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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Tegami Bachi 52

Area Kagerou

+ posted by paramitan as translation on Mar 6, 2012 15:20 | Go to Tegami Bachi

-> RTS Page for Tegami Bachi 52

Just gonna continue adding and adding my translations here, no matter if they're gonna be approved or not. Anyways, I did this because this is my way of saying that this manga NEEDS ATTENTION. I mean, there's already chapter 60 something of the manga now, and they're starting to unravel the mysteries of Akatsuki. I love this series, so I want people to help out the scanlator (JAC Group) so they can catch up. If you wanna know what mysteries I'm talking about, read on.

Not for scanlation (negotiable). For preview purposes only. (again, negotiable)

Tegami Bachi
Chapter 52: Area Kagerou


Garrard: the train is...
[Tegami Bachi]
TV Anime DVD
on sale with great fanfare!
(!star) latest details on page 449!
Garrard: going into the capital!
#the spectacle Garrard and the others have gazed upon is...


#that train boards hope...going towards the place where the light shines!
Letter Bee
Chapter 52: [Area Kagerou] ASADA HIROYUKI


Valentine: ......
Garrard: this is...


Garrard: mountains covered in greenery,
abundant light, \\ and leaves gleam in health...
Valentine: *Garrard!*
*this is like...*
*a very beautiful scenery, isn't it!?*
Garrard: ...... \\ yeah...
it's like a really modern town beyond one's imagination...


Garrard: we are of the Amberground Military Police.
Kanon: show me your pass.
Garrard: ah, here.
Carivs Garrard and Hazel Valentine.


Kanon: good.
now, to the carriage.
Garrard: /a girl?/ \\ /plus, she's young.../
Kanon: 3rd Squad Captain, Krallis Kanon.
we'll be accompanying you up to the "Gate".


Valentine: what are those small trees that have something spherical hanging on them?
Kanon: it's a grape field.
Valentine: *those are grapes?*
/the ones grown with geothermal energy on Yuusari are no match for these ones!/ \\ /(!grapes)/
Valentine: *this one!* \\ *let me taste just one!*
Garrard: *whoa!*
Valentine: wahaha! sorry, I can't hold back anymore! \\ here, help yourself!
whoa! really round and big!
/from this day.../
/you are.../


Garrard: *what the?* \\ *you're talking with the grapes?*
Kanon: they are grown using the "light" of the artificial sun.
so the results of that will instantly disappear.
Garrard: w...what do you mean?
and also... \\ why can I hear voices as we cross the river?
Kanon: ......


Garrard: what's with those farmers?
they look like they have poor health...
Kanon: ......
we're here.
the Gate.


Garrard: Gate?
Kanon: there's water and food in there.
hunger can strike you at any time.
so if you want to regain some consciousness, eat something.
Valentine: *what?*
Garrard: what do you mean?
who call yourself Kanon,
this isn't this town's entrance, right?


Kanon: this is...
where you will be segregated.
Garrard: ......
Kanon: in the capital Akatsuki,
either "they can enter",
or "they cannot enter".


Valentine: *wh...*
*what dod you say?*
Garrard: !! \\ hey, don't tell me...
meaning this place,
is not yet the capital?
Kanon: the capital Akatsuki,
is the heart of Amberground.
this place,
is an Area called Kagerou...
Garrard: Kage...rou? \\ so there's another area between Yuusari and Akatsuki?


Kanon: Kagerou is where agriculture is cultivated... \\ where animals are domesticated...
there aren't just peasants here. there are also a lot of research facilities. various kinds of people coexist here.
but, \\ there are those who have power,
that can enter inside Akatsuki are...
only "those with a chosen heart".
for you to have come up to Kagerou, \\ your strong will is worthy of praise.
but do you have the qualities?


Kanon: get into this door.
you've come here for this, right?
Garrard: ...... \\ that oppresive behavior,
I'll make you change that later!
*qualities, you say?*
of course we have them!
we'll surely get into the capital, and I'll become Head Bee! \\ remember that!
Kanon: get in.


Valentine: nicely put, Garrard!
ojou-san, hold on to our stuff for a while, will you?
Garrrard: it sure is dark...
Valentine: hmph! this is no problem for us!


Both: !?
Garrard: ...... \\ that was like an interview, don't you think?


Garrard: Spirit Amber...
the heart of the light?
the water?



Valentine: *whoa!*
*what the?*
Seine: /I am.../
/the capital's Gatekeeper.../
Garrard: a voice?
where did it came from?
*is that the Gatekeeper?* \\ *is that alive?* \\ *Sein...*
...!? \\ Seine?
could it be... \\ you're...
Seine: /now, I shall.../
/measure...the Heart of Karivs Garrard./
/the in...convenience./


Both: !!


Seine: /Karivs Garrard.../
/birthplace is at Yuusari East, Rambling Jack Elliot 37./
/father...Rick, living as a blacksmith./
/0 years old,/
/no memory./
/1 year old,/
/no memory./
/2 years old,/ \\ /family is sitting together./
/a kind mother and father./


Seine: /but that is a scenery he has implanted to himself.../
/2 years old, no memory./
/3 years old.../
Garrard: /he's retrieving it all!/
Seine: /no memory./
Garrard: ......
Seine: /hurt.../
Garrard: *stop!*
Seine: /oppression inflicted by mother.../
/scene 1./
/scene 2./
Garrard: *st...*
Seine: /scene 3./
/faces of mother.../
/scene 1.../
Garrard: *stop!*


Garrard: *stop it!!*
Valentine: graaaah!


Valentine: !?
Seine: /4 years old,/
/in front of him,/
/his mother killed the father./
Garrard: *stop it!*
Seine: /scene 1./
Garrard: *stop it already!*


Garrard: *uooooooooh!*


Kanon: that was fast.
what are the results?


Seine: /Karivs Garrard.../
/his memories from his childhood have been altered./
/the strength and stability of his heart were also altered, hence becoming a hindrance./
/there is suspiciously too much about his mother./
/too much fear./
/too much hatred./
/the Empress has weak influcence to him./
/he can only accomplish 24% of work at the capital./
/he fails./


Kanon: take him!
Soldier: yes, captain Kanon!
Garrard: w...what's...the... \\ meaning...of this..
Kanon: you don't have the qualifications to enter the capital. \\ next, you'll be put into selection to be positioned in the Area Kagerou.
don't worry...you'll be sure to have a position.
since you're one an ace of the Bees...
you won't be treated that badly.


Kanon: throw that away.
Soldier: yes, Ma'am!
Kanon: ......
*no matter how many times,*
*a dream turned into desire is something I hate to see.*


Garrard: ......
SFX: clang


Valentine: *that's it! it's coming!*
*continue sounding the Gaichuu alarm!*
*what...is that?*
*is that...the Cabernet?*


#he has recalled his melancholic experiences...now he's off to supress the Cabernet!

#TEGAMI BACHI-----continued in the September Issue

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#1. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Mar 6, 2012
Thanks for doing this. Maybe you can get someone from JAC to check it for you or something so it can be continued by them.
#2. by Mr. Death ()
Posted on Mar 6, 2012
Niph Actually working on chapters atm....
#3. by paramitan ()
Posted on Mar 7, 2012
@Mr. Death, thank you for confirming that one!

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