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Bakuon Rettou 4


+ posted by 0xymoron as translation on Jun 17, 2013 00:18 | Go to Bakuon Rettou

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I mean seriously, what's the point in having this kind of system.

During the winter of our third year, the only thing that everyone talks about is their future......

Even Marion has started studying his division facts.

And recently Maasuke's been caught for being in the possession of an anpan*. He's in deep trouble.

*T/N: Anpan is a paint thinner placed inside a bag used as a drug.


We are being tested....

Title: 1981


This is pretty cool.

Takashi, you want this bike?

This is nice don't you think?

This model is called the CB400F.


but how much does it cost?

327,000 yen*.

*T/N: This is about 3,284 USD.



That's so expensive.

How are you going to buy it?

I don't know.


What are you writing?

That catalogue is hard to come by you know...


"You're the wind

I will ride on you and become one with the wind

Everything will become remarkable. Everything will be new.


This is Honda

This is 400"

What a thing....


if you buy it, let me ride on it too.




By the way, Ishikawa.

Your hair turned black.


Well, it will reflect on my report if I keep the old color.

I have no choice

Besides, it's already considered a promise okay?

About the Honda.


The report.......huh

The teacher said to me: "If you don't want me to write your about your actions in the report, stay out of trouble."

It's as if he's trying to threaten me.


Please excuse me.

Well, please come this way.

This time the guidance counselor, Sakagami-sensei will also be present in this parent-teacher conference.


I'm Sakagami.


Well then Kase-san.

Are you sure that your first choice is going to be a private school?


So you are going to take the Ebisu entrance exam. If you fail, the public school will be your backup plan.

Looking at his current grade, if he's able to make a recovery during this holiday we will think of something.

Poster: Concentrate!! Do your best as a student!!

I'm confident that Takashi-kun is the type of student that can succeed if he tries.

I'd be really glad if that's true.

Are you

really that bored?


This will end soon enough.

Keep on listening for a while.

Sakuraba-sensei told me that you're the type that is easily influenced by those that surround you.

Are biker gangs that great?


Who knows...

You know what, I'm always training myself so that I won't lose when it's time for me to use my strength.

Amongst the students, there are some that are willing to risk their lives in a fight.

But, Kase

from what I see

you aren't suitable to be a delinquent.

The eyes of a true delinquent are much lonelier.

I know that

you're just a normal kid.


How is that related to my exam?

You can still turn back.

If you go to a private school, you'll be able to leave your current friends behind.


You... apologized when this magazine was confiscated did you.

If it was one of your friend, they would have shown more resistant.


If you're going to apologize, you shouldn't have bring it to school in the first place.

Those that are a part of a gang

are those that can't do anything when they're alone.

They are nothing but weaklings.



Paper: Let's wear a helmet.

Do not modify the handlebar of your bike.

Take good care of your bike.

Check whether if your insurance has expired or not.

Drive safely and dress properly.

I'll kill you.

I think that he was too harsh.

He shouldn't tear that magazine.

I think that his action is rather provoking.

You think so?


After all, I think that it is best for you to move on to high school as earlier as possible.

It's been nine months since I've transferred here...

Next year, I won't be here anymore.


Will everyone continue their education in high school I wonder...


It must be 5 mm right?

I've been told that the border of the Zeros line must be 5 mm.

Manion, I'm right am I?

Yea, that's what they say.

But, count me out for this.

It doesn't matter how many years senpai has to be at the detention center, but I just can't agree with what you guys are doing to his bike...

Alright, it's done!


This is so cool!

As I've thought, it feels great to twist the handlebar to the maximum.

What do you think Manion?


It looks good.


Hey!! You and Takashi should participate in the gathering with this baby.

You don't have to fake it.

The truth is you also want to participate right?

The new year rally is big I tell you.

It's going to be really lonely for you if you're just going to watch.

Look... it's Shinya-kun.

Don't get me involved. I'm not in cahoots with you guys.


Well then, please excuse me.




What the, you guys are also here.



Isn't that Zeros line HAWK II?


Didn't you tell me that if I need to have a bike in order to take the boys at Ooyakama in control.

You said that you'll let me borrow it for a while.


Manion said it...



That's fine.

It seems that I will have to make an appearance at the police station too.


...an appearance...

Newspaper Headline: 32 middle schoolers were arrested. Biker gang attacked police station.

A senpai is in critical condition because a police threw a flashlight at him.

That's cruel. How can they throw something like that?


Well I'm relieved that

he didn't find out about the bike.


let me ride on it too.

Too late.

Don't say something like that!

I was just trying to make it right.

Stop your bullshit. If you really wanna ride, you'll have to pay for the spray.


Let's take some pictures on new year's day---

with Fujicolor 400

I've got a call from Mako from Suzu middle school.

He told us to meet up in order to discuss about tomorrow's event....


Hey, come in.


It's Kazuya Akegawa.


Well, I'm coming in.

How's your car?

We are going to join the rally with Zeros line HAWK II.

Actually, Ayase from Hama middle school is here today.

You do all that stuff by yourself?


Well I must do it myself because it's quite old.....

But this wheel is really nice.

It looks authentic.

Did someone buy this for you?



I mean

I'm wondering how'd you get this bike?


I worked hard snd bought it myself of course.


Right now, the upper ranks are really panicking.

Well, many of them have been arrested.

The Zeros will be leading the meeting tomorrow, so you guys must give it your all.


Despite the fact that everyone's in the same league, you guys must not lose to the other groups if they get cocky.

You guys must show it to everyone that you've got guts.

You take it roughly as usual, Ayase.

But this new year ya know, let's have fun.

Hey, what are you saying? You curly hair.


I see, so you saved up the money by yourself.

I was doing labor work...

at my relative's house.


Damn, it's obvious enough.

How am I going to get the money....?

If I keep on dreaming without doing anything, I'll never be able to get the bike.

Do you like

the four?



I'm going to buy it too.

I think that this is the coolest bike on earth.

Are you going to participate in tomorrow's rally?

I'm... not sure yet.


Do you wanna

enter the rally with this bike?


I haven’t decided yet.


don't get chummy on me.


It hurts, stop it.

Wrestling techniques are really effective.

It's not just an acting.

It hurts

You guys

didn't show up at last year's meeting right?

On that day, We fought with the guys from Kansai.

Someone from their side end up dead.


I just wanted to warn you guys that.... if I was messing around like this little curly hair, I'd probably be crushed to pieces.

We get it already.

Just stop doing that to him. It looks painful.


you guys must show your spirits.


Keep a low profile especially in front of people you don't know.

If someone knows you, you are more likely to be tipped off.

We are already the center of attention.


I understand now.




If you're one of Zeros ketsumochi*, take care of that guy with bamboo-shaped hair.

*T/N: Ketsumochi = member of a biker gang driving behind the rest (in charge of keeping the police away from other members)

And you should try grow some eyebrow.


see ya tomorrow.....


I'm going in.

Year 1981, 3rd of January (Saturday)


Well, I'm off...

I'm not coming home today.

Where are you going?

Didn't I tell you that I'm going to visit the shrine?

I'm going to pray for my entrance exam at Yushimatenjin.


Ah...I see.

Next time, listen to what I say.


come back safely.

And by the way, why is the atmosphere so dull despite that fact that it's a new year.

What a boring house...


Brrr this is cold.

At first this meeting is going to be held to celebrate the birthday of the first generation leader of Zeros.

The gang will ride around stealing the national flag from various places.


But this time, it's going to be a big meeting where several groups gather.

ZEROS, Nagareyasha, Losers, Kai, Sebastian, Ushioippa, and the special guests, the Heavens and the Joker.

There will be lots of bikes.

Flag: Crazy Tokyo League ZEROS Tokyo, Shinagawa


Here you go.

Before you get caught by the police, put this mask on.




Waa... it's beautiful.


Snow’s falling

There's hail too.

What a bunch of fools....



is going to get us in trouble.

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