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Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou 1

Song 1: Love is not enough.

+ posted by Pantouffle as translation on Jul 7, 2009 18:14 | Go to Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou

-> RTS Page for Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou 1

Translations only to be used for scanlation purposes by Dubby or Operation Boredom :) I'm not typing in the Kanji because the manga itself is non furigana and therefore a pain to retype. >.<

Comic itself can be found online here:

-------------------- Page 1--------------------
Words on top: [Once in every two months serialization (even months)] This is Amano Shiro’s new work!!

Words down the side: It’s not just a simple situation in which Melon Soda is being drunk!! All of a sudden it turns into a battlefield!!

Words on the right: Notorious Orphan

Words on the left. 1st Single “Breaker” Breaking out of jail into stores near you.

Tama: This guy here is my boyfriend.

Tama: …what?

Jin: Let’s break up.

Tama: Correction: Was my boyfriend.

-------------------- Page 2--------------------
The tiny change in the love relationship between a band vocalist and an aspiring baker.

Song 1: Love is not enough.

-------------------- Page 3--------------------
Tama: But why!!!?

SFX: Ban Ban (grabs away)

Jin: Woah!!

Jin: You silly girl, I’ll get spotted by people!

Jin: Oh no….they’re looking! I’ve been spotted!

Tama: That’s because you’re too loud Jin-kun!

Jin: Don’t say my name!!

Tama: Sor…

Tama: Sorry…there’s nothing going on here…

Jin: I mean, I’ve just made my breakthrough…

-------------------- Page 4--------------------
Jin: From now on, I don’t think we’ll be able to meet up as often…

Jin: My schedule’s all packed up and...

Jin: Frankly, I don’t think I’ll be able to return home.

Jin: Plus, right after this I’ll have to head to do my recording…

Jin: I just don’t want you to be tied down to me…

Jin: Tama.

SFX: Hiso Hiso (whispering)

Random Girl 1: Isn’t that Jin??

Random Girl 2: No way…it’s really him!!

Random Girl 2: Hm? Is that his girlfriend?

Tama: I see…

Tama: I suppose it’s inevitable that I’ve become a burden to you…

-------------------- Page 5--------------------
Tama: Alright then, I understand.

Tama: Let’s break up.

Jin: …I’m sorry.

Tama: You don’t need to apologize.

Tama: I know it’s a trying time for you.

Tama: How about your stuff at home?

Jin: Oh, right!

Jin: I’ll go pick it up the next time….

Jin: Oh wait,

Jin: I might as well get a delivery service to collect everything and send it to me.

Tama: All right.

Tama: I got it.

-------------------- Page 6--------------------
Jin: Tama…

Tama: Oh!

SFX: Dosa Dosa. (bringing out many things in rapid succession)

Tama: Here you go.

Tama: I got some bread meant for clearance so I brought them along. Be sure to eat them alright?

Tama: I have to fulfil my dream quickly, just like you Jin-kun.

Tama: I’ll always be rooting for you!

Tama:Look after yourself and...

Tama: Take care!

Band Member 1: You broke up again?

Band Member 1: But why?

-------------------- Page 7--------------------
Band Member 1: Wasn’t Tama-chan a nice girl?

Band Member 1: She gave you bread crusts and stuff…

Band Member 2: Yeah, wasn’t she working in a bakery?

Jin: That’s right…she said she wanted to become a baker in the future…

Jin: But the house was always dirty….

Small text:
Jin: Go clean up!!

Small text:
Tama: I’ll do it later!

Jin: She stank at cooking…

Small text:
Jin: Cover it up! Cover it!

Small text:
Tama: Woahhh it’s burning!!

Jin: She was really sloppy….but…I suppose that was cute about her…

Band Member 1: You really don’t have to start singing her praises only now, you know.

-------------------- Page 8--------------------
Jin: I guess our worlds are really too far apart huh…

Jin: I really want Tama to be happy so…

Jin: it’s better that we break up now than for me to make her lonely later on.

Stylist: Oh!

Stylist: My, my!

Stylist: What’s wrong!

Jin: Sob.

Jin: Uguu. (TL Note: Well basically he’s making crying sounds. XD;;)

Band Member 1: Just tell the truth, you got yourself another woman!

Jin: I did not!

Shiina: You might be feeling extremely depressed right now...

Shiina: but I’m positive all that agony will not go to waste.

SFX: Bororo. (sounds of crying)

-------------------- Page 9--------------------
Shiina:The part of you that has been freed should be able to soar on to greater heights…

Shiina: Without turning back, speed down that runway!

Band Member 1: That’s Shiina-kun for you.

Band Member 2: Leader, the things that you say are completely unconventional…

Band Member 2: It’s like poetry….

Shiina: I’m totally going to reuse this phrase the next time round.

Stylist: But you know, your girlfriend accepted the breakup quite readily.

Stylist: If it was me, I wouldn’t have been able to agree to the breakup.

Band Member 2: Eh, is that so ?

Stylist: Of course!

Stylist: Your girlfriend’s just little too accommodating.

Recording Studio Director: Notorious-san, onegai shimasu. (TL Note: Probably the recording studio director getting the band to start. Onegai Shimasu is a very difficult to translate phrase, it’s something like “please do this this this for us, thank you very much in advance.” )

Band Member 1: Gotcha.

-------------------- Page 10--------------------
Misaki: You guys broke up??

Tama: Yeah…

Tama: He said that he was going to get really busy because of work and that he didn’t want me to get tied down by him…

Misaki: Don’t make me laugh.

Misaki: Isn’t that what they all say when they have another woman out there??

Tama: I wonder if that’s really the case….

Small text on box: Special Flavour Love Milk

SFX: Zugogogo (sounds of her slurping)

Misaki: Go tell him not to act all arrogant just because he got a little popular….

SFX: Ha…(puffing away)

Shop Owner: Hey you two! Your break’s over!

Sign on shop: Buns: Freshly baked Bread House.

Signboard: Curry Bread. Baked.

Misaki and Tama: Coming!

-------------------- Page 11--------------------
SFX: Karan Karan. (sound of someone entering the store, some kind of bell)

Misaki and Tama: Welcome!

Tama: No…

Tama: That can’t be true….

SFX: Karan Karan (door chime again)

Tama: Welcome….

SFX: Uro Uro (loitering)

Tama: Please help yourself to a tray over there…

Jin: Excuse me…..

Jin: Would you happen to have any bread crusts?

SFX: Gukuyruu. (stomach rumbling)

-------------------- Page 12--------------------
SFX: Uguu. (sound of crying)

Stranger: Um…are you alright?

Stranger: Miss Cashier…?

Tama: How about your things left back in the house?

Jin: Oh. I’ll just get a delivery service to send it to me.

-------------------- Page 13--------------------
Tama: You idiot.

SFX: Bamu (car door slamming)

Driver: Good job.

Driver: Tomorrow, we’re going somewhere for filming so I’ll come pick you up.

Jin: Righto.

SFX: Buo. (vwoosh, sound of car driving off)

Jin: Sigh..

Jin:When he says ‘tomorrow’ it really means in 5 hours time...

SFX: Chara (keys jangling)

Jin: Oh yeah….

Small text on key: Tama

Jin: Come to think of it, I haven’t returned her the extra set of keys…

-------------------- Page 14--------------------
Small text on phone: Tama

Jin: I can’t do it!

Jin: If I call her now, my resolve will be weakened!

SFX: Pi (sound of button being pressed)

Jin: I’ll mail them to her instead…

SFX: Bo. (sound of car moving)

Band Member 1: Even though we’re within the city, this area seems like the boondocks, don’t ya think?

Jin: I’m sleepy…

Band Member 2: Oh look! There’s a cowshed!

Band Member 1: Ehhhh? Where is it??
Jin: This area is near Tama’s place….

-------------------- Page 15--------------------
Jin: Tama….I wonder what she’s doing….

SFX: Booo… (car vrooming along)

Jin: ARGHHH I have got to stop doing this!!

SFX: Booo… (car vrooming along)

Misaki: Uhyayayaya Hihihi Heheheheh

Misaki: Once you start drinking you’ll forget everything! Drink up, drink up!

Tama: Ah…we’re totally smashed even though it’s only daytime…

Tama: I suppose it doesn’t really matter though…

Tama: Thank keww Misaki-chaan.

Misaki: But you know, if he didn’t have some other woman out there, why would he even need to break up with you?

-------------------- Page 16--------------------
Misaki: Either he was being earnest or just plain stupid….

Misaki: Or maybe he’s a boyfriend who doesn’t just think only about himself.

SFX: Goro (rolls)

Misaki: Oops. Sorry, I shouldn’t have…

Tama: Yeah…

Tama: An earnest fool.

Tama: You should only be thinking about one thing anyway…

Misaki: But then again,

Misaki: Even if a person is busy, if he’s really in love, shouldn’t he make time?

SFX: Muku. (sits up straight, jerks upright)

Misaki: Crap!

-------------------- Page 17--------------------
SFX: Ha. (realization)

Tama:You’re right…

Tama: Maybe there wasn’t enough love between the both of us….

Misaki: Well! Just forget about it…

Misaki: Put your best foot forward and move on!!

Misaki: Ahhh and if you’re going to do it then let’s drink up!!

(anticlockwise) SFX: Karan Karan (rattling, clattering probably of beer cans)
SFX: Dobodobodopu. (sound of something plopping into liquid, possibly ice.)
SFX: Gobi Gobi (possibly the sound of gulping beer)
SFX: Kakopushuu (the sound of a can being opened.)

Everyone: CHEERS!

Someone: Thanks for the job well done! (Otsukaresama deshita)

Small text:
Photographer 1: Oh no, it was nothing.…

Photographer 1: Oh no….it was thanks to everyone that we managed to take good pictures…

Photographer 2: Yes…they’re going to sell very well. This song too will be a hit!

SFX: Putsu Putsu Putsu (something snapping, breaking apart)

Jin: I really didn’t want to break up with her but it couldn’t be helped!

Jin: In fact, was she pulling the wool over my eyes by consenting quickly to the breakup??

-------------------- Page 18--------------------
Jin:What if…she was having an affair with another man all alongggg!!

Jin: Arrghh. I don’t wanna think about itttttt

Band Member 1: Hey…stop dragging out all your words…

SFX: Sukku (stands up straight)

Band Member 1: Hey, where are you going?

Jin: I’m going to check things out for myself!

Band Member 1: Huh?

Band Member 1: It hardly even seems like he was the one who initiated the breakup in the first place…

Shiina: Let him mope about until he’s satisfied.

Someone: Ehhh? Jin left!?

Shiina: The moment something breaks, we try to pick up the fragments.

Band Member 1: Wow, that was deep, Leader-kun!

Shiina: This is a good phrase…

-------------------- Page 19--------------------
Misaki: Hey…come on now…

SFX: Yusa Yusa (swaying about)

SFX: Gaku Gaku (body trembling)

Misaki: Will you be fine if I leave?

Misaki: Don’t fall asleep before locking the door properly, you hear me?

Misaki: See ya!!
Tama: Byeee bye. (TL Note: Still slurring words)

Misaki: Urp.

Misaki: Looks like I drank a little too much too.

SFX: Fura Fura (staggering about)

SFX: Batan. (crashes onto the floor)

-------------------- Page 20--------------------
Jin: Oh maaan….

Jin: What am I doing!

Jin: Right...

Jin: I’ll just deposit the keys and go straight home.

Jin: This will be the last time ever.

SFX: Pinpon (doorbell)
SFX: Shin (sound of silence)

Jin: She’s not back yet…?

SFX: Bu. (chokes; ptooey)

Jin: That girl…

Jin: She hasn’t even cleared the mailbox…

SFX: Gosha. (messy, jumbled up)

-------------------- Page 21--------------------
Jin: Drop it off and leave…

Jin: Drop it off and leave.

SFX: Zugacha (sound of him inserting the key into the lock and fiddling around)

SFX: Gaki (click, well, sound the door makes when its unlocked and you try to open it.)

Jin: Huh?

SFX: Gacha (clattering noise)

Jin: It’s not locked….

Jin: Is she around?

Jin: Ackk!!

Jin: Tama!

SFX: Da (dashing)

Jin: Uu.

SFX: Pachi (TL Note: This is kind of tricky. It could either be him blinking because of the light, or it’s the sound of a snap. (figuratively or literally speaking) )

-------------------- Page 22--------------------
Jin: You drank so much….

Jin: Are you crazy?

Tama: Funyuu. (TL Note: Sound of her collapsing softly onto him.)

Jin: This is all my fault…

Jin: I’m sorry, Tama.

Small text:
Jin: This place is full of garbage…

Tama: Nga… (TL Note: Groaning sound)

Jin: You’d better find a nice guy quickly.

-------------------- Page 23--------------------
Tama: Unnn…

Tama: Jin-kun…

Tama: Hmm....

-------------------- Page 24--------------------
Tama: Huh ?

Words : It wasn’t a dream, it was reality!! Now, how will she react!?

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