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Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou 3

Song 3: The Kick of Tears

+ posted by Pantouffle as translation on Jul 8, 2009 06:27 | Go to Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou

-> RTS Page for Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou 3

-------------------- Page 1--------------------
Boku to watashi no henai jijou.

In the previous chapter…

Tama is surprised when she wakes up in the morning and realizes that the room has been cleaned with breakfast all laid out for her. Thinking that Jin was the one who did it, she plucks up her courage and calls him. At the same time, Jin, who has continued to think about Tama while working, receives Tama’s phone call. He immediately returns her call but her phone has already met with unforeseen circumstances. (It had been dropped into the toilet!!)

A girl who works in a bakery. For Jin’s sake, she agrees to the breakup but…

The vocalist of the band “Notorious Orphan”. Because his band made their breakthrough, he initiated a breakup with his girlfriend Tama.

-------------------- Page 2--------------------
Text on Top: <serialized once every two months (even months)> Should the relationship between these two be called “love” or is it just plain weird?

(TL Note: The kanji for koi恋 (love) and hen 変(weird) looks somewhat similar so there might be some kind of wordplay going on.)

Text in center: Even if the hands of the clock are turned back, even though they struggle to connect the cut line, everything remains silent. (TL Note: Cut line refers to the telephone)

Song 3: The Kick of Tears.

-------------------- Page 3--------------------
Telecom Company: The number you have called is unavailable. Please, try again later.

Jin: Err….

Jin: Did I just get...

Jin: …’blocked’?

SFX: Pu (line goes dead)

-------------------- Page 4--------------------
Jin: But why!?

Jin: Don’t tell me…

Jin: There’s been some kind of misunderstanding?

Jin: Let me try again…

SFX: Pi. (sound of button being pressed)

Text on phone: Redial 1/10
Back. Details. Menu.

Jin: Wait!!!

Jin: If I leave her several missed calls on her log…

Tama: How annoying!

SFX: Zoo. (sound of her shaking)

Tama: This is disgusting!

SFX: Burruri…(shivering)

Jin: ..is what she’ll probably say. I don’t want that!

SFX: Pu. (sound of him cutting off the call)

Jin: Think about it!

Jin: Let’s break up.

Tama: Alright. I understand.

Jin: That’s right. After all that, how the hell could I possibly have worked up the nerve to suggest to her that we start things over again?

Jin: Phew. Thank goodness I managed to come to my senses…

SFX: Cha. (Sigh. Tsk.)

-------------------- Page 5--------------------
Band Member 1: So?

Jin: Huh?

Band Member 1: What happened?

Jin: What do you mean?

Jin: I just went out to get some air.

SFX: Don. (sound of him propping leg on table)

Small text:
Band Member 1: Oh, really.

Band Member 2: You dashed out of the room looking pretty pleased.

SFX: Chari (sound of keys jangling)

-------------------- Page 6--------------------
Jin: Hmm, I wonder if it’s okay to send keys by post.

Band Member 1: Oh. I don’t have a clue.

Band Member 2: Maybe through registered mail?

Shiina: If you send it through delivery-recorded mail it should be fine.

Shiina: It’s slightly cheaper than registered mail anyway.

Small text:
Band Member 1: Wow.

Band Member 1: Wow, that’s Shiina-kun for you!!

Small text:
Band Member 1: You’re so frugal!

Band Member 2: Heyy. Can’t we go home yet?

Jin: I see…delivery-recorded mail huh…

Jin: Do you think those postal workers can be trusted?

Band members: Well, duh!?

-------------------- Page 7--------------------
Buns: Freshly Baked Bread House.

Signboard next door: Tofu Shop. Nama.

Misaki: Ahahaha. Really, what a blunder!

Tama: Misaki-chan, it’s partly your fault too….

Tama: I got a shock and the phone slipped out of my hands…

Misaki: But don’t you think it was all very timely? It saved you the trouble of deleting his number.

Misaki: With that, you can start afresh!

Tama: Well, I suppose you have a point but…

Misaki: If you don’t make it a clean break, things will just drag on forever.

SFX: Gara. (rattling noise)

Delivery Man: Yo! Delivery!

Misaki: Ah. Gokuro-sama.

(TL Note: Something like Good Job. Thanks for the hard work.)

-------------------- Page 8--------------------
Misaki: Master is out though…

Delivery Man: Ah. I’m going to enter the storehouse.

Misaki: Alright.

Misaki: You’d better send over his things quickly and get back those keys.

SFX: Gara Gara Gara (more rattling noises)

Misaki: If you don’t, he’ll come again in the middle of the night.

Tama: Yeah…oh no.

Tama: His address got erased too…

Misaki: Didn’t you receive a New Year’s card or something of that sort from him!?

Misaki: Welcome~!

Delivery Man: Please sign here.

SFX: Gon Gon. (knock knock)

Tama: Ah. Okay.

Delivery Man: You look rather out of sorts.

Delivery Man: Did something happen?

-------------------- Page 9--------------------
Tama: Thank you very much.

Misaki: She’s down in the dumps because she broke up with her boyfriend.

Tama: Heyy!

Delivery Man: Eh?

Delivery Man: Oh!

Delivery Man: Please wait a moment.

SFX: Ban. (banging about)

SFX: Gasgon. (rummaging)

SFX: Ban. (more banging about)

SFX: Sutatata (running noises)

SFX: Haahaa. (panting)

Delivery Man: Would you want to go for this?

SFX: Pirari (sound of him waving it)

Delivery Man: I got these tickets from a customer…so if you like…

Delivery Man: Maybe it’ll cheer you up…

Tama: The Aquarium?

-------------------- Page 10--------------------
Tama: Um….

Tama: Um…alright.

Tama: It looks like fun.

Delivery Man: I’m glad.

Misaki: Hey…you…

Misaki: You’re pretty good at this!

Small text:
Misaki: Righttt? You….

Tama: Oba-chan?

(TL Note: Oba-chan means “aunt”. I’m not too sure why she says Oba-chan here. She could be thinking that her friend is acting really nosy, like an aunt.)

Delivery Man: Here, take it.

Misaki: Hm?

Delivery Man: The both of you can go together.

Misaki: Wait.

Misaki: WHAT!?

Delivery Man: Huh?

Misaki: If it's just the two of us, it’ll be boring!

Misaki: You have to come along too!

-------------------- Page 11--------------------
On card: Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu.

Small words: Kotoshi mo Yoroshiku!!

(TL Note: Traditional New Year greeting. It’s customary to send cards to your relatives/friends on New Year’s Day in Japan. Their version of “Happy New Year”, Please take care of me this year too.)

Words on postcard: Take care of yourself. Work hard…From Tama.

Words on postcard: P.S I dropped my cell into the toilet. The phone’s memory got wiped out completely.

SFX: Gusha Gusha. (crumpling up the piece of paper)

-------------------- Page 12--------------------
Jin: HareTA MAssao na sora ♪

Jin: ATAMA Karappo no Orera ♪
TAMA niwa
DeatTA MAma

English Version:
The clear blue sky. While chewing on an egg sandwich.

By chance, from time to time, while our empty selves meet each other…



(TL Note : Yeah, um, basically, the song is full of hidden “Tama”s which just don’t translate well into English. XD;; The English translations and the Japanese lyrics are structured differently so I had no choice but to lump the translation at the bottom)

Jin: Sorry…

SFX: Cha. (sound of annoyance)

Band Member 1: Oii…not again!

Band Member 1 : I’m sorry, could we get a time out please?

Band Member 1: Jin-kun.

Band Member: Could you please forget about Tama-chan already??

SFX: Don. (big mental impact)

Jin: I’m not really thinking about…

Band Member 1 : Who do you think you’re kidding? You got flustered at all the places where “Tama” appeared in the song!

-------------------- Page 13--------------------
Band Member 1: You’re not actually thinking “That’s Tama-chan!” whenever you get to those parts, right?

Jin: I know…

Band Member 1: Sigh…

Band Member 2: About that, since you can’t concentrate at work, why don’t you just get back together with her already?

Band Member 1: Ah. He’s right.

Jin: Eh?

Jin: Is that even…possible?

Band Member 1: I’ve really come to pity you.

Band Member 2: In the first place, why was there even the need for you to break up with her?

-------------------- Page 14--------------------
Jin: Eh?

Jin: Well that was because…

Jin: I was getting busier and we could hardly ever meet up. If we carried on that way, Tama would…

Band Member 2: What did Tama-chan think of the present situation that you both were in?

Jin: Um…

Jin: That’s why I said…

Tama: I guess it’s inevitable that I’ve become a burden to you…

Jin: Didn’t she say that

Jin: because I told her that we should break up?

-------------------- Page 15--------------------
Shiina: It’s fine even if things are like this so,
I wanted you to tell me,
“Stay by my side”…..
~~~~~~~~~ ♪

Shiina: I want to be sure of your feelings… Lalalu ~~~ ♪

-------------------- Page 16--------------------
Tama: Alright. I understand.

Tama: Let’s break up then.

Jin: Was it because I was the one who suggested the breakup,

Jin: that Tama had no choice but to give me that answer?

Jin: Despite that, at that time,

Jin: I felt dejected because of her reply.

Band Member 1: Hey, Jin!!

Band Member 2: Oh man, give it up…it’s not working.

-------------------- Page 17--------------------
SFX: Bamu. (door slamming)

Driver: You get the whole day off tomorrow so be sure to use the break to pull yourself back together!

Jin: Sorry…

Jin: I caused trouble for everyone…

Jin: What the heck am I doing!

Landlord: Welcome back.

SFX: Zuoooooo (sound of vacuum cleaner)

Jin: Hello.

Landlord: Oh, hold on, you’ve got some things getting delivered to you.

Landlord: It’s cash on delivery so…

-------------------- Page 18--------------------
Tama’s Letter: Jin-kun, how are you?

Tama’s Letter: I’m sending your stuff to you.

-------------------- Page 19--------------------
Tama’s Letter: Congratulations on the release of your new single.

Tama’s Letter: I’m really looking forward to the album too.

Tama’s Letter: You’re probably busy but be sure to look after yourself.

Jin: She sounds like my mum….

Tama’s Letter: Also,

Tama’s Letter: I was thinking of leaving the keys with you but…

Tama’s Letter: you can return them to me anytime.

Tama’s Letter: Tama.

-------------------- Page 21--------------------
On ticket, words next to penguin: Penguin.

Speech bubble on penguin: Come and visit!

On top of fish: The ocean sunfish sneezes!

Fish: I’m not feeling too good! (TL Note: This is really random but the fish is speaking in Fukui-ben.)

Tama: Jin-kun would have liked to go to this place.

SFX: Gon. (sound of her sticking leg up into air)

Jin: Idiot….

Jin: Arghh…you idiot!!!

Small text:
Jin: I’m such an idiot!!

Text on the right: Jin is finally aware of his true feelings. How about Tama!?

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