttered room!! // My hair becomes like a spider web that radiates outwards to find and capture any foreign bodies!
Tsurara: Impossible!! Thir…37 you say!!?
Background: Ku ha ha. You can no longer move.
Tsurara: Stop spouting nonsense you monster!! // If you really have 37 senses why don’t you tell me what they are!!
Kogarashi: Nnn…nn, I can’t hear youuuuu…
Tsurara: Ev…Even if it’s 37 or however manyyy… // Wa…Wah, ah… Wh…Where are you touching…!? // Let…Let go of me! Release me you monsterrrrrr…!!!
Shizuku: N…No! I won’t let you near my sister…! // At...At this rate, my sister will be…!!!
Background: No matter how hard I try it won’t cut…

Shizuku: Throw a school girl…!
Saki: Wahhh…!!?
Kogarashi: Hmm? Here!?
Saki: Gahhhh…!!!
Shizuku: Sister, now is our chance to escape while the monster is distracted by the decoy…!!
Kogarashi: Hm?

Naeka: Ughhhh… // I wonder if we have any deodorant…
Naeka: Wha…What is this…!?
Kogarashi: Do not worry. I, the Maid Guy, will not lay a hand on a civilian.
Saki: Wahh… // Wahhh…
Kogarashi: Hmm…This enemy is certainly not an ordinary opponent. // To use the substitution technique like that, they are clearly one deserving of the name ninja.
Background: Hmm…I’ll give you a Maid Guy Badge so don’t cry.
Kogarashi: However, as long as this Maid Guy exists my master’s body will not suffer even a single woun…

Naeka: What are you doing to that girl…!!
Kogarashi: Huh!? Master!?
Naeka: I don’t want to hear it…!!!
Shizuku: Pull yourself together sister!
Shizuku: If we have run this far we should be safe, even from him… // Are you okay sister?
Tsurara: It…It’s impossible that are enemy could be such a monster…!
Shizuku: He was certainly a tougher opponent then we expected. // To believe a monster that could make my sister go “Ahhh” existed in this world…
Background: It was like a girl’s shriek…

Background: Sorry for being a girl!
Tsurara: In that case, this as well…!! // Are you saying that in order to win this as well I have to use a monster…!!
Narration: Once again, a predicament caused by the Maid Guy’s actions has passed. // However, can the Maid Guy protect his master from the ever stronger enemies that he must face!?
Naeka: Are you okay? // You’re not hurt anywhere are you?
Background: Can you stand?
Saki: Ms. Fujiwara…Ahhhh…
Naeka: Wa…Wahhh…Don’t tell me this is the girl from that time…!!?
Background: Just for today stay with me till the end…
Narration: As usual, the completely clueless Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old… // Her 18th birthday on which she will acquire the inheritance rights to the fortune is still 110 days away.

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