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Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! 1

Fated Partner

+ posted by paramitan as translation on May 9, 2012 10:55 | Go to Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata!

-> RTS Page for Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! 1

yep! you read that right! here's my TL for Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata!, the new Shonen Sunday series. I know for one that I shouldn't be handling a weekly anymore (due to lack of time online), but the heck. The graphs are in the way of the dialogue so I just placed them separately for easy (?)understanding. I'll throw in my raw for this chapter as well! I don't know if I'm gonna continue doing this, but if someone can give me raws, yeah, might as well. Anyways, enjoy!

Translation reserved for Orinjidoscans (fast reply hahaha...). Contact the translator if your group is gonna use the translation/raw/both.

Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata
Chapter 1: Fated Partner

---01 cp

# the story starts in a future of ruin-----
opening color
35 Pages!!

#Sunday's new series this spring----a really grand SciFi series, starts...!?

---02-03 cp

# a mix of youth and suspense excitement! a jet-coaster story!
how to make the right future!

# nope, Sunday's new series this spring is a colorful one! (!heart)

# make that love come true, and humankind can be saved.

# Chapter 1: Fated Partner

marita morita & takayoshi kuroda presents


[#meanwhile, the stage is the present!]
SFX: boing
Kyouko: ......


Kyouko: hey, Yuu!
Yuu: !
Kyouko: why are you going to school alone again?
Yuu: Kyouko-chan...
[Tanaka Yuu
1st Year High-Schooler]


Yuu: ah, well...
Kyouko: I'm going down now, so just wait there, okay?
Yuu: ......
Kyouko: sorry for waiting!
[Takane Kyouko
1st Year High Schooler]
Kyouko: so, let's go!


Yuu: anyways, \\ your house is just near the school, but why insist on going there together each day?
Kyouko: what's with you? don't you want to go there with me?
Yuu: !
no, not really...
Kyouko: oh!
so, let's get along! (!music note)


Kyouko: ......
Yuu: /that's not it.../
[that isn't the case...]
Kyouko: good morning!


Asuka: Kyouko!
Chii: good morning!
Kyouko: Asuka, Chii-chan, it's been 3 days, has it?
Guy: hey! Takane, you've come to the right place!
can you teach me the translation for this?
-this is just a guess...-
Kyouko: huh? do it yourself.
Guy: no, no, I'm having a hard time on it myself!
Kyouko: geez.
Asuka: ah, Kyouko, me too! me too!
Kyouko: hey, Asuka, you too?
-there's no helping it then....-
Asuka: ehehe...
Guy2: wait, me too!
Girl: teach me too!
Yuu: ......


Yuu: /I can literally see the difference between us.../
SFX: (!music note x2)


Yuu: ......
[I'm Kyouko-chan's childhood friend,] \\ [and secretly harbored feelings for her.]
[however, she's bright, good at sports and popular in our class.]
[I know for one that I can never reach her level.]
/but we even promised to marry each other when we were kids.../
Kyouko: /Yuu-chan is gonna be my husband!/
-Kyouko, 6 years old-


Yuu: /why did we have such a difference?/
(!sign) Boys' Toilet
Yuu: ......


Yuu: /I...I knew it! t...this...this is.../
(!letter) Tanaka Yuu-sama,
I wrote this cheap-looking letter because
have to meet and talk with you
I'll wait after class
at the Science Room.
please, please

Yuu: /no doubt about it.../
/it's a love letter!!/
-my time has finally come!-
SFX: pump 2x


[after school]
Yuu: /Class 2's Yajima-san, huh.../
/I don't know her,/ \\ /but I wonder what kind of girl she is.../
/maybe she always see a pretty boy on the bus to school,/
(!arrow) Yuu
Yuu: /and she just mustered up her courage for her first confession!/ (!heart)
-tee hee...-
/like that? is it like that?/
-but I never ride the bus to school...-
(!sign) Science Room
Yuu: /but,/


Yuu: /maybe the boys of the class are just pulling pranks on me.../
Guy: -hey, hey, he really came!-
-waah, what a loser!-
-it happens! it happens in real life!-
Yuu: ......


Yuu: /wait.../
Yajima: ! \\ Tanaka-kun?
Yuu: !
/she's pretty cute!/
Yajima: thank goodnes... \\ I thought you won't come...
Yuu: /plus, she has some ample ones.../
SFX: squeeze
Yajima: well, uhmm, it's...
Yuu: ...!
Yajima: about it, uhh...


Yuu: /crap, she's really nervous!/
/well, that's because it's her first confession in her entire life.../
/she hasn't done this before.../
/a confession.../


/oh...is this alright with you, Tanaka Yuu?/
/another girl confessed to you instead of the girl you like.../
/no, but, in any case, I can't have my hopes high for Kyouko-chan.../
/no, no, no!/
Yajima: Tanaka-kun!
Yuu: y, \\ yes?


Yajima: *I wanna...*
*give birth to Tanaka-kun's children.*
Yuu: /w.../


Yuu: /c...c...children!?/
w...what are you saying?
Yajima: *hey,*
SFX: boing
Yajima: *it's okay, right?*
Yuu: /wait.../
/what's with this development!?/
Raito: okay, stop right there.


Yajima: !!


Yuu: *what the...*
Raito: her cognitive operation's quite troublesome...
-tsk tsk...-
Yuu: *hey, what's with you!* \\ *what the hell did you do?*
-you held a stun gun!?-
Raito: ......
you're Tanaka Yuu...right?


Raito: *my name is Raito.*
*I came to the future*
*to save humanity.*
Yuu: ......
ah, sure...future...
-which period is he from?-
Raito: ah, \\ you don't believe me?
yeah, well, it's kinda unbelievable... \\ but...


Raito: because you picked the wrong partner to make children,
the future has been in a huge problem...
Yuu: children? what are you...
Raito: do you know this girl?
Yuu: ! \\ Kyouko-chan!
wait, why can't I...
/this guy...maybe he did come from the future.../
Raito: right, \\ she's Takane Kyouko...
*you two must become married...*
Yuu: eh?


Raito: *or else,*
*the world will be under a virus pandemic,*
*killing all of humanity.*


Yuu: uhmm,
I don't get it.
-I can't ride on what you're saying...-
Raito: ......
inside you lies genes.
and those genes will undergo mutation...
and can incite the creation of a certain virus..
that mutation will be inherited by your children,
and from then on, it'll develop into the virus that'll wipe out humanity--the Virus of Death.

Not Much Harm
[a certain virus]
(!arrow) infection
[a human with mutation undergoing inside him]
(!human) Yuu's offspring
(!arrow) mutation
Virus1: I'm gonna kill you!
Virus2: kekeke...
[Virus of Death]

Yuu: ......... \\ uhmm...
Raito: like I said,


Raito: *it's your fault that the humans are gonna be wiped out!*
Yuu: *eeeh?*
-you don't need to say that...-
but, assuming you are right, why Kyouko?
Raito: ah...
if you make children with an average girl, they'll inherit the mutation and humanity's all over.
but, if you only bear children with Takane Kyouko, the mutation won't be inherited and humanity will be saved.

1. Yuu Average Girl
Mutation Happens
Human Demise

2. Yuu Kyouko
Mutation won't Hapen
Human Salvation

Raito: well, \\ you two are a special combination. \\ unique in this world.
Yuu: !
*s...so you're saying she's my destined partner?*
-unique in this world?-
Raito: huh? \\ yeah, you can say that...
Yuu: !!


Yuu: /Kyouko-chan's my destined partner?/
/I must marry her to save the future of humanity!/
/who's that guy that said I can't get to her level?/ \\ /she's the only one I have to be with in this world!/
-what a fate...-
Raito: ......
sorry to excite you, \\ but it's not as easy as it would seem.
Yuu: eh?
Raito: actually, \\ after you got married in the future, the virus pandemic has spread.
30% of the human population has been infected, city operations have stopped, and revolt and robbery are everywhere.
those who avoid the infected closed down their shelters, \\ and no one wants to go outside without protective clothing...


Raito: that future, \\ is what's supposed to happen.
basing from your looks, I can see that you're in love with her.
Yuu: !
Raito: but you can't marry her.
Yuu: ......
Raito: if, for example,
she really hates you...
*that's a really big obstacle!*
Yuu: !!


Yuu: /th...that's right.../
Kyouko: -huh? who the hell are you?-
Yuu: /I'm not fated to marry her after all.../
Raito: hey,
why are you giving up?
just to change the supposed future, \\ that I came to this era!
*to make sure*
*that you can make children with Takane Kyouko!*
Yuu: /make children?/
b...but we're supposedly not getting married, right? \\ that's why...
Raito: what, don't you wanna make children?
Yuu: !! \\ I want to!
-of course!-
! \\ but...talking about that is a bit...
Raito: hey, you're a man, so that's just nothing. \\ you'd be able to do it...
and also,


Raito: it's a coincidence that the partner you're saving humanity with, \\ is actually your childhood friend...
that's what I call fate.
*it's okay.* \\ *for sure, fate will not be our enemy.*


Yuu: I wonder \\ about that...
Raito: like what I said, \\ don't think you can easily make children with a girl!
Yuu: w...wait! why is this girl...
Kyouko: oh, Yuu? \\ what are you doing...
Yuu: !!


Kyouko: here? \\ *eh?*
Yuu: wait...this is...
Kyouko: w...
what did you do, Yuu?
Yuu: ah! you're wrong Kyouko-chan!
Kyouko: you suck!
Yuu: it's a misunderstanding!
Raito: ......
so it's impossible for humanity after all...
#it's a grim future for love and the future of humanity...next issue is also gonna be stimulating!
# continued in Issue 23

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