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Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou 4

Song 4: Aquarium Love.

+ posted by Pantouffle as translation on Jul 8, 2009 07:02 | Go to Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou

-> RTS Page for Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou 4

Translations only to be used for scanlation purposes by Dubby or Operation Boredom :) I'm not typing in the Kanji because the manga itself is non furigana and therefore a pain to retype. >.< Proper Line Break version sent to them XD;;

Comic itself can be found online here:

*Note* I have stopped translating the summaries found on Page 1 of every chapter.

-------------------- Page 2--------------------
SFX: Pipi. Pi Pi. (sound of alarm clock ringing)

SFX: Ban. (sound of him pressing the button)

Jin: This is bad…!!

Jin: Oh yeah. Today’s my off day…

SFX: Ten Ten (sound of him bouncing around)

Driver: You get the whole day off tomorrow so be sure to use the break to pull yourself back together!

SFX: Uiin. (sound of something making a high pitched sound.)

On key: Tama

Text at bottom: Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou

-------------------- Page 3--------------------
Words on Top: <serialized once every two months (even months)> Should the relationship between these two be called “love” or is it just plain weird?

On storefront: Freshly Baked Bread House. Buns.

Tama: Good morning!

Text Across the side: A single frame comic featuring an overwhelming morning for all sides. On such a day, trouble stirs!

Song 4: Aquarium Love.

-------------------- Page 4--------------------
Jin: I plan to…

Jin: settle this once and for all.

Jin: I’ll wait for Tama to be done with work,

Jin: and then I’ll tell her!!

Waitress: Have you decided on your order?

Tama: Ah, Jin-kun!

Jin: Tama…

Jin: I was wrong…

Jin: Start afresh with me...

Tama: Mm. Alright.

Jin: That’s not it!!

Jin: It’s supposed to be “I’m returning your keys.”!!

Jin: But if luck is on my side…

Words on thing he’s holding: Menu

SFX: Bu Bu. (TL Note: sound the Japanese make when they want to say something’s the wrong answer. when it’s right they say ‘pin pon’)

Jin: Morning Set…

-------------------- Page 5--------------------
Jin: It’s 12.00…

Jin: She should be out soon.

SFX: Gata. (sound of him getting anxious)

Store Owner: I wonder what that person’s doing.

Schoolgirl 1: That idiot is sooooo annoying!

SFX: Gyahahaha. (sound of laughter)

Waitress: 690 yen please.

School girl 1: Ah!

School girl 1: It’s Jin!

School girl 2: Eh?? No way! The guy from Notorious!?

School girl 2: You’ve got to be kidding!!!

School girl 2: Gyaa! (*shriek*)

School girl 2: No way!

Jin: Crap.

SFX: Gan. (sound of him frozen to the spot)

Small text:
Jin: Uuu.

School girl 1: Um…Excuse me, could you please sign here!

Small text:
School girl 1: On this magazine.

Waitress: My my, so you’re a celebrity, young man?

-------------------- Page 6--------------------
SFX: Bababa. (sound of him doing something rapidly)

Jin: I’m sorry but I’m in a hurry…

Jin: Keep the change!!

SFX: Susu. (sound of him sliding furtively)

Jin: Who…

Jin: Who’s that guy!?

-------------------- Page 7--------------------
Tama: Ehhh!! Misaki-chan, you can’t go!?

Misaki: I’m sorry. Master put me in for the afternoon shift as well.

Tama: Huh, then it’s not nice of me to go off either…

Misaki: It’s fine. Since it’s already been planned, just go ahead!!

Misaki: Please look after her, Hotaka-kun.

SFX: Pachi Pachi (*wink wink*)

Hotaka: Huh? Do you have something in your eye…?


Jin: Ack.

Jin: A car!!?

-------------------- Page 8--------------------
Jin: Excuse me! I’m borrowing this!

Text on shop: Meat House..

Owner of bicycle: Ah! Hey!!

Tama: Umm…

Tama: Sorry about this…it ended up with it just being the two of us…

Hotaka: Not at all!

Hotaka: Tamakawa-san, if you’re fine with it then I am too.

Hotaka: It’s great that the weather’s good.

SFX: Bo (sound of car engine)

SFX: Haahaa Haaa Haa. (panting)

Jin: Where…

Jin: Where are they going to!!

-------------------- Page 9--------------------
Small signs: Entrance

Signs: Please comply.

Sign above car: Maximum height limit:

Jin: Pant Pant…

Jin: Don’t underestimate the physical strength of a musician!

SFX: Gasha (clanking noises)

SFX: Yoro Yoro. (staggering)

Hotaka: What shall we do about lunch?

Tama: Oh, that, um.

SFX: Sasa (sneaking)

Tama: I brought along some…

Tama: Bread!!

SFX: Washa (digging around in bag)

-------------------- Page 10--------------------
SFX: Ugigigigi. (whimpering)

Jin: She just gave him…

Jin: the bread she always used to give me!!

Hotaka: Well. Let’s look for a place to sit.

Tama: This is this month’s newest product.

Tama: We mix kelp into the batter.

Hotaka: I see….

Hotaka: Mmm. It’s delicious!

Tama: It is, isn’t it?

Jin: I can’t hear…!

SFX: Gasa (rustling, stealthy movement)

Jin: I wonder what they’re talking about…

SFX: Mogu Mogu (chewing)

SFX: Gokuri (swallowing, gulping)

SFX: Popo. (pecking)

Hotaka: Gosh…

Hotaka: The weather really is nice, isn’t it?

-------------------- Page 11--------------------
Tama: Heheheh.

Hotaka: Hm?

Tama: You said that already…that the weather was nice.

Hotaka: Eh, I did!?

Jin: They…

Jin: They seem to be having a laugh about something!

Tama: Wow…he’s cute!!

-------------------- Page 12--------------------
Tama: It’s submerged itself! It’s swimming!

Tama: It’s splitting it open! It’s eating!!

Jin: A date!?

Jin: Is this a date!!?

Small text:
Jin: Ack!

Tama: Woah! Scary!!

Tama: What a face!!

Tama: Look, look!

Tama: They’re sooo pretty!

Small text:
Tama: Penguins, penguins!

Jin: It’s been a long time..

Jin: since I’ve seen her with that expression on her face.

-------------------- Page 13--------------------
Tama: It was really fun, huh.

Hotaka: This is great. You look as if you’ve cheered up quite a bit.

Jin: Oh, so he was just some guy who was being nice…----

Tama: Thank you.

Hotaka: Actually, it was my pleasure.

Tama: Eh? Why do you say that?

Sign: Sunfish Ocean

Hotaka: Because such an opportunity probably won’t come by again, I’m going to say it.

-------------------- Page 14--------------------
Hotaka: I like you.

-------------------- Page 16--------------------
Tama: E…

Tama: Eh?

Jin: Whaaaaaat!?

Hotaka: Ah..but that’s not to say that…

-------------------- Page 17--------------------
Jin: Now, hold it right there!

Text at side: A line he blurts out at the end, without thinking. Just what will he do now!?

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