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Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou 2

Song 2: True Feelings.

+ posted by Pantouffle as translation on Jul 8, 2009 04:26 | Go to Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou

-> RTS Page for Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou 2

Translations only to be used for scanlation purposes by Dubby or Operation Boredom :) I'm not typing in the Kanji because the manga itself is non furigana and therefore a pain to retype. >.<

Comic itself can be found online here:

-------------------- Page 1--------------------
Top: Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou.

Summary of the previous chapter.

Jin, the vocalist for the rock band ‘Notorious Orphan’ suddenly initiates a break up with his girlfriend Tama because his band has made their breakthrough. Although Tama, putting Jin’s interests at heart, has willingly accepted the breakup, she is inevitably unable to forget their relationship.

When Jin goes to her house to return her his keys, he stumbles upon Tama collapsed on the floor in a drunken state. For some reason, he cleans up the whole house and leaves without saying a word!?

A girl who works in a bakery. For Jin’s sake, she agrees to the breakup but…

The vocalist of the band “Notorious Orphan”. As his band had made their breakthrough, he initiated a breakup with his girlfriend Tama.

-------------------- Page 2--------------------
Words on Top: <serialized once every two months (even months)> Should the relationship between these two be called “love” or is it just plain weird?

(TL Note: The kanji for koi 恋(love) and hen 変(weird) looks somewhat similar so there might be some kind of wordplay going on.)

Words going vertically across: I’m not a piece of bread!!

Words at the side: I wished that days like these would go on forever. But in reality…

Words at the bottom below Song 2: True feelings.

-------------------- Page 3--------------------
Words on far right: An unbelievable sight!

SFX: Pika Pika. (sparkling clean)

Tama: The room’s been….!?

SFX: Kichin (neatly folded)

SFX: Rabiin. (all laid out)

-------------------- Page 4--------------------
Misaki: Of course it couldn’t have been me who did all that…

Tama: Ehhhhh!?

Small text:
Misaki: Huh…why the loud exclamation?…

SFX: Karan Karan (rattling of trays)

Misaki: Welcome!

Tama: Th…

Tama: Then…

Tama: Maybe it was Mum?

Small text:
Misaki: I see…

Misaki: So your mum’s accustomed to popping in all of a sudden in the middle of the night to clean up the room and prepare food while you sleep and then leave without saying a word?

-------------------- Page 5--------------------
Misaki: Have you gotten your extra set of keys back from your boyfriend?
Tama: Huh?

Tama: Oh…

Tama: So…it was Jin-kun…

Store Front: Buns: Freshly Baked Bread House.

Tama: But why would he!?

Tama: I mean, we broke up!!

Misaki: I have no idea.

Misaki: Why don’t you try asking the man himself.

Signboard: Studio

-------------------- Page 6--------------------
SFX: Tsun, tsugu. (probably him getting prodded)

Band Member 1: Jin…

Band Member 1: Jin-kun, it’s already morning…

Jin: Nnnn…

Band Member 1: You’re tired?

Band Member 1: So, how did things go last night?

Band Member 2: When the man who was the one who jilted her suddenly appeared in her house…

Band Member 2: What did the girl do then!?

Jin: All night long…

Band Member 1&2: Kyaaa!!

-------------------- Page 7--------------------
Jin: I cleaned up the house…

Band Member 1: What were you thinking!!

Jin: But…

Jin: The place was filthy! She was dead drunk so…before I knew it, I just…

Band Member 1: What do you mean you just….

Shiina: Love Relationship
Although the one who ended it was me….♪
Sleepless nights…
I want to gaze upon it. ♪
Lovely Sleeping Face
The morning comes before long ♪

-------------------- Page 8--------------------
SFX: Jagan (sound of guitar riffs)

Shiina: Jin, thanks to you I gradually managed to come up with a song

Jin: I’m NOT singing a song like that, you hear me!?

Small text:
Band Member 2: Oh dear.

SFX: Ban. (slams door)

Shiina: The Broken Heart which flies out of the room…♪

Jin: I’ve had it!

Jin: It’s not working…

Jin: Because I broke up with Tama,

Jin: I ended up thinking about her all the time.

-------------------- Page 9 --------------------
Jin: …but even if we had continued to see each other…

Jin: Tama would have been inconvenienced by my schedule…

-------------------- Page 10 --------------------
SFX: Pi. (button)

Cellphone Screen: Jin-kun

SFX: Pi (button sound)

Screen: Calling…

SFX: Dourururururu (sound of a telephone connecting)

SFX: Piriririri (ringing)

Band Member 2: Someone’s phone is ringing…

Band Member 1: It’s not mine.

Doururururu Dorururururu (TL Note: More trrr trrr sounds. I don’t know what would be a good equivalent XD;;)

SFX: Puu (that sound you get when it hits voicemail)

Tama: Ah.

Voice Mail: Please leave a message.
-------------------- Page 11 --------------------
SFX: Pi. (Beep. She cancels the call.)

Sign: Please keep the toilet clean.

Tama: Maybe he’s working…

Small text:
Tama: Oh!

Tama: What if…

Tama: He’s restoring everything back to how it was originally in order to make it a clean break?

(TL Note : She uses an idiom here, Tatsu tori ato o nigosazu. When directly translated, it means “birds taking to flight leave nothing sullied behind.” The idea is to clean up a place that you have used without leaving anything behind. In this context, it would be to make a clean breakup. )


SFX: Don. (banging on the door)

SFX: Watatata (hands flailing)

SFX: Bocha (splash)

-------------------- Page 12 --------------------
Tama: Argh!!!!!

SFX: Cha (door creaking)

Band Member 2: Oh, you’re back.

Band Member 1: Get your butt here quickly, we’re getting interviewed.

-------------------- Page 13 --------------------
Reporter: So I hear that Jin-kun, you broke up with your girlfriend…

Small text:
Jin: OI. (HEY!!)

Jin: What are you talking about!?

Band Member 1: I suppose it’s a big scoop eh?

Jin: Please stop it. It’s a lie..really.

Jin: I’m gonna kill you guys!!

SFX: Piri Piri (tearing sounds)

Band Member 1 & 2: Oh my, you’re looking scary, Jin-kun!

Shiina: The theme of our next single ‘Paraiso’ is set to deal with the blessings found in everyday life.

Shiina: That’s right. For example, winning the lottery in a campaign held by a convenience store….

-------------------- Page 14 --------------------
Jin: This is unbelievable…

Jin: I’m actually regretting the breakup.

Shiina: The album will be out at the end of the year.

Shiina: Due to Jin’s failed relationship, we have plenty of inspiration for songs.

Band Member 2: But I do feel sorry for the girl…

Jin: You guys are bringing up that topic again!!

Reporter: Thank you very much for your time today.

Jin: Good grief. You guys…

Band Member 1: But…we didn’t have anything else to talk about anyway.

Jin: You’ve got to be kidding me!

-------------------- Page 15 --------------------
Jin: Hm.

Jin: An incoming alert.

Jin: Tama!?

SFX: Pon (sound of him plopping his hand on his shoulder)

SFX: Ban. (dashing out)

Shiina: We just missed each other,
one missed call.
By the time I noticed..
It was already too late.

-------------------- Page 16 --------------------
Jin: Maybe…

Jin: There’s a chance that…

Jin: we can still

Jin: start things all over again.

Screen: Calling…
Second line: Tama
Under numbers: Back. Details. Menu.

-------------------- Page 17 --------------------
Telecom Company: The number you have called is unavailable. Please, try again later.

(TL Note: What it actually says is “The customer whom you have just tried to call is unavailable and unable to pick up the phone.” It sounds a bit stiff to me so I changed it quite a bit.)

Cell phone store owner: Um, in this case, the phone has been submerged in water so I am unable to exchange it for you…

Cell phone store owner: Is that alright with you?

Tama: I understand…

Words on the right: Is this a case of bad timing?

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